~they already found their soul mate~

Remember, an intimate connection does not have to be with another person. Do not allow yourself to be brought down if you haven’t yet found another person to spend the rest of your life with. You already have an intimate relationship, and that is with yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
I Love the Fact that dreams can come true...

“What do you think it is about their story that’s so compelling to people and that’s so gripping?” @Jamesandclairefraser.

As I was perusing Tumblr today, I came upon this question Jess posted on her blog and it led me to evaluate my own obsession with Sam and Cait.

They each have a Cinderella story. Virtually unknown actors find themselves portraying characters from a book written over 20 years ago. Not just any book, a series of books that have an immense following of passionate people gagging to have their precious Jamie and Claire come to life. Cait, an ex-model in her thirties who has always wanted to be an actor and Sam, an actor that has some credits but nothing to elevate him above “starving”. It’s really hard to imagine how THIS THING can happen to someone - unless you believe in Fairy Godmothers, Karma, and Fate. I am convinced that neither of them had a clue what the gods had in store for them. From obscurity to public in an afternoon.
They both land the job of a lifetime, and it doesn’t stop there. When they found work, they also found love. Let’s face it. That alone, today, is a sheer miracle or magic. Kismet. She walks in to an audition that had already looked at hundreds of potential Claires - and she finds her soul mate. I’m not sure anyone of us who are somewhat creative could come up with a storyline like this one.
That’s what compels me. Their true Cinderella story. One missed taxi cab ride and it wouldn’t have happened. She was late as it is and they had nearly given up trying to find their Claire. And poor Sam, might not have ever met the woman that he holds dearest above all else. If you are a believer like me, they would have found their way to each other somehow because it was meant to be. It’s fortunate for all of us that this is the way God planned it to happen. He took a bit of stardust and produced the sunshine that we call Sam and Cait when they are together. Doesn’t matter what you call it or who you give the credit to, it’s an amazing story, a true fairy tale.

lost thoughts

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Title: lost thoughts
Pairing: Kim Minseok/Reader
Genre: Soulmate!AU. You hear your soul mate’s thoughts inside your head since the moment they/you are born.
Summary: The sound of his voice inside her head brings a smile to her face or a frown to her features. If only Minseok wasn’t so teasing then things would be a little bit easier.

Part I//Part II: “Now look at me and tell me everything.”

Minseok was used to being the oldest of his group of friends, the one who didn’t speak much and tried to drink as less as possible so he could drive his drunken friends home; it wasn’t only at the time when he became an idol, he was also the oldest of his class back when he was studying in high school and even though he wasn’t the tallest, he was the most mature. Without really wanting to, we create patterns in our lives that tend to make us follow certain movements and actions that we repeat until the day of our deaths and Minseok just liked being the oldest, he liked the responsibility that came with said name even when sometimes there was someone older than him, he liked the concept of it, actually. That’s why he babysat when he needed money that couldn’t be given by the little thrift shop he worked at and sometimes he tutored his younger friends, probably neighbors that grew up with him or one of the children of her mother’s friends. He just liked…the whole way his life worked when he pretended he had everything together but in reality, he didn’t.

That word, pretend, it should be in capital letters and highlighted.

It all started when he found out that a thesis wasn’t as easy as he thought it’d be and he spent his hours after work looking through books in a library with a little bit of help from his friend and classmate Jongdae, who was also the one who was working on his thesis with him, then he had that voice inside his head that reminded him that indeed he had a soul mate and whilst he adored teasing her to no end, he still didn’t know her. In between one of those nights where the, already graduated, Kim Junmyeon tried to help him out with a few things, he started listening to his thoughts and found out that not only had Yixing casually got to know his soul mate but he also realized that he was out of his freaking mind because he took a taxi as soon as possible just to get to meet her and once he did, he didn’t know what to do.

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Matching Marks Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1985

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and  “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”

This is my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) This is only Part 1 of 2, so look for the next part soon! ;) Enjoy! 

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petiteparreseuse  asked:

For the dirty jenga thing.. 11+24?🙄

lick someone’s neck + suck on someone’s fingers for 30 seconds

Trees, roads, buildings, they all turned into blurs when moving at high speed. It was her preference to sit beside the window when travelling, looking out at the landscape made time move faster. A wistful smile lightening her face as precious memories of car journeys with her mother and father surfaced. Now, she sat with a groaning boyfriend slumped into her side on the train.

Beach trips counted among her favourite short vacations, alongside camping trips. Natsu came into his own in nature. She knew when they chose a house together, it would be in the countryside. The pinkette wasn’t a city dweller, his father raising him to live off the land. Not a day went by that he didn’t complain about pollution and noise.

Catching herself thinking about their future, she could feel her cheeks getting hot. They had only known each other three months, and for two of those months were spent as lovers. Already, their relationship was considered fast.  Natsu made her feel alive, she found herself falling fast and hard for his voracious smile and quirky personality. Her father made his disapproval known, lecturing her on responsibilities.

Lucy couldn’t care less, as far as she was concerned Natsu was her soul mate. No one else matched up to him, no one made her as happy. Life became nothing but smiles and laughter. Sure, they quarrelled, what couple didn’t when passion ran high. Plus, make-up sex made it worth it.

Every. Time.

What could she say? The man knew how to fuck when angry. And there were times for fucking and times for loving. Natsu understood without needing a step-by-step pocket manual, unlike past boyfriends.

“What are you blushing about?” Shivers ran down her spine, his husky voice vividly manifesting her daydreams. Her mind echoing wicked whispers and bodies twisting, writhing under silk bed sheets. Tingles of pleasure shot down her spine, his hot tongue slathering the crook of her neck.

