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hey guys!! gonna answer secret session asks in a sec, but wanted to put this out there: i was invited after not being followed by taylor, never getting a reblog, or a like from her, and having a pretty small follower count. if you think theres no way shell notice your blog, i promise, there is. it will happen and it will be the best experience of your life.


After seeing the Sheith cameo, I keep going back to these shots of Shiro and thinking: THIS is the exact man who changed Keith’s life. THIS is the exact person who Keith has devoted his life to.

(Not to say who Shiro is deep down changed that much when he came back in S1-2 but. this pre-kerb face is exactly as he was when Keith and him got close.)

And when Keith says, “If it weren’t for you, my life would’ve been a lot different,” Shiro responds in a way that suggests that yes, because of how intertwined their lives are and how devoted Keith now is to Shiro, he tracked Shiro down until he followed his destiny into space.

And all of that, after all this time, has led Keith from here:

to here: