but Michael at the end “is anyone there at all” iM SOBBING AND CLUTCHING MY BROKEN HEART THIS HAS RUINED ME


Phew. These are the Zelink kidsI could get done tonight. There were more I wanted to do but I ran out of time and energy, literally. (Don’t send any more, please!)

In order:
TP Zelink Adventurous Girl: Elora
WW Zelink/Telink Sassy/Spoiled Girl: Ula
LOZ Zelink Quirky Girl: Renelle
MC Zelink Serious Boy: Kellen
ST Zelink Energetic Girl: Linnea

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Maximize your productivity at the office by stimulating both the body and mind with the hamster wheel standing desk. You’ll be able to get in a rousing cardio workout while you finish up the weekly TPS reports and offset the damage done by sitting – the silent killer.

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the reason i believe kaylor is real is because well the behavior of their relationship pretty much mirrors one of my own past relationships. the stolen glances, the heart eyes, the secret touches, the moments where you knew even in a crowded room certain things were always meant for you. always one or the other gushing about one another, and there were always great lengths to be taken; especially in public. we’d play the best friend card all the time, but at the end of the day we both knew we’d go home with one another and those personas would instantly fade, just us being our true selves. sadly that’s the way it had to be, especially in this town and the fact that everyone would rather believe we were “just friends” than an in actual relationship. we were in a glass closet, she was concerned and i could understand that but i on the other hand; i was very open about my sexuality. everyone knew. but at one point we were almost caught; sitting ducks (like kissgate) and what had happened? panic. we went into hiding, less pda, less public outings but behind the scenes? inseparable. eventually we faded but i learned something; the lengths that one would take to keep a relationship like that private.

My little ‘redesign’ of Cashman from the dreamcast game ILLBLEED.

He’s the main boss in ‘Killer Department Store’, the ‘Man’ in question was once Donald Cashman, a department store owner who had become obsessed with the money that he had been making with his products, it came to a point where he started killing his customers so that no one would leave with a penny left in their wallets. However the constant murders didn’t go unnoticed, the police arrived and shot Cashman on the spot tp where all that was left was his head…
Years later the department store opened up again for unexplained reasons, now Cashmans products  now come to life to take what Cashman believes what rightly belongs to him, their money and lives.

Too bad that during your battle with him you can just sneak out the back and steal the controls to make Cashman kill himself.