“I know that look,” He whispered, peppering kisses along the crevice. “I know that sigh,” a sharp suck on pulse point, her body humming with arousal. “I know that hitch in your breath.”

Scraping his teeth on her tender flesh, warm breath adding to the sensations making her whimper. Exposing her neck further, she found herself submitting to the onslaught of pleasure.

“What were you thinking about?” He knew. He also knew her weakness, exploiting it without mercy.

“I think I can guess.”

Lucy wiggled her legs together, anticipation building as a hand travelled underneath her shirt. Calloused skin rubbed against supple underbelly, before cupping her breast. Brushing his thumb over a covered nipple, he sucked on her earlobe. Retrieving his hand, chuckling at her disappointed moan, he placed his fingers in her mouth.

“This is where my fingers are going to stay the next time I fuck you.” Natsu shivered as she swirled her tongue, pulling back with a pop.

“What happened to ‘I’m dying Lucy!’?” She asked, scowling at his sudden revival.

“Your ‘fuck me Natsu’ look is a magic cure.” 

Bullshit. And he knew it.

It was her luck the travel sickness medication kicked in at the opportune moment (too Natsu’s amusement).

Yay! The next prompt is out (more NaLu goodness), I didn’t think I would make it today. I hope you like it, let me know what you think ;) 

I spent hardly any time editing so please forgive me

Other completed prompts: 10, 23, 13 + 27, 21, 46

Soulmates pt. 1

Prompt: You have a tattoo of your soulmates wrist on your arm

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Chris Evans.

His name marked your wrist like a tattoo you wished you hadn’t gotten. Of course, you were lucky enough that your soul mate was famous and gorgeous… But when people told you that, you just smiled because you knew how unlucky it was. Having a soul mate to look for was great, but you didn’t need to look. He was in the movies, the magazines, on TV, and you just sat there and watched from your tiny apartment in the middle of nowhere New Jersey. The unlucky part was that you would never get to meet him. You didn’t even know where you would start if you wanted to find him. He was probably really busy and surrounded by security all the time. You had begun wearing a bracelet to cover his name once the Captain America movies began to come out; too many people had seen and freaked out, you just wanted to ignore the marking.

 Chris googled your name one more time; Y/N L/N. He was 35 and should have found you already. Once again, his search popped up with nothing, confirming that either you weren’t famous or you were dead. He sighed and rubbed his right hand over his beard before going back to sleep. He couldn’t believe how his whole life he had dreamed of meeting his soul mate, and now that probably wouldn’t happen. He couldn’t help but wonder if you knew who he was, if you watched his movies, or if you cared. He also wondered if you did know who he was and didn’t want anything to do with his life since he was always in the eyes of the public.

“Y/N, come on!” Your best friend Rachel called to you. “We need to go; he’s your soul mate.” All week, Rachel had been trying to convince you to go to ComicCon in New York to try and meet Chris. You kept saying no because you didn’t want to get your hopes up just to be let down.

Ever since Rachel had found Brian, her soul mate, she wouldn’t get off your back about finding Chris. She kept saying that her life finally had meaning and that she felt complete… Blah blah blah.

“Please.” She asked once more before you regretfully said yes.

Part 2 here!

jcnnybernthal  asked:

Did you see John Boyega called finnrey a “long distance relationship” and basically confirmed them???? He may have been joking but it was in an official interview somewhere!!!!

I did see it!


Unfortunately, I saw it on the starwarsspeculation subreddit, so the comments ranged from “ Romantic FinnRey died on May 13 2016 “ to “lets not be like antis and spoil their fun just because they’re interpreting it totally wrong” to “Finnrey would not make an entertaining and compelling story.” 

Funny though, the “long distance relationship” is supported by the “no central romance” comment a lot more than Force soul mates reylo who will bring balance by having sex or some nonsense that is at odds with one of Star Wars’ most fundamental themes: Choice.

They really do think Finn and Rey’s relationship is going to disappear. They specify romantic Finnrey, but the fact is, Rey and Finn became extremely close in TLJ (by choice) any way you look at it, gave each other the things they’d each been searching for, faced their greatest fears for each other, and, mark my words, BOTH of them will desperately want to find each other again in TLJ. What John said isn’t a spoiler – we already know they will have a long-distance relationship in TLJ. We also know that at this point they’re best friends. A pretty important relationship. 

Reylo shippers love to say that the whole Force soul mate destiny fantasy is what the series needs, as a fairy tale. And it’s true, Finn and Rey’s relationship, though it can easily be said that they found each other by fate, is not typical fairy tale material. But neither are relationships like Rapunzel and Flynn of Tangled or Anna and Kristoff of Frozen – modern Disney love stories where the characters build a solid friendship before becoming a couple. Where both characters matter without the other, and where they choose each other, because today’s fairy tales don’t rely on cosmic shit that removes the characters’ agency anymore. And Star Wars movies, just saying, never have.

anonymous asked:

Hi chris! I was wondering if you knew any fics where Stiles and Derek are in a secret relationship and the pack and/or the sheriff find out?

Hey :)

There’s these fics where the sheriff finds out, some secret and some not so much but there is more secret relationship fics here

Suspect Spells from the Internet, or: How Stiles Found His Soul Mate by seraphina_snape | 24K

“Yo,” Scott said, eyes wide. “Was that Derek in your room?”

Stiles groaned and smacked his forehead, mostly because Scott was too far away to smack and he didn’t really need a broken hand from punching the wall on top of everything.

