~the chemistry between these two is killing me

My Top Ten Films of the Year:

These were the movies I had the chance to watch in theaters/online and by no particular ranking or order.

  • Call Me By Your Name 🍑 - This is most likely my #1 pick cuz everything just works in this film. The age gap might be uncomfortable for some people, but I saw something natural in the chemistry between the two main characters that didn’t feel remotely predatory or pedophiliac. 
  • The Shape of Water 💦 - LOVE this movie. Del Toro knocks it out of the park again much like Pan’s Labyrinth. I bet money this will win Best Production Design for the Oscar.
  • Raw 🙎 - It’s more of a coming of age film to me instead of a shock and extreme horror film it advertises to be. Nonetheless, it’s not for the faint of heart and squeamish, but a good directorial debut and pushes the boundaries of filmmaking.
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer 🦌 - Original story but not everyone’s cup of tea which I could understand. The ending will leave you SHOOK to the core.
  • Lady Bird 🐦 - 2017 proves to be the year for coming-of-age films, but this one had lovable characters, a bunch of them really, that were properly given the proper right amount of time shown onscreen to breathe and unfold. All of whom intersect the life of a teenage girl that we can all relate to when we were younger where we didn’t know our place and purpose in life.
  • Logan 💔 - It’s literally Marvel’s version of The Dark Knight. So emotional too!
  • The Disaster Artist 🎭 - Franco has been an underwhelming actor for me but this time, along with his brother, his role of Tommy Wiseau made me laugh but also at the same time, sad and sympathetic. Truly his best work to date.
  • Blade Runner 2049 🤖 - If Roger Deakins doesn’t win the Oscar for the cinematography in this film, I am seriously gonna protest.
  • Okja 🐖 - A very original story from Netflix. Heartbreaking yet powerful statement of the food industry in today’s society.
  • Thelma 👩‍❤️‍👩 - Yes, another coming-of-age film where a female college student tries to fit in and figure herself out - BUT with a twist. Unforgettable experience watching it for sure.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Baby Driver 🚗 - Fun and hilariously entertaining, with a distinct auteur trademark style which I hope to see more of in the future.
  • Get Out 🏃🏿 - A thriller that stands out from the rest which is the racial commentary it makes and truthfully may be one of the perfectly crafted screenplay of this year.
  • A Ghost Story 👻 - Like Sacred Deer, this is a film not for everyone, since it’s  slow paced and somewhat pretentious, artsy-indie filmmaking (literally there’s a five minute scene of Rooney Mara eating pie) but if you can get pass through that, I truly believe the story and overall message can be rewarding in the end to watch.
  • To the Bone 🍖 - Another Netflix film that I think tackles the subject of anorexia very well, despite the lame ending.
  • Loving Vincent 👨‍🎨 / Your Name 🇯🇵 - Ugh animation was so good this year but these were the two I actually watched and left quite a memorable impression on me.

Movies Still to be Seen:

 - mother!

 - Dunkirk

 - Coco

- The Florida Project

 - The Big Sick (I realized it’s on Amazon Prime, so I think I’ll give that a watch pretty soon when i have the time)

On Scarlett Johansson’s Inside the Actors Studio Interview and Anti Bruce x Natasha Shippers

If you’re not a Brutasha/Brucenat/HulkWidow fan, please just keep scrolling. Polite has left the building.

Doesn’t this seem like deja vu? It took less than 24 hours before the usual suspects started up their sad propaganda machines again. This really is why we “can’t have nice things” or enjoy a rare moment of validation. I got testy late last night with a  person who seemed reasonable at first glance but dismissed almost every single thing that is canon in the films and twisted what was said in this week’s Inside the Actors Studio interview (s22.5) with Scarlett Johansson. It’s getting worse as the video is going around.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat. If Scarlett had meant FRIENDSHIP, she would have said “friendship”. What she said was “my character HAS this ONGOING RELATIONSHIP WITH MARK RUFFALO’S CHARACTER.” Scarlett brought this affirming description up while discussing the way her own emotions can intersect with her character’s during the acting process. As an example, she talked about the emotions she was feeling one day while filming during Infinity War and not knowing why she had a feeling of “devastation” come over her. She said, “It was something about this character that Mark plays [Bruce/Hulk], and this something that should feel so solid and then suddenly doesn’t.” She did not say that her feeling had anything to do with their romantic relationship. What she meant by “something” is ambiguous, but it’s pretty clear she was not talking about the romance itself. Notice Scarlett did not say they were “just friends” or “broken up” or refer to their romantic relationship in the PAST tense either.  In fact, she did not say anything negative about their romantic relationship at all.

