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I was looking for a picture of Steve Rogers in a frilly apron, following your comment on your ‘rambling prompt’ RE: Hydra husbands. I found a few and some of SteveRumlow. But they don’t match the film noir tone of your TWWW fic I WISH I COULD DRAW!

I’m and so sorry, but not and I am telling you tho, consider this: Jack and Brock and Steve all living together in a d/s poly V triad with Brock at the point of the V (of course) and Jack and Brock are the alpha couple and Steve is like their pet, or more Brock’s pet, cuz Steve and Jack probably don’t interact that much, really, except, of course Jack is so proud of his boy having a boy of his own! 

Or he is sometimes, other times he just walks in on them and drags Brock off Steve by the hair because it doesn’t do to let anyone forget who is really in charge here. 

Am I the only one who doesn’t feel safe anymore? Even with the cops around, who are supposed to ensure us of our safety, I damn sure do not feel safe around them. Last night there were under cover cops circling in my neighborhood. Mind you I live in a predominantly WHITE neighborhood with grass regulations twww. I don’t know why the late night patrolling was happening, I guess because a recent arrest was made literally next to my house 2 days ago. I swear my neighbors are in there trappin. Anyways, last night my cousin and I were talking outside in front of my house. She was in her car and I was at the driver window. Out of no where a random ass car pulls up at the stop sign, literally in front of my house, sits there for like 2 minutes then turns. I didn’t think anything of that one but then 5 minutes later a second car comes up, sits right next to us for a few seconds then makes a U turn. I didn’t understand the point of that. My cousin and I laughed it off but later when I thought about it, it completely blew me. I honestly do not want these cops knowing that a black family lives here. It’s so sad that I have these thoughts.

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If Only I Can Wear Headwraps To Work !

Twww I Can’t Even Express Myself .

Makeup Free For 1 Week . (at Pre Work Self-Portraits )