“Wait,” Scott said, his face impossibly close to the webcam. “Is Derek your soul mate?!

The One Where The Sheriff Attempts to Matchmake by  mikkimouse | 1.4K

Sheriff sets up Derek and Parrish, not realizing that Derek and Stiles are already dating.

Revenge Fake Dating Is Totally A Thing by  seraphina_snape | 32.5K

Sheriff Stilinski walks in on Stiles and Derek in a compromising position and assumes they’re in a relationship even though they were just sneaking around to keep the sheriff out of their supernatural shenanigans. Obviously it’s all Derek’s fault for being so damn suspicious - at least that’s Stiles opinion and the reason why he gives Derek a taste of his own medicine when he invites him over for family dinner at his dad’s request.

Only then Derek turns the tables on Stiles and before Stiles knows it, they’re fake dating for reasons of revenge, one-upmanship and the preservation of Stiles’ relationship with his dad.

No way this can go wrong, right?

What’s Up Pinocchio? by  Brego_Mellon_Nin | 11.9K

Stiles has settled in for a bit of self indulgence, favorite porn uploaded and ready, his recently neglected dick already stirring. For a few minutes he simply watches as the two guys start kissing and touching, but as soon as the bigger guy starts sucking his partner, Stiles groans and grabs for his own erection. Except, when he grabs hold of it, it feels… foreign in his hand. Pulse jumping, he snaps his eyes downward. Then he sputters and flails, nearly tipping over the edge of the mattress. What the everloving fuck?

Stiles knows his dick, okay? He knows it well. He knows how long it is, how thick it is - measuring is a normal thing for a curious teenager, it really is - but somehow, that’s not true anymore.

Night Watch by  bleep0bleep | 1.7K

Stiles finds out via camera footage that an unlikely person has been watching over him.

Ashes, Ashes by  ShanaStoryteller | 2.6K

The Sheriff gets a call at work - someone’s tried to burn down his home with his son inside.

“I thought of you coming here, and finding me dead, of another burnt out husk of a body, something else fire has stolen from you, of you having nothing left to grasp but ashes,” John can’t even call that a whimper, it’s clearly a whine as Derek’s hands tighten against Stile’s hips, as if his boy will shudder to dust at the mere mention of the possibility unless Derek’s hands can hold him into one piece, “and that thought was worse than dying.”

Safe at Anchor by  Jerakeen | 11.3K

All hail Stiles, the Fixer of Wolves.

You know, it just hit me (once again) that…


Prompt 6 - Animal Soulmates

Jason is a grey wolf and the reader is a red fox.

This is really bad, I’m so sorry for butchering this great idea.

@somethins-gotta-give ​and I came up with this amazing idea, but I’m pretty sure I fucked it up!! So sorry!


You darted through the woods in your fox form, trying desperately to get away from the lion who had been chasing you. You had accidently stumbled upon the hungry cat when they were in the middle of their meal. You had run into wolf territory, trying to deter the big cat, but they just kept chasing you. You burst out of the tree line and into a large clearing where a whole pack of wolves was resting.

Intruder” you duck down as the smallest wolf stands up, teeth bared.

Please, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get away from…

Suddenly the lion bursts out of the trees, snarling. The creature is completely rabid, he hasn’t been human in a long time. The two largest wolves stepped forward growling at the cat. The lion didn’t have the common sense to flee in the face of an entire pack of wolves. The largest wolf was the one who attacked the lion, the fight was quick and bloody. The wolf clawed the lion across the face, blinding it, and then the lion fled.

You look up at the second largest wolf, who was standing over you. For some reason you felt safe with him, you crawled forward until you were underneath him, curling up tightly, trying to hide from the rest of his pack.

Hello, my name is Y/N

You could hear the large wolf let out a husky chuckle, “Hello, Y/N. I’m Jason

Thank you for helping me” you whisper, “I will leave now, I’m really sorry for intruding” But when you stood up to leave Jason grabbed you by the scruff of the neck and picked you up, “What are you doing?!?

Jason, let her go” the alpha growled.

Sorry Bruce, but I think I want to keep her

Bruce growled, “I want everyone to shift right now

All of the wolves obeyed, even Jason, but you were scared. You could feel the connection that you already have with Jason, he was your soulmate, and you knew that he could feel it too. Your souls were trying to merge, had already formed a fragile bond.

Instead of obeying the alphas command you twist around and snap at Jason, not really making contact, but getting close enough to startle. He drops you and you take off back into the woods. You can hear shouting and a small scuffle from the clearing, but you didn’t hear anyone follow you. With a sigh you begin the long journey to you apartment back in Gotham.


You shifted back into your human form when you got back to the apartment. Immediately you went into your bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror.

“You know, this really doesn’t do him any justice” you murmur, gently running your hand over the tattoo that takes up the majority of your leg.

Everyone has a tattoo of their soulmates animal form somewhere on their body. Yours was a huge black wolf with a white patch a fur on his forehead, just like Jason in real life. When you were younger you had always been excited to finally meet your mate, to live happily ever after. But then when you were a teenager, the tattoo faded, your mate had died. Immediately your health also began to fail, people believed that soulmates were actually one soul always looking for its other half, and when one half died, the other was soon to follow. You were dying without ever having known the one who was killing you, suddenly a month or so later you got better. The color went back into the tattoo, now with the white mark on its head.

“That really wasn’t the way I wanted to meet my miracle mate! He was so hot! He would never go for someone like me!!”

“I thought foxes were supposed to be clever”

You scream when you heard Jason talk. Diving for the covers, trying to hide your naked body from your mate.

