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i would just,,, like to take a moment to appreciate lance in the simulator scene 

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“they said she died of the flu, pero quién sabe

“pero quién sabe”

I just wanted to make a post highlighting this line from lydia’s story in ep 9 because it’s so important and so relatable to what a lot of us have been through. I know there’s a lot of latinxs in our community that live with this uncertainty. We live not knowing what happened to the people we had to leave behind. This line hit me hard and it made me think about all the stories that other latinx have shared with me. It made me think of my parents. It made me think and I can’t say more because it’s really hard to talk about this kind of thing. I just wanted to point it out because I know others might have felt what I felt when I heard lydia say it. That’s all. 

The phone call scene (sans shipper goggles)

Okay so I’ve been watching the phone call scene so many times over and over that I’m in danger of it becoming meaningless, but it’s pretty hard to stop isn’t it? I mean, it’s hard to imagine it happened.

Also we got so little of Molly this season and if this is the last episode ever I feel like I need to process it fully to say goodbye to the show.

Anyway everyone has obviously been bombarded on Tumblr by all the different opinions and I’ve been trying to look at the scene from the perspective of others- without shipper goggles so to say - to try and really see what the writers intended.

So even if Sherlock was faking the whole scene…

First of all, before he was even on the phone to Molly he was devastated when he realised that she was the subject of the test. He cares about Molly deeply and was really worried about what was about to happen or that he wouldn’t be able to save her. Theres 100% no denying that because…well that’s just what happened.

Secondly, the old Sherlock would’ve faked niceties and used his charms to get what he wants from Molly - we can all recognise when he does that. But that’s not their relationship now because she can see through him (i.e the missing dialogue from the slap scene “You think you can bat your eyelashes at me” etc.)

So he tells her it’s for a case. But that doesn’t work either - she is telling him the truth, what’s real “it’s true, it’s always been true.” So she can’t do this for him, even if it’s important for his work. She can help him fake his death, but she can’t say those words to him.

And then she asks him to say it. Now looking at this from a skeptical point of view - let’s say they both knew he was going to say it and not mean it.
Molly knows her love is unrequited but she wants to hear it from Sherlock anyway. Her “say it like to mean it” could be interpreted as “Say it and make it sound like you mean it, even though you don’t.”

OR she wants him to say it AND actually mean it, it’s the only way she’ll say it back.

Which yes, is pretty heart breaking and sad. 

Sherlock is thrown by this because it’s the only way he can get her to say ‘I love you.’
He feels immensely guilty - he doesn’t mean it, but has to say it. She has to believe him in order to save her life. 

Look at Mycroft in the background - he throws his head back like “Oh God this is never going to happen” because he KNOWS. He knows that even if Sherlock did love her that he couldn’t say it, he wouldn’t be able to get it out.

Then he says it. But look at the way he says it. With absolute hesitation.

If he really didn’t mean it - it wouldn’t be hard. Yes he would feel guilty but he would do it anyway to save her life.

But he really struggles. And when he gets it out, it is forced.

The second time he says it, he says it in such a genuine way that Molly says it back. If Molly had detected any thing fake about it, she would’ve hung up or kept arguing with him - or maybe she just wanted to hear it so bad that she didn’t care?

I think even if he thought he didn’t expect to feel it, even if Molly expected him not to mean it - that last ‘I love you’ was real. 
Molly knows it and Sherlock realises it.

It may not be a romantic ‘I love you’ but I guess that’s never going to be confirmed until we see more episodes.

LOOK -maybe the guilt is that bad, he is worried about hurting and losing her so bad that he hesitates, I don’t know.

But Euros says “All those complicated little emotions, I lost count” - implying there is more than just guilt at play here. 
I think Molly has always brought out the emotional side to him - look at TRF scene when he’s practically in tears asking for her help, look at TEH when he says thank you to her. 

Euros knows that it’s Molly he can torture Sherlock with emotion.
Either way, no matter how you interpret the scene, I don’t think I can believe that the second ‘I love you’ is fake or forced.

Especially as an actor myself, I know that Ben made that choice for that line-and it is Sherlock being genuine, no matter the rest of the scene is implying.

End note: This is a puzzle to solve - Sherlock can’t fake and act his way out of it - he has to use genuine emotion and that’s hard for him. That’s the challenge. He either has to open up and admit to Molly how he feels (romantically or not) or he has to hurt her and feel immensely guilty (because he loves her anyway).

