i’d see them; your friends, your followers, your admirers. they wait with bated breath to glimpse you, their savour, their leader of a revolution, their  h e r o  in all his glory. everyone loves a hero, even the villain. i’d want to change for you but, as the hero, no one is worthy. i’m not naïve, but i’ve fallen too far to handle not pretending you feel the same, and the reason you won’t let me change for you is because you like me as i am. after all, how bad could i be if i managed to fall in love with you? maybe your love will be my redemption, but likely it will doom us both. each life has its story, each event its play. i’d wish to hold you, but for now i will stay away, watch from afar and remain apart. you’ll have your stage and your standing ovation. my love, i will play the villain a thousand times if it means being at your mercy and getting the new world you deserve. so let me be the villain, let them despise me, as long as you lead them to revolution and i get to be at your feet. head bowed, shoulders sagging, but love and adoration in my eyes as the doors close behind your receding back as i whisper one last goodbye to you and the light, which you take away with the turn of a key. who ever said the death of a villain ended the story? it is much more tragic for the villain to live through the changing of a world and see the hero pass on, the villain becoming one among many whilst the hero remains. the chosen, the dependable, the honourable, the salvation of society. defeat never tasted so bittersweet. i  l o v e  y o u.
—  inspired by tyrell and elliot in mr robot | villains & heroes | by vee 

varric is great but if we get dwarf companions in da4 i want renvil harrowmont and lace harding and i want both to be romancable. and you know what? bring back anso. he seemed cool. i love those 3 bring them back pls