~trash talk

I finally fixed my printer! I’m so happy, no weird blue-yellow prints anymore.

Things I have learned:

  •  King D-Mind looks pretty cool in light green with light blue background
  • Kirby Fighter’s Shadow Kirby looks really good in blue tones
  • NEVER draw Susie with white hair
  • Blue is totally Haltmann’s color
  • Dark Matter Swordsman looks good with flashy colors

anonymous asked:

is there a particular fish/shark/whale that keith's design in your mermaid au is based off?

There is! I wanted to pick some kind of shark for him but I couldn’t decide which type of shark I liked best. Eventually I decided on one of these:

They’re called Chimaeras and theyre really ancient relatives of sharks. They look pretty weird and cryptid (perfect for him) and they only live in super deep waters