this is my family

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I found it

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all on my own.

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It’s little

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and b r o k e n

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but still good

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Yeah… still good. 

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Cheritz is way too kind!!!!!!
Cheritz is such a nice company, they didn’t have to give us free hourglasses every time they updated, they’re helping us enough by the app, by they add hourglasses too! Seriously, all the people who were mad about getting banned, don’t you see that Cheritz is a wonderful company. It’s pretty much incomparable to any other company that makes games similar to Mystic Messenger.

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um.. could i get a members + saeran and v reaction to mc stressing over her upcoming finals? (like not eating properly, losing sleep to study, etc.) thanks~ ^^ this blog is amazing, btw. keep up the great work! love ya ❤

Luciel tries to distract you. He’s constantly bombarding you with silly memes and dragging you out for mundane activities. 

Jumin forces you to take breaks. He makes sure you’re eating properly and he helps you in any way he can.

Zen is very good at getting you to relax. He can help you sleep through the night so you’re properly rested in the morning.

Yoosung stresses with you. You study together and crash together once your finals are over with.

Jaehee helps you set up a schedule and helps you stick with it.

i didn’t forget saeran & v shut up

Saeran takes away your work and forces you to take a break. He says it’s because the bags under your eyes are annoying. You know better.

V pulls you out to help him take pictures. He gives the excuse of his eyes but you two don’t even manage to get anything done. 

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Headcannons for a MC that has skin issues like acne or eczema? (V and Saeran too?)

dat me!!! i have that!!!

Luciel: Heavily researches in any products/procedures to help.

Jumin: Begins a project specifically to help any symptoms of your condition

Zen: Pampers their skin daily. Face masks are a regular things.

Yoosung: He tries his best to be supportive. Always giving compliments.

Jaehee: Recommends any products that have had good reviews. Probably asks Zen for skin tips to help.

V: ‘It doesn’t matter what you look like, your soul is still beautiful.’ Kisses their skin constantly anyways.

Saeran: He literally??? Doesn’t care??? Like he couldn’t give a shit either way, but he’ll beat up anyone who makes fun you.