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Tks for the answer. Good to know some people use it affectionately. Yeah, that show has problems, but, hey, Sarah never said it was good lol. She is proud of being on it, cause of all the fan letters she got, and that other part, how it affected someone close to her (now that I think about it, idk if that story is known outside some corners of the tlw fandom). Anyway, its just, idk, I don't even like TLW, tbh, but I love how caring & supportive Sarah is, and it s*cks to c some people mocking it

Yeah. She’s proud of the impact it had. POI had a similar impact both on the neurodivergent community AND the lgbt community. Tbh I think she distances herself from poi a bit more than tlw because a lot of the fans are so frickin wild and either don’t understand basic respect or boundaries. In time I think we’ll see her talk about person of interest with a similar fondness as the l word.