At TK after every meal we would ‘FAF’ I’m not sure what it stood for, maybe feelings after food. Idk. But you would say how your food was, how you’re feeling, and what you’re grateful for. So I’ve been doing that after every meal and have been documenting it and it’s very helpful.

what cclown looks like they wld do

rome: he looks like he would shove an entire cake in his mouth probably. jjust fuckign shovev it in his mmoutv he fucning wwoudl he fkn 

 siwoo: he would contemplate the meaning of life. ask random ppl why we exist. would also rescue kittens 

 ray: would ask his guest to make him food 

kangjun: would meme someone nd yell out mEME’D!!!!! 

 tk: buy u lots or candy nd takr u out on a date. he’d just be a generally good bf.

maru: maru looks like he wld eat something gross. like mud nd nutella together.

leshitprince asked:

fukawa giving togami a lock of her hair (by lock i mean a whole braid.) he's pretty disgusted by the whole thing (it's a gesture associated too much with death for his taste!) but he can't bring himself to get rid of it so he gets it done up in a nice shadow box so at least it's a little easier to look at. fukawa maybe gives the other one to komaru since she's the second closest person to her and it'd be un-even if she left one braid.

oh!! oh!!! yes! i think if fukawa was going to give a braid to someone, it would be those two. komaru is somewhat confused at being given one but she accepts it because she thinks it’s one of fukawa’s ways of showing affection. so by a whole braid, does this mean fukawa has short hair after this? :o any particular reason? i like thinking about short-haired fu though.

Komaru shoves open the door of the administrator’s office, having looked through the window built into the wall and spotted Touko talking to Byakuya by the photocopier inside. She scampers over and ignores the glares that the two shoot at her.

“There you are,” says Komaru, panting a little.

“Oi,” snaps Touko. “W-We’re at work, not playgroup!”

Byakuya stays silent but judging by his scowl, he agrees.

“I made this for you,” says Komaru. She seizes Touko’s wrist and presses a friendship bracelet into her palm. “Tada!”

“Feh,” goes Touko, but she wears it for the rest of the day.

M: omg dont you just love this movie?

Y: i kind of hate this character tho

T: oh look, they finally wore the characters we always associate them with; the bad boy who has too many issues and the spoiled snobby princess

S: it suits the both of you

J: ah, you two should be pros at this already

K: finally, something to blackmail them with

Tk: you’re really similar to Bender, Aniki

H: uwa~, onii-chan, can you and Sora-nee cosplay Andrew and-

T+S: NO.