I feel like no matter how Mofftiss writes the johnlock kiss, it’s going to be monumental, it’s going to be a stunning moment for everyone, and no matter how they write it to go it’s going to play out like Martin really gently sliding his hand along Benedict’s jaw and hesitating, breath to breath on each other’s lips, Martin’s eyes darting up to Ben’s at the last second just to double check and then closing the gap between their mouths and the sound Ben is going to make, I just don’t see Martin being able to kiss him the first time in a way that is not quiet and still and a little wondrous with the importance of what this represents

i still have really strong feelings for a boy that i never acted on but im leaving for college tm so i guess i gotta just give up on it and trust that itll work out if its supposed to

My ROWYSO concert tonight was amazing, they played jet black heart for the first time ever and it was incredible. I will post all my pics and videos tm, so for now here a picture of me crying during amnesia

there’s no way china can be “for world peace” if it’s constantly encroaching maritime boundaries of vietnam and the philippines. the parade’s main purpose was to warn first and foremost, japan, and then the US and to a lesser extent West Europe not to bother the chinese government. additionally, the parade was also to highlight strengthening diplomatic relations, specifically between China and Russia (its only powerful military ally), which, again, is a warning to not so much japan this time, but rather, the US. 

what we have here is a parade that’s supposed to be for historical purposes^tm with political motives. 

markiplier broke into my house and is currently living in my basement and he keeps eating all my Cool Ranch Doritos (TM) when he thinks im not looking

bakın bi şey anlatıcam okumak istemeyen defolsun.

sabah b12 vitamini içtim tm mı, çünkü hafızam berbat. sonra okulda e-mail şifremi hatırlamam gerekti ama 271389 aydır girmiyodum ve şifrem gHJAJSD6267183 gibi bi şey. pat diye hatırladım çok duygulandım ya.

ama iki dakika sonra dedikodu yapıyoduk hiçbi şey hatırlamadım kendimle ilgili olmayan hiçbi şeyi aklımda tutmuyorum za ashjdkalsdasd