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To Become A Hunter [4]

*The Final Chapter*

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Moore [mentioned briefly]

Words: 2900+

Warnings: Violence, a bit of a language, John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: We made it to the last part! Thank you all so much for reading this & all the nice comments <3 So, it might seem odd to post two parts within two days, but it’s just because I promised you last week to post the finale early this week. And then it turned out to be so long that I had to split it into to two, and I didn’t want you to feel played, so I decided to do it like this, to sorta keep the promise :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

”YOU!” Dean screams, his finger threateningly pointing at John, who scrambles to his feet from where he’s sitting, backing away, hands in the air.

You come to a stop, staring at the situation forming in front of you not knowing what to do. On one side is Dean; the older brother who always has looked out for you, and you can tell he’s doing this for your sake. On the other is John; your leader and biological father who you should trust and listen to. Shouldn’t you?

You are frozen. Paralyzed. Your eyes travel to Dean, who’s angrier than you think you’ve ever seen him. His usual bright, gentle eyes glimmer dangerously, and his freckled face is twisted into pure rage.

”What did you do to her!” Dean roars inching closer to John, who continues backing away.

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Remus x reader

Warnings: Angst I guess dude. Swearing. Always coming at you unedited.

“Remus. Fuck fuck fuck,” You panted, trying to catch your breath.

Blood was pounding in your ears. The darkness made it impossible to see anything in front yourself. A distant howl forced you to run on.

It wouldn’t be long until Remus would catch up. Running away from a werewolf is impossible, especially when it knew your scent so well.

“God fuck,” you whispered to yourself, “Since when do you forget to take your wolfsbane.”

Suddenly the wolf cut you off. He bared his teeth at you, growling his threat.

“Remus, love,” you pleaded, hoping beyond hope to bring back his human side, “This isn’t you. You’re the man I love, come back to me.”

Instead the wolf advanced quickly, claws scratching at your skin. Screams pierced the night, as you struggled against the wolf’s attack. As the attack progressed, you found it impossible to hold on to your consciousness.

It seemed to take forever for the beast to be satisfied with the pain it caused before it left. You’re body felt like lead and the pain was unbearable. Whimpers escaped as you thought about the pain and what Remus would do when he realized what was done while he was the beast. It was too much and your mind just let go.



You felt someone shaking you. /No no, stop it hurts./

“Please, YN, answer me. Please? Love, I need you,” you heard a man crying as he pleaded.

Who was that? Wait…Remus! It had to be!

You opened your eyes, the sun blinding you momentarily. “Re-Remus,” you managed a small, tired smile.

“Love, love, I’m so sorry. I understand if you can’t forgive me,” he cried, pulling you onto his lap, “I could never forgive myself.”

A couple of tears escaped as you started to feel the pain in your body. “Re? It’s not your fault. You weren’t you…. C-can we please go home?”

“Of course it’s my fault, darling,” he rose up with you in his arms, “I didn’t take my wolfsbane. How could I be so stupid and forget?”

“It was a mistake. C'mon love, I’m okay,” you pressed a kiss to his cheek, “Be hap-”

“You want me to be happy?” He asked anger clouding his eyes, “How the hell so you expect me to feel happy after what I did? In control or not. I did this!”

You hid your face between his neck and shoulder. “I’m sorry…”

“And now you’re apologizing to me…” he shook his head, “It’s not right.”

The two of you spent the next couple of hours in silence. Remus spent the better part of the walk in self pity. You had forgiven him, even during the attack. Taking a small peek at him, you checked his own damages from the transformation. He looked pale and ill, more so than usual, a new scar joined the ones on his face.

You wiggled out of his arms, ignoring his complaints. “We’re two streets down,” you held his hand as you limped along, “Anyhow you’re in bad shape too.”

“Love please? As you said, it’s not that far from home and I want to see what happened to your leg before you start walking on it.”

“It’s just a sprain, nothing more,” you winced as you accidentally let your weight on the injured ankle, “I can take it. It’s not as bad as it probably looks.”

He rolled his eyes and started walking off alone towards home. “Since you don’t need me, I’ll just make my way home alone.”

“Love you, too, Remus,” you sighed, completely tired of the situation.

“You shouldn’t.” He left, his strides quickly creating distance between the two of you.

Even though the house wasn’t far off it took you at least thirty minutes to get there. Your ankle felt as if it was on fire. Not to mention your body felt absolutely disgusting.

Once inside you went to the bathroom to clean off the dirt and dried blood, hissing as the water pelted your cuts. Wrapping a towel around yourself, you stepped out of the shower. Maybe a bit of rest would help the both of you.

“Hey, Rem, let’s get some sleep. We’ll feel better. Maybe some chocolate too?” You asked, walking into the room. Taking notice of the suit case on the bed you raised your brows, “What the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like, YN,” he sighed, packing in more clothes, “I’m not staying with you.”

“W-what?” Your vision blurred, “Remus John Lupin, you’re not going anywhere-” he moved past you at the door way, “Why should I be punished for your mistake?”

“If I do it once, more probable than not it will happen again,” he shoved a book into his bag, “Hell be damned if I allow it to happen again.”

Your anger took over. “Fine! Leave, run away from your problems! Here I have a couple of books for you to read! They all leave in these too,” you screamed as you started throwing books at him.

The two of you stayed there for a minute. You shocked and afraid. Remus angry and remorseful. Slowly, Remus sank on to his knees, resting his head on your stomach as he attempted to calm. You stroked his cheek, wishing for him to change his mind.

He stood, wiping tears from his eyes, “I’m sorry. I’ve got to go..”

He pressed a kiss to your cheek before picking up his bag and leaving.

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“Love you, love you, love you, love you, and love you.” You said each one followed by a kiss to one of your child’s head as you went down the line of them sat at the table.

“Bye!” They called, paying more attention to the food in front of them than you leaving. Your turned towards John who was sat at the head of the table reading the paper and looking at the kids.

“And I love you.” You said with a giggle when he pouted at you like a kid upset he’d been left out. You Lenard down and took his face in your hands kissing him.

“Love you too.” He smirked.

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John x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: string language, mature themes

You let out a shaky breath as John leant in to kiss you. For week, the two of you had felt it building, the small gestures, faint touches and glances. His lips pressing against yours started a whirl of motion that neither of you had the notion to stop.

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Hi forgive me if this is a stupid question but I don't want to go through the pain of rewatching the season (one time is quite enough). There where some vids last summer of the filming of season 4. There was a scene where it looked like Mrs Hudson threw some keys to John from the window. There was also a scene that included a firefighter engine and people running from an assumed explosion at 221B. I don't think those scenes ever made it into the episodes did they?

Hey Nonny! 

Not a stupid question at all, and totally understandable if you can’t bring yourself to watch it again. The key throwing scene is at 1:07:32 in TLD, when John was running out to the hospital to stop Smith from killing Sherlock. I don’t actually recall the fire engine scene, but I THINK it was on set to “make it rain” for the rainy scenes in TLD with Faith, (starting around 16:16) though I don’t think we’ve actually seen them walking together in the rain (yeah, I just scrubbed through the whole thing; they never walk in the rain together, and the only time it’s raining is right when they leave AND at the chip stand). The people running, we never did see. 

