Thought I’d work on some color palette things with some characters! I might do more, who knows! 

Harlyn, Toon Michaela, Dezeria© and Artwork© belongs to me, ToxicSoul77.

If you have a suggestion, I might do it! But for the most part I think I’ll do them myself.

Do NOT copy, trace, re-post, or steal. Thank you!

Changing my tentative Youmacon 2016 lineup because I want to enjoy myself for once instead of planning out a million cosplays. And now I finally have time to hang out at the con XD

Main Cosplay.: Anne Takamaki Catsuit (Will be wearing most of Saturday as much as possible)

Kiria Kuruno (Saturday)
Haru Okumura (Friday Night)
Peko Pekoyama (Saturday) or Junko I haven’t completely decided lol.
Mia Fey (Friday afternoon)

I might be Asuka Sunday or just be Anne’s school uniform then. Just realized that this is still a lot of cosplays lol oh well.