$100K Donor Asks Girl Scouts Not to Use His Gift on Transgender Girls, Scouts Return the Money
Council CEO Megan Ferland returned the donation, with a note saying “Girl Scouts is for every girl. And every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout if she wants to.”

Click through for the whole story on TMS, and be sure to support the Girl Scouts’ IndieGoGo campaign! They’ve already recouped the lost donation, but they still deserve your support!

2015 július 1.

Fontos dátum: találkoztam egy alvállalkozóval aki hozzátett a megrendelésben összefoglalt feladathoz rögtön az első körben. nem a tök közömbösen vagy simlisen minimumteljesítményre törekedett hanem előállt saját tök jó ötletekkel és látszott rajta hogy úgy gondolja ezen együtt kell pörögnünk és úgy a legjobbat kihozni. Meg vagyok rökönyödve. komolyan, ez az ember szerintem dolgozni szeretne

Tm de 65 bindeki arkadaşa 15 bine kadar yazın süpriz olabilir demiş hocası var mıdır aslı astarı? Bi bilen varsa el atabilir miii???

 So, I kind of knew this would come. I haven’t been very active on here lately. Maybe reblogging some stuff here and there. I guess I came here for the fun and The Mentalist, obviously. I’ve had some really great times, some not so great times, and just had a blast with this account. But now, I find myself just scrolling around and not reblogging things because one reason or the other. I think my time to go is now. It’s been so great, and I don’t know if I could have gotten here and over my mother’s death (as if you can get over something like that!) without TM and most of you guys.
It’s a tough decision, but what’s left? You know? One of the “popular” blogs around here told me they don’t enjoy my blog anymore and unfollowed me, then told me I don’t post enough TM for their “tastes”. Which is cool, freedom to do what you choose and all that, but it hurt. Basically, I don’t even exist here anymore to answer questions or even have good things to contribute or be a part of projects some have going, which is cool, I guess. Point is, this isn’t a place I feel good about anymore.
I thought about leaving quietly, just fading away, but since when do I do things quietly? I don’t. At least, I didn’t. I don’t even debate things on here anymore because seemingly nobody cares, so what’s the point? Maybe this makes me sound needy or glutton for attention, so be it. I just wanted to be apart of debates and cool stuff going on. Things have been talked to death, so I understand why the debates stopped or people stopped caring what I had to say.
Anyway, I was going through my archive yesterday before I deleted a whole bunch of it, and it was really sad to see how things changed with this account. It’s pretty sad. And I was thinking about it a lot today (along with the other emotional things going on) and I realized how little I belong.
But anyway, I will keep this open (I have to or it will delete damnitjaneprompts, which I still plan to run) and maybe reblog an occasional thing here or there. Maybe one day I will come back completely. It’s been a pleasure to follow you all. Really. Thanks for the three years of love, debates and friendship.

All the best,