I suspect the “something” has to do with the character arc for Bruce and Hulk that Mark has said will happen over the next three films–Ragnarok, Infinity War, and Avengers 4–and function like a Banner/Hulk solo storyline. Frankly, there are many “devastating” things in Bruce’s background to which Scarlett could feel a connection. The scene she is likely talking about filming is a Natasha and Bruce reunion, confirming they will meet face to face after being apart by as many as three years after Hulk/Bruce left presumably to protect everyone at the end of Age of Ultron. Bruce is going to be a changed man–something that was solid but is then not so solid perhaps. He and Hulk should be on an improved footing, but they will have possibly faced enslavement on Sakaar (and possibly stardom in the arena) and fighting the Fenris Wolf or the demon Surtur and we don’t know what else yet. Again, there is a lot of potential “devastation” for Scarlett to connect with. We’ve only had one still of Mark in character so far, and he’s looking pretty darn happy to see Thor. Come November 3rd, we’ll know more. Still, there is nothing here that would sink the romantic relationship; in fact, it’s likely to make the characters’ connections even stronger.

Scarlett then went on to talk about how her feeling of “devastation” mirrored what had been going on in her own life at the time. I took that to mean the breakup of her marriage, which considering her remarks disparaging monogamy, she may well have initiated. I’m only guessing. Scarlett is a private person. She doesn’t make clear how her life connected to anything specific in the film’s plot, so everything anyone says (me included) is speculative on this point.

Scarlett then repeats her point from earlier in the interview when she says that as an actor, it’s her privilege to be able to bring her own experiences and emotions to her work and be able to play with and examine them with the help of another actor, Mark in this case, who helped her work through and understand her feelings during this creative and cathartic process. Whatever happened in the film, it’s clear that working with Mark in their ongoing romantic screen relationship brought about a personal insight and understanding for her about her real life feelings. Again, there is nothing here to sink the ship.

Please don’t lose heart. The bottom line is these people who trash our CANON ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP are jealous and grasping at wisps of smoke that are not there. They like to make us feel bad, so they can conjure up hope for their NON-canon pairings. The best they can do is make things up and ignore, belittle, abuse, and try to erase everything they can. These people are the bullies kicking sand in our faces because we are a small community. They want us to believe their “alternative facts,” but we are onto them. They want to see Bruce and Natasha pushed into a “friend zone,” so she’ll apparently have a lot of free time to frolic instead with their favorite character in the middle of Infinity War. The odds of that happening are in the million to one range. Instead of celebrating some great male-female, BFF friendships (or a couple of murderous encounters), some want to keep throwing shade and spleen at us, the ship, the characters, the writers, and you name it. I used to feel really sorry for some of these people. I still empathize with people who are responsible enough to use the anti tags and don’t post demeaning things or erase characters or try to shove Bruce to the friend zone. I respect fans who stay in their own lane if they don’t want to join and enjoy our party.

The hate shippers tried these same tactics with Scarlett’s Entertainment Weekly interview from December of 2015 before Civil War came out. They attempted to make us lose hope back then and twisted or omitted parts to fit their desires and wishful thinking. They thought the Russos would “save Natasha.” They want what we have, so they lash out at us and our ship. Nevertheless, we persisted and in the bleakness that was Civil War were rewarded with reassurances both obvious (”We could sure use a Hulk.”) and subtle (the looks from Rhodey and the smiles from Nat when Bruce is mentioned, the color of her clothing, and her Hulk-Gem necklace). It’s been a long voyage since Avengers and Age of Ultron, but we’ve stuck to our course. There is no reason to feel discouraged now. Ignore the anti shippers. Let them choke on their broken dreams.

Do not let them discourage your joy and enthusiasm for what we Bruce x Natasha fans have to celebrate: A Romantic Relationship between two wonderful characters played by the two actors with the best chemistry in the whole darn MCU. Even the rest of the cast members root for Bruce x Natasha despite how poorly some of their own fans behave. This ship has withstood a three-year hiatus, but we now know for certain we will see them together again in Infinity War. Babe, this ship sails on!

Okay, so yesterday me and my sister, both die-hard shippers of Jonsa finished rewatching season 6 of GoT with my boyfriend. It was his first time watching GoT and I decided not to tell him anything about Jonsa, as I didn’t know what his thoughts would be and kind of didn’t want to spoil everything for him. We were watching Battle of Bastards, the fight scene between Jon and Sansa, when he asked us to pause the show and deadly serious asked “are these two going to get married next season?”. Our reaction I guess was more than he was fishing for, we started screaming and laughing and high-fiving each other to his great confusion. So we’re not delusional, it’s being confirmed again, the chemistry is there, the tension is there, people even outside of the fandom can see it and D&D are fucking blind and deaf fools if they can’t see it and would rather serve us the total cliché that is Joenerys.

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Stage kisses || Dan Howell

A/N: I both hate and love myself for what I did with this request tbh. I’m sorry @nerdyukuleletryhard

Word Count: +2K

POV: Reader


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I could feel that all eyes were on us. There was no empty seat left in the audience since the plays of our high school were famous in our little town. Because of the bright light of the spotlights it got quite warm on stage, but I’d do anything for theatre even kiss a guy I hardly knew.

I was wearing a white dress, my eyes were pressed shut and I pretended to be unconscious. Dan Howell had gotten the second lead role. We were a weird pairing. I was a geeky, smart and sometimes shy girl with a passion for Drama and English class and he was a quite handsome, popular guy with an interest in sports and girls. I didn’t even know he’s into drama, but he wasn’t bad at all. I could feel him move around me and then he sat down next to where I was lying.

“Here’s to my love! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.” 

I could hear Dan solemnly exclaim shortly before his warm lips met mine. We hadn’t rehearsed the kiss before because our drama teacher wanted this important scene to be genuine and not a routine. I was honestly completely taken aback. Never before had a guy kissed me that intensively. I forgot that there was an audience watching us. My heart race sped up and I nearly kissed back before I remember that Juliet is unconscious in this scene. Sooner as I wanted him to Dan pulled away and acted out his death.

I had rosy cheeks for the rest of the play and when the curtains closed there was thunderous applause, people rose from their seats, and Dan’s friends loudly cheered.

“You were awesome, Y/N!” Dan complimented me as soon as we had rushed backstage, still filled with adrenaline.

“You totally killed it, Howell!” I shouted and seconds later he pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

We quickly broke apart when Mr. Scot, our drama teacher, headed towards us with a large grin of approval on his face.

“Bravo! I have never seen so much chemistry between two people on stage. And Mr. Howell that was one hell of a kiss.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Dan said as a blush crept onto his face.

“I’m really proud of you two. Can’t wait to do another play.” Mr Scot told us happily before he walked away again.

“It really was one hell of a kiss.” I couldn’t stop myself from admitting before it was too late and the words had already slipped out.

Suddenly there was a huge smirk on Dan’s face.

“Well, well Juliet I guess you have found your Romeo.” He cockily remarked, making my cheeks heat up to over a thousand degrees.

“Shut up.” I whined and rolled my eyes.

“O Romeo, O Romeo” Dan mocked me in a high- pitched voice, causing me to shake my head in embarrassment.

“Stop it, Howell.” I shouted at him and hit his chest playfully.

“I’m not this ‘Howell’ you are speaking of. I’m Romeo Montague and Juliet is the sun.”  

I just groaned instead of answering and proceeded to walk away.

“Y/N- I mean Juliet, wait! I know we are different and our parents may not agree, mine really don’t care actually so don’t worry, but I’d really love to give this story a happy ending and take you out.”  

That’s how me and Dan got together. We had our first kiss on stage and went on a couple of dates after that. He asked me to be his girlfriend with another Romeo and Juliet reference and I just couldn’t say no. At first it was bit weird for both of us because we were so different and had such a different group of friends, but we all got used to it.

Exactly a year after the famous performance that brought us together Mr. Scot asked us to play the lead roles for his next project. Theatre and our love for drama class were basically the only things that me and Dan had in common so we obviously agreed to our teacher’s offer.

“What are we gonna put on stage Mr. Scot?” Dan asked as soon as we walked into the room where we had our first rehearsal.

“Well, Mr. Howell let’s just hope you can sing.”

“A musical?!” Dan exclaimed in surprise and shock.

“Not just any musical, Daniel.”

It took a bit of convincing from my side to make Dan sing, but he eventually agreed to it for me.

[After rehearsal]

“I still can’t believe you got me to do this.” Dan laughed, shaking his head.

“You sounded awesome, baby.” I smiled at him and took his hand in mine.

When we reached the parking lot it was already dark outside and the streetlamps were on.

“Do you still have time to come over today?” I asked Dan, wanting to spend some more time with him.

“Sorry, I can’t.”

The last time we got to hang out together was more than two weeks ago. I missed our alone time but Dan was always busy. He made it onto our high school’s soccer (football) team this year so he had after school practices and he still needed to do school work and spend time with his friends and teammates. I mean, I could understand that he had a lot to do, but I also felt a bit neglected.    

