~to infinity & beyond

  • [In which Phichit tries to find Yuuri a date so he gets a list from him of what he’s looking for]
  • Yuuri: Okay. So, he has to have short gray hair with bangs on his side, blue eyes, and his height should be around 180 centimeters.
  • Phichit: Alright, I’ll see what I can...... Wait, wait, wait- Did you just describe your coach? *grins* You just described your coach, didn't you??
  • Yuuri: This is one of the things I love about you.

This illustration represents two of my favorite things: fashion, and Hamilton.

Actually, it’s been a pretty long time that I wanted to draw a Hamilton piece. I’ve been obsessed with this musical for months, I almost felt like being a teenager again.
It sometimes makes me regret not to live in NYC.

I’m living in Paris, and even if it’s where Les Misérables were born, well, musicals are not really… trendy here. Or as good as Broadway’s.

I felt like my contribution would be pointless. 
But whatever happens, I just have to create whatever the heck makes me happy (and well, if it makes you happy too, then I would be blessed).

How perfect were these three in their gowns performing this iconic song at the Tonys ?

Hamilton, @linmanuel , thank you to infinity and beyond for bringing so much joy, inclusiveness and positivity into this world.
I’ll always do my best to do so.
(Even if it’s with scrappy drawings).

Thank you ! 💖


I was refilling my small pot of texture basing paint and thought i would share this tip with you guys.

3 years ago I bought 4 litres of medium house render for about $40. I have used this to cover a 6x4 table and various scenery as well as using it on bases and I have only used a touch over half of it!

I slop it on with a sculpting tool nice and thick and once dry give it a couple of coats of brown wash to give it a mud like look.

It also has the advantage of being able to build it up quickly and easily so miniatures like the Algoryn for Antares which has an integral base I can hide and roughly level the ground off with ease