Iconic moments from 2x03

• When Magnus chocked the fuck out of Raj for trying to stop him from helping Alec
• Simon talking about “Coming out of the coffin”
• Magnus kissing Alec at one last attempt to cure him
• Alec coming out to Izzy
• The parabatai ceremony
• Dom’s acting?? is so good???
• Jace crying and holding Alec when the oath wasn’t working
• Alec waking up to realize Jace was there
• Magnus and Clarry holding hands when Alec opened his eyes
• Literally the whole ending scene,,

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FYI I thought that the thing Mycroft was watching - from the sexy dialogue and the costumes and general vibe - was definitely implied to be porn. (And definitely made specifically for the show.)

Oh trust me, that was my first thought when I was watching that scene… there were some seriously strong seedy vibes there & the camera work was almost uncomfortably voyeuristic.

The whole house scene had a giallo vibe to it and I fucking loved it.

Anyway if people haven’t seen Horror Europa, watch the bit I’ve linked to below (59:43 - 1:00:32 if the timing doesn’t work) and you’ll soon see where elements of Mycroft’s Murder Clown Adventure™ came from…

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This whole " I love you" scene made me think that Sherlock and Molly ale already closer than we think. They did not confess their feelings to each other but did something together.. Maybe sex or..just a kiss Do you also feel there is something more ?

Oh HELL yes I do. Even more now that @asteraceaeblue and I have speculated that Molly is pregnant. Wishful thinking? Probably. Will that stop us? HELL no.

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I don't understand the whole aeroplane scenes ? It can't be Euros. There are so many holes in the plot, good more headache

Listen I haven’t thought about tfp whole day. My head literally hurts. the aeroplane scene was fake. It was eurus. But that again rises questions. So many questions.

Have some tea and go watch gay pilot.

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Plot twist! So you know how twd writers love to remix a characters arc but still give that character some of their story from the comics. Well with Michonne, what if they give the whole blowjob scene to her and Rick in 7.12 I know it's abit of a reach but it would make sense only it won't be in a prison, it won't be with Tyreese and it doesn't over sexualise her character because Rick is her boo. They wouldn't show much either just Ricks eyes rolling back or something coz she is a secret freak👀

This is so unlikely, but dammit, I need this in my life! Michonne going down on Rick is pretty much my favorite thing, right after Rick going down on Michonne. 😋(And I’ve seen a blow job on AMC before, so it’s doable!) I don’t even care if it’s in 7x12, they can go back to the jail cell at Alexandria in some future episode. I just really want this to happen somewhere, some way. 🙏🏾

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Hannah James said on twitter that she definitely filmed one scene where she didn't wear a corset. So, we can assume that they definitely filmed material, so that a fade to black isn't necessary. How they edit it though we don't know yet.

The whole scene in her bedroom she’s in some state of undress and there is plenty before and after that they could use. Rereading it it’s actually a rather heartbreaking scene.

Jamie’s observation when he first arrives:

She was wearing a white nightgown of some sheer material, tied at the throat with a silk bow. The garment didn’t look like the nightwear of a modest young lady, and he realized with a shock that she was wearing her bridal-night apparel.

That he actually cares about her experience and that she learn that sex isn’t controlled by the man.

“A man should pay tribute to your body,” he said softly, raising each nipple with small, circling touches. “For you are beautiful, and that is your right.”

And after when she talks about love:

“Well, love’s for only one person. This, what you feel from me— ye can have that with any man, it’s not particular.” 

Only one person. He pushed the thought of Claire firmly away, and wearily bent again to his work.

Molly Hooper Deserves Better!

Yes, yes she does. But if you watch the episode closely enough, you can see that she does get the closure she deserves.

The whole point of the scene wasn’t to break Molly. Molly had already been broken for a long, long time. The point of the scene was to make SHERLOCK realized just how broken she is. Euros wanted to make him feel what it was like to intentionally hurt somebody for no reason, and Sherlock had to see the pain that he had inflicted on Molly. He heard it in her voice. Then Euros told Sherlock that he had just ruined any chance at a relationship with Molly. That broke him- drove him to destroying the coffin!

So yes, while Molly suffered, and it may look like her character ended there, we know that the scene wasn’t the end. Sherlock was just as heartbroken by what happened in that phone call, so you can pretty much assume he would want to apologize (and even if he didn’t, we know that John or Mycroft would eventually tell her). And Molly would understand and move on. In fact, we see her in the closing epilogue at 221B perfectly happy and smiling.

So yes, doing that to Molly was crappy. But it was SUPPOSED to be. That was meant to break Sherlock- ruin him, and it did! So maybe instead of having to live with Sherlock’s BS for the rest of her life, this will actually bring some change for Molly. This allowed Sherlock to see the error in his ways.

And that’s why I loved season 4.