When I arrived at school the next day I walked straight up to Dan’s locker like I did every morning. Normally he’d be waiting for me there so we could go to class together but today he was surrounded by some of his jock friends. Just as I had decided to walk past them Dan called me.

“Hey, babe. C’mon over.” I swallowed hard as I did what he told me.

“Dude, is that your girl?” One of his friends asked, eyeing me up and down.

Dan nodded proudly and smirked as he wrapped his arm around my waist.”

“She is hot.” The same guy commented, ignoring the fact that I was right in front of him.

“Mr. Scot actually asked me to be in one of stupid plays today. I’d rather vomit all of my guts out and die.” Another one of Dan’s teammates told us and started laughing. Everybody joined in except for me. I just watched Dan laugh at the only thing that we both loved and didn’t know the guy who stood next to me anymore.

 I gotta say what’s on my mind

Something about us

Doesn’t seem right these days

Life keeps getting in the way

Whenever we try, somehow the plan

Is always rearranged

I’ve go to move on and be who I am

I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand

“CUT! Okay Y/N that was perfect, but sadly we are out of time for today. We’ll do the rest of the break up scene tomorrow.”  

“You never told me that you have such a lovely voice, baby.” Dan complimented me with a sweet smile on the way out.

After we had reached the parking lot once again the words I had to sing were still stuck in my head. I realized that I had already made my decision.

“Dan, before you head home, I need to talk to you. I have never identified with a role that much, you know? Lately, you haven’t been yourself anymore and that’s okay. I understand that people change, but I think we both can relate to what I just had to sing. We are not working anymore.” I had to try really hard not to cry and break down in front of him. I stopped talking before my voice got too shaky.

“Y/N, you can’t be serious! I-I -babe, I love you! Dan stuttered heartbroken, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Dan, it’s not that I don’t love you anymore. I just think it’s easier for us this way.”

“What fucking way is this supposed to be?” he shouted as he ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

“This here is easier than slowly getting my heart ripped out by you! I felt like you didn’t care for me at all the last couple weeks. You just hang out with your friends and make stupid jokes. I don’t even know you anymore, okay. Actually, you haven’t told me you love me in months, only now that it’s too late!”

“But you always knew that I loved you, right?” Dan asked me softly, his voice breaking mid-sentence.

I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into tears anymore. I just shook my head at his words since my voice had let me down.


 After Dan and I’s emotional break up things went back to how they were before we started dating. I only hung out with my geek friends and he joined the jocks and popular kids. We only saw each other during the rehearsal for our play and we didn’t talk more than we needed to there. From what I could tell, I could say that we were both not doing that great without each other. I remembered how happy I was during the heydays of our relationship and felt dull inside. The ugly truth though was that I was already miserable before we broke up. Still, I couldn’t help myself from looking forward to every single rehearsal we had, just because I was able to see Dan there. I knew that it was wrong but I guess I still had feelings for him. So, on the day of our grand debut I was extremely excited but also sad because I wouldn’t get to see Dan anymore.

When I got on stage I quickly scanned the audience and spotted not only my parents but also Dan’s jock friends. They sat in the last row and stared at us impressed. They gave Dan the thumbs up to cheer him on. We started acting, we had to portray a happy couple just like the one we were once. Half way through our performance it was time for our break up scene.

I’ve got to move on and be who I am

I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand

We might find a place in this world someday

But at least for now, I gotta go my own way

I sang, trying to ignore how nervous I was and how emotional I got. Having to look Dan straight into his beautiful brown eyes broke my heart all over again. I was glad when Dan had to take over because I knew that my voice would let me down soon.

What about us?

What about everything we’ve been through?

What about trust?

You know I never wanted to crush you-

As Dan sang there were tears glistening in his eyes and I knew for a fact that he wasn’t acting.

“I can’t do this.” Dan admitted with watery eyes right before he rushed backstage. The audience gasped loudly. I quickly followed him just to find him full on crying in his dressing room. Tears blurred his vision as silent sobs left his mouth.

“I’m so sorry.” He wept bitterly, avoiding to look at me. “I just couldn’t sing this song and look at you anymore, knowing that I was stupid enough to let you go.”

I sat down on the floor next to him and took his shaking hands in mine.

“Dan, I’m the one who is sorry.” I whispered, staring at my feet.

“What are you sorry for?” he asked me unbelievingly in between snivels.

“I’m sorry for putting you through this and breaking up with you.” I admitted.

“No, you were totally right, Y/N. I was acting like a dick and I took you for granted. Right after you broke up with me I told all of my friends that I’m doing this play and they are even here today. I just wanted to fit in and that was a stupid idea. You are more worth then being on the soccer team, or being popular. Y/N you are worth more than anything I can think of.”  

