anonymous asked:

If you were put in charge of creating a new dinosaur game, what would you do to make it perfect?

I’d do a Jurassic Park MMO. No not World of Warcraft, but MMO in the literal definition. The controls would be like an FPS and third person action games.

I’d make a Jurassic Park roleplay game in which you’d take control of one of four teams:

Scientists: The goal is to study the animals and make a case for John Hammond to preserve the island as a protected wildlife preserve. You’d gain currency by taking good pictures, tranquilizing the animals and taking blood samples. The more currency you gain as a group the better. You can buy things like better cameras, better tranqs, vehicles (like the trailers from TLW), and so on.

Hunters: A group of hunters who have two goals. 1. Kill the dinosaurs and sell them for their “parts” or 2. Capture them alive and sell them. They can also use currency like the scientists to buy better weapons and vehicles. They are rivals to the scientists and can kill them. On the flip side the scientists can tranq the hunters and turn them over to the Costa Rican government.

Survivors: Pretty much people who were lost on the island and now have to survive. Think about it almost like the game The Forest but in Jurassic Park. They have to hunt to survive and avoid the dinosaurs or try to kill them for food. They are neutral and if confronted by scientists or hunters than can choose to join them.

Dinosaurs: The name says it all. Take control of the famous dinosaurs from the films. They control just like the original Primal Carnage and are an open war faction. Each species is a sub faction and players of the same species can work together or fight.

My dream game.