I’ve a short list here of some other setlock moments that we saw filmed but never saw aired, and I know an official setlocker DID make a list of LITERALLY everything that wasn’t on screen and I cannot for the life of me find it in my tags, but if someone has that, please send it my way. It’s a lot of the reason some people think there’s something fishy going on.

I Love You

Characters/Pairing: John Winchester x Reader, Bobby Singer, Dean and Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Word count: 1547

Warnings: A tiny bit of fluff, Smut (not that good), death, ANGST.

A/N: Here it is @thegreatficmaster now that I re-read it’s actyually kinda lame and the smut is really pathetic but you wanted it. The idea for this fic came from @nadiandreu7 , she said it to me and I wrote months ago.

[Feedback is love]

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“I don’t want to rush you into anything.  You know that right? Your voice is barely a whisper and your eyes don’t quite meet his, you’re leaning on the hood of his impala and he stands close to you.

“B-but I just  can never get enough of… of you, I know you always tell me that everything good ends, and I certainly wasn’t planning on getting so attached but-” you look up now from your shaking hands finally meeting those beautiful brown eyes of his,  “but I think you feel the same way about me and you are scare.”

He scoffs the first sound you hear out of him ever since you started talking. “You’re scare of loving me, because of this life that we have.” You bite your lip and observe him taking a deep breath only to exhale and sigh seconds after.

You met John Winchester a couple of years ago, while you were trying to take care of a Djinn on your own. It was the first time you encounter yourself with that creature and despite the warning of your good friend Bobby Singer - the one you called up for info on how to kill it- to not go alone, you did.

Being as stubborn as always were, you didn’t want any help, you didn’t need any help! As Bobby predicted the thing was twice your size and knocked over your silver blade soak in lamb’s blood

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fake exes au, based on prompt #4

An autumnal wind runs rampant through the suburbs of Lawrence, it’s persistent chill having chased people off the streets and into their homes for the night. Road after road is isolated, inhabited solely by scattered leaves and the shadows of lamp posts cast by their own light.

In the darkness of a dimly-lit residential cul-de-sac, however, three figures stand, conspiring.

The air smells crisp, rife with possibility and, in Castiel’s opinion, inevitable regret.

“C’mon, Clarence. You aren’t getting cold feet, are you?” Meg asks, lips turned up smugly at the corners, joint dangling from her fingertips.

Castiel balls his fists deep in the pockets of his trench coat. “No.”

“Good,” Meg smirks. “Balthazar, give the boy his weapons.”

Her partner in crime does as he is bid, placing them into Castiel’s trembling, awaiting hands. “Make them worth it, Cassie,” he says.  

Castiel stares at the carton of eggs now in his possession, and feels his apprehension in the quickening of his pulse. “Is this really necessary?”

Meg shrugs. “No, of course not. You know the rules of ‘Would You Rather.’ You can change your mind if you wanna.” She holds up the joint in offering, her free hand rummaging in her jacket pocket for a lighter.

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Request - Can you do one where the reader and Sam don’t get along like at all, but they have to work together on a case and they have some mad angry sex and find out they really love each other? 

Warnings - Smut

Hope you like Anon :) 

“No absolutely not” you shake your head at Bobby completely dismissing the idea.

“Do you want help with this nest or not? They are two of the best hunters in the business” he argues

You roll your eyes, you have no problem with Dean.  Yes ok the man a huge flirt but he was harmless. It was the other Winchester you had the issue with.

He was a pain in the ass. He was cocky, rude, never admitted when he was wrong, he always managed to rub you the wrong way…..he was stupidly tall….He was cute, could be funny…He had an amazing smile…and god let’s not get started on his body…

What were you thinking about again? Oh right, Sam Winchester was a huge pain in the ass! 

“It’s not a good idea for me and Sam to be working together” you say simply to Bobby,  he rolled his eyes at you. 

“When are you two goin’ to grow the hell up?” He mumbled picking up his phone to call the brothers. 

Sam hated you, he made that clear years ago before he decided to swan off to Stanford to have a normal life.

You used to be close when you were young, your dad’s would leave you with Bobby and go off hunting for days at a time. The day his acceptance letter came through, Dean and John weren’t the only ones hurt. You remember getting the text from Dean telling you he was leaving. 


You rushed over to their current place of residence, pushed open the door without bothering to knock. You ran up the stairs to see a seething John Winchester coming out of Sam’s room. You stepped aside letting him march down the stairs and out of the house.

You walk into the room, you see Sam packing and Dean trying to stop him. The brothers look to you as you enter. 

“Oh good, you talk some sense into him” Dean leaves the room slamming the door behind him. You look at Sam sadly

“Sammy….you’re really leaving?” You whisper he glares over at you. 

“Yeah I am, I can’t wait to be out of here. Away from all of this…Away from everything…Away from you” you felt a stab in your heart at his words. You feel tears build in your eyes

“I hate all of this! All of you!  I just want a normal life!” You being to pants angrily as you feel your anger bubble over. 

“Well I’ve got news for you sunshine!  You’re not normal! You’re a Winchester!” You scream balling your fists at your sides. 

“But you know what,  you go!  You leave everything behind. Go play house somewhere! Pretend to be normal!” You turn and stalk towards the door throwing it open, turning back to him one last time

“Leave the hunting to people who actually give a crap about the world. So run away Sammy, you were never cut out for this life anyway” you spat at him as you turn away slamming the door behind you. Tears spilling down your cheeks as you pass Dean on the stairs. 


That was the last time you spoke to him. You teamed up with Dean and John a few times. But you generally hunted alone. You heard that John went missing, Dean had called you himself. You swore to keep an eye out for him. 

Bobby had been the one to tell you that Sam was back in the business, that was years ago. Except the odd message off Dean you hadn’t seen either of them in over a year and that was only briefly. Dean had been glad to see you but Sam had simply turned his back on you. 

You sigh as you hear Bobby on the phone to the brothers. 

“They’re on their way. Dean said they’d be here in just over an hour” you grunt grabbing a beer from Bobby’s fridge. This wasn’t going to end well. 

You hear the unique sound of the impala engine pull up outside. But you don’t move from Bobby’s laptop,  you just sit there researching. 

“Hey there sweetheart” you look up to see Dean walk, no hobble into the room.

“Dean! What happened?” You rush over helping the oldest Winchester into a seat.

“Ah, got thrown across the room by a wolf. Off my feet for a while.” You close your eyes knowing that meant you were stuck with Sam. You clench your jaw as Dean gives you a sympathetic look.

“You should have said, I would’ve told you not to bother driving up” you say getting up and pulling on your jacket. 

“I figured you and Sam could handle it” you sigh deeply and look up to see Sam leaning against the wall watching you. 

You grab your gun, securing it at your lower back, as you look for your keys. 

“Bobby, where did you move my car keys to?” Bobby shrugs. 

“Just take baby, Sam’s been driving her anyway” you nod grabbing the rest of your things. You hear Bobby explain everything about the nest to Sam. 

You stand with your hand on your hip, waiting for him.

“Let’s go” he mumbles as he walks through the front door, you roll your eyes as you follow him. You drive in silence, until Sam finally speaks

“You are going to have my back out there right” you glare to him in shock,  had he really just asked you that? 

