~they already found their soul mate~

Remember, an intimate connection does not have to be with another person. Do not allow yourself to be brought down if you haven’t yet found another person to spend the rest of your life with. You already have an intimate relationship, and that is with yourself.

“Love is not an infinite loop, Callie. It is not something you can rewind and play as many times as your heart desires. It grows and it changes, it disappears. You’ve read that chapter once already - it’s time to turn the page.“

But that can’t be true. She can’t just be a chapter when she was meant to be forever. I can’t have found my soul mate for only one piece of my life. I can’t love her only once; I can barely breathe without her.”

Honest to god, I might sob. This is ridiculous.

Live blog of Major Crimes

- aww daddy Julio is my fave Julio.
- HE’S ACTUALLY GONNA BE A DADDY????? Do not play with my emotions here Duff (although I already know he has by my dash tonight)
- maaaan no EJO…
- omg morales nooooooooooooooooo (I cannot with secondhand embarrassment I’m dead)
- Provvie will help you but you’re gonna have to work for it…
- I cannot Sharon you’re such a great actress I love you… - Provvie has found his work soul mate guys… - omg that branch pun… - Winnie is back 😖 - yes thank you… 😊 *her actual face* she learned some sass techniques from Brenda. - oh Andy you’re adorable too bad we’re not gonna see what you’re so excited about - STAHP MORALES STAHP you’re cute but pls stahp I cannot handle the secondhand embarrassment… - she just keeps getting higher… - I was waiting for the oh geez from Andy - Morales thinks he’s in his own procedural drama and I love it… - I AM SO MAD NOW THAT WE HAD THAT APARTMENT SCENE I AM SO FRIKIN PISSED LIKE HOW FREAKING DARE DUFF FOR ROBBING US OF THAT SCENE! - ALSO ANDY WOULD KNOW WHAT SHARON LIKES I MEAN he might get excited and get ahead of himself but it would help if IN THE NARRATIVE it was mentioned that he knew those things he was just excited but ya know you’d actually have to care about your characters for that kind of detail… - okay so now we see the crux of Winnie’s complaints it’s hard not to be on the elite squad and get the big kids table scraps… but you can’t be mad at the team for how the bureaucrats structure the system… - JULIO IS GONNA BE SUCH A GOOD DAD - your surprise face is kinda crap… I’m a botanist! - I’m just gonna start making lists and adding at the end AND SHOES - what kind of surprise faces are these criminals learning… like the lack of professionalism! - Ah Andreas face is the representation of the post engagement gab session scene we’re never ever gonna get. - omg MORALES YOU’RE SUCH A DORK!! And have such good friends… - CHEW THE SCENERY BB CHEW IT - omg the puns - now for the deep deep disappointment… - aww Eduardo is adorable and I luff him - aw gawd they’re playing soft music and I’m gonna cry and be so mad… - I started crying like ugly sob crying. It wasn’t even enough but Tony and Mary made so much of that tiny tiny scene… my mom blames the sobs on the boob job…

There are billions of people in this world. Haven’t you thought of finding the right one? Aren’t you aware of the stranger you had an eye to eye contact in the mall earlier this afternoon if he’s going to be part of your life? Some already found their true love, some are still looking for their true happiness, some already let that “right person” slipped away. Wherever you’ll go, you’ll meet different people with different personality and who would have thought that one of them is your soul mate. 

Remember that person you bumped into at the coffee shop earlier this morning? How about that person reading a book at the bookstore and you can’t help but to stare at him because your eyes said so. Have you seen that person who’s in hurry carrying his bag because he’s already late for his first class? These are the few people you’ll encounter on your one day journey. And as you watched that scene everyday, people have their own business to deal everyday, they’re all busy and always in a rush as if they were chasing the one they love and don’t want to be left alone and you can’t help but to think, who is who? Have you counted the number of people you have seen in your entire day? Do you want to know how many of them would going to be part of your life? Or if you already met the one who’s destined for you. Is there anyone out there who still knows how to love and how to appreciate? Or is there anyone who would going to love you and cares for you and treat you the way you deserve. Who knows?

Everyday is a journey. Everyday is a chance to meet your one true love.

“… I haven’t seen the finale yet, but judging from the stuff i keep seeing on my dash, villains got a “hero” personality and vice versa, right? So if Hook was a really nice guy in this new situation and kind of a hero(?), doesn’t that mean his actual self is still a bad guy? :/ If I’m wrong please let me know, because that’s what i get from the spoilers?” [question submitted off anon]

It’s a lot muddier than that.

The premise for “Heroes and Villains” is role reversal, but it’s a cheat. The writers can’t carry it through. For example Belle’s role isn’t reversed at all. Also Evil Snow’s dead “true love” James (who was a nasty piece of work in the original) was (from the little they tell us) a nasty piece of work in this alternative version too, and found a soul-mate in Snow because she was already a nasty piece of work anyway. So their story is not a repetition of young Regina turned hollow and evil by the loss of her teen sweetheart. It’s a twisted version and how it happened is never told.

But some characters, e.g. Rumplestiltskin and Zelena, are better versions of themselves later revealed to be just as flawed as their originals, only made better by the luck of the draw, i.e. circumstance treating them kindly. Which is rather better writing from A&E than we’re used to, really.

So the whole thing’s confused and we can’t take Deckhand Killian as some kind of message re. orthodox Hook’s true nature.

But Colin did a fine job of playing the difference. Where the writers are messy, Colin redeems. Deckhand Killian is afraid but not cowardly. He isn’t incompetent, just untrained. And while he expresses appreciation for Emma, he doesn’t invade her space or leer at her.

When Hook is restored the arrogance is back, as is his Emma-obsession.