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Wang Jung appreciation post

Can we stop for a moment, and give him a little love? I know many people do not like and borderline hate Jung, and I understand. It’s really easy to feel frustrated by his actions. However, one thing I will always appreciate about him is his loyalty and love for Hae Soo. 

When you think back, Jung had that nod from Yo a while ago but only used that decree when Hae Soo indirectly approves it. He could have forced her into marriage if he wanted, but he didn’t because he knew his love was unrequited. Still, when she agreed, he was so happy that he would be living his married life with the one he loved, although knowing deep down that it would always be his brother that would hold her heart forever.

Jung treated her so well whilst she was alive. He took care of her, tried to make her happy and laugh, listened to her and treated her like she was his half. When Hae Soo asked him to protect her daughter, he did and loved her as his very own. You obviously see how much he loves her daughter when he meets So a few years later.

Okay, he might have screwed up the spies and the letters but in the end, all his actions, although sometimes selfish – were for Hae Soo.

So I’ll never be able to be fully mad at him… Perhaps, only annoyed as fuck.

Knock, Knock Ch. 10: With Cinnamon

(I’m having too much fun making chapter headers, OK?)

This chapter gets a little spicy. Hope everyone enjoys! 

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Killian was on a slippery slope. Sure, he’d accepted that he was well over half in love with his incredible neighbor. But he’d also accepted that acting on that could lead to losing her forever.

It was his worst nightmare, really, that he’d wake up one day, knock on his bedroom wall to ask Swan if she’d help him with a project, only to be met with an annoyed stranger grunting about the noise and leave me the fuck alone. After all, it wasn’t so crazy to think of Emma bolting. It only took a little bit of embarrassment to have her avoid him for a week and a half. If he pushed her too far, made her face too much – or worse, she simply didn’t feel the same way – she’d surely find a new shitty ass apartment in six hours flat.

And he couldn’t have that happening. It’s not as if he were alone in the world or anything. Will and Robin, they were there for him. He had friends and clients. He had a sparkling, captivating personality and was perfectly capable of making new friends.

But he didn’t want to. There was something so easy about his friendship with Emma, something so right and he wasn’t going to lose her.

He also wasn’t going to turn into a messy ball of bloody nerves around her either. Which was easier said than done, considering how every minute with her he was worried about overstepping his boundaries and scaring her off and being too obvious with his yearning looks and doey eyes (direct quote by Regina via Robin at the most recent football match).

(To which Will responded everybody knows; nobody cares and Killian almost decked him. Again.)

He’d made it clear to Will before the bloody football game that he would never be speaking to Emma in that manner ever again. Further, that he owed Emma a glowing apology, not to be delivered one second before it was truly genuine.

Of course, the sodding git maintained he “hadn’t told a lie” – insisted that Killian just wanted in her pants. He’d explained that it wasn’t just anything.

And he must have been particularly persuasive with his attempt at a menacing expression, because Will shut his gob for the first time in years and had simply watched the game.

Small miracles, right?

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