“Breaking up with you was a stupid idea.” I admitted and laughed a little as I watched Dan’s eyes widen.

“What- Are you playing with me because I think I might be having a heart attack right now?” Dan looked like he couldn’t believe his ears.

“You know that in the play our roles get back together, right?” I grinned before I finally kissed him again.

‘The Walking Dead’: Josh McDermitt says yes to Richonne and ‘Say Yes’

Every week, The Walking Deads very own Josh McDermitt, who plays Dr. Eugene Porter, is taking EW behind the scenes of the hit AMC horror series. For each episode, McDermitt will share his thoughts on what went down and what’s coming up, plus walk us through the ins and outs of the show. This week, McDermitt dives into the 12th episode of season 7, “Say Yes.”

The opening of “Say Yes,” last night’s episode of The Walking Dead got me really excited for some Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) ass kicking and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Thank you, Greg Nicotero, for directing an awesome episode.

Rick and Michonne looked like a S.W.A.T. team moving from house to house, location to location clearing and scavenging for supplies. And then of course, there was a bunch of love-making. I always felt like there would be more love-making in the apocalypse. With Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) no more, who else should pick up the torch but two characters that seem to have been at odds from the very start of their relationship? I remember way back in season 3, in an episode called “Clear” (my favorite pre-Eugene episode BTW), Rick and Michonne go on a supply run and bump into a crazy version of Morgan (Lennie James). Even way back then, the tension between Rick and Michonne was thick and I remember hoping they would wind up together some day. Well they did. This was a slow burn. Scott M. Gimple wrote the episode “Clear” and I wonder if he was planting the seeds way back then for an epic payoff last night.

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Rick and Michonne felt like an old married couple to me and I loved it. At one point, they fell through a roof and laughed about it. This episode at times seemed like a much needed break of fun from the terror and heartache we see most weeks. When they were backed up against the dumpster and deciding who should kill which walkers, Rick leaves her with eight. Eight? “You can handle eight…” was Rick’s response to her objection. The chemistry between these two was really evident in this episode so beautifully written by Matt Negrete. They’ve known each other a long time. Their relationship has a deep history and yet this is all so new between them. Michonne has the ability to be such a hard ass, someone you don’t want to mess with, and then she shows she can be so soft and delicate. The dynamics between the two of them were certainly fun to watch.

Michonne tells Rick, “It’s up to us to reorder the world once Negan (Josh McDermitt/Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is gone.” Rick is reluctant to take on that role. In fact, this whole episode, he’s reluctant to go back home so quickly. Perhaps because he knows what’s about to happen once they actually have to go to war. People will die. Or maybe because he’s able to take a break from being a leader and turn his body over to Michonne for some uninterrupted adult time.

Either way, I think the more logical reason is basically what he was explaining to Michonne at the end. He says he doesn’t want to lose anyone else. And they will. Maybe a lot of people. Maybe even each other. But even then, it’ll be worth it. Michonne says she can’t lose him. What kind of life would they have just surrendering? Making a future — that’s living. Rick is trying to convince Michonne that she can lose him because it’s not about them. It’s about the future. And she will have to pick up the torch and build that future. It’s such a great scene between them and I don’t like it because it sounds like Rick is saying goodbye to her. Eugene may be Negan now, but Josh still loves Rick.

In the end, “Richonne” are able to score a huge win and find a giant supply of guns. I mean, it looked like there was some heavy firepower in there. And they turn over the weapons to Jadis (Pollyanna MacIntosh) and the Scavengers, aka The Heapsters. I want to see a whole episode where Rick negotiates with Jadis. I love that he turned it on her and said, “Say yes,” the way she said that to him. How’s that taste, Jadis? BOOM!

Tara (Alanna Masterson) had a great scene with Baby Judith where she basically told her why she’s keeping the Oceanside community a secret. Week to week I would wonder why Tara wasn’t saying anything about the huge stash of guns at the little beach community. It can’t just be because she promised, right? Well, it’s obviously more than that. She kept that promise to Cindy not knowing that coming back to Alexandria would turn her life upside down. And the fact that Cindy saved Tara’s life means something now in this world of people only taking care of themselves. If Tara brings Rick to Oceanside, everyone is in for a world of hurt. She summed it up best by saying, “What makes our lives worth more than theirs?” She’s holding out hope that maybe Rick and the others could find some guns and another community doesn’t have to enter the fray. And it seems that’s where her hope lies at the moment… but at least there’s hope.