“Don’t worry! I didn’t see anything” he calls from around the corner of your bedroom door.

“How did you even get in here?! How did you find me?!?”

“I followed you of course”

“I didn’t even hear you!” You scramble for cloths, grabbing your pajamas from the night before. You storm out into your living room to face your soulmate.

Jason’s face breaks into a huge grin when he sees what you are wearing. “So you like the Red Hood, huh?”

You blush, “He’s hot, what can I say“

Jason chuckled, “I’m sorry I scared you, but you fucking ran away!! I couldn’t just let you leave!”

You sigh softly, “Fine, time for a proper introduction! I’m Y/N, this is my apartment, and you are kinda creepy! I mean really you could have just knocked on the door!!”

Jason shakes your hand, “I’m Jason, you are really hard o track when you don’t want to be found, and I really am sorry for scaring you. Will you go on a date with me?”

You burst out laughing, “Yeah, definitely!”

The smile that Jason gives you makes his entire face light up, it makes him look so much younger. “Great!!” He glances at the time and groans, “I didn’t realize that it was so late”

“You can stay here for the night if you want” You already felt like you could trust this man, you could feel your souls growing more attached.

You were really grateful that your wolf had been stupid enough to stumble upon a rabid lion. As you curl up in bed with your mate you can feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul. feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul.

You could tell that Jason had secrets, there were parts of him full of insecurity and anger, but the two of you would work through everything. You would have no secrets between the two of you, but that was a concern for another time, right now you were just going to enjoy being with the man you would grow to love.

Soul Mates pt. 3

Part 3!!!!! Read part 1 and part 2, or check out my Masterlist for more fanfiction 

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: nah

A/N: Just got back from Sweden and I’m super pumped to post this!! Also, there is only one part left and I’m super excited to post in within the next few days.

Originally posted by xalisiamarvelous

“Let’s go.” You pulled Rachel’s arm as soon as the interview was over.

“I know.” She softly replied. She hadn’t thought about how much this would hurt you when she convinced you to come. You both walked quickly to the exit, but Rachel bumped into someone. “God, watch it.” She seemed irritated, but it was probably just because you were about to cry and she knew how much you hated crying in front of people.

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Daddy!Derek X Reader (Zoey)

Derek had never been happier. He was terrified,but happy. He finally found someone that gets him,loves him,someone he really wants to spend the rest of his life with.His mate,his soul mate.

And that person was Zoey. When he found out she was pregnant with his child Derek thought he was dreaming. Yes he isn’t the nicest person ever but deep down Derek always wanted a child,a family of his own. especially after how brutally his last one was taken away from him.

When she went into labor they were already at the hospital,Derek could smell it before it happened and he swore to make sure this child,his child,is brought into this world safely.

It had been one week now,Jack was settling into his new room and the stress was high. The smell of it everywhere in the house, mostly coming from Zoey. He read something about this,how women who had just given birth tend to be really hormonal,stressed and emotional. Zoey needed and deserved some time off so Derek suggested she’d go stay with her sister this weekend. Something that took a lot of convincing as she didn’t think Derek was ready to be alone with a child,but to everyone’s surprise Derek was actually good with children,he used to take care of his younger siblings when his mom was away,they weren’t new born babies but um..still,Derek can handle it. If he can handle supernatural forces trying to destroy him and his town,he can handle a 2 pound crying baby.

And that’s how Derek ended up here,alone with a crying baby that he doesn’t know how to calm down,and his fiancé away at her sisters place.

Derek honestly thought this would be easier,but the loud crying was hurting his ears and he couldn’t think. Derek did he only thing he knew. Picked up jack and started rocking him.

As he was doing so,and noticed nothing was happening,Derek remembered what Zoey told him:“If the rocking doesn’t work,he isn’t hungry and his diaper isnt dirty then just try talking to him,I’m sure his daddy’s voice will calm him down”.Derek also remembered the smile on her face,the smile which always made him melt,the one he fell in love with and hopes to die looking at.Zoey makes him happier than anyone ever has,he wonders what he did to be blessed with her.As he was daydreaming about his fiancé the screaming snapped him back to the loud reality.

The werewolf checked the baby’s diaper,clean. Okey then maybe he is hungry…aaand he wouldn’t eat. So he wasn’t hungry either. Derek was panicking,he actually wished Zoey was here so she could help him. He can’t belive he wasn’t defeated by a pack of alphas but lost to a crying baby. If only Zoey could see Derek’s face,she’d be on the floor laughing.

There was one thing left Derek could do,talk

Derek sat down on the sofa in his loft,the crying baby still in his arms.

“Hey"he said in a soft tone “What’s the problem buddy,shhh everything’s fine,daddy’s got you” Derek felt stupid saying those things but he couldn’t help but smile,a big bright dumb smile.

“Mommy needs some rest,you have really been stressing her out you know?”

It didn’t work,Jack wouldn’t even acknowledge him. Derek was out of options,maybe he should call Zoey? No he’s got this,his pride wouldn’t let him give up,Zoey and him made a bet he’d run back to her with his tail behind his legs.

After some brainstorming Derek remembered something that once calmed jack down. Singing. Derek personally hated singing,but this is his son so he has to do it.

Then in his softest tone he started,the gentle lullaby echoing throughout the mostly empty loft. Soon Jack’s attention finally sifted to Derek.He stopped crying,instead staring at Derek as he sang.

As the lullaby reached its end Jack was giggling,and Derek smiled down at the small bundle in his arms.

“I love you” he whispered with a few tears in his eyes,he never imagined being a dad would be this stressful,but at the same time beautiful.