“The first time you speak to me in years Sam Winchester and that’s what you say to me?! You’ve got some fucking nerve!” You snarl “I’ve never, ever, not had anyone’s back!“ 

“You never had mine!” he snapped, you realise he was talking about Stanford

“What because I was upset about my friend leaving? That means I didn’t have your back? I’ll remind you Sam, you’re the one who ended our friendship that day. You started that argument,  I just finished it!” You growl at him.

Neither of you speak again until you’re at the nest,  and then it’s only to agree who’s going where. Between the two of you, you destroyed the nest quickly. As you finish off the last two vamps, you see Sam run into the room. You behead the creatures with little effort,  breathing heavily as you do.

You see him watching you,  your shirt had been torn in the fight,  leaving the pale skin at your side exposed. Two buttons, popped from your shirt also leaving you bra slightly exposed. You see him lick his lips as he stares at you chest, you roll your eyes at him mumbling ‘men’ as you get ready to torch the nest.

As Sam drove, you feel pain in your side. The adrenaline finally wearing off. Your hand flies to your side, feeling a wet patch on the fabric. 

“Shit” you whisper to yourself, pulling your hand away to see it coated with blood. Sam sees it too,  he pulls the car over quickly, tearing off his plaid shirt leaving him in an undershirt. He balls it up reaching across you pressing it to your side.

You hiss as you take the shirt from him, holding it firmly to your side. Sam pulls off again, he drove a while longer before pulling into a motel, insisting he was tired and you needed to be stitched up. 

You groan as he exits the car to book a room. You walk to the room in silence. You push the door open before walking over to the mirror, ripping the rest of you ruined shirt further up your side. 

“See? It’s just a scratch!  It won’t even need stitches…" 

“I’ll decide that..” you snort cutting him off

*Like hell you will*

He pulls you over to sit on one of the beds. 

“Shirt off”  you fold you arms defiantly “take it off, or I’ll do it for you” you see the muscle in his arm clench as he spoke. 

You roll your eyes but remove the tattered piece of fabric leaving you in your bra before him. He examined the gash on your side. 

“It’s not too bad, just needs a few stitches” he threads his needle and you shift away from him. 

“Will you just trust me?” You glare at him

“How the hell can I trust you Sam? You hate me, you’ll probably just give me extra stitches on purpose….” he narrowed his eyes at you. Before pouring whiskey over your side making you wince. He  began his work, never saying another word.

It only took a few minutes and you barely felt it, much to your surprise. He finished by placing a cover over your side. You moved and flexed without any troubles. He began packing away his things as you mumbled a thanks. 

“First time for everything” he murmurs under his breath. That was the final straw.

“You know what? Fuck you Sam! You can kiss my ass, I didn’t even want you here. The only reason I let Bobby call you is because I wanted Dean’s help. Not yours! Dean’s! If I’d have know he was hurt I’d have managed on my own” you shout walking towards him.

“You’d have probably been killed! You were always helpless without us, nothing but a pain! ” you slapped him straight across the face.

“Well at least I didn’t run away and leave my friends behind” you step forward getting right in his face “and look at you now, right back to where you started. Oh how the mighty have fallen” you whisper dangerously.

You see a red hand mark form on his cheek. His breathing picks up as he glares down at you. Suddenly and without warning, he crashes his lips to yours. 

The kiss was rough and demanding. He pushed you backward slamming you into the wall. You dive your fingers into his hair gripping it tightly making him growl into your mouth.

The pain in your side forgotten as he lifts you up, you wrap your legs around his waist automatically, grinding against him. You feel him harden against you.

He rips your jeans open thrusting his hand into your panties, finding you clit instantly. You throw your head back against the wall 

“Fuck…” you pant heavily as Sam drops his lips to your neck, biting the tender skin. You breathing picks as you feel yourself rushing towards release. 

“Fuck…Sam….gonna come…” you feel his fingers increase their speed, you scream as your orgasm crashes over you. You slam your lips back to his roughly. 

He carries you to the bed dropping you onto it, tearing your jeans from your legs and ripping your bra from your breasts. He steps back undoing his belt, taking in the sight of you licking his lips. You shoo his hand away taking over, you push his jeans and boxers to the floor. You take him in your hand, pumping him heavily. 

You weren’t shocked by his size as this wasn’t the first time you’d had his cock in your hand. Sam had been your first, about a week before he left for Stanford you both got drunk and spent the night together. 

You look up at him seeing his head thrown back in pleasure. You smirk as you lean forward running your tongue over the glistening head. 

“Oh fuck!” His eyes drop to yours, his usual haven orbs now black with lust. You wrap your lips around him, taking him as deep as you can, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You pull away swirling your tongue around the tip. 

He pulls your head back by your hair, making you gasp lightly. He pulls his white vest over his head, leaving those amazing abs and that damn perfect V on display before you. You can’t help but run your hands over them, digging your nails into the heated skin.

“Lie back” he orders pushing you down, running his hands over your breasts, pulling lightly at the nipple making you groan. He grabs your left leg, throwing it over his shoulder, taking his hard cock and running it up and down your slit. 

You squirm beneath him making him smirk down at you. 

“Fuck me, or I’ll pin you down and do it myself” you warn. His eyes darken further at your words. You slams into you with such force, all of the air rushes from your body. You forgot how well he filled you. He leaned down over you,  you felt so small under his muscular frame. 

You’d been with men after Sam, you weren’t a nun. But no one ever made you feel like he did, no one seemed to compare. 

He pumps in and out of you fast and hard,  but hitting your sweet spot constantly. You thrust your hips as much as you can to meet his. You moaned like a bitch in heat beneath him and you fucked you like one. He totally dominated you and you were a very willing party. 

“So fucking tight” he grunts as he slides into you,  you grip him with your inner walls,  feeling every nerve on fire. His breathing picks up, can tell he’s getting close. 

You dig your nails into his forearms, the slight sting of pain making you growl and pick up speed, he reaches and flicks his thumb over your clit, 

“SAM!” you scream as another orgasm flows over you. He pumps into you twice more before he follows you into bliss shouting your name. 

He pulls out of you completely and drops onto the bed next to you. You lay there completely spent. 

What happened to the sweet, innocent Sam Winchester you used to know? You laugh internally.

You look over at him to see him watching you, as breathless as you were. You expect him to get dressed and leave. But he slips his arm around you, pulls you flush against him, kissing you sweetly. 

It was a total contrast to his actions of a few moments ago. The kiss was passionate, sweet and a little needy. It was the kiss of two people who have been hiding for too long. He pulls back looking you in the eye

“I’m sorry” You frown,  what was he apologising for? You were a very willing participate. He seemed to read you mind. He runs his fingers through your hair.

“For everything. I should have told you about Stanford,  but after that night….I was scared. You made me feel like home, like I could be happy with you, in this life and at the time that wasn’t what I wanted. So I did what I thought was right” you feel tears build in your eyes

“I thought you hated me” you whisper, “the things you said Sam” you shake your head looking down

“But then I was no better. I wanted to hurt you like you were hurting me” you admit ashamed of yourself. 