Quite possibly my favorite scene from last night’s episode was with Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Rosita went out to find guns and didn’t find any. She came back and basically blames Father Gabriel for talking her out of being reckless with her actions. She said, “I had a gun. I was gonna use it.” And Gabriel smacks her back with some good, old-fashioned preacher wisdom. “It’s easier to be dead. If it’s my fault you’re alive then I’ll live with that. You can blame me for having a life, but after that? What are you gonna do with it?” That’s my line of the whole episode.

It was nice to be reminded of where Rosita is coming from with her anger… And where she’s going: Hilltop. Rosita goes to Hilltop to see Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). Oh, remember we’re not friends? Now we are? This should get juicy. But Rosita diffuses all of that by giving Sasha a sniper rifle. Rosita is frustrated with how things are moving back at Alexandria. “They need more guns, people, time, excuses.”

“This is a one-way ticket for both of us.”

Things are about to get crazy, I can feel it.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


so i won the lottery and i got to see tbom again ?? im still so emotional so i wrote down all my thoughts, tho i probably missed some anyway (its under a read more because this is long)

(the cast for this was jay james moody, ryan bondy, rowan witt, zahra newman, a rly good swing/us covering mafala, morgan palmer covering todds track and justin lonesome covering gotswana)

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anonymous asked:

Just wandering, and I'm not saying Kylo Ren and Anakin Skywalker are the same - Anakin had a better written story arc and motives whilst Kylo is a brat at the moment (so angry when I found out his crappy motive), but what's your opinion on Anakin? Did you forgive him? Because he murdered a lot of people and is responsible for a lot of deaths and if you don't hate him why do you hate Kylo so much? Do you have any faith he could become a better character? +Stormpilot (Finn x Poe) pinions?

I have mixed feelings about Anakin and it’s hard to say whether I fully forgive him or not. However, I would be much quicker to forgive Anakin than Kylo. The reason why is because of their motivations. Yes, what Anakin/Vader and Kylo do is similar, they both murder people, support evil organizations (Empire and FO), and they stand by and watch as whole planets are destroyed (Alderaan and the Hosnian system). These acts are unforgivable. Period. But their reasons why are what sets them apart.

I don’t forgive Anakin/Vader for what he did but I would sooner forgive him than Kylo. Anakin was born a slave on Tatooine, grew up in poverty with the constant threat of violence, was taken in by an organization that he knew little about and was not allowed to see his mother ever again, spent his young adult years fighting in a war, and was manipulated by a Sith into committing terrible atrocities. Of course he should be held accountable for his own actions but Palpatine is certainly a large factor in what Anakin did. The main reason why Anakin did those awful things was to protect the people he loved. He wanted to save Padme from dying and he needed great power to do so. Does wanting to save Padme excuse the bad things he did, though? No.

Now there’s the issue of Kylo Ren. I have a hard time forgiving Anakin but I find it practically impossible to forgive Kylo. Ben Solo was born into privilege with loving parents. Yes, having war heroes for parents no doubt put pressure and high expectations on him but there are other characters, such as Poe, who came from parents that were important in the Rebellion and had that same pressure, but still didn’t turn evil. Ben Solo came from a loving family, albeit a family that was very focused on rebuilding the galaxy, but loving none the less. Leia and Han may have spent a lot of time rebuilding the Republic, and Luke a lot of time training young force sensitives, Ben himself among them, but there is nothing in canon (that I know of) that suggests that Ben was not loved by his family. For all intents and purposes, he had a much better life than Anakin’s. And yet he still turned evil. We don’t yet know just how much of an influence Snoke has on Kylo, or if their relationship is similar or not to Vader and Palpatine’s, so it can’t be said that Kylo’s actions are the result of Snoke’s manipulation the way that some of Anakin/Vader’s were the result of Palpatine’s manipulation. It all comes back to motivation. Anakin committed terrible deeds for the sake of love. Kylo committed terrible deeds for the sake of power. Kylo killed Han because he thought it would make him stronger. I don’t believe for one second that Anakin would have killed Shmi for the same reason. I don’t believe Anakin would have killed Shmi at all.

Kylo stans often say that because Anakin/Vader was redeemed then Kylo should be too. I disagree. Anakin was only redeemed by Luke. There is no indication (that I know of) that other characters forgave Anakin. Leia certainly didn’t, nor did the general public because, as seen in Bloodlines, there was huge backlash against Leia when it was found out that he was her biological father. Vader was redeemed in the eyes of Luke and Luke alone, so Vader’s redemption is in no way comparable to even the possibility of Kylo’s redemption.

Also, Kylo was in fact given a chance to redeem himself. Han gave him that chance. And Kylo killed him. Vader was given a chance to redeem himself. Luke gave him that chance. And Vader took it.

