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RESTRICT NO MORE PT. I: A Cardio Day in Food

(PT. II, III) coming soon!

So, as #NEDAWeek is coming to a close (National Eating Disorder Awareness Week), I found myself motivated to do a “My Day in Food” series as a way to put my progression away from calorie restriction and fearing food into pictures, and to inspire anyone suffering with calorie restriction and food paranoia to take a stand and make a change for the better. Each part will be looking at my different workout regimen days, as this is also something that should affect calorie intake and diet composition!

Photos are arranged vertically in the following order: Morning (Breakfast + any pre-workouts), Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Night Snacks. Recipes included below the break :)

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We have a new flicker and fizz customer and she’s spent over £250 with us in the last 3 visits. She loves it all, even buys herself already made gift boxes for herself! Good for her man, she’s such a nice lady and she bashes body shop with me 😂

DUBAI—Calling it the most ambitious project of its kind ever undertaken, officials from Dubai’s Department of Economic Development announced Tuesday the emirate’s plans to construct the world’s largest human rights violation.

Set to begin later this month, the project, dubbed Saqr Ganzeer, or “Chained Falcon,” will reportedly take as long as 10 years to complete and make use of more than 250,000 foreign workers from the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia. It is expected to easily surpass all previous record holders, towering over every other abuse of rights in the wealthy Middle Eastern city.

“With this bold new endeavor, we will create the biggest deprivation of basic human dignity the world has ever seen,” said DED deputy director Jamal Al Falasi, who according to reports was selected to oversee the project after successfully managing several of Dubai’s smaller violations of individuals’ freedoms. “None of the others will even come close. Once completed, it will be recognized everywhere as a symbol of Dubai and everything our city stands for.”


弱虫ペダル 靴下 [Yowamushi Pedal Socks]

I just love the quotes at the bottom of each sock and the fact that the names show near the toe of the sock. Makes it easy to pick which sock you want to wear. :D

For those worried about the sizing range of these socks, I know the packaging says sizes 220-240JPNS. However, I am a size 8.5-9 in US (250-255 JPN) and these still fit fine. There is a lot of stretch. :)


Fuck anyone who stated “You can’t lose the weight. ” uh. 90 pounds down. I honestly hear the best comments now that I go back to school. I’m more comfortable wearing what I had on I the photo, and I don’t feel like shit like I use to. I use to be 250 pounds, and I was super unhappy with myself. I was facing two knee surgeries. And that’s not good for my age. So I lost the weight. I’m now 160 pounds, and still wanting that extra 10. But I’m happy in my skin.

This window is a piece of history taken from the most audacious weapons research in history, The Manhattan Project.

The pane of glass was a window used by scietists to safely observe the production of plutonium. At 16cm thick and being made of around 70% lead oxide it weighs a whopping 680kg.

Its yellow hue is down to its high lead oxide content and apparently acts more like a metal than glass, crumbling when broken and producing condensation when heated.

This pane is going up for auction and is expected to get $150,000 - $250,000 (US).

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last night my boyfriend and I hung out and had a romantic picnic overlooking his garrison. we’re really lame.

for those of you that enjoy WoW, I’ve got a twitter set up for the whole selfie cam/twitter integration thing!! 

you can see my qtpanda pics and follow me here! it’ll mostly just be screenshots, but I’ll also post updates on my guild’s progress! (we’re US#250(ish), so it’s pretty high paced!)

if you have the same (a strictly WoW twitter), I’ll follow you back! 

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Get to know your People’s Champ 3 contestant with @jj_rides :

My name’s J.J. Flairty from Genesee WI and & I’m building a 49 Panhead chopper. My main goal was to try and build, fabricate, and machine as much as I possibly could from scratch. I’ve ridden BMX my entire life so I decided to build my frame using .875 and 1.250 4130 chromoly tubing and made a super narrow wishbone style frame. I’ve machined my own flangeless “Hallcraft” style front & rear hubs out of 4150 heat treated material. I’ll be running an Ironhead drum brake setup in the rear. I’ve started making my own 35mm fork lowers that will use a hidden axle I designed and are also made from 4130. I plan on topping off my roller with a set of super narrow trees I’m going to machine out of some 316 stainless & then moving on to all the little details to get this bike going down the road!

Vote for J.J. on March 2nd!
#peopleschamp3 #bornfree7 by show_class_mag http://ift.tt/1CLR2H1