Sam tilts your head back up your eyes meeting his. He kisses you again lightly

I…Y/n I….“ you rest you hand on his cheek calming him from his stammering. He takes a deep breath

“I love you” he said honestly “I love you Y/n” You let a smile grow over your face 

“Sam I’ve always loved you, you were it for me Sammy” you crash you lips to his, he grabs you pulling you closer. You wince in pain,

Sam remembers your side, his eyes going wide as he inspects it. 

“Shit….” you frown trying to see the cut,

“I’ve umm…I’ve ripped your stitches” he looks at you sheepishly.   

“Sammy I don’t even care” You laugh kissing him as he pulls you on top of him.

“You can rip my stitches anytime”

Baseball (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


This was a request from the Platonic Love of my Life Molly (@sarcasticcritic) and I love her and it. In return for this, she wrote me a story. Its also a bit of a gift for my chat love Alex (@gwash4prez)

I hope you all enjoy this!

Ship: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Tell me what you think!

“(Y/N)! You ready to go?” Your boyfriend shouted from the entrance of your shared apartment. It was easy to hear he was getting impatient but you rolled your eyes.

“Just a minute!” you shot back, tying your hair into a ponytail with a gold ribbon. You smiled, proud of your outfit. You pick up your phone and bag before making your way to the entrance. “Done.”

“We’re just going to a baseball game. Why do you look so nice?” Alexander asked, eyeing your gold and black jersey and black shorts. “Are you trying to impress someone?”

You smirked, throwing your arms around his neck and leaning your body ever so slightly against his. “Just the new boyfriend I plan on getting today.”

He rolled his eyes, leaning down and pressing a quick kiss against your lips. “We’ve been dating for 3 years. If you wanted to leave me by now, you would’ve. Now let’s go! I told John we’d be there before the game started.”

“Alright, alright.” You pulled away from him, placing a kiss against his cheek and went outside to the car. Alexander ran inside, forgetting something before running back to the car. When he got back in, you made a face at him and he chuckled. Pulling out of the parking spot and taking your hand, he sung along to the radio with you as he drove uptown to Central Park.

After about 15 minutes of driving and another 15 minutes of looking for parking, Alexander stepped out of the car and opened the door for you. “M’lady.” He held out a hand and you took it with the roll of your eyes. Locking the door, the two of you made your way instead the Central Park and started walking to the fields. It was clear day and the sunlight came through the trees in a way that was almost mesmerising. You walked hand in hand down the sidewalk with Alexander, smiling when you saw a playground where kids were playing happily. “Would you want one?”

You looked up at him, slightly confused. “What?”

Alexander looked over at the kids climbing up the slide and swinging on swings. “Would you want to have a kid?”

You looks at the playground and smiled, leaning your head on his shoulder. “Yeah, maybe not now but I do at some point.” Alex smiled, turning to kiss the top of your head and mumbling a small ‘I love you.’ You laugh and picked up your head. “Come on. We have to go watch John’s game.”

Alexander nodded and you both walked the rest of the way to the field. “I’m going to go get a drink. Want a Mt Dew?” You nodded and watched as he walked over to the concession stand.

“Hey, nice jersey!” You turned and saw John leaning over the fence, smirking and wearing a jersey that matched yours with a baseball cap.

You shook your head, chuckling. “Thanks, my boyfriend’s best friend is letting me borrow it. He’s the pitcher for the Revolutionaries. You may know him.” He laughed and gave you a hug over the fence. “Ready to kick some ass?”

John pulled away, a large grin covering his face. “Hell yeah! There’s no way I’m letting those Loyalist win!”

“Good! You better, mon ami!” Lafayette shouted, joining you two at the fence with Hercules, who high fived John.

“Laf, Herc! You’re here!” You pulled them both into a hug as Lafayette laughed.

Hercules pulled away and grinned. “Dang, you look good today, (Nickname)! If you ever get sick of Alex, you know where I live.” You laughed at the empty flirting. You know he didn’t mean anything by it, that he just wanted to make you laugh, and he knew you knew. It was comfortable.

You heard someone clear their throat and saw Alex behind Hercules. “Alexander! There you are!” Lafayette greeted as Alexander walked over to you. He handed you your Mt. Dew before wrapping a protective arm around your waist.

You gave him him a curious look that he didn’t see. You took a sip and looked at Herc, grinning. “I’ll keep that in mind.” You didn’t have to look at Alex to know he was pouting, Lafayette and John’s laughter told you enough.

“Alright, the coach is calling me.” He tipped his cap to you before running to the bullpen to warm up.

Alex led you to the stands with Lafayette and Hercules following, seating himself between you and Herc, causing you to giggle. You looked up and saw Alex was still pouting, which if it hadn’t broken your heart would’ve been adorable.

Taking his face in your hands, you turn him towards you. “Hey you know I was joking, right?” Alexander shifted his eyes to the side to avoid your eyes. You placed a kiss to his lips and pulled away with a smile. “I love you, Alexander. More than anything in the world.” He looked back at you and smiled back, about to kiss you when a certain frenchman cleared his throat.

“If you two are done, the game is starting,” He said as Hercules laughed next to him. “If not…” With a smirk he pointed to the bathrooms. You turned red as Alex started laughing and put an arm around your shoulders, holding you close and paying attention to the game.

After 9 innings of you cheering, Hercules screaming, Lafayette eating, and Alexander ranting and fighting with Loyalists fans like Samuel Seabury, the game was over. Despite a few close counters, the Revolutionaries won. You jumped to your feet cheering, turning to hug Lafayette and Hercules since Alex had gone to get some cheese fries. You were about to start gushing over the game to the two when you heard a cough through the announcer’s loud speaker.

“Can (Y/N) please come to onto the field?” You stopped jumping and turned in confusion, seeing Alex standing on the pitcher mount with a microphone and a piece . You slowly stepped down the stands and through the gate on the field, Alex watching as you made your way to him. He glanced down at the paper before taking a deep breath. “My dearest (Y/N),” He read into the microphone, his voice shaking slightly. “Originally, I didn’t know how to start this. I’ve been thinking about this for months and nothing seemed to be good enough for you. Not a fancy dinner, not some silly carriage ride, or even a flashmob. You deserve only the best and I don’t know how to do that. This is my best try and I hope you love it either way.

“You are many things, my love. You’re loud, energetic, caring, sarcastic, adventurous, trustworthy, flirty, and beautiful. I love you. You’re also smart so I assume you know what is going on. Either way, you know all that already. What you may not know is that you’re a drug. You’re my drug. I’m addicted to you and I’m not even that upset. I’m happy about it. I’m happy I’m addicted to an imperfect, unique woman who I hope loves me just as much.

“What I’m trying to say is that I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to leave you notes to remind you I love you. I want to listen to you rant about the idiots you deal with on a daily basis. I want to be able to write ‘to my fantastic wife’ in my next book and for you to want to write ‘to my loving husband’ in yours. I want to wake up every morning and see you laying next to me, to wake you up with kisses and coffee and be able to say ‘sorry I can’t today, I’m saying home with my wife (Y/N).’ I can’t wait to have children with you and raise them with you. I can’t wait to tease you on our 40th anniversary about your terrible eyesight. I want to be there with you, forever and always. Through the happy, the bad, the making fun of our friends, and the petty fights that we’ll make up after. I want to do all of that with you.” His voice was shaking by now as he handed you the microphone and pulled out a small box. Getting down one knee, he opened the box and revealed a simple but elegant engagement ring. “I know it’s not much but will you-”

“That’s such a stupid question, Alex.” You choked out, just know realising you were crying. “You didn’t have to ask. The answer is yes, dammit.”