A few minutes went by and Derek noticed something,a smell. It belonged to a werewolf. And they were close. But he didn’t recognize the smell as any werewolf he knew,which sent Derek into overprotective dad mode,he placed Jack down as gently but as quickly as possible and went for the door,only to realize the smell started fading the more he walked. Derek froze. Whoever it is must already be in the house. The werewolf got his claws out,his sharp teeth that could rip someones throat out joining,ready to kill if anything threatened the life of his child. He searched every corner of the house,only to find none.Confusion overtook him.

Soon a thought hit him. Of course,he felt like an idiot for not thinking about this sooner. Derek ran back to where he left Jack,only to find the little guy looking up at him with glowing yellow eyes. Derek picked him up,his eyes turning a glowing yellow as to match the babies. With all the stress over the last week,Derek didn’t realize his child would be a werewolf.It was a 50/50 chance to be honest. When he was with Zoey he felt so human,she had tamed the beast inside him.Sometimes he even forgets he’s a werewolf whatsoever,when he’s with her he feels vulnerable,but safe.

Soon it was feeding time. Derek followed all the instructions left by Zoey and soon Jack was enjoying his delicious dinner. After hungrily finishing the entire thing jack started yawning. Derek rocked him back and forth until he was sleep and put him safely in his crib. He had truly never been happier in his life. He finally got what he always wanted. A family.

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Love At First Sight (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)

Request:   4&6 with Sebastian Michaelis please! I will love you forever <3 <3

Summary: The reader is visiting an old friend and has gone to a club where she may just meet the man of her dreams.

Words: 940

Characters/Pairings: Sebastian Michaelis x reader, Undertaker, Grell

Warnings: None

Originally posted by zetsuubo

Is this seat taken?” A smooth voice asked from next to her. She looked up from her cocktail to see a work of art. Seriously, this man could bring anyone to their knees with just a wink or a smile. Good thing she was already sitting.

“U-uh, no, go ahead.” She waved him on, hiding her face back in her glass, running her fingers around the rim. She took a sip, trying to not let the awkward feeling in her chest be noticed by the beautiful man next to her.

“What brings you here? I’ve never seen you around before.” Oh, my God… He was talking to her. But her mind was too muddled to really register his words. She only broke out of her stupor when he leaned into her field of vision.

“U-um… I’m just in town visiting a friend. She’s over there dancing.” She pointed to her ginger friend dancing with some pretty brunette.

“Ah, and she just left you here alone?” She tried not to notice when he leaned closer to her.

“Y-yeah, but it’s fine, I’m not too much of a dancer, or really a club goer… I’d much rather be home right now, to be honest with you.” She flushed at her own words. “N-not that you’re bad company, no of course not… Ah… I mean…”

She looked down at her hands in embarrassment. Real smooth. Her heart swelled when he chuckled and brushed his hand over hers.

“I know exactly what you mean, this isn’t my usual night out but some… friends of mine insisted. At least I found some charming company.” His soft smile had her practically melting in her seat.

“Oh, um, thank you.” She allowed herself a small smile at his compliment.

“Where are my manners? I never asked your name.”

“Ah! I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” He grinned and took her hand in his, brushing his lips over her knuckles. “My name is Sebastian.”

“Sebastian…” She tested the name, loving the way it felt on her tongue. He, too, loved the sound of it from her mouth.

They talked for a long time, ignoring all the people slowly trickling out. (Y/N)’s friend had left with that brunette after making sure (Y/N) was alright.

(Y/N) was slowly able to talk to Sebastian more confidently, but still not able to make full eye contact with his red eyes. A part of her felt self-conscious if whether or not she was boring him or not. But he kept asking about her anyway.

She told him of her job and of her lovely cat back home. She told him her goals for the future and what she hoped to accomplish. She reveled in the attention he was giving her.  She would ask him about himself, to which he would answer as honestly as possible.

He was enchanted by this human. And she by him. She hadn’t even noticed when she had turned to face him fully, their knees brushing and his fingers running lightly over the back of her hand.

Everyone around them who bothered to look would never know that these two had just met. The chemistry and sparks flying between them had them looking like long-time lovers. And that’s how Sebastian felt.

Her soul shone bright, brighter than any in the room. She was a beacon in the eternal night. She was the one he has been looking for. No, not to replace the meal he lost, all those years ago. No, but to be his. His mate.

He could already feel the power returning to him. It was said that once a demon found his eternal mate, that they would never have to feed again. And here she was. His salvation. His redemption.

“Would you like to dance?” He offered her his hand. She bit her lip, sending a shiver down his spine. All in due time.

“What the heck, sure.” She finally gave him a real smile. The sight sent him reeling. He couldn’t help but return the smile, a true smile he had never given to anyone before, a smile reserved solely for her for all these years. He led her to the dancefloor as a slow song came on.

His eyes caught the green ones of Undertaker just across the room. The reaper grinned widely and gave him a thumb up. Grell pouted from next to the man. He was actually grateful Undertaker had dragged him out tonight. No doubt the old reaper knew that (Y/N) would be here.

He pulled her into his arms, leading her in time with the music. She fit perfectly against his body, her curved complimenting his angles like two puzzle pieces. “You dance marvelously, my dear.”

“It’s odd, I’ve never been able to dance before, I normally have two left feet.” She chuckled, looking up into his mesmerizing, red eyes. He laughed softly.

“You just had to find the right partner,” he hinted. Not that she would understand. She would one day, but for now, he just wanted to hold her close.

