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I need to feed our crack ship, so 😉, 😘, and ❤️

(A Notice: Mun himself isn’t much of a romantic, he’s aromantic actually 😅)

😉 : A pick up line my muse would use.

“Mind if I take you on a night out? I think you have the Potential.” (This is more like something Ikutsuki would use if he weren’t so obsessed with puns XD)

😘 : When/How my muse would flirt.

Better than Mun that’s for sure He’s willing to approach a girl if there aren’t too many people watching. He likes to flatter people.

❤️ : A way to make my muse fall in love with you.

Hm… either be small and lovable, or strong & independent. Girls in between he’s more likely to consider as friends only.

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i told to donut screw with me bitch. everything with you is over race race race. i smoke lots, who cares, but i got in trouble for it the other day and my principal suspended me. my dad was angry he said "i dont like those blackies", I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE HE WAS BLACK! he looked the same to me. i also punched out the bitch who ratted on me so watch out. don't pull this "oh your racist" shit, (im high while writing this) MY FAVORITE ARTIST IS SHAKIRA and one of my friends is too. get yourself a job

i dont know how to reply to this

Hetalia Characters and Cuddling
  • Italy:Likes to cling to the other person, preferably face-to-face, but he'll be big spoon, or will just cling to the person in whatever position they're in.
  • Germany:Generally reluctant to cuddle. His version of cuddling is pretty much rolling over and wrapping one arm around the person. He doesn't mind being cuddled up to, he just likes lying on his back.
  • Japan:Not too fond of cuddling. He does make a pretty good little spoon if he's open to touching the person, but this is only when awake, since physical contact makes it difficult for him to sleep.
  • America:Actually pretty nice to cuddle, strong but still soft. Most of the time he wants to be the big spoon, because that's the cool thing to do but also because he likes holding on to people.
  • England:Will grump about it but will actually definitely cuddle up with no resistance. The perfect position is necessary though because he's really bony, making it hard to get comfortable.
  • France:Loves cuddles, always wants to cuddle. He likes to lazily run his fingers over the person's skin while they're cuddling, since he finds it soothing and hopes they will too.
  • China:Rarely comfortable enough with someone to cuddle, but does enjoy it, especially while watching movies or just having conversation. Tends to curl up so he's naturally the little spoon.
  • Russia:So cuddly, what a teddybear. He just likes the affection and will be happy to let the other person hold on to him or to hug them tight instead. Super warm and soft.
  • Canada:Actually a great big spoon, will hold on and not let the person go and whisper about how nice this is. He also really likes having someone lean on him while they're sitting and letting that slowly end up with them cuddling.

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Your persona is just too adorable. Just wanna keep them as a lap pet! Why do you win so hard in life with your drawing skills?! They just kill my heart. /sobs/

ah thank you… is weird that i been getting a lot of comment saying they want me on their lap…the last person who try to put me on their lap sorta freak me out a lil a bit

that was the most embarrassing moment i have in my life … n-not saying is bad haha…

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Hi Lily! Thanks for the spoiler translation. Can I ask for your help in publicizing that most of Netabare's spoilers (if not all) come from other sources, and that the images we get at this hour are actually from Baidu so people should NOT repost those images either or reblog them if the source is Netabare? Of course is you don't agree, you don't have to but I recall many people not realizing about Netabare last week and anticipate the same issue now. -XL

No problem and thanks XL!

Yep, Netabare gets their spoilers from other sites, including Baidu. 

They update whenever Baidu updates so yeah, don’t repost the images from Netabare too. They’re usually just cropped versions of the ones posted on Baidu.

Did another one cause fuck it, I wanna do another. 

Full Name: Veradessa

Gender and Sexuality: Lady, Bisexual

Pronouns: She/her

Ethnicity/Species: Draenei

Birthplace and Birthdate: Can’t quite remember when but it was on the genedar. She’s 9 thousand odd years old. Probably a little older. She’s a Leo, dramatic and full of herself like most Leo’s can be. 

Guilty Pleasures: Alcohol, narcotics/potions, general over indulgence in most things bad. 

Phobias: Admitting she’s imperfect. Never finding someone who can stand her.

What They Would Be Famous For: Known for being Exarch Achaaz’s daughter (the eldest and most scandalous.)and her family being well known among other draenei. She’s a wrathgate vet,also being a very competent mage. 

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Too many things,public disturbance, attacking others while under the influence. Breaking things and I’m sure arson.


OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Just about anyone who knows her for longer than a day who she isn’t sleeping with.

Favorite Book Genre: Books on arcane arts, history books and just about anything academic. She’s an intellectual just not a very polite one.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Love at first sight. She really fucking hates it. 

Talents and/or Powers: She is one fantastic arcane mage and tactician, she trained under some of the best on the genedar, she put a lot of passion and love into it, probably the only thing she actually loves more than herself. She can drink anyone under the table. Despite being one of the rudest people you’ll meet, she hasn’t been killed yet.

Why Someone Might Love Them: She can be charming, and gorgeous and very blunt. She’s passionate when she loves something, she has a lot of class when she isn’t being a trashy drunk.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s rude, and blunt and condescending. She can’t hold a lover longer than a night or two without tearing them apart verbally and probably physically. She’s a drunk and she’s an incredible mess. 

How They Change: Once she hits AU Draenor she actually meets her mother, she never got to in her timeline because her mother died at childbirth. Vera has a lot of conflicted feelings about her family and herself. She grew up with her father and tried her best for thousands of years to be the daughter worthy of him and her late mother. Because of this she has problems finding anyone who she thinks could truly find her lovable. But when she sees her mother alive and well and happy some of her bitterness dissipates and she is trying very hard to be a better person.

Why You Love Them: She’s my first WoW oc ever, my original main and even if she is utter crap sometimes she had a good kind heart, she’s reckless but she isn’t evil, she’s reckless but she serves and fights for and with her people and is a hero. Just not the type you’d think would be a hero.

I TAG MY GIRL @vanillycake and anyone else going for seconds like maybeeee @tokidokifish

romancingcullen: 1-Year Anniversary AND 5,000 Followers!

I am just floored. Is this a lot? It feels like a lot. lol 

If even half of this number are legit people and not, like, porn bots…I’ll get overwhelmed if I think about it for too long. 

I started this blog back in February of 2015 for much the same reason I’ve created all my Dragon Age blogs: I wanted a place where I could geek out about a specific character and share the love. So much love.

The first (reblogged) post on this blog! Shared on 1 February 2015.

And I was so shy in the fandom that it wasn’t until 24 March 2015 that I actually made my first original post for this blog. (I shared a screenshot I had taken.)