~the chemistry between these two is killing me

I’m usually not a shipper but honestly, Mino’s and Taehyun’s (Winner) chemistry is absolutely amazing. When these two are together there is really elecricity between them and their song “Pricked” gave me so much feels. I still hope for a live performance because they would totally kill it. I definitely unterstand why “Namsong” has so many fans and, yes, I can imagine them dating even though I know it’s not true. They just work so well together.

Westallen cuteness in 2x09!

They were so damn adorable and sweet together in the Flash mid-season finale. Their emotional scenes were all so amazing, even better than last year’s mid-season finale. I missed Grant and Candice’s interaction so much this year and I’m so glad we finally got a bit of an explanation for why Iris had been ducking Barry this whole time. She was angry about the whole keeping a secret identity thing. I want to see more scenes between these two I’m sick of all this boring Patty/Barry crap. She’s a horrible person who likes to shoot people and nearly kill in cold blood. I want someone to tell Barry that she tried to kill Wells! WHY IS TEAM FLASH KEEPING THAT FROM HIM?!?

Anyway back to Westallen, this episode reminded me again of why I adore them so much. I love their chemistry, their sweetness and the way they comfort each other when things are at their worst. I wish we could continue to see Barry and Iris grow closer into something more because if this episode was any indication its that Iris is fighting really hard to suppress her feelings for Barry. Its so obvious in her eyes which hold so much sadness even through her smiles and the way she says “I’m happy for you” referring to him and Patty. Ugh writers please allow these two to interact more its killing me with how much angst you’re throwing at them with no pay off. 

I loved when they held each other watching the snow fall it was beautiful. And then Westallen sassing Captain Cold was so great lol! Why can’t we have more nice things like this on the show its not fair :( I’ve been missing Barry and Iris’s relationship so much and this episode felt a lot like what we used to get between them in S1 it’s actually sad when I think of it. Also I LOVED the introduction of Wally West, that was a fantastic acting moment between all four of the main actors ^__^ I got teary eye watching Iris and Joe reunite with Wally for the first time T__T It reminded me of when Oliver reunited with his son!

Oh and speaking of Captain Cold/Leonard Snart I’m really loving his growing respect and twisted care for Barry. He protected him even if it wasn’t much Leonard still went out of his way to warn Barry. The Coldflash *feels* were strong in this episode! Grant and Wentworth are just so damn amazing together, such a beautiful parallel to the Oliver Queen/Malcolm Merlyn relationship. 

P.S Iris bless your little heart for that Olivarry reference at the beginning when you mentioned you were searching for BOTH a Flash and Green Arrow doll as a package deal ^__^ So does this mean Barry told Iris who Oliver is?! ^__^

On that note I didn’t appreciate Joe’s “crazy man” remark mocking Oliver’s friggin PTSD. I wish the Flash writers would STOP trashing Oliver and Arrow like this on The Flash series. Its disgusting, petty. childish and its only making me resent this show more and more. Most of the characters have become unlikable to me because of this sh*t. Its very disheartening as a fan of Arrow for me to watch this other series I enjoy trashing a series I love. The Flash is going to start losing viewers and fans at this rate if they keep it up. Without Arrow THERE WOULD BE NO FLASH SERIES just remember that!