Idk why I’m so irritated over this (I mean, it’s not like this MATTERS, right?) but I can’t stop fixating on it.

So basically my friend in stats saw my phone background cuz I was looking something up, and she was like “Spock looks like a snake.” I was like “that’s not Spock, that’s Data. Same franchise, different series, different character.” And she was like “oh, well he still looks like a snake. Do you honestly find this guy ATTRACTIVE?!” At this point I was doing everything I could to keep my cool, even though I had come out as ace to her previously, and found it insulting on multiple levels due that TINY INSIGNIFICANT FACT THAT SHE KNEW I WOULDN’T BE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO HIM AND YET PROCEEDED TO QUESTION ME RELENTLESSLY. Anyway, I ended up explaining that I just really liked the character, and yes, he was also very aesthetically appealing. Also that he wasn’t a snake, but an android, which was why he had very pale skin and yellow eyes. She was like “dude you’re weird…wtf…”

Okay so by now y’all are probably like “boo hoo, poor Trekkie, someone insulted you for liking Data…how tragic….” Well, the sheer judgment I endeavored in something so insignificant to everything else about me was what set this off. Why do people even CARE what other people’s phone backgrounds are? Why do they care enough to make fun of them for it? Why do they insult people’s interests, especially when they’re already aware of the fact that the said interests mean the world to the person, and maybe quite possibly even saved their life? Also if you’re going to refer to yourself as an “open-minded intellectual,” why are you judging people for liking things that are different from your own interests? This isn’t a cult or something harmful to myself/others, it’s a media platform that brings me so much happiness and optimism about the future that I can’t even imagine my life without it. Seriously, just stop. 


Hey guys! Here are some drawings from my first week over on Patreon!

I started a Patreon this week, and I’m really excited about it! Right now drawing is my only job- if we’re being real here, it’s my raison d’être.

Subscribing to me on Patreon will help me start (and finish up) some original projects I’ve been kicking around and am very excited about- including Grim! (A magical girl comic series about a girl who becomes the Grim Reaper, concept art above), Wesley Crusher: Rebellious Space Teen (A Star Trek: TNG parody comic in zine-form about Wesley Crusher being a lil’ shit) and my favorite top-secret passion-project, The Great Zarelli. It’ll potentially do more boring stuff, too- like buy cat food and human food.

You can also expect to see occasional educational content- like blog tips and tutorials. I’ll be focusing a lot on doing series of character designs- currently I’m working through redesigning the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon (process gif so far pictured above!!).
Coming up will be new series that Patrons can vote on! Should I do the Spice Girls? Dumbledore’s army?? All of the Crystal Gems???

My Patreon is updated every week day- and will usually be updated a full three days before Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter! I’ll also be posting weekly “dublog” posts about what I’m working on, and probably how my cats are doing. There’ll also be a neat Patreon member livedraw session where I’ll take requests and chat and answer questions about anything! These might include:
“Hey dublah- how do you say ‘dublah’?”
“Hey dublah, how do you draw a foot?”
“Hey dublah, are you a goat?“

There are lots of different reward tiers! Here’s a rundown of what you get at every step for subscribing to me! PLEASE check them out under the cut!!

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