“Hey, I think I’ll skedaddle”.                                                                                      "Yeah, probably wise”.

I dunno what I like more in this scene – the way they unwittingly mirror each other’s postures of uneasiness, or the way he glares at her. Or the way Piz is totally feeling like an odd man out.

This photo always makes me smile, just like each of you do. Thank you for each text, vm, card, picture, status, drink, etc all of you sent my way. 27 was an amazing year, 28 will be even more promising, and I hope you all stick around to enjoy the ride with me. I love you!! #April26 #HBDFeaux #AprilBabies #BabyChristina #BirthdayGirl #BirthdayMonth #Thankful (at April 26, 1990 ?)

when you see this, share three random lines from three WIPS

Well this is fun! Consider these Sunday Snippets :)

1. Time, make it go faster or just rewind - Chapter 13

Keith watched as Logan reached his hand out to touch her face, hesitated, and then squeezed her shoulder instead.  “Okay, I’ll see you at school then.”  

The two boys hurried out the door, both avoiding eye contact with Keith.  Teenage boys would never cease to entertain him.  

“Well daughter mine, it would appear Rebecca was wrong about you being socially isolated.  In fact, I’m starting to wish you were a little more isolated.”  Keith glared down at Veronica.  “And whatever happened to Troy, your boyfriend?  I can’t imagine he’d be too pleased about you sleeping in Logan’s lap.  I know I’m not.”

2. Florist AU (tentatively titled: Breaking the Rules) 

“Okay, these clothes are done.”  Veronica said softly against Logan’s chest.  Her breath tickled across the hair on his chest, sending a shiver down his spine.

“I could shower again.”  Logan whispered into her hair, sliding his hand down to cup her bare ass.  I think my body forgot I’m not seventeen anymore, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself.

“I don’t think that’s necessary.  Um…let me just go throw on some clean clothes and then we can take care of me getting a copy of that video.” 

3. Untitled Post S3 FF, FBI!Veronica

Veronica heard someone approaching her from behind and then a large hand gripped her arm.  A smile started to form on her face when that grip tightened uncomfortably.

“You!  You stupid bitch!”  The attack was fast and Veronica was totally unprepared.  She had completely let her guard down.  Stupid!  

She was spun around and shoved against one of the few bare spaces of wall.  Her head slammed back hard, she saw stars and then a familiar face materialized—mid to late fifties, still handsome if not a little worse for the ware.  Richard Casablancas Sr. stood before her, his hands on her throat roughly lifting her off the ground.

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2008 de bir kızı çok seviyodum bigun kızın adını tahtaya yazmıştım sonra müdür yardımcısı gelip bumu konusuyo diyip kızı dövmüştü

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You know how in the VM movie Veronica walks out and sees Logan leaning against the car? What if Olicity get a moment like in 3X23?

Oh, you mean THIS moment?

“You should only ever wear this” – sigh…..

If Oliver and Felicity got a moment like this, I might die. 

Hey, and while we’re at it, looks like they are about to get one of these: 

And then when Oliver and Felicity say goodbye as he goes off to become the next Ra’s al Ghul for a while: 

And that “riding off into the sunset” scene that we think they are getting?

In conclusion…



(also, I must re-watch the Veronica Mars movie…)

Hey guys! I know all of you practically hate Amanita, but please don’t insult her by reblogging my posts of her (that means you, Nefera). She’s my fellow plant friend (even though she hasn’t shown it yet) and I believe that someday we can help the environment together along with everyone else.