my whole thing is idrc communism or capitalism or whatever system yall are into @tm cause i know some white man somewhere is gonna fuck it up for me and mines some how like they always do

(interview) shinee world japan q&a with taemin

q: please recommend us a movie, drama or a song that you have been listening to recently.
tm: i’ve watched “interstellar” recently. it was really interesting! i’m moved by the mysteriousness of the universe.

q: when your friend or a loved one feels down or sad, what would you do for them?
tm:: i’d share their emotions and feel their sorrows together with them.

q: you came to japan for a onsen holiday before. please tell us the place in japan that you’d like to visit next and why.
tm:: i’d like to go to okinawa for sun bathing next, swim in the sea and play with my friends!

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This is Hanna and I love her. She’s one of the most devoted, kind hearted, and genuine people I’ve ever known. July 1st would not have been the same without her. I hope everyone had safe celebrations ♡


2min walking at the back with minho’s arm on tm’s shoulder … 😭😭 I am not fine 💕

tm-not- i

i had to fart so badly at work 2day but whenever i would go 2 the bathroom my body just wouldn’t cooperate!

See my ass on the register trying to hold a fart my eyes almost popping out of their sockets 4 four hours honey.

SMh, i had to hold it all day now im at home and farting up a storm.

So today I decided to do a casual Mina cosplay because she’d be frigging mad - I’ve talked about this one time about a year ago that I’d do a Mina for Chey at HaruMichi Summer Camp TM and it’s Summer and there’s HaruMichi but no Camp! Inspiration art (is it original? If it’s yours, please drop me a note):

In other news, since the rainbow flags won’t die out on Facebook and make me mad as hell: I wrote about teenage femme/butch for SPIESSER (tho they did edit the word for butch BUT WHATEVER I’M ON A MISSION AND I WON’T GIVE UP). As journalism often goes, the deadline was on Thursday, before love won and straights got crazy, so it’s mainly focusing on that subject and not on what happened next. If you want to, you can read it here.

(I highly encourage young journalists joining the SPIESSER team. They even pay online content - which is rare and the pay is good - and the print version can be found in most German schools).

Also, my debute novel got a Kindle version this week, if you’re looking for a summer read.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUMB STUPID #3 (the other two being CLARE and Tursha )

Dude I don’t think you’re ready for the FUCKING MAGICAL CAKE YOURE GETTING TM GET PUMPED !! You spent 17 hella years on earth wow cool you did it I’m proud. You survived the Karman mpreg incident of 2k15…. this is a feat on its own. no 17 year old i know came out of this incident unscathed (im talking about Clare ). there was also the wonderful night when Karman watch 2k15 was created, that  was fantastic. also the day you found your true love in the form of a selfie stick from italy (pictures can be seen above). I think the best is the sim family we three idiots created together… the caldwell-meyers (we have angelo pictured above having a rather pleasant drink on the toilet) i dont think you’ll ever forget how badly we wanted Naomi to go back to Africa…… anyways happy  birthday !!! like idk how youre alive after all this!!!! also its like 3 am rn so idek if this makes any sense… it porbably doesnt ….like at all…ok yeah im done HEPPY BURDAY 

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[Si] Give Real Examples of Si Thinking or Behavior

Above all, his development alienates him from the reality of the object, leaving him at the mercy of his subjective perceptions, which orient his consciousness to an archaic reality, although his lack of comparative judgment keeps him wholly unconscious of this fact. Actually he lives in a mythological world, where men, animals, locomotives, houses, rivers, and mountains appear either as benevolent deities or as malevolent demons. That they appear thus to him never enters his head, though that is just the effect they have on his judgments and actions.
Based on this description, particularly the italicized content, it sounds as if Jung is describing someone who is drunk or delusional. For sure, the latter tend to talk to or at times yell at objects as if these had some kind of invisible personal affect on the Si-dominant psychology, e.g., humanizing and then damning the lamp post for jumping in the way of the car and denting the front bumper. But for the most part, these effects remain inside the personal, not advertised to others in any blatant fashion. They arise behaviorally via defense mechanisms such as projection and displacement, and at times paranoia, thus hiding their true source from others but, most importantly, from the Si-dominant psychology.

Ne-inferior is the source not only of the madness but, indirectly, of the reason for the defense mechanisms. Si-dominance feeds into the controlling element in human psychology, either via personal relationships (husband/wife, mother/father, etc), or impersonal work relationships (supervisor, general, etc.). The method is to control others, and thus control the Ne-inferior, that chaotic destroyer lurking beneath the Si-dominant psychology. Chaos and control constantly battle within this psychological type, and control wins the day as long as the external world continues to obey the Si-dominant will (expressed via Te or Fe).

In general practice, the Si-dominant psychological takes personally things that weren’t intended to be taken personally. If you make a mistake on the job, thus violating the supervisor’s order, the ISTJ supervisor will act as if it was an affront to him or her personally. (This may or may not be intentional.) The ISFJ husband or wife will, consciously or unconsciously, interpret every action of the loved one as if it directly impacts the relationship, and moreover, had to have been either an intentional attack or compliment to the relationship, and thus, to the will and desire of the ISFJ psychology. There are no such things as slips or mistakes, either to the ISFJ or the ISTJ - you are to be punished for all your “attacks” and rewarded for all your “compliments,” no matter how unintentional you claim them to be.

The ISTJ/ISFJ psychological develops a black-and-white, all-or-nothing, perfectionistic view of reality, most severely with regard to the world around this type. But it is not without its share of exceptions for itself. These types do hold themselves to the highest of standards, at least insofar as they try to put on appearances to others. On the inside, however, they feel deeply imperfect because the symptoms of the Ne-inferior cannot be repressed entirely out of consciousness, and leak out in the form of rationalized personal exceptions to the high standards. The outer personality of the type is diametrically opposed to the inner personality. The bully, on the inside, may not have repressed gay desires, but rather has a fear of not living up to the high standards of the protective archetypal father-figure at the pinnacle of the male hierarchy (whether God the Father or your real father). This internal fear of not living up is then externalized as homophobia - a fear of appearing weak to others, a desire to see one’s external toughness mirrored in the fearing eyes of others - while on the inside subconsciously fearing to be psychologically exposed to the weakness that actually exists. Because no soul in the world is invulnerable to those deep feelings which are labeled “weak” and take the psychological form of the Ne-inferior. http://dlvr.it/BNyCpX

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Random fact: I used to be a huge cleptomaniac ever since kindergarten, I stole like, twenty Little People(tm) toys. I'd slip them into my pockets and just casually go home. I still own some of them.

Oh my god. Once when I was little i hated this girl in my neighbor who’d beat on me so one day i took her barbie doll and i left it in the streets. She foudn it like a week later and cried.

Send me a random fact and ill send you one from me!