If you see anyone bashing BTS or hating on them in general, please don’t respond to them. This is such a happy time for us as a fandom and we don’t need to waste energy on trying to prove to others why our boys deserve awards. Please push all your energy into loving BTS and crying with your fellow ARMY. Even if some try, do not respond. Also, please do not undermine other groups’ success and hard work. Teamwork makes the dream work!!! ♡♡♡

Eughhh sorry guys I haven’t been drawing much…truth be told, I haven’t enjoyed art in a while? I’m so frustrated with my art style/lacking skill and I desperately want to overhaul it, but I can’t. And every time I look back at old drawings, all the mistakes jump out at me and it’s near-impossible to feel good about anything.

I hope it’s just a bad phase, really, but I don’t know. This is in no way a fish for compliments but I feel so behind all my peers and desperately need to kick the unhealthy mindset I’ve been having for a while now.
I have a lot of resentment at the fact I didn’t push myself hard enough the last few years and now I’m paying for it haha

Anyway like I said I hope it’s just a super bad art phase (I haven’t had one this bad since…2010 lol) so fingers crossed it will go away soooooon


Full moon of the tenth month. Fall.

Dear Diary,

I wish I had time to write more often. These days have been really exhausting. I have seriously considered allowing my bed to be one of my potential suitors, but I guess a four-poster bed is not that interested in such affairs.

This last moon I have received protocolar visits of all the neighbouring territories - Termina, Labrynna and Holodrum - we are making trading agreements with, inaugurate Castletown’s new school, supervised the completion of the infrastructure works, and held Court. I also did all related and non-related paperwork.

So going to Ordon for the harvest was a well-deserved break.

We departed before sunset. Since the road improvements, traveling times have considerably reduced. So a trip that used to take almost five to six hours, now takes only four at most.

Our arrival was to a silent Ordon, covered in the warm colors of crunchy leaves that floated in the chilly breeze. The almost full moon was already peeking out from the hills. It was a picture perfect autumn night.

As I took our saddlebags inside, Link indicated me he was going to greet his family after checking the horses. I unpacked my things, and changed from my riding clothes. I went to the spring to fetch some fresh water and wash my face. I really felt tempted to dive into the spring; the water was nicely warm.

When I came back, I was still on my own, so I decided to do some things: light the hearth and some candles, lay the cots, and put the table to eat something - Link would have to cook though. I was considering going outside to pick some flowers to put in a vase when Link got back.

‘Hey, why the odd face?’, I asked. He had a really quirky look.

‘N-nothing!’, he answered nervously. ‘It’s just I’m not used to having someone around the house’.

‘But I’ve been here before’, I reminded him.

‘Nevermind’. He changed the subject, putting a basket on the table. ‘Uli sent pumpkin soup for us, she thought we might be hungry’.

Bless her. We wolfed down the whole pot between the two of us.

The basket also had a jar of mulled wine. It was perfect to keeping us even more warm - and talkative.

‘How is the training going so far?’ I asked him. ‘Although I get the reports, it is always good to know from the source’.

‘It’s been great!’, he enthusiastically remarked. ‘They are such good guys and gals, I’m amazed at their progress… I think it would be a great idea to take them to Snowpeak for a special training course’

‘It is certainly an interesting idea… Has any of them caught your eye?’, I enquired him, out of sheer curiosity.

‘Some of them are really good! I might get some of them promoted to higher ranks once the training ends’

‘That is not what I actually meant’, I said, avoiding to burst into laugh at his naivete. ‘I meant if you had found any of them attractive’.

‘I see…’ - he nodded, finally understanding the cue - ‘…and nope’, he denied blushing up to his ears, ‘I think I have told you before it would’ve to be someone really special’.

Link refilled our cups in silence.

‘But what about you?’, he asked. ‘Do you like someone?’, and sipped his wine.

Not even Midna during my captivity had asked me that. And she loved to get personal information - according to her was for ‘potential blackmail purposes’. So the question was certainly unexpected, especially coming from Link.

‘Umm… I have never fancied someone’, I admitted. ‘Never, ever…- I sighed -  does that make me odd?’

‘I don’t think so’, he affirmed, ‘Royalty and other things aside’, he pointed at our Triforces, ‘you are pretty much a normal woman to me’. He drank a sip. ‘Maybe we we would have been friends anyway, no matter our circumstances’.

I smiled at his remark.

‘Even if I was your wife in a past life?’, I asked with a laugh before sipping my wine.

‘Of course!’, he laughed, ‘Who says love and friendship can’t go hand in hand?’

‘You are certainly right’, I conceded, ‘but I am accustomed to a world in which marriages, albeit not forced, are with always seeking an advantage, when the natural thing should be simply sharing your life with someone you love’. I paused. ‘Besides, you grew up with a high standard in relationships. Rusl and Uli are an outstanding example of a happy marriage’.

Link listened attentively.

‘In my case, I grew up with accounts of others - mainly Impaz - of my parents’ marriage. I have vague memories of them together… I only remember my father’s perpetual melancholy for losing her’.

