Abbracciami all'improvviso
e bacia ogni mio sorriso,
io ti stringerò stretto
per sussurrarti che con te
anche l'inferno diventa paradiso.

Izzy Karter

Codename: Horizon

Androids are sent to various places in order to fulfill certain tasks they are given, such as controlling a location’s population or eliminating a potential threat. To give and receive their respective monitors’ info, they were each built with microphones and antennae. To make up for how off-putting these design choices were, they were also given the most humanoid appearance, albeit with wings resembling a fairy or pixie in order to travel. There are a handful of “defective models” that were given tasks so vauge and confusing that they ended up wandering off and eventually lost track of where they were meant to be and what they were supposed to do. One by one, glitches in their systems gave them unique personalities and traits based on the tasks they were made unaware of.

A prime example is what its specific monitor called “V-31717”. The task it was given was to travel to a secluded town for a rescue mission. A mistake in the coding prevented the exact location from loading, causing the model to go rouge trying to search for it. Its signal was lost after it had crashed in a forest and damaged its means for communication. 3 years later, the lost model’s monitor was still trying to search for it when he heard a voice go through on his radio. “Hello and good morning everyone! It’s Vista Nixxie the Radio Pixie with a new adventure I’d like to share with all of you!” The monitor was about to shut off the radio… Before he realized he remembered the voice.

Vista was ecstatic about her journey, mentioning a vast ocean that connected to a city. It all built up to what she referred to as a “mysterious” school, filled with many animalistic, humanoid students that she felt a connection with. She signed off in a very upbeat and positive demeanor, stating that she was planning on making it a second base for herself. The monitor had looked up her name and found himself staring in disbelief at the following image his computer screen: An android pixie, smiling wide with sparkling eyes, complete with a dark green cloak and burgundy skirt, in front of the school she was residing in. The “mystery” of the school was proven by the Neko, Creeper and Angel-Bot walking in the background. The caption read, “Entropy High, my new second base!! I love it so much already!

I wish i could unattach vistas from my account now,,,,even if they got erased forever instead of being turned back into an item.  Last year I applied every flight vista and I don’t wanna do the same w/ this round of vistas purely because I don’t want fucking 30+ options in that dropdown menu

California high schoolers reportedly created a “n*gger kill list” — but no one has been disciplined

  • At Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California, every single black student was reportedly put on a “n*gger kill list” created by between six and 10 nonblack students at the school, the Root reported.
  • Students shared the list on social media, but when those responsible were identified, no one was disciplined, community members say. 
  • A spokesperson from the school district said that “appropriate disciplinary action” had been taken, according to the Root.
  • The high school is only 0.1% black, and the black community in Cupertino is still seeking justice. 
  • Attorney Richard Richardson filed a lawsuit on behalf of one student on the list, who has since left school amid the racial tensions and threats. 
  • The lawsuit accuses the school’s Fremont Union High School District of violating federal and civil rights claims and state education codes because they did not prevent discrimination against black students nor did they enforce anti-bullying policies. 
  • Other black community leaders have accused the school of not properly notifying the students or parents about the discovery. Read more (6/15/17)

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Eres eso que quiero olvidar pero a la vez tener.
—  Nothing-would-be-better