That’s the difference. For me at least, feel free to disagree.

I’m not much of a shipping person, but I do think there is definitely some merit in Stormpilot. There is a lot of chemistry between the two and it would be so awesome to see an interracial gay couple in a huge franchise like Star Wars. Unfortunately, I think it has little chance of being canon, but we can always hope.

To all of you DEH fans who may never get to see it, let me help you out by pointing out some things
(that happened in my show atleast)
-when we say Ben constantly keeps up the act of fidgeting and hunching over, I mean that it doesn’t stop ONCE throughout the show
-the scene where Evan is offered college support from the Murphy’s is the most intense thing I have ever witnessed, it was so awkward it sparked up my anxiety.
-the chemistry between Ben and Laura onstage is real. The eye contact in only us was killing me
-also in only us between two of “the world falls away” they share a little kiss before kissing full on at the end
-after the line,“look at him, he’s probably high” Mike just looks up and grins at the crowd
- during “you will be found” Ben literally becomes broken on the ground. He sinks down and looks like he is having minor convulsions(this may only have happened in my show and it seriously worried me).
-During “To break in a glove” Micheal Park started crying, which i never thought happened.
-waving through a window starts RIGHT after connor pushes Evan
-Good For You is so intense and I didn’t imagine Jared THAT mad
-Mike sings For Forever at one point
-the part that will stay with me forever was the ominous silence after “did you fall? Or did you let go” it was just a groundbreaking moment.
-words fail -I cant even explain this one but I can’t bring myself to listen to it
-Finale has a lot of extra dialogue and it just has the whole cast looking at ben singing,“all we see is sky for forever”
That is all for now, if you want more details feel free to message me!

K Drama List

Okay yeah I told myself I wouldn’t do this but I lied. This is a list of all the K Drama’s I’ve watched. Ratings and all

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Rating: 8/10

This was it. This drama got me hooked onto drama’s! It was so cute and carefree and the iconic ‘Do you like Messi?’ line still gets me every damn time! I loved the chemistry between the leads and although I thought I would get second lead syndrome, it was impossible not to fall in love with  Joon-Hyung. The only reason it didn’t get a 10/10 was because of the other dramas I’ve watched

2. Thumping Spike 2

Rating: 2/10

I don’t even know why I finished this drama but this was the worst drama I have ever watched! I stopped watching for a while because of this. The storyline, the acting, the girl was incredibly annoying and so was the second lead. Honestly would recommend this to anyone who wants to quit dramas cold turkey

3. Uncontrollably Fond

Rating: 9/10

TEARS! THERE WERE LOADS AND LOADS OF TEARS! I am not an emotional person at all so the fact that this drama got me to cry was just…honestly I cant! I was hooked from the second episode and finished this within 3 days even though I had finals that week. Bae Suzy took some getting used to but GOD DAMN KIM WOO BIN AND HIS AMAZING ACTING SKILLS! just get your tissues ready is all im saying especially for the last episode

4. Goblin

Rating: 9.5/10

I watched this two days after recovering from uncontrollably fond only because i saw it all over twitter. I was super skeptical coming into this but I just couldn’t help myself and it was probably the best decision I have ever made! The acting from the whole cast and the cinematography was just brilliant! At no point of this drama would you be bored I can assure you that much. I fell in love with the Grim Reaper and the whole twist it was just brilliant! I still tear up when I think about this drama. I went through more tissues for this more than any other drama I have ever watched

5. Heartless City/ Cruel City

Rating: 9/10

THE TWISTS OF THIS DRAMA OH MY LORD! At the end of every episode you are guaranteed a twist you would have never guessed! This drama kept me on my toes and kept me up at night. The acting was amazing but at times the female lead can get on your nerves so just be patient but the female interactions are amazing and I wish more drama’s gave us that. The male leads were all hot af which makes it so so easy to watch but really the friendships and relationships is what keeps this drama so amazing. it’s more of a psychological thriller than it is a romantic one but if you do want to get into psychological thrillers then i would highly recommend this one

6. W: Two worlds

Rating: 5.5/10

I didn’t finish this one because it got wayyy too repetitive. It was good for like the first 12 episodes then I had to force myself to keep watching. I liked the concept of a comic book character coming to life and switching between worlds but I thought it dragged on for way too long and just couldn’t bear to keep watching. The chemistry seemed a little forced but the acting by Lee-Jong Suk was the only reason I kept watching - amazing!