With that, he jumped to his feet, pulling you into an urgent kiss before sliding the ring onto your finger. You didn’t even wait to admire it before pulling him into another kiss.

“Ayyyyyyy! Get some, Hammy!” John shouted from the stands where he stood next to Lafayette and a recording Hercules.

Pulling away, you laughed and glanced up at Alex. “I love you.”

He smiled and pulled you into another kiss before whispering a small ‘I love you too’ back.

Oh! Darling

It was all slipping away. The one person Paul thought would never leave him was packing his bags and running to someone else. Pain filled Paul’s heart and tears were brimming in his eyes. John had been his rock for over ten years. Paul and John were musical partners, best friends, and secret lovers. No one had a more intimate connection than the two young men. How could someone just throw everything away like this? It just wasn’t bloody fair. Sure, at times Paul’s relationship with John was difficult, but never in a million years could Paul ever imagine being betrayed by the person he loved the most.The woman’s name was Yoko. John had met her three years ago at an art show, and it was like she had brainwashed him. Ever since, John had slowly been pulling apart from Paul, but it still never crossed Paul’s mind that John would leave him altogether. With his bass in his lap, Paul closed his eyes and began to reminisce his glory days with the love of his life.
August 1960. We had just finished our first show in Hamburg. It was exhausting. We stayed the rest of the night at Bruno Koschmider’s place, and John and I curled up on a couch together. It was the first time we’d ever slept together-and in the most innocent sense of the word. When I woke up, John was still asleep, and the two of us were entwined. God,he was so beautiful. Looking at him, I felt something deep in my chest, and it both confused and scared me. My eyes didn’t leave his face until he started to stir, but I didn’t separate myself from him. Waking up, John made some of the cutest noises I’d ever heard, and I had to stifle a giggle. John opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. My heart began to pound ferociously. I was suddenly desperate to kiss my best friend. “Morning, baby.” John said, his voice gravelly from just waking up. ‘Oh. He must think I’m some bird,’ I thought. But then he said “Did you sleep alright, Paul?” I didn’t know what to make of it. So I just smiled and nodded. We were still tangled up. I couldn’t take it any longer. I closed the distance between our lips, and kissed him quickly, then pulling away. But to my surprise, John pulled me back to him. Before that moment, I had never had such a passionate kiss. A few minutes later, he whispers “I’ve been wanting to do that for three years, love.”
Paul opened his eyes, anger pulsing through his entire body. He had an idea in his head for a song to show John how much he was hurting him. To show him how devastating it was to have the person he loves most in the universe tell him he didn’t need him anymore. In the past, John was always the one who sang the harder rock songs. Maybe if Paul could write this new tune, he could show John that he could do rock as well, and that maybe he didn’t need him either. But that just wasn’t the truth. No matter how many songs Paul wrote, he would always need John like oxygen. Increasingly getting more furious and upset, Paul began to pour his feelings out on paper. When you told me you didn’t need me anymore, Well I nearly broke down and died. This was so different from anything Paul had ever written for the man he loved, but he knew it was definitely going to get his point across. Oh! Darling, if you leave me, I’ll never make it alone. The tears were finally beginning to fall, and Paul had to take several deep breaths to calm himself down. Believe me when I beg you, I’ll never do you no harm.

*A few days later, in the studio*
“Why the hell are you singing it? It isn’t even your style! Your pretty princess voice doesn’t fit this song!” John shouted at Paul.
“Jesus, John! I’m the one who wrote it, and I’m the one who’s gonna sing it!” Paul shot back.
George and Ringo exchanged uneasy glances. They knew that these days, when those two got into an argument, it could last for hours. So while Paul’s heart was shattering further and John’s guilt consumed him, the two calmer members of the band went outside to wait out the storm.

Come Back To Me

Word Count: 1701

Pairing: Dean x Reader kinda

Warnings: Blood, hallucinations, language

A/N: Part 7 to the backstory. You have to read the first part of the pilot to really know what’s happening in this. You can find that HERE Reader is 16, Dean is 20 still. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Within a week of bringing you to Bobby’s, John packed up the boys and took them on a hunt that he said was difficult and would take quite a bit of time. Dean had tried to protest, saying he didn’t think he should leave you, but you convinced him to go. You told him that you had Bobby and you’d be fine without him. You lied. One month later and you still hadn’t heard from Dean, and you most definitely were not fine.

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I wrote a thing. A Johnlock thing.

Ladies and gents, welcome to my first ever Johnlock/Sherlock fic. 

I just put it up on fanfiction

And it’ll be up on AO3 sometime next week! I really hope everyone doesn’t hate it??? Contrary to what the title might have you believe, it is not a star!John fic. Mega thanks to Gaby (wickedly-despicable on here) for reading it over for me!

And now I shall post it right here, under the cut

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Imagine Meeting John

Originally posted by sherlock-holmes-fandom

Sherlock was excited… and for once it was not because of a case, but a person. 

This was something strange for a high functioning sociopath, who was socially awkward and far smarter then most of the population. He was excited not only because of this person, but because this person he valued so much was finally meeting his best friend, who he valued just as much. 

 "So tell me Sherlock, who are we meeting again?“ John asked as they approached the door to your flat. 

"For the seventh time John, you are going to met a dear friend of mine." 

"You have friends, who aren’t me?" 

 "Yes John I do. Who do you think occupies my time when you are with Mary?" 

"I always just imagined you sitting alone, playing with your chemistry set.” John answered as Sherlock lifted his hand to knock on your door. 

 Knock knock….. 

Usually after two knock you were throwing open the door… Yet nothing occurred. You knew he was coming, for he had stopped by the night before to share the idea of meeting John, however maybe it had pasted your mind, for that night you were quickly trying to rid of him, claiming you were catching a cold. He listened and left out of respect for you, not giving it a second thought. However now he was wishing he texted you before hand. 

 Five minutes later… Knock knock… 

“Coming!” You groaned as your footsteps hurried down the stairs, your hair was unbrushed, you still had some toothpaste on the corner of your mouth and your shirt was misbuttoned. You had no makeup on and far too much perfume, however there was the hint of fowl smell to you, which only Sherlock detected. John however saw none of that, all he saw was a living, breathing, normal looking woman beaming at Sherlock. He was flabbergasted at the sight… 

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I was just… Preparing the tea. Do you like black tea John?" 

 "Hmmmm.” He replied realizing that you were speaking to him. 

 "Yes he does, however he will not take milk in it.“ Sherlock answered as you smiled at the pair and moved to allow them to enter the flat. 

 After lunch, which you barely ate, you all sat at the table drinking tea, however you were drinking water, discussing the recent case. However soon you were felling sick again… And politely pushed the pair out the door. 

"Well I am sure you two need to get back to work, so if you want to leave you can. I am sure I will see you again John, but till then I would like you to know that it was a pleasure to meet you.” You offered your hand, as the vomit bubbled in your throat.

