Marawi City Update: As of 10:02 am local time

I am getting most of my updates via Twitter from citizens and their families within Marawi. The news networks are either downplaying what is going on or barely covering it at all. Citizens have also been told to stop talking about whats going on and what is currently happening via social media. Some info on Twitter may or may not be true but I am following those who are currently living there, searching through their tweets on what’s going on and their updated photos and videos. The information below however has been confirmed by CNN Philippines and through interviews with residents.

At the moment the fire at Dansalan College has been put out but burn marks and fallen debris surround the college. Three buildings of the college have been burned down.

Citizens of Marawi are now currently trying to escape the city to safety during the morning hours. Some are walking with injured, others are driving. Some have been stopped by the terrorists in certain points of the city but have been released and let through.

One teacher that has been held hostage has been rescued.

Gunfire is still being heard by residents. Many are stating that they still see no government military presence in many parts of the city.

Photo Credits via Twitter: @KhadijaBintAli_ , @KhyeLA, @AlihLamz, @EerieNotions, @shidik



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Marawi Siege update (from what I’ve heard in the news):

  • 42 teachers that were held hostage have been rescued by government troops.
  • No news yet about the status of the priest and other civilian parishioners (2 of which were students) who were taken from St. Mary Church.
  • A teacher from Mindanao State University has also been held hostage.
  • The spreading news about the 3 beheaded teachers also remained unconfirmed.
  • Marawi residents are now being evacuated from the area.
  • Whole Mindanao is under Martial Law for 60 days.
  • 2 soldiers and 1 police officer were killed and 12 more are wounded from Marawi clash (please pray for them and their families). 
  • Davao is no longer on lockdown but is under “hold-and-secure-situation”. 
  • Metro Manila is now on full alert as well. 
  • Marawi City Jail, St. Mary’s Church, Ninoy Aquino School and Dansalan College were all burned down by the militants
  • 107 inmates were freed from the City Jail.

 Additional note: Marawi was NOT attacked by ISIS but by local terrorist groups Maute and Abu Sayyaf. Maute group is known supporter of ISIS but no confirmed direct link with the ISIS. 

Lastly, to everyone in Marawi City and the whole Mindanao. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong. Be safe.