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Breaking Bad was such a wonderful show that it naturally generated a fervent fan base, some of them so passionate, they actually went into the meth-making business. Fans who couldn’t cut it cooking the blue stuff had to get by simply sharing their thoughts about the show online – and the results were almost as deranged. One popular observation noted by fans was that Walt seemed to adopt character traits from the people he killed, such as cutting the crusts off of his sandwiches after offing Crazy 8, or drinking whiskey on the rocks after he killed Mike (he was a rocks-less man before that).

When the show flashed forward in time in its final season, fans hip to that theory predicted that the story would end in the most messed-up manner possible: with Walt killing his wife, Skyler, and his faithful meth-cooking partner, Jesse. They came to that chilling conclusion after seeing Future Walt using the pseudonym “Lambert”, which any pause button fetishist will tell you was Skyler’s maiden name on their divorce papers.

And if Mr. Lambert’s jacket looked familiar, it should: It’s a lot like the one Jesse used to wear.

Wearing Jesse’s jacket, using Skyler’s name – it all seems to point to a finale where Walt murders them both, then eases his bloodlust with a Denny’s Grand Slam. For better or worse, that never happened.

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