“I suppose so.” She leaned her head on his chest, all of her previous insecurities falling away. Something about this man had her buzzing with emotion but his presence had her relaxed at the same time. Was it possible to feel this way about someone you just met? Perhaps it was love at first sight.

You are strangely comfortable,” She mumbled. “I’ve only just met you, but it is far too easy to talk to you and feel at ease.” His arms tightened around her.

“I was just thinking the same, my dear.”

Intricate Designs Part II - Bucky Barnes Soulmate AU

Summary: After an accident, Bucky Barnes meets his soulmate, but they keep missing each other.

Authors Note: I’m going to be hopefully doing a third part soon (depending on the amount of schoolwork I receive). So if anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them!


Part One

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“I found her Steve, bumped into her on the street. Cute little thing, mousy brown hair, paint splattered all over. Gosh, she was beautiful.”

“Buck, who? Who did you meet?”

“My soul mate, punk.”

Bucky was overjoyed, which pleased Steve, as he hadn’t seen Bucky this happy since the accident. However it was only two days of visiting art studios to try to find the mysterious woman, for the euphoric feeling left Bucky as realized that his soul mate was a nameless woman, that he bumped into on the street, with no way to identify who she was. So Bucky stopped searching after a week as Tony was getting annoyed that Bucky wasn’t delivering the invitations to his Charity fundraisers, and threatened to stop paying him, which got Bucky delivering invitations quicker that you can say “Party”.

Delivering the invitations, Bucky was incredibly bored, having to catch taxi after taxi, as he still wasn’t allowed to drive after his incident, and the only thing to entertain himself was a black biro, as his phone had died several hours ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any paper, apart from the envelopes that held Tony’s invitations. Upon arriving on the decision that Tony wouldn’t mind if one of the envelopes became decorated, Bucky chose the envelope that was going to be delivered last, as the address was a little way from the others. He began his doodling, long flowing strokes, that were soon adorned with dots, leaves, flowers, and teardrop shapes.

After delivering all but the doodled envelope, Bucky directed the taxi driver to the final address, and then afterwards he could go home to Steve and sulk about losing his soul mate. Exiting the taxi, Bucky bounded up the steps, eager to be rid of the envelopes, he rang the doorbell, but no one answered. So, after a few minutes Bucky rang the doorbell again, only to receive the same result, No answer. Being impatient, Bucky lifted the envelope to post it through the letterbox; however, he paused as he noticed the designs on the envelope matched the ones sprouting on his arm. Sighing, as he pushed the envelope through the letterbox, he turned around, going back to the taxi, and then back to his empty home, as Steve had finally stopped being a mother hen and, to Peggy’s delight, agreed to take her out for dinner.

After the initial joy of meeting her soul mate, y/n couldn’t keep a smile off her face, she would walk with a spring in her step and hope to the high heavens that every tall, dark haired man would pause and remember bumping into her and recognize her. This daydream went on for a couple of days until y/n realized that he hadn’t come back to her neighborhood looking for her, the scenario that he didn’t want her entered her head, leaving her to doubt their bond. Although her optimism slowed its roots, I didn’t stop them and eventually, the doubt was firmly seeded in her mind. So she turned to her paints, instead of long walks, hoping to find her one. Her paintings became more expressive, vibrant colours displaying what she thought love should be like. Hues of every color were splashed over the floor, the walls, and y/n herself was covered head to toe in paint herself.

Midway through a brushstroke, y/n heard the doorbell ring, after deciding that her painting was more than important, she decided to ignore the doorbell, guessing it was the postman, and continue painting. After a couple of minutes, and a coupe more impatient rings, y/n eventually heard the sound of a letter being pushed through the door. Smiling to herself, y/n carried on with her painting.

It wasn’t until several hours later that y/n finished painting, and was about to get into a warm bubble bath did she remember about the post that she had received earlier was probably still sat on her doormat. So after turning of the taps and assessing the temperature of the bath water, y/n decided that she had enough time to retrieve and read the letter before the bath water became lukewarm. So she headed downstairs.

Reaching the door, y/n picked up the letter and froze, recognising the pattern that decorated the envelope. It was the one that lay upon her arm. Cursing the sky for not answering the door, she tore the envelope open to see if it could give her any clues as to who her soul mate is.  Removing the letter from the envelope, y/n was greeted with:

                                                  TONY STARK
                                          INVITES YOU TO THE

                           ANNUAL SOVOKIA REMEMBRANCE BALL

                                         Date: 27th October 2017

                                          Time: 7pm Until Late

                                       Dress Code: Evening Wear

Smiling to herself, y/n laughed at Tony’s invitation, he had sent one knowing she would already be there, having previously arranged with Tony that she will display her art at these events. Yet her heart leapt at the though of possibly meeting her soul mate their as he had delivered the invitations. Realizing the date was tomorrow, y/n rummaged through the closest trying to find the perfect dress. She decided it had to reveal her arm, complement her shape, but not reveal too much at the same time. After what seemed like hours, she found the perfect dress, it was a sleeveless back dress with lace detailing that went down to mid thigh. Happy in her choice of dress, y/n went to bed a smile on her face as she dreamt of how she would meet her soul mate tomorrow.

“He’s not the one for you” - Peter Park Imagination 

 “Why are you being so quite? I though we were on a date?” You questioned your friend peter looking up at him with a smirk as you placed a napkin in your lap. 