‘You’re afraid you will end up being another loveless noblewoman’, Link affirmed.

‘Your assumption is correct’, I sighed. ‘In my life, love has always been seen as a stroke of luck’.

‘But your ancestor fought hard for you to be free to choose’, Link reminded me, ‘you shouldn’t make her efforts go to waste by throwing yourself in a marriage to benefit the kingdom’ - he downed his glass - ‘you have done more than enough so far… You can be selfish on this if you want to - just my two rupees’.

‘You are right’, I admitted, ‘I should not let the bad experiences of others affect mine’ - I sighed - ‘I just tend to put other people’s happiness before mine’.

‘You put a whole country’s happiness before yours’ - Link took a deep breath - ‘I…I care about you, y’know?’

‘I know, that’s why you are my best friend’, I answered to his sweet remark. ‘I care deeply about you too!’, and kissed his cheek.

He jolted from the surprise.

‘Link, what is wrong?’, I asked him. Maybe my outburst surprised him in the wrong way.

‘You just startled me’, he said nervously, getting up. ‘and I’m feeling kinda drowsy’.

It was surely late! the moon was high on the sky.

We went to bed soon after. Thanks to all the travel - and with the help of the mulled wine - I slept soundly.

I had a strange dream though.

I was in the middle of the desert. I wandered on the endless, lifeless sands, looking for a way out. I was about to despair, when it started raining. I was quickly soaking wet, but the rain went away as fast as it came, and the sun shone again.

I looked at my wet feet. A rose bush had sprouted in front of me, and several roses of dusky corals, pinks and yellows had bloomed in it.

And I woke up.

I realized I was alone, and it was way past noon. I got up and dressed quickly to go to Rusl’s house; it was easy to assume Link was there.

But he was not.

Uli and the children were there. She told me the men had gone to fetch wood for the bonfire, and explained me the festivity: people from the village - and now a couple of new nearby settlements - gathered to thank the Goddesses for an abundant harvest; the celebration day is the last one for harvesting crops. At sunset, people meet for a dinner together, so they light the bonfire and cook a lot of food.

‘In the end, it’s just an elaborate way for people to meet for dinner’, Uli said, shrugging her shoulders. ‘As if Ordonians weren’t good eaters already’.

I only nodded to her statement, as I was devouring my second slice of pumpkin pie. Ordon’s antics are really catchy.

Some time later, Link and Rusl arrived. Uli was teaching me how to make pumpkin pie. Cooking is really entertaining, and surprisingly relaxing. Only one thing remained on the back of my mind though: the strange dream I had.

I tried not to give it too much thought, but something told me it is more important than it seems.

‘Who is that pie for?’, Link’s voice said over my shoulder. I jolted,almost spilling the mixture I was preparing.

This boy seriously forgets about something called ‘personal space’. His spontaneity makes me feel awkward sometimes.

‘For all of us, if I do not ruin it’, I answered while I poured the mixture into the huge pan. Little Colin also came to see my attempts at cooking - and snack on the raw mixture on the bowl.

‘I bet it’ll taste good’, he affirmed confidently, ‘once it’s cooked though’ - he stared at Colin.

Colin stuck his tongue out mischievously to Link and kept happily licking the pumpkin filling on a wooden spatula.

‘Do you like Zelda, Link?’, Little Colin asked out of the blue, ‘You look at her like dad looks at mom’.

Link laughed nervously. I felt my cheeks getting warmer, and tried to contain my laughter at such sweet, innocent remark. Children can make really wild assumptions sometimes!

‘F-friends… kinda l-like each other’, Link tried to explain him, stammering a bit, ‘that’s why they’re friends’.

‘What Link means is that friendship is a kind of love’, I attempted to tell him in a simpler way, ‘because friends care and look after each other’.

‘But Beth always says “boys and girls will end up liking each other, that’s why they can’t be friends”!’, he exclaimed, mimicking her quite accurately.

‘Nah, just don’t listen to her’, Link tried to dismiss the subject. He looked a little uncomfortable.

‘Just tell her we are a good example of friendship’, I said, following his cue, ‘although we are of a different gender, we are friends that love each other’.

Colin nodded understandingly.

Once the pie went in the oven, we went outside. The people had laid out a large table, even bigger than when I first came. We ate at dusk, and the dinner itself prolonged for a couple of hours. Luckily I was seated next to Ilia, so we could catch up. She is interested in learning medicine from Shaman Renado,the Gorons and the Zoras, so she can help anyone that needs aid. I encouraged her to do so! Good medics are always necessary, and Ilia, with her kind demeanor will surely succeed.

After all were more or less done eating, most people gathered around the bonfire, talking and drinking under the full moon. The night was nice and slightly cold.

Link and I returned to his house relatively early, since we had to leave at dawn to go back to Castletown. All the food -my first pumpkin pie was pretty decent for a first try - and the mulled wine made me sleepy. Link fell asleep really quickly. He was quite silent during the dinner. I wonder why he was like that.

I better go to bed now, my eyelids feel heavy.