By Pixiv user タカマガハラマルコ

my two insignificant cents about the whole ‘don’t ride on bts’ success!!!!’ issue that has been going on since the AMAs:

so let’s break it down a bit.
basically, we have two opinions:
1. bts are breaking the barriers of kpop and western platforms, what’s wrong with other groups gaining some popularity if it brings more recognition to kpop as a whole?
2. bts got where they wanted to get with their own effort and ARMY’s help. it’s wrong that you take their moment to shine to promote your favs. 

i think there’s a fine line between 1 and 2 and a lot of people are getting the two mixed up. recently i saw a tweet that went along the lines of “hey, bts are a good group!” and with a reply that said “hey, you should check out black pink too!” and then all the fans hated on the reply. personally, i think that liking a kpop band because of their popularity and having people recommend other bands isn’t wrong. i mean, isn’t it great that bts are being representatives of a whole genre and getting the non-kpop media more interested in the genre as a whole? kings! asian kings!!! 

i guess the issue is when antis (although i find ‘antis’ harsh, i’ll stick to ‘antis’ bc non-fans could just mean… they’re not a fan. not necessarily that they dislike bts) say that bts are out to seek western validation, and then turn around and promote their faves under the tweet. the problem with that is that a lot of ARMYs, internationally, have helped in doing a lot. calling in radio stations, sending in tweets, setting up events on social media… basically being a super duper huge PR team - except they worked for free and yet they worked for hours. it just bothers most ARMYs that the effort we put in for bts to be successful is discredited by discrediting bts, and then successful results of those efforts are used to promote your favs. 

there isn’t really a conclusion to this. perhaps that, sharing information about a genre isn’t bad, and i think most fans would wholeheartedly encourage that. on the flip side, i also think that credit needs to be given where credit is deserved and just…. yeah. ik a lot of y’all hate ARMY and hate bts just bc,,, just bc we’re your competitors or something (which is another thing i don’t understand. kpop is One Genre,,, everything would be fantastic if we could just. get. along. but anyways, that’s a rant for another day). but anyhow, i think if you’re a second generation kpop stan you would kinda understand the sentiment being discredited in kpop and having people ride off the kpop wave or whatever. either way, try to relate. i guess it’s something like cultural relativism, but like.. within the k-pop fandom. ok, i’m just rambling now and i’ll stop. 

so yeah, i just wanted to get my thoughts out in a structured manner. tweeting this would be a long thread even with 280 characters, so i decided to put it on tumblr instead. plus, i can actually edit typos. 

and the standard disclaimer: i encourage opposing thoughts and views and enjoy discussions and learning about other perspectives! what i will downright ignore/delete or just be passive-aggressive towards will be: hate, sending me asks without trying to understand what i’m saying, and just wanting to vent angrily instead of having a wholesome discussion.