7. The Heirs

Rating: 6.5/10

THE SECOND LEAD SYNDROME IS SO BAD SO PREPARE YOURSELVES! I was recommended this by a lot of people to watch with Boys Over Flowers but after watching this and suffering my second lead syndrome I just couldn’t keep watching. It got too draggy and too repetitive at times like yes I get it - You’re rich and she is not. The female character was incredibly annoying but other than that and the second lead syndrome this was alright. My favourite character will forever be Chan Young that little cutie

8. City Hunter

Rating: 7/10

This was…wow! The stunts and the cinematography was amazing! Hats off to Kim- Sang Joong for his amazing portrayal of Lee Jin Pyo! This drama will really keep you on your toes especially with all the fights and the couple of twists

9. She Was Pretty

Rating: N/A

I couldn’t get past the 3rd episode. It bored me from the start and was incredibly cringy at times. Maybe I will try to watch it again but I just couldn’t watch the whole ‘oh i used to be pretty but now im super ugly.’ trope.

10. Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Rating: 3/10

Reminder: that this is a personal opinion list

Every time I tell someone I didn’t like this drama I get very bad looks but I just couldn’t with this drama man! I forced myself to finish it. It was really interesting at the start and I loved it but after the 13th episode (and I know cause I looked) I was so bored and it just annoyed me to no end. This drama really put me off period dramas and till now I can’t watch any. The first lead and her fizzled off and the fact that almost every guy was in love with her just made me roll my eyes. The drama dragged on for way too long and the ending sucked. This is probably the worst one I watched after Thumping Spike. I stopped watching drama’s for a while because of it. The only saving grace was Nam Joo Hyuk

11. Legend of the Blue Sea

Rating: 9.5/10

THIS WAS THE CUTEST DRAMA! I put off watching this for a while because of the whole mermaid thing but I regret it so much! It was so cute and the acting was on point! I cried so much during the last episode oh lord! The love story was funny, moving, so well developed and it was adorable from start to finish! This drama will make you laugh, cry, pissed off at times but it was just…I wish I could erase my memories and watch it again! Warning: you will fall in love with Tae-O

12. Bride of Habaek

Rating: 4/10

I was so disappointed with this drama, i had such high expectations and it just…Okay so I finished it because of Krystal and Gong Myung and how adorable their relationship is. This drama was adapted from the manga and i have to say that the manga was way better. The lead actress was so annoying and other than ‘I am a God you can’t treat/say/do this to me’ Nam Joo Hyuk really doesn’t have any other lines. Watch at your own risk.

13. School 2017

Rating: 9/10

THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA! It was adorable while also teaching a lot about society nowdays. I loved the fact that it was supportive rather than pitting leads against leads like drama’s usually do. It was so cute and funny and just made my insides go ASJSFJSFJSHFSF because of the chemistry and how relevant the stories were.

14. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Rating: 9.5/10

THIS IS THE CUTEST DRAMA IF YOU WANT A BREAK FROM CRYING OR LIFE! Min min and Bong Bong OH I CANNOT! It was funny and cute and a little supernatural but trust me you will love it! This one will make you roll on the ground and pause just to squeal bc CUTENESS! Get me a guy like him pls

15. My Secret Romance

Rating: 8/10

This is kind of like Strong Woman but without the supernatural powers. A lot of resemblance with the whole CEO and girl who is working in the company except this one involves a one night stand and a female lead that can get on your nerves a little but other than that it was adorable and cute and definitely gives you a break from the crying dramas

16. Oh My Venus

Rating: 8.5/10

So this is a story about a fat girl who wants to lose weight and gets (read as: manipulates) a world famous trainer to help her boom they fall in love. It was really cute and the relationship between all of the cast just does things to my heart! It’s really worth the watch and the ending just had me on the floor! Also abs abs abs abs ERRYWHERE

17. While You Were Sleeping

Rating: 9.5/10

I just finished this drama like 3 days back and OH MY GOD! BEST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED! The chemistry between the two leads killed me! The twists and the character development and the directing and the cinematrograhy and the ACTING OH MY GOD! I have never watched a drama like this before! The supernatural and the real life scenarios were just…WOW!

18. Descendants of the Sun

Rating: 9.5/10

THIS FRICKIN DRAMA! I finished this in 2 days! It was that addicting and amazing! Both the lead and the side couple were brilliant! The acting was amazing the chemistry was even better! The fact that they also focus on the rest of the cast and the growth development of every single damn character is what got me! THE OST FOR THIS IS STILL ON MY PLAYLIST! I love this drama so much it’s in my top 5

19. Healer

Rating: 8.5/10

The reason it took me so long to watch this was because I read somewhere that it wasn’t worth the watch and that person is wrong! The concept of this drama is different but all episodes work towards one goal which i wanna say but will be a spoiler. The ending