~the ultimate bright and colourful palette~

Blue and Black

Warmth. Books. Hot chocolate.
Harmonious melody of a relative silence in the city.
Bright blue. Cosy apartment. Smell of fresh backery.
Filled with lights and stories,
Pets, and friends, and trips, and studies.
Being alone was like being wrapped in an old blanket,
Safe and comfortable.
Relatives. People. Questions about your private life.
Pieces of advice about having children and getting married.
Muddy grey. Their words become stuck in your
Gossips. Cliche. Chit-chats.
Crazy old cat lady - neighbors say.
Noticing for the first time that when you’re alone everything’s
Little tight knot in the chest.
Doubts. Lots of doubts in every idea and move.
Confidence evaporated, leaving you to burn in your
Being lonely. Funny words. Sadness.
Understanding that you can be lonely even when you aren’t alone.
Black. No air. Dispair. Nervous breakdown. Crying and
Dark thoughts.
Bright blue. Muddy grey. Ultimate black. Just a change of colours.
Devolution from being an artist into being a used dirty palette.
Devolution from being alone to being extremely

© illirein 2017

anonymous asked:

how do you always pick out such pretty colors??? :0 I'm really bad at colors, could you give me any tips ?

I actually feel like I struggle a lot when it comes to colouring — I’m still working towards making my choices more dynamic and interesting! So I’ve been trying to explore colours more and go more extreme than I usually would. 

I’ll use Amethyst as an example though to try and show what I do –I’m still learning but I hope this helps even a little!

For this one I started with a purple outline (since I like to try and use colours other than black) and her general base colours (I’ve already added a bg colour sinceIt’s going to be important for my lighting choices). If you want to have a more extreme colourful result, however, I recommend not doing this but instead starting with a singular base colour and working off of that –I believe this gives more freedom of colour selection. With this one though I wanted to keep it more simple.

Next I add shading. Blues and Purples are my favourite colour to shade with, though depending on the palette its fun to try other colours too. What’s nice about blues is that they make the shadows feel cool (I almost never ever use black since black usually makes colours look dirty).

Now the initial lighting – I’m now incorporating my background colour into this. I chose orange since it’s bright and more unusual than yellow but still a warm colour. I kind of combined the shading of the hair with the lighting just because I thought it looked more interesting haha

Finally the rest of my lighting plus any other details. I used yellow on the overlay layer setting for a lot of this. Again, its still a pretty simple colour palette. The main colours I used after the base were blue, orange, and yellow. The layer settings I used helped add pink elements into this too, though I never directly used the colour. Ultimately just using warm and cool colours does a lot to a piece! I don’t have time to go more into this but I hope you liked this ^_^