He turned his head away from the small fuzzy tv set in a corner of the restaurant and looked at you. “Im sorry. They were talking about a bank robbery . I guess Spider-“ 

 “Yes Spider man saved them. I cant wait till you meet your incredibly weird superhero crush so you guys can swing into the sunset.” You cut him off cooing at peter with a laugh. “I bet he still stays at home with his mom.” You teased knowing Peter always got riled up when you even joked about the “Avengers” or anyone “Super” in that matter.

 “I don’t have a crush- and no he doesn’t! I mean I don’t think he would…this conversation is changing”. He perplexed jabbing a mouthful of noodles into his mouth. “Okay that’s fine. Now that we talked about your love life, time for mine.” You took a sip of your water before setting the glass down in a very professional manner. Peter only waited, chewing absently as he watched you be so extra. “I have found my soul mate. The end” You stated seriously looking peter into his eyes.

 He shook his head, already knowing who you were talking about. “Its that new transfer student“ he exasperated smirking at you.

 “Its the new transfer student- yes!” You beamed nodding your head adoringly with a smile. Peter could only shake his head as he chuckled whilst playing with his noodles, his chopsticks mixing the noddles and vegetables bits together. “He’s just…his smile is so bright, and he even has a little gap but it looks cheeky on him. And his hair looks so soft, I never wanted to brush someone’s hair before but I would with him!” You exclaimed placing your elbow on the red table cloth to prop your head up with your hand. 

 “If you brought me here just to fan-girl then you should’ve gone with Ned. He would do good at stuff like this.” Peter mumbled seeming un-amused. You reached out to stroke Peter’s cheek, he blushed quickly, swiping your hand away.

 “No my iridescent pea-pod. I invited you because it seems like we never see each other. Well-ever since you got the stark internship” You prodded peaking at your own food as Peter looked up at you with a wary look. You understand the Internship was a BIG deal, especially to Peter who always wanted to work for a establishment based on his creative inventions. 

 “Sorry about that. Its just-school and Aunt May plus the Decathlon; not enough hours in the day you know?” He pouted sincerely, his eyebrows scrunched with guilt.

“I don’t need a hour Parker, even a minute with you would make me happy.” You stated sounding gushy but Peter was used to your cliche Tumblr quotes. He blushed anyways, as you guessed, this time taking the attention off himself by trying to sneak one of your egg rolls. You let him take it, snorting as he looked up at you with a proud face for taking your food so effortlessly. 

“I-I have a date to homecoming”.You stated watching him chew. He gulped down the food, awaiting who it was as he took a sip of water. “That boy I was just talking about. Harrison-…he asked me.” You spoke nervously. A few weeks back you had asked Peter to go with you on a neutral bases since you both had no intent’s of having ‘real’ dates. You watched as Peter only shook his head disapprovingly, feeling chastised you spoke up “What?! He’s a nice guy.” You defended. 

Peter hesitated, swishing around his food one more time. A cucumber slice had fell onto the red cloth, creating a grease stain. 

 “He’s-…He’s not the one for you Y/n.” Peter stated bluntly looking from his food up to you. 

 “I think I can find that out for myself. Oh-unless your physic then I’ll consider that.” You sassed crossing your arms.

 Peter crossed his arms as well, leaning back in his seat while staring at you with the same incredulous look. “Y/n he just broke up with his girlfriend 2 weeks ago- which did I forget to mention they started dating 3 weeks ago? Do you really think its formal to go with someone like that?” He questioned raising a eyebrow at you. 

 “Yes-yes I know. But its just a dance. Think of me as Hermione and Harrison Victor Crow.. It’s not a big deal. Just a dance.”

 “Just a dance?” He restated with a grumble and sarcastic tone.

 “Peter you act as if this is a life-defining moment. You and me were going together on a neutral bases. Why cant Harrison and I do that?” You questioned him. 

 Peter caught his words in his throat as he looked up at you. He uncrossed his arms, picking back up his chopsticks. “Whatever Y/n.” He rolled his eyes slyly whilst chuckling under his breath.

 “Why are you being ignorant? Honestly?” You asked. 

 “I don’t like him. I don’t like you going with him. That’s it.” He clarified shrugging.

 “At least tell me you’ll grow some balls and ask Laura or someone so I don’t feel all guilty and shit” You spoke trying to ease the tension. 

“Not going anymore” Peter stated before eating more of his food. You stared at Peter, watching him as he numbly ate while avoiding your eyes.

Superhero Soulmates AU

           When you live in a world full of superheroes, there are worst things than meta human villains, invading aliens, and psychotic clowns. One of them is having a soulmate.

           Some say it’s better because your other half is easier to find, but they’re not the one who has a hero or a villain for a soulmate. You do.

Superman ✧ Physical Empathy Link ✧12345
Flash ✧ Tracker ✧123
Red Hood ✧ Timer 12
Batman Subconscious Link ✧1

Physical empathy link 
     You don’t feel their pain but your body wears your soulmate’s wounds and scars. You heal when your soulmate heals, but your soulmate heals only if you heal.

Emotional empathy link
    You feel what they feel.

    There’s a countdown for when you’ll meet your soulmate.

     There’s a measurement for how far/close your soulmate is.

Mortality Link
      When you’re 18 you only continue to age once you meet your soulmate. Some heroes and villains take advantage of this opportunity for immortality.

Subconscious link
    You and your soulmate share the same dreams lucidly.

Conscious link
    You and your soulmate have an involuntary telepathic connection.

Double vision
     Your right eye sees what your soulmate sees. In this special case eye-patches are worn to prevent double vision. Some people cover their left eye and watch the world through their soulmate’s eyes.

Identical birthmark
     You have the same birthmark.

Memory link
     Your past memories change to include your soul mate in your happiest moments, as if they’ve always been there, up until the moment you finally meet your soulmate.

