“This creative work didn’t sit me down and explicitly explain all the plot points and character development in excruciating detail so I feel this creative work has Bad Writing ™ and I must tell EVERYONE and then also shame them when they don’t agree”


Food from today and a selfie from Friday ✨

Babe made me breakfast this morning, and we had alfredo lasagna roll ups for dinner! We also had a leg day at the gym that’s gonna hurt tomorrow hahaha.

We’re cuddled in bed now with the salt lamp on and lavender in the diffuser. I’m not pumped for reading week to be over but that does mean I’m six weeks away from exams, and ~8 from being halfway through my degree!!!

Happy days 🌸


OK! FINALLY ANOTHER TMS VIDEO! This is the opening.

Reblogs are always appreciated. :)


They were rehearsing for the musical, the song was “the story of tonight reprise”, here they suppose they are drinking and drunk

Buuuuut someone put alcohol in Ash’s cup so he’s really drunk and now he’s flirting Mark XD


Ash: Maaaaaaark, baby I love youuuuuuuuuu!!!

Mark: Ash, are you okey?

Ash: I’m with you so yes!!!

Mark: WTF MEN!?

Ash: Can you love me too!?

Mark: You’re not Benjy so NO!! 

Ash: I’m gay for you Mark!! pls!!

Mark: *Look at Luke and Aaron* Help me guys. I know we never get along but please helpe me :’D

Luke and Aaron: wtf is going on?

Summy: Emm… What?

Kenny: Ash is drunk!!!? But the cups only have water!!! 

Ashley: Well he IS drunk. But why he’s flirting with Mark?!

Ash: Maaaaaaaark!!! Give me LOVE!!!

Kenny: Okey this is more terrifying that when Mark do this to Benjamin…

Ben: *Dying of jealousy inside*

Characters: @saveraedae