i went on my first ever date today and it was with a handsome guy. it was literally the cutest thing ever and i had to stop myself from staring at him but he was just so damn beautiful. it went really well, i mean i hope it did. but we are still texting so it must have, i’m feeling so confident and happy right now :-) go me

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Prehiatus!pete is a fucking little animal during sex. He tries to contain it the first time he's fucking trick but trick whines it's not enough so Pete shows no mercy. Digging his nails into Patrick's hips, pinning his arms down, growling, biting his neck, wrapping a tight hand around trick's throat, leaving scratches and bruises and hickeys everywhere, and making sure Patrick's ass is a nice shade of pink by the time they're done. For a little guy he's a fucking beast. And Patrick loves it.


Side Story: Celebrations and Midnight Walks

As the first stars appeared in the sky, a slender woman in simple clothes, and milkmaid braids covered by a shawl loosely covering her head, accompanied by a man in knight’s uniform strode through the streets of Castletown. They stopped at an alley, and went downstairs to reach their destination: Telma’s Bar.

On the door, a sign hanging read ‘Bar closed for private party’. The knight knocked the door and the barkeeper greeted him.

‘I see you brought a surprise guest’, Telma said with a wink. ‘It’s good to see you again, Zelda’

‘Good evening Telma’, she answered as Zelda removed her shawl from her head.

A large oval  table had been laid out with food and drinks. The guests were already seated: Auru, Rusl and Uli, Shad, Ashei, and Ilia, who jumped from her chair to greet the arriving guests. Colin and Liv were already asleep on the guest room on the second floor.

‘Go have a seat, darlings’. Telma took her seat along with the rest.

‘Bummer, Renado didn’t make it, I see’, Link pointed out.

‘Yes, he excused himself because the reconstruction in Kakariko and helping the new settlers is keeping him too busy’, Rusl clarified.

‘I bet he chickened out’, Ashei whispered. Shad gave her a disapproving look. She chuckled. 

‘Anyway, it’s a good thing you left the cowlick at home’, Ashei laughed at Link. He blushed and frowned as an answer.

‘I think you looked so charming, dear’, Telma said, trying to comfort him. 

‘I also think you looked very gallant’, Zelda said, ‘The true image of chivalry!’

‘Cowlick aside, our sport here made history today’, Shad affirmed. ‘He is the youngest Lord Commander in Hyrule’s history at eighteen!’

‘Cheers for that then!’, Auru exclaimed. All the glasses clinked in unison.

As she sipped her beer, Zelda felt the same way she did in Ordon days ago: the warm feeling of being among friends; a family of sorts.

Food, drink, and chatter were abundant. The evening lasted briefly though, since it was a work night. The other guests stayed for longer, but the undercover princess and her champion went back to the castle. A question lingered in her head.

‘Pray tell, when is your birthday?’, she asked. ‘I am quite sure you have not told me before’. 

‘You are right, Zelda. I haven’t’, he answered with a small laugh. ‘I’ll turn nineteen on the sixth day of waxing crescent of the ninth month’.

Zelda’s usual usual calmness and serenity gave way to a worrisome pout. She was so transparent.

‘I feel like the worst friend in the land! That is in less than a week!’, she exclaimed. ‘How come I did not ask you before? You are my friend!’

‘Well, I hadn’t told you before’, he said, shrugging his shoulders. ‘and…I haven’t asked for yours either, so I guess we’re even’.

Zelda sighed.

‘I guess we are’. She paused. ‘My birthday is on the new moon of the fourth month. I will turn twenty-one. An old hag, I know’.

Link laughed at her comment. There was certainly nothing old, nor haggish about her. Actually it was quite the opposite

They were passing in front of the square’s fountain. Zelda made a gesture for him to sit in the border next to her.

‘My father’s council wanted me married before taking the crown’, she commented. ‘But my father said otherwise’.

Link’s attention was drawn to her story. 

‘He wanted me to be free, despite the limitations of castle life, as long as possible’. She sighed. ‘As his last wish, he ordered the council to not pressure the marriage issue until one year after I was crowned Queen’.

Link secretly thanked the late King, wherever he was on the Sacred Realm.

‘And, ten days before my coronation ceremony, Twilight fell upon the kingdom. The only person from my father’s council that survived was Master Auru’, she made a pause, making waves with her hand on the fountain water. ‘He was only one that thought marrying before being Queen was an insanity’, she clarified. ‘When it was time to retake my duties, I was glad none of these people, except for Master Auru of course, wanted to take part in the new council’.

‘I would’ve been completely overwhelmed if I were you’, Link told her, ‘I dunno how you always keep yourself calm’.

‘Years of practice, Sir’, she said, sitting even more straight than she already was. ‘They can turn a wild child into the most poised lady in the land’, she said, sprinkling some drops of water on him.

‘Hey, not fair!’, Link complained. 

Both laughed merrily.

‘What about you?’, Zelda asked. ‘When we were in Ordon I had this impression that Ilia had feelings for you’.

Link blushed.

‘I liked her, even though she was always naggin’ me’, he admitted. ‘But after the Twilight, I felt we grew apart’. He scratched the back of his head, trying to put his thoughts into words. ‘She is an amazing girl, but we became completely different people. I am no longer the goatherd boy from Ordon’.

Zelda nodded, understandingly.

‘It would have to be a very special person to catch my attention’, Link admitted, blushing even more. He hoped the princess didn’t realize of this.

‘Weren’t both of you supposed to be already in the castle?’, a female voice said out loud. It belonged to Ashei, who was leaning on Shad’s shoulder. ‘Anyone who sees you might think you both are hooking up!’

Link and Zelda turned beet red at those words. 

‘Forgive her’, Shad apologized. ‘Ashei’s tongue gets a bit loose when she drinks a bit more than necessary’.

‘That’s not what you said the other day’, Ashei blurted.

An awkward silence fell upon them.

‘A-Alright, t-that’s too much information’, Shad said very nervously. ‘See you tomorrow!’ 

They saw them go away quickly - actually it was Shad dragging Ashei as fast as possible. 

‘We should be leaving too’, Link said. ‘And forget this moment just happened’.

Zelda laughed.

‘I kind of suspected it’, Zelda commented as she got up, ‘they always sit next to each other and steal glances in the Council meetings’.

‘I had no idea’. He still was a bit surprised. ‘You are quite the observer’.

‘Perks of being the bearer of Wisdom’, she asserted.

As they strolled back to the castle under the stars, a thought roamed in his head.

Will you ever notice how I feel about you? I’d rather be dead before you do.