Walk, walk, fashion baby. (*・∀-)☆

YOI Week 2017, “Ladies appreciation.” 👌👌👌

I wanted to draw all of the girls but I wouldn’t have finished in time. ;v;’ They’re all so beautiful I’m cryin

Viktor Nikiforov is a meme.

I’m not just talking about irl meta. I’m talking about in-universe, in YOI Russia and probably the rest of the world too, Viktor Nikiforov is a meme.

At some point, the Skating World’s Living Legend got a picture of himself cropped at just the right angle to offer no context and excellent memeing potential.

It’s probably a picture of him with the longer hair and it’s flying out behind him as he does an over dramatic lunge. There are probably several different versions of it. Someone put ‘Walk walk fashion baby” over it in red comic sans. Another post is circulating where the picture is posted below an audio clip of “I’M A BIRD MOTHERFUCKER I’M A BIRD.”

Mostly it’s a reaction image. One of the more popular ones is When your friends ask you why you always gotta be so dramatic 

The meme is an old picture and many people don’t even associate Viktor with it, given that his hairstyle and bodytype have changed so much since then. Sometimes he will be recognized as over dramatic figure skater, but only because the information is free to anyone who visits Know Your Meme.

Over Dramatic Figure Skater is a 2005 image of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov. The image is taken from a recording of Nikiforov’s Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien program at the 2005-2006 Junior Grand Prix Final. 

Sometimes Yuuri will watch Viktor do something completely ridiculous and the thought will strike, apropos of nothing, that he is literally married to a meme.