Other Half
     A small memento broken in half is found in the blanket you’re wrapped in as a newborn child, and the other half belongs to your soulmate. Losing this memento will rid your chances of finding your soulmate. There have been rumors that criminals steal mementos and sell them in the black market, altering fate.


Summary: You and TJ are soulmates but you have to hide it

TJ Hammond x Reader

Soulmate au: Soulmates name is written on your wrist

Originally posted by sierrarose2232

When you were younger you had no idea who your soulmate was. Everyday you would look down at the name written on your wrist, Thomas James Hammond. You always thought that sounded like a fancy name.

You dreamed of fairy tale castles, a handsome prince, a knight in shining armour to whisk you away. That wasn’t what you got.

After meeting your soulmate, your dream was to become a reporter. You had managed to get a summer internship at a local news agents and you were shadowing one of the head reporters on all her articles, most of which were covering the upcoming elections.

That was when you realised who your soulmate was. Bud Hammond was running for office, and his son Thomas James or ‘TJ’ was your soulmate.

You didn’t tell anyone, what would they say? What would you say? You had no clue what to do with the fact that your soulmate was most probably the next president’s son. You figured that, in time, the universe would bring the two of you together. If not, you always knew where to find him.

After your internship they offered you a part time job which you eagerly accepted, though you were young you began to establish a name for yourself. In fact, you were doing so well you decided not to go to college and focus on your already growing career.

Two years into your job as an established journalist you got a knock on the door, it was two men in pristine suits who told you that you were needed at the White House.

It was a very nerve wracking experience considering neither of them answered your questions and you weren’t allowed to bring anything to record your visit or tell anyone where you were going.

When you arrived they escorted you through the White House and into a large office where in front of you was more security guards and behind a desk was President Bud Hammond. “Please sit,” he gestured to the chair in front of the desk.

Hesitantly you took a seat and President Hammond dismissed the bodyguards who reluctantly left. “Is it true?” he asked.

“Is..what true?” you asked unsure.

“Let me see your wrist,” he half asked, half demanded. Soulmate marks were a very personal matter but you didn’t want to piss off the president so you showed him your mark, the name of his son on your wrist.

He sighed, “Listen, Y/N. I’m sure you’re a very nice person but we don’t want this getting out.”

“Don’t want what getting out?” you asked, very confused as to what was happening.

“You and my son are soulmates. But my son is a smart boy, destined for great things. No offence to you but you’re from a small town, you don’t come from a rich family and you didn’t go to college. That’s not the image we’re trying to sell of the first family. Plus, with your budding career as a journalist we have to take in the possibility that you could use this against us as blackmail for information that should not be released to the public.”

“What information are you not releasing to the public,” you asked quickly, your journalistic instincts taking over.

“None of your business,” he narrowed his eyes.

You sighed, “Why are you keeping us apart. We’re soulmates, surely that’s illegal.”

“If you’ve met and formed a bond, just because I know doesn’t mean I have a legal obligation to bring you together. TJ has no idea who you are or that you’re here, and it’ll stay that way.”

“I’ll have you know that you should trust me. I’ve known about TJ for the past three years and I haven’t said anything, I wouldn’t in the future either,” you told him, keeping up a glaring eye contact. “But thanks for the vote of confidence.”

You stood up, “I’ll be going home now. Please don’t send anymore men in suits to my door.”

You did as you were told, you never told anyone TJ was your soulmate. Not even after his family left the White House, not when you became one of the most well known journalists and you could have used it as something to get you higher. You didn’t because you didn’t want to, didn’t need to.

Just as you always thought, the universe has a plan and you and TJ were definitely destined to meet. You were out at a bar enjoying a promotion, your friends were drunk out of their mind at the table whilst you sat at the bar sipping on a scotch.

“A shot, please,” you heard a male voice next to you, you turned to you right and saw none other than TJ Hammond. Your soulmate was less than a meter away from you and you were frozen solid.

Unfortunately, he noticed your staring. He gave you a quick, fake smile and downed his shot, “You recognise me, huh?”

You nodded, unable to speak.

“I don’t get a lot of this anymore but you look pretty star struck,” he chuckled, “You want a photo or something.”

You shook your head, “Y-you’re TJ. TJ Hammond.”

He nodded slowly, “Yes that’s me.”

“TJ Hammond.”


“As in Thomas James Hammond.”

“This is getting creepy.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you blurted out and he froze. “I’m your soulmate.”

TJ reached over and grabbed your wrist and pulled back the sleeve, sure enough his name was on there, just as your name was on his. “Oh my god,” he breathed. “Why didn’t you find me sooner? Clearly you knew who I was.”

You shrugged, “I didn’t want to force that on you, I figured we’d meet eventually. Plus your dad kind of threatened me not to.”

TJ clenched his jaw, “Of course,” he huffed out air through his nose then looked at you. Really looked at you.  He took in the colour of your eyes, your hair, the curve of your face and the light smile that played on your face.

“We have a lot of time to catch up on,” he grinned.

You smiled widely at him, “Yes we do,” you agreed.

“This place blows, I’ll show you a place cooler than here,” he said, taking your hand and pulling you from the bar. He paused when he got to the door and you crashed into him, “Aren’t those your friends?” he asked, pointing to the booth with your friends in it.

You shrugged, “They’ll live without me for one night, I just found my soulmate,” you smiled and a large smile spread across TJ’s face. It had been only a few minutes but he already could feel himself falling in love with you.


A/N- It’s a bit short I know but I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think of it, requests are open xx