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A House of Many Doors is now on Kickstarter!

We offer incubation to microstudios (a desk, internet, tea, advice, support, fudge) in order to support the creation of the kinds of games we’d like to play.

Our first incubee has just launched his first Kickstarter! A House of Many Doors, an exploration RPG.

From the pitch:

“I want you to feel like a particular type of 19th-century polymath - a Richard Francis Burton or a Gertrude Bell. An absurd figure with absurd talents who propels themselves confidently into absurdly terrifying situations.”

Here’s our interview with Harry, where he talks about taking inspiration from Sunless Sea and how many organs he’s offered up in return for his incubation (not as many as you might think).

Delicious friends, we hope you’ll consider backing, or boosting, this exciting project!

anonymous asked:

ANEA I just had to drop by and say that I (along with so many others, I'm sure) am so grateful for all of the hard work you do for the KageHina fandom, organizing ship weeks and exchanges, writing so much GLORIOUS fic, and making edits, and on top of it all just being so darn nice. You deserve all the appreciation in the world <3

???!!!!!!!!!!! (;//v//;)?????!!

Oh wow thank you so much! This means a lot to me (like I even saved this message as a screenshot so I can read it during awful days), I ??? I don’t even know what to say but thank you.

I’m glad that you enjoy the events and they wouldn’t really happen without the participation of the shippers! Yay for us! :D And thank you so much for reading my fanfics (//rolls around happily). Every comment/reblog/like/kudos means so much. They give me the courage and that little push to post more even when I think that everything I write is crap, so thank you. ;;;

AHHHHHH I don’t know what to say I just want to hug you (all of you) and shower you with thanks aahhh thank you thank you! The Kagehina Exchange event will be happening this year as well (sign-ups will start on September 5) and I hope everything goes okay. ^^

Thank you so much for being such a dear and for supporting kagehina ! //hugs



card-shark-tf jinxed my horse in MGS V:TPP

TF: I’m going to laugh if they kill your horse

Me: I think the horse in invincible

TF: I’m going to laugh when they kill your horse

Me: they can’t kill my horse

-two minutes later and I fuck up accidentally not sleeper holding Russian douche-

Me: run run get on the horse -bullets flying around and hits horse and it dies-

TF: -bust up laughing and can’t breathe-