“It was a pleasure indeed, I never expected Holmes to have a female friend." 

"Yes it is a surprise, however the story of us meeting may be a story for another time. Now don’t be strangers.” You smiled before shutting the door to your flat, leaving the duo in the stairwell, with Sherlock leaning slightly forward… As though expecting something. 

As they started down the stairs however you were hugging your loo. 

Sherlock POV 

 "So who is she? Past client, the woman who iron your suits?“ John questioned as he shut the door as I looked up towards [Y/N] windows. 

"She is my significant other.” I replied, my eyes never leaving her window. 

“I’m sorry, what?” John asked in surprised as he looked at me in confusion. 

“Yes John,we have been romantically involved for almost a year now. We both decided it was time to inform you." 

 "So you jus…" 

"Something is off.” I interrupted before running back towards the door, throwing it open and racing up the stairs two at a time. 

My hand grasping your door handle, and I threw it open, to see her standing outside her bathroom door, her hand still grasping the handle. 

“Sherlock.” She whispered confused as I stood there staring at her. 

“Are you leaving me?” I asked, breathing heavily as I looked at her 

“What!” She shouted, John stood in the doorway….


“What!” the shock clear in your voice, for you had never thought he would ask such a thing, for the past 11 months you had feared it would be you asking that question, but now….

“Well I only ask because of how distant you have been for the past week. Also the volume raise in your voice points me to two different options, one that you are genuinely surprised by my question and in fact have no intention of leaving me, and you truly are sick. However, it could also suggest that you are in fact planning on leaving me, prehaps for another man, which would explain your case of food poisoning, and…”

“Woah woah woah woah. Back up, who said I had food poisoning?” you asked.

“Well it is clear that you have been throwing up recently, before our entrance into your home you were trying to cover up the smell on yourself using both perfume and toothpaste. Even know I can smell the faint smell, which is no doubt from your bathroom. I, however, do not show signs of food poisoning and have eaten the same diet as you have seeing how I have been coming here for lunch and dinner for the past seven months.”

“Why do you assume it is…”

“Well yesterday you were rather dressed up, when I arrived for lunch you were not home, and between the hours of seven in the evening and 11 this morning you did not answer my texts. Also normally how it goes is that upon my arrival I am greeted with a kiss, all week you have not kissed me. Usually we discuss both of our days but recently you will avoid any question I ask of you about your whereabouts or events in the day. After desert and tea we normally end the night in a ritual of mating which has been demonstrated by humans for centuries, however whenever I try to make a sexual advance towards you, you deny it and ask me to leave.”

“So all of this makes you think that I am having an affair?” 

“Well I am not quite sure what else could be the….”

“I’m Pregnant.” you blurted out, before covering your mouth from the consulting detective, who stopped talking and just stared at you in shock.

After moments of silence, you finally whispered, “Will you say something?”

However instead of speaking he turned on his heels and left the flat, silently instructing the shocked Watson to follow, as he did he sent a quick text to Mary, ‘So you will never guess who is going to be a father?”

Hot chocolate

Requested by @at2018
I hope you like it!!! If you don’t I can edit it!!
Hamilsquad x reader modern au
40. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba- goddammit!”

“Alexander Hamilton, if you even try to start a fight with someone I will ship you off into the middle of the fucking sea.” Y/n growled as she stuffed her bag with one of her many textbooks. ‘Can I have a fucking break once in a while?’ Y/n thought as she heaved her back pack on, letting out a groan with all the weight on her back.
“But y/n, listen! Thomas is so wrong! He doesn’t know anything and just argues with me for the sake of arguing!” Alexander argues back, continuing on but y/n didn’t care. She just kept walking with one thing on her mind. Hot chocolate.
She sighed as she thought about it and trudged the snowy terrain of Kings college. Her friend Alexander behind her as he argued and argued about Thomas Jefferson. There was a new fight everyday and right now y/n really wanted to just relax before she had her next class. The only good thing besides walking in the fucking snow was that it was time for lunch and she could get her hot chocolate and send Alexander off with John Laurens or someone.
Y/n began muttering insults to Mother Nature about the current snowfall and hugged her arms closer to her chest. Snow flakes were falling into her h/c hair.
“Alex, I am warning you that I will start to walk faster and leave your short ass in the dust if you don’t catch up. My ass is currently freezing.” Y/n huffed and began speed walking toward the cafeteria. Alexander decided to quiet down about Thomas Jefferson. It was pretty cold outside and it was getting chillier and chillier with every passing second. The duo were nearly there but were stopped short when y/n heard her name being called out by a familiar voice. Y/n came to an abrupt stop and was going to face who ever decided to keep her away from her hot chocolate and they were certainly not going to happy with the end result.
“Y/n, slow down! Y/n!” Exclaimed a familiar Frenchman, Lafayette. He was running toward her, Hercules and and John hot on his heels. Upon closer inspection y/n saw a lot of snow in the Frenchman’s wild hair. A lot. She then saw how, Herc and Johnny boy had snow balls in their hands. Y/n’s e/c eyes widened and she took off. Forgetting about Alexander, forgetting about the textbooks, and forgetting about ice ahead.
She ignored the shouts and warnings from around her and quickly wiped out on the ice. ‘Shit.’
Y/n had knocked the air out of her. She laid on the ice, trying to catch her breath, her back was killing her because of the goddamned textbooks. She heard running around her and worried shouts from her friends. She only groaned in response. Y/n put her arm in the air and Hercules helped her up. His hand was ice cold from snow. Y/n wished he hadn’t been to help her up if she knew she would get frostbite from one touch.
“You okay y/n?” He asked, his voice etched with worry. Y/n nodded and he helped her to a bench.
“Dude, you just wiped out! That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day!” John laughed, only to receive a glare from everyone. He shrugged his shoulders, I mean y/n looked fine.
“I hate snow. I just want hot chocolate!” Y/n whined, heaving herself up from the bench and starting her walk to the cafeteria. Anything would be better than the cold. It was quiet around her, she didn’t hear her friends following her at all. Y/n turned around, cursing quietly under her breath.
Her eyes widened once more seeing the scene the setting up around her. All four of the boys had a snow ball in their hands. John was the only one advancing toward here.
“Don’t you dare throw that snowba- goddammit!” Y/n screeched, shielding herself from the onslaught of snow. With fire in her eyes and revenge in heart she grabbed handfuls of snow. She threw it at them blindly before shaking off her back pack and running toward John. With as much force she could muster y/n tackled him into the snow. Y/n started throwing snow onto him and laughed with triumph when he squeakily announced that “I give!”
She smirked and helped him back up before glaring at the others around her. “Don’t mess with me when I want a damn hot chocolate.” With that said y/n grabbed her bag and went on her way leaving the hamilsquad in the dust. Unbeknownst to her this war was far from over, very far. The boys smiled mischievously at one another before taking off after her. Snow balls in their hands.

Late Last Night

You feel your feet lift off of the ground as arms wrap around you from behind. Pressure in your gut. You let out a laugh as you start to spin. “Nate put me down” you say continuing to giggle. Nate was always so playful. You loved your relationship with him, two long years of pure joy.

