Marvel Characters' Astrological Signs (THE CORRECT EDITION)
  • Aries:Peggy Carter (April 9th), Dum Dum Dugan (April 11th)
  • Taurus:Thor (Based on Traits)[April 20 to May 20]
  • Gemini:Clint Barton (June 18th), Tony Stark (May 29th)
  • Cancer:Steve Rogers (July 4th), Betty Ross (July 1st)
  • Leo:Howard Stark (August 15th)
  • Virgo:Rogue (August 26th), Dr. Erskine (September 14th)
  • Libra:Peter Parker (October 14th), Daredevil (October 21st), Sam Wilson (September 23)
  • Scorpio:Ben Grimm [The Thing] (November 9th), Dr. Strange (November 18th)
  • Sagittarius:Natasha Romanoff (November 22nd), Bruce Banner (December 18th)
  • Capricorn:Loki (Based on Traits)[December 23 to January 20]
  • Aquarius:Peter Quill (February 4th)
  • Pisces:Bucky Barnes (March 10th)

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have been interviewed, and we’ve got some new tidbits:

  • No plans for a Hawkeye movie, but depending what the fans want post Infinity War, anything could happen.
  • Age of Ultron feels much more intimate than Avengers, but retains the scale. It is more of a family affair. Evans even stated that whereas Winter Soldier was a conspiracy movie, and Thor is a fantasy franchise, the Avengers franchise is all about family, and their dynamics as characters.
  • Steve Rogers is the leader, and Tony Stark is the money, as we’ve previously been told.
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will have their own struggles, with Renner stating that they are “Just as broken, complex and confused.”
  • To quote Evans directly, he wants people to be like, “Man, the Avengers just kicked ass!” Oh Chris, you darling man.

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The signs as Marvel characters
  • Aries:Tony Stark
  • Taurus:Natasha Romanoff
  • Gemini:Star Lord
  • Cancer:Steve Rogers
  • Leo:Thor
  • Virgo:Nick Fury
  • Libra:Peggy Carter
  • Scorpio:Loki
  • Sagittarius:Bruce Banner
  • Capricorn:Bucky Barnes
  • Aquarius:Gamora
  • Pisces:Groot

anonymous asked:

Male and female traits have different parts and different attitudes sexualized. That's why you typically don't see superhero men making the same poses are their female counterparts (though it can happen).

You don’t see the guys doing those poses because of sexism.

Unfortunately, comic book makers’ target audience still are white straight cis men and superheroes represent what those men want to see:

The male heroes with their strength, intelligence, wit, fame, and huge muscles are what those men want to be. Male heroes are idols, characters they strive/dream to be. Power fantasies.

The female heroes are eye candy. Thin bodies, long legs, big boobs, pretty faces. They’re to save, to look at, to masturbate to.

Male heroes aren’t as sexualized as female ones, you can’t argue with that! If they were, comics would look like this! When you see Thor posing in all his glory on a cover, he is not sexualized! No matter how tight his suit is or how huge his muscles are! Because he gets a powerful stance, usually upright instead of bending over breaking his own spine!

That’s what the wonderful Hawkeye Initiative is for - to demonstrate the freaking ridiculous and awful poses artists draw female characters in just because they’re women.

A “strong” female character kicking ass? That’s great but we really need to see her boobs AND butt at the same time, otherwise, dudes won’t read that because who wants a woman with personality and interesting backstory?!

A “strong” woman posing heroically? That’s great but she really needs to look sexy doing it because women always look sensual and seductive all day!

You don’t see a close-up of Batman’s well-defined bulge, you don’t see Superman’s cape plastered tightly against his ass, you don’t see low angles focusing on crotches or dudes arching their backs to stick out their asses as far as they can, you’ll never see “empowering” costumes like these

even though these heroes are so “strong” and “confident” - because the dudes in capes are three-dimensional people while the ladies are mostly T&A.

In a better world, we’d get costumes and poses like these

And you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find non-sexualized pictures of female comic book characters.

anonymous asked:

Re: Tom's modified costume. I like to imagine there was some sort of emergency meeting with Ken Branagh and Kevin Feige during Thor. KB: Um, Kevin, we're going to need a couple of extra million dollars added to the visual effects budget." KF: "Ken, why the hell do you need extra money?" <Ken shows Kevin the unedited Loki footage.> KF: "Ohhhh..." Fast forward to Avengers. Kevin to Joss: "I've talking to costuming. They're doing a crotch flap. We can't afford to Disneyify Tom's dick again."

Maybe they just didn’t want his junk to have to get a SAG card. ;)


Tom is just so mesmerizing. I’m very fond of how he carries and presents himself. When he plays all of his roles it’s like he’s actually the character himself. Ugh, gosh his love for poetry. The fact he supports and fights for gender equality. His dorky freaking laugh/smile. His beautiful and intelligent mind. All of his charming and genuine characteristics. He’s just everything I look for in a guy. It’s saddening knowing that there aren’t many guys like him. Especially In this faulty excuse of a generation.