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Forehead Kisses- A Bixanna Fic

“But we’ve been planning this double date for months!” Evergreen exclaimed.

“Well we can’t leave Bickslow alone while he’s sick like this.” Laxus replied. “I don’t want to cancel either but we don’t have a choice.”

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What do you use for your art? Like what type of tablet and program? Sorry if you've answered this already!

i use a couple different programs

for coloring/shading/painting, i use paint tool sai on my touch screen laptop! and i’ll occasionally do line art in sai, but the pen pressure for my touch screen is all wack so line art usually looks janky

thats why i use the drawing app on my phone, it’s called ravioli paint 2. it’s pretty handy! i def recommend downloading it if you’re an android user and wanna draw stuff. it’s free, and its basically like a cross between sai and fire alpaca

Star goes “Toffee…you like games, right? How about a bet?”

Toffees like “Hmmm…I’m interested.”

“If I win this game with magic, you have to leave us alone…like..stop being evil.”

“And if I win??”

“You can take the wand…and you can have the Butterfly Castle.”

Everyone’s like YO STAR THAT BET IS WACK but Toffees like DEAL!

Star wins and Toffees like SHIT and Star goes “Hang on…I promised you two things. I should get a second thing too!”

“W….What are you going to do….”

She braids his hair and makes it pretty with lots of flowers and ribbons. She goes “You have to wear your hair like this forever.

Both of them are winners now tbh……

I have been really down these last couple of weeks. Maybe my hormones are out of wack because I’m about to get my period or maybe I just feel like shit because of the lack of emotional fulfillment in my life. But tonight a customer came in to work. He stopped me to ask what my ethnic background was because I was unique looking. My appearance always has people wondering what I am. From that curiosity sparked a whole other conversation. With the least creepy intentions he was telling me how beautiful I was. Not just my outer appearance but my mind as well. He told me that I carry myself in a mature manor but also have this innocence to me. We talked about my dating life and how much of an epic fail it has been. He really hyped me up. He told me that I deserve all that I desire and more. He said that I should be put on a pedestal but also that the energy I give off should be reciprocated. I shouldn’t settle for less than I deserve. That really just validated all of my dating insecurities. I know who I am and I know exactly what I want. I just have yet to find someone that can give it to me. I feel like he was sent to me. He was the sign to keep pushing forward when I didn’t think I wanted to anymore. Talking to strangers has a powerful impact sometimes. I was on the edge and he was there to say “don’t jump you’re better than that”

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I have a secret to tell. I'm in a relationship with a girl and we've been together for the better part of a year. We are poly but neither of us have another partner right now. I'm not sure I love her the way she loves me. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but I'm not sure it's romantic love?? It's not like I don't want to date her, I just don't know if what I feel is romantic. I don't know what to do about it, any advice?

So this can be difficult, because emotions are wack, but here’s what I’d do:

Stick it out for a little bit. Something toooooo many people in our generation forget is that the honeymoon phase is just a phase. Sometimes you won’t feel head over heels for your SO, but if you truly love them you’ll feel it every so often. Relationships aren’t always full of love and I feel like that’s something that’s not taught anymore. Love is friendship, and it’s okay to feel platonic sometimes.

But, if after some time (let’s say…2.5+ weeks?) you still feel that way, just tell her! Don’t say it like ‘let’s just be friends’ but more like you’re only feeling platonic attraction now. If you’re positive on that, it does more harm than good to lead her on in a relationship that ultimately won’t last.

Break a leg, anonnie!!
-Mod Wonderland

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Some people really out here being all 'aw how cute chalk pussy noticed bts 😊' and im just here like yall realize he an ugly bigot who just tryna act nice bc ever1 came for his ass for misspelling kooks name and he tryna gain popularity through them?? Bye Felicia.

KAJC CHALK PUSSY AHDJAJD bitCh this is my mood like ?????? charlie ain’t shit n that lil “i really like bts’ music” tweet recieved more retweets than all of his other retweets combined like. bts exists so HE can eat. wack ass, he’s a closeted trump supporter like i’m upset. jungkook gon keep loving these cis white men then gonna wanna act surprised when he get scammed by them. that’s not my business tho n if jungkook really do like Poof then i’ll at least TRY to respect that only bc jk is my boyf n i support him coconut looking ass no matter what 🙄


The full video makes so much more sense