1. deep respect for someone or something.

((fun fact: that lady in the middle is the queen of the seelie court. her name is dubheasa and considering isleifr is 6′2 and he’s standing you can draw your own conclusions about exactly how huge she is))

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Hey idk if you listen to The West Wing Weekly (the podcast) but big CW for icky gross autism rhetoric in the ep about The Stackhouse Filibuster. I can give more details if you want to listen but know specifics/what parts to skip. Just wanted to offer a heads up.

Hey friend, thank you so much! I listened to the first few episodes of TWWW and totally loved it, then got distracted and stopped, but I do mean to return to it someday and catch up. I really appreciate this, you have no idea. I probly won’t skip any bits (I’m certainly used to being hit with offensive ASD things by now) but if you’re willing to PM me the specifics I’d love to know what I’ll be hearing when I get there.

i just like seeing my favorite characters with weapons okay. also i didn’t realize it the first time around but i’m like 90% sure you can see pilot’s lil legs in TWWW, when they’re re-connecting him. so. i wanted to draw them.

you know, this species is like.. really big, has multiple arms, and an exoskeleton. they would be fantastic soldiers. remember when aeryn kicked the shit out of pilot and he didn’t even wake up?? i have no idea why they aren’t a known force. too smart/pacifist maybe? (but honestly you can’t convince me of pacifism on a species-wide scale… who knows.)

the guns are from a post about farscape weapons, but i’m not actually sure if the designs are supported in the show or not lol. for how much i like fictional guns you’d think i’d be paying attention but I haven’t been whoops.

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Naming it 'the way we weren't' is really clever but it also gives me the image of Robbie waking up at the end of the fic having dreamt everything still being in sugar plums universe which is sad lol

I see the title as more a reminder that this isn’t what happened, as much as it should have happened. I won’t have a ‘but it was all a dream’ ending and you can certainly read it as a standalone. It’s not designed to be miserable - it’s made to showcase a fact I’ve discovered - which is that Isleifr as a full OC (not Sugar Plums Isleifr though are you kidding me) and Robbie have an incredible number of things in common. Obviously they have their differences, but they can relate on a few things.

They’re going to be friends and it’s going to be nice. I promise.