Who knew?

Asking actors to film a love scene is a weird thing. It’s like going up to two people and saying, “You’re in committed relationships, now go make out with someone else for half a day.” Because that’s not awkward. 

Thankfully, Lindsey Morgan and Steve Talley are the best. They were totally professional about the whole thing, so while it was still awkward, it was less so than it could have been. The two of them get along and they’re both hilarious in their own right, so putting them together is like watching a two-person comedy show in between takes. I still laugh reading over the notes and quotes I jotted down. I do hope something of theirs makes it onto the blooper reel.

Now, this love scene was always meant to be as passionate as we could make it. I actually wrote in the script, “Off the hottest sex we can show on 9pm network television…” That meant losing Raven’s bra. I believe our director, Uta, actually wanted to go further than that, but we ran out of time. 

So we get to the point where Wick unhooks Raven’s bra. In the midst of all the jokes Lindsey and Steve are volleying at each other, Steve mentions that he can get a bra off one-handed. The implication being, this’ll be no problem.

And that, my friends, is called tempting fate

In real life, Raven’s bra is one of those Nike sports-style deals with, like, 6 hook-and-eye closures in back. It is the Fort Knox of bras. Not only was there no way to get that thing off one-handed, Steve couldn’t get it off with two hands! He joked his way through a couple tries, Lindsey giggling all the while, until he graciously admitted defeat. I suspect others might not be so laidback about announcing you can do something to a hundred people and then kinda failing at it. Not Steve. He laughed it off, which let everyone else laugh it off. 

We decided to cheat the moment, calling in our costumes guy to unhook all but one of the closures. (You’ll notice that in the show we only see the last closure come undone, which is really the important moment anyway.) It even took him a bit of time to get it undone. 

And then it was tough to rehook the damn thing in between takes! Steve’s laughing comment, “I don’t put them on!” received hilarious teasing from Lindsey. It turned out he could, though, and it was a victory shared by all. Not to mention a helpful time-saver in resetting our shots. 

Fort Knox of bras, you guys. Who knew?

I wish I could convey how hilarious it was. As it happened, I was just grateful that these two are so cool, that they spent the whole time giving each other shit, because in another world where it was Serious Drama all of this would be so much more awkward. Thank goodness for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. 

And if it all sounds terribly intimate…yeah, you’re not wrong. 

Submit: Another Dr Anon pipes in

Sooo, I’m an Emergency Doctor who has had some experience with obstetrics. Generally, an expectant mother requires written medical clearance even for short haul domestic flights after the 30 week mark due the risk of premature labour occurring in flight without adequate neonatal resuscitation equipment being in board. My clearance for this is taken on a case-by-case basis in LOW risk pregnancies. This risk assessment is based on any previous antenatal complications during the current pregnancy, any previous history of pregnancy loss, the urgency of the flight and the general health of the mother.

I can say, however, that I would strongly recommend against any long haul plane trips in the third trimester and would not provide medical clearance for this, under any circumstances, to a HIGH risk pregnancy. Btw, fun fact, anyone of maternal age >35 to is automatically defined as a HIGH RISK pregnancy.

I certainly also would strongly recommend against activities such as speed boat whale watching.

Given the size shown in those honeymoon bikini shots, my professional medical opinion is that she is well into her 3rd trimester, if it is, in fact, real.

So, we have two options on how to view this.

1. For reals preg with both parties engaging in risky behaviour that could possibly endanger the wellbeing of the foetus.

2. Or, all is not as it seems, hmmm?

 I’ll leave you to your deductions on that one.

Netflix shows

I have watched:

Grey’s Anatomy
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Pretty Little Liars
Vampire Diaries
Orange is the New Black
Once Upon a Time
Rewatched X Files

Tried watching Mad Men. Meh.

Tried watching The Walking Dead. Nope. Not my thing.

Started watching Gilmore Girls. It’s ok but not keeping my attention.

At the rate I am going to Rewatched friends or Lae & Order SVU. ..


Kept In The Dark

“I’m worried about myself,” Nick said.
“Maybe you should be,” I told him. “Can’t we turn on some lights?”
“Not yet.”
Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a friend is joking. But Nick had sounded truly nervous when he asked me to come over this afternoon, so I decided to take him seriously.
“What’s got you freaked out?”
“I’ve been having dark thoughts lately.”
“Everyone has dark thoughts.”
“Not like these. They’re sick, man. I don’t know where they come from.”
“Horror movies?”
“No, I don’t watch those. But I’ve… I’ve also been having these crazy dreams. Really vivid. Like, apocalyptic, with demons and hellfire. I’m afraid to sleep.”
“You have been looking kind of washed out lately,” I admitted. “Maybe see a doctor?”
“Wouldn’t help.”
“Why not?”
“Because there’s more to it. That’s why I called. I need you to tell me if you see it, too.”
“See what?”
Nick stood up and walked to his window, where the sun glowed faintly behind cheap venetian blinds. He pointed at the floor.
“Watch that spot. Right there.”
“The carpet?”
“Just watch. Please.”
The carpet looked normal, not even a stain. Then I heard Nick take a deep breath, followed by the clacking blinds as he pulled the cord to expose the sunlight.
“Jesus!” I cried, yanking my feet off the ground as a dark shape came slithering forward. It disappeared directly under the couch where I sat.
“Oh god,” Nick moaned. “You saw it.”
“That’s… impossible. Was that really your…?”
“Yeah,” he nodded miserably. “I’ve heard of being afraid of your own shadow, but why is mine scared of me? What does it know?”


Written by IPostAtMidnight

rest in peace, grandma. i love you.

she lived to be 93, experienced the vietnam war, traveled to a foreign country with nothing to her name, and watched her children and grandchildren to grow up prosperous. i bet she’s proud of us, she was always so proud to tell all of her friends about me, her grandson.

timbuktupac asked:

i'm guessing it has already been pointed out that the gems' crystals are placed having to do with their personality (amethyst is a feeler, so chest; rose quartz/steven the maternal figures so belly button, so on) so like, what is the theory about lapis and peridot's crystal placement?

I haven’t seen many assessments for what Lapis’s gem placement, at least not lately! My guess is maybe she’s very nervous- like watching her back? She did seem quite afraid and upset when we saw her last with her treatment from the Crystal Gems. She seems like a Gem who might not be so easily trusting.

Although I think Peridot’s is quite similar to Pearl’s. Both gems are on the crown of their heads, and they seem to be fairy logical- although I think we’ll have to see some more of both Peridot and Lapis to know for sure. What do you guys think?


So, I’ve just finished the first two “Rurouni Kenshin” films and now I’m frothing at the mouth to get my hands on the third (I’m going to be ordering the DVD next week).
I can honestly say that the sword techniques shown in both films are some of the best I’ve ever seen.
I’ve always favoured the flashier Chinese wuxia style of swordplay over the usual Japanese styles as it always seemed more complex and easy on the eye. “Rurouni Kenshin” takes the grace and aesthetic of wuxia but blends it with traditional Japanese techniques. And the whole blunt blade thing? Perfect.
I know I’m late to the party but I’m just impressed by how much I really enjoyed the first two. Can’t wait for the third…

EDIT: Oh yeah, the video may include spoilers…but watch it anyway because it’s ace.

anonymous asked:

Can we see what happens in the mythology AU? I'm really in love with it. G's decided Sid's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen and is so in love, and Sid's all: I woke up sore in a king's bed? I thought I was dead? What's going on?

here’s a snippet:

Sidney never thought he was goingto see the sun again.

He’d made his peace with it.  He hadn’t wanted to die, but death was placed before him and—and at least it was supposed to have been painless.  There were worse fates than a quick death you never feel, especially when it insured Taylor’s safety, at least for one more year.

Waking up, becoming aware again after the priests poured their draught down his throat, is a surprise.  Finding the King in bed with him, serving him water and watching him with dark, curious eyes, is so far beyond surprising that Sidney cannot even process it. Sidney’s body aches, muscles sore in strange places, and the King’s hands are gentle and proprietary on his skin.

Sidney wants to shy away from his body, this man who took him from his home, who he was sacrificed to.  He can’t stop himself from shivering under the hot press of his fingertips.  “I would keep you,” the King says, leaning in and kissing Sidney’s mouth and Sidney trembles, and takes the only option set before him which seems sensible.

He tilts his head and gives in to the kiss, his heart racing in his chest and burning in his veins.  The King makes a deep, pleased sound, curls his hand around the back of Sidney’s head and Sidney—Sidney thinks maybe he will live to see another sunrise.