Finally he puts you down. You turn around and your eyes meet. He gives you a small kiss on your lips and then pulls back. He grabs your hand and leads you to your bed. You lay down. “I’ll be right back” he whispers heading into the bathroom. You watch him as he washes his face. You think to yourself, ‘How in the world did I get so lucky?’

You hear a loud ring go off. Your eyes shoot open while your heart rate rises. You look to your right to see your phone alarm is ringing. You slide your finger across the screen and lay back down. You didn’t have to go to work this week and forgot to turn your alarms off. Relieved, you close your eyes and feel yourself drifting into sleep. Before it hits you, you realize something is missing. Without opening your eyes, your hand examines the empty sheets next to you. When nothing is found you decide to open your eyes. The only thing beside you was bed spreads. Where was Nate? He was here when you went to bed. You check your phone and the time reads 5:30am. He was off of work just as you were. Worried, you get up and put on your robe.

You walk out into the kitchen area of your house. “Nate?” You call out. Silence replied. You ring his phone but no answer. Again, sent to voicemail. Nervous, you stay up and wait. You call Johnson, Sammy, Gilinsky, but no answers. You’re sitting on the couch with your thumbs tapping the screen waiting for it to buzz. Staring at a blank screen. Anticipation getting the best of you.

6:00am and you hear a loud bang outside your door. You quickly stand up, first instinct is someone trying to break in. You walk towards the hall leading to the door. You hear the key lock start to turn. “Nate?” You question as the door opens. No response but a body tumbling into your home. You get closer and you notice Nate. You quickly run to him and grab his arms to try and pull him up. “I’ve been worried about you.” you say struggling to get him off of the ground. “Get off of me!” He yelled in a serious tone. You release and step back, shocked at what you just heard. “Where have you been are you okay?” You ask as he stands up. He turns away with no contact. He puts both hands on the door until it’s closed. Locking it before turning around.

“Don’t worry about it.” he whispers looking you dead in the eye as he walks past you to the kitchen. The smell of liquor burns your nose. Your stomach drops and your chest tightens. You follow behind him. You get to the kitchen and see his head in the fridge door. “Do you need anything?” You ask politely trying not to upset him. “I need you to shut the fuck up.” He slurs as he takes a swig of beer. Slamming the refrigerator door closed. Your body gets hot as your heart starts racing in anger.
“What the fuck is your problem Nate!?” You scream back. You weren’t looking for a fight but the way he was acting was unacceptable.

He rushes over to you. Your back slams against the counter, eyes opened wide, fear takes over you. He’s on top of you. Both hands on the counter behind, holding you in. “Want to try and say that shit again? Huh?” He says. Nose touching yours. The scent of alcohol suffocating you. “Where have you been?” You say standing your ground. “Want to know where I’ve been? Hanging out with girls who let me have a little fun every once in a while unlike you.” He screams. Eyes drooping. His words cut like knifes. “You cheated on me?” You ask quietly. Eyes beginning to sting from tears. He smiles and let’s out a small laugh before nodding his head yes, his eyes looking deep into yours. You push him forward. Running into your room. You grab a suitcase from your closet, throw it on your bed and start filling it with necessities. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Nate asks as he forcefully grabs your arm and pulls you away from the luggage. “Get off!” You scream trying to pull his hand from your arm. The grip was too tight. You feel the burn of a bruise appearing.

A familiar voice appears. “What is going on in here?” John asks from the doorway. He notices the scene and swiftly pulls Nate off of you. “Dude chill out” John says. Nate trying to push from behind him. “You can’t leave me! I’m all you have!” He yells. You stop and your breathing gets heavy. He was right. He is all you have. You shake the thought from your mind and continue packing. You keep looking back to make sure John has him held back. Both boys now on the ground basically wrestling.

You finish packing the last two items, zip up the case as fast as possible, unlock the window and run out to your car. Cold tears now falling onto your skin. You throw the baggage into the passenger seat and reverse, not even looking for cars. Hyperventilating, you put the car in drive and hit the gas. You see Nate run out of the front door. He grabs a large rock and throws it at your car. You let out a slight squeal thinking it would break your window. Your body jerks to the right to get away from it. After realizing it did no damage, you hit the gas as hard as you could. You can barley see the road through all of your tears. Your body ached. You didn’t know where you were going, but you knew you had to go somewhere.

Girls really dig Turtles

AN: I wrote this because I had inspiration, and it had a little bit of angst, but it made me feel better about he looks like christmas. heh. enjoy!

Type: fluff fluff fluff. with a pinch of angst :)

Warnings: none

You sighed as you looked at the empty chair across from you. The date with your boyfriend was supposed to start twenty minutes ago, and he had yet to arrive. To make matters worse, it was your one year anniversary. The waitress had come up to you four times already, asking if you wanted to order, and every time you assured you he would only be five more minuets. You sighed and put your head in your hands, a tear leaking out of your eye, which you quickly wipe away. A group of boys entered and sat at the table behind you. One of them, with freckles caught your eye. Stop it, you thought. You have a boyfriend! One who stood you up? Whatever, your ‘boyfriend’ looked at other girls all the time, he could deal with you looking at one guy. When the waitress stopped at their table, one of them quietly asked her something, while looking at you sadly. Just as you were gathering your stuff to leave, having finally had it with the sympathetic looks from the other guests, the boy with freckles and curly hair slid into the chair across from you.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m so late,” he proclaimed loudly, “my car broke down so I had to have my friends give me a ride,” he gestured behind you. You turned around and looked at the table full of guys who waved at you flirtatiously. You smirked and waved back, turning around to face the young man in front of you.

“That’s fine babe,” you say, playing along with the handsome stranger, who smiles at your response.

“What’s your name sweetheart?”


“That’s a nice name. My name is John.”

“Why don’t we tell each other a little about ourselves dear.”

“Alright, I love turtles, my favourite colour is maroon, and I’m a photography and political science double major.”

“Turtles huh”

“Yep!” he replies with a grin and giggles.

“Okay. I love tigers, my favourite colour is sky blue, and I am a forensic chemistry major,” you reply with a giggle.

“Forensic chemistry huh”

“Yes sir!” you reply with his earlier enthusiasm.

“Hey, so I know you got stood up, and I was wondering if you wanted to go on a real date with me sometime?” he says and then rests his head on his hand, looking at you with puppy dog eyes. You struggle internally and finally decide to run with it, for this stranger is far more interesting than your boyfriend. Plus the added bonus of loving turtles.

“Sure, why not?”

“Yes!” he shouts and throws his hands in the air.

After you leave, John rejoins his friends who were silently watching the two of you the entire time. They all stare at him in awe, as he sits down.

“What?” John asks as they continue to stare at him.

“You didn’t seriously…” says Hercules.


“You just…” interjects Lafayette.


“Does that mean…” says Herc.

“Quite probably”

“How are you so damn charming!” grumbles Alex.

“Girls really dig turtles” says john, and he darts out of the way of alex’s smack to the arm.

fatewillneverholdme  asked:

Hello there, first I would like to say I really love your blog. And I wondered what your thoughts are about the name 'ricoletti' appearing twice. It first appears in TRF as one of the cases that made Sherlocks name: catching Peter Ricoletti. And of course later on in TAB as Emilia Ricoletti. We don't believe in coincidence but I'm not sure what to make of it. Do you have any theories?

