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Doozy accidently gets stuck fused together for an entire week and Arin nearly exploding from the internal conflict and sexual tension.

All the while, Doozy would probably be like “walk walk fashion baby~”

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top 5 hairstyles in shadowhunters?

1. izzy slays every hairstyle but i just think this one was so cute! i love the half pony tail look and i like how it looks more wavy than curled.

2. i will never get over magnus’ blonde highlights. i really like how it wasn’t completely styled up, it was kinda left to flop down. it was my favourite magnus hairstyle by far.

3. Clary looked gorgeous at the wedding, i really loved the braids that were pulled back and the soft curls. so cute.

4. i couldn’t not include lydia’s hairstyle at the wedding. it’s so intricate and detailed with the braids and all. she looked stunning, it was the perfect style to match the perfect dress.

5. walk walk fashion baby. Simon’s hairstyle at the wedding was my favourite out of all his looks. i like it pushed back and i think it really suits him. 

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby - The Best of Louis Tomlinson in 2016 (So Far)

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby - The Best of Louis Tomlinson in 2016 (So Far) #LouisTomlinson #1D #OneDirection

Posted by Maggie When it comes to the boys of One Direction, Harry tends to get most of the attention/love fashion wise (exhibit A), and yes, with good reason: MICKEY AND MINNIE DAD SHIRT REALNESS LET US LIVE HARRY. But it’s high time we took a closer look at Louis Tomlinson, whose management-crafted public image would have you believe that he’s a super straight, laddy bro pal Adidas enthusiast…

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