Thank you!! And why yes, yes I do have a theory. :)

In TRF, Lestrade is announcing at a press conference that they’ve caught Peter Ricoletti: number one on Interpol’s Most Wanted list since 1982 – and it’s thanks to Sherlock Holmes. And everyone has chipped in to thank him! They got him…

a hat! 

Sherlock becomes famous! (So does John!)

But Sherlock doesn’t really like his hat. 

He doesn’t like being the Hat Detective, because the Hat Detective isn’t really him, it’s just who he pretends to be. The famous detective from Dr. Watson’s blog, the calculating machine without a heart. It’s like having a second personality. 

Before the fall, John makes a grudging Sherlock wear the hat. After the fall, Sherlock wears it willingly and pretends to like it. He can’t be the Sherlock Holmes he wants to be, but that’s fine. He’ll be the one he thinks John wants him to be.

(But Sherlock still doesn’t particularly like the hat.) (Sometimes he would rather wear a silly hat tbh!)

(Why would anyone mind?)

Anyway, he stops wearing the hat after John gets married. What’s the point. He goes out solving cases and leaves his hat at home. John doesn’t live at Baker Street anymore so fuck being the Hat Detective.

That hat was a gift for solving the Ricoletti case. When Sherlock runs his simulation, he’s on another Ricoletti case. During the case, John orders him to wear the damn hat, and Sherlock obliges (grudgingly). 

He solves(ish) the case. And to celebrate:

he throws that hat away right in front of John.

The Ricoletti cases are bookends of the birth and death of the Hat Detective.

HLWILY Series Extra:'Au Revoir' (PART 4)

An extra to the: HLWILY Series
**part 1** & **part 2**  & **part 3**
i’m through- ingrid michaelson 
windows- lewis watson
friends, lovers, or nothing- john mayer
gravity- sara barellies 
burn- ray lamontagne 
No visuals in this part.



November: It’s All Because Of You 

The loneliness really kicks in around mid-November. When the distractions that had once helped, no longer did. He didn’t have tour to fall back on anymore. Where he could take everything he was feeling and it leave it on a stage. Pack it up, throw it out. He couldn’t do any more spin class or yoga. Going on long runs or boxing could only numb things so much. He’d been to the house in L.A. a couple of times after the tour had ended thinking maybe getting away would help, but everything of yours was still there. He’d sit on the beach and let the sun bathe his skin in warmth, bury his toes in the sand, let his sunglasses slide down his nose, seawater in his hair. He’d eaten frozen yogurt for lunch more than he cared to admit. He’d taken long drives after dark and gone to parties he wasn’t sure why he was invited to. He’d tried to fill his life with things that weren’t you, and he just couldn’t. He’d secretly hoped that he might bump into Bee. Los Angeles was a big city, but he always held out some kind of hope. Just so he could ask how you were. He couldn’t make himself sick with wondering anymore. 

Harry was never one to admit that he was lonely, but he was. And everyone was beginning to notice. 

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One Last Wish

Not overly spoilery for the most recent episode of OUAT, but this won’t make much sense if you haven’t seen it.

The grass bends under his footsteps as Roland shuffles towards the stream. The scent of pine fills the air, cool and crisp at this time of the year. Uncle John is chasing after him and, for the first time since his papa’s death, Roland laughs – giggles – light and carefree, only bothered with playing tag (Henry had showed him how, and he’d showed the Merry Men), conflict and danger left in a land far, far away.

Roland arrives by the water before John can touch him, squealing in delight, and the men sitting down by the fire erupt in laughter, making Roland all the more proud as he beams back at them with a smile, missing teeth and all.

John is mumbling something about children always getting their way when a plop to his right distracts him.

His eyes turn to the stream right away. The water is clear and shallow, barely covering the rock sat the bottom. Amongst them, something shiny captures Roland’s attention and he bends down, extending his small arm towards it.

John scoops him up before he can fall, but Roland protests immediately. He fusses and pouts, insists on being put down, and demands to get the strange object he’s seen in the water.

It’s not until John agrees to get it for him that he relents. He waits by the side as John follows his instructions carefully and plucks the tiny piece of metal from where it’s lodged between two rocks. Roland reaches for it right away, snatching it from John’s fingers at the first opportunity, and he stares at it intently.

It’s a penny. (He remembers his daddy teaching him about it – the currency of Storybrooke.)

When he looks up from the coin, his hands freeze, dropping his precious find back to the ground.


His cry alerts the Merry Men, but Roland doesn’t care. He’s already moving, one foot in front of the other as he runs faster than he’s ever run in his life. He throws himself into his father’s arms, wrapping his own around his neck, and promises himself to never let go again. His feet leave the ground as he’s being lifted by the strong arms who held him as a child, and he can feel something wet on his neck – papa’s crying. It makes Roland hold on tighter, snuggle in closer, until John breaks their reunion with a simple question.


Daddy pulls away slowly, but Roland stay in his arms – he’d never have agreed to be put down; his father must have sensed it – and, as he looks at John, Robin picks up the penny from the ground.

He gazes at it for a moment and sniffles, before closing his fist around the coin and looking John with a smile. “It’s not a quarter, but it’s close enough,” he says.

Papa’s answer earns him a frown from Little John, but then daddy is hugging him again and Roland doesn’t care.

He’s back.

Guardian Angel AU: John Lethbridge-Stewart is a broken man. After his return from the war he goes into seclusion, cutting himself off from his friends and his family and drinking to forget.

What he doesn’t realize, however, is that he has caught the eye of something greater than he could ever imagine – an angel. In life, her name was Rose. She spends a lot of time on Earth, quietly observing, missing the life she’d been forced to leave behind.

One night she sees John stumbling out of a pub, right into the path of an oncoming car. Rose knows she’s not supposed to interfere with the earthly realm, but she can’t stand the thought of watching someone die.

And so she pushes John out of the way of the car, and runs before he can see her.

Over the next few days she goes back to check on John, just to make sure he’s okay. But checking on him becomes a daily activity, even more so than going to see her mother. She never reveals herself to him – also against the rules – just watches quietly from the corner as he struggles to deal with his memories of the war.

But one day, in a drunk fog, he catches Rose, and immediately freaks out. She leaves just as he throws a bottle at her, not wanting to upset him anymore.

And that should have been the end of it, but in the morning she goes back just as he’s waking up. Sober but hungover, he’s not in much of a condition to do anything when she appears at his bedside. She tells him who – and what – she is, and explains how she found him about to be hit by a car and saved him. The night suddenly makes a lot ore sense to John, who vaguely remembered the feeling of being pushed out of the way of the car, but had convinced himself he had halluncinated the whole thing. Rose offers to leave, but John tells her she doesn’t have to – after so long in solitude, it’s nice to have company again.

Even if that company is an angel.

Over time the two become close, John slowly but surely opening up and confessing about everything he did during the war, Rose listening and offering comfort whenver she can – which is no easy task considering how much John hates himself. She begins to draw him out of his shell, however, helping him return to his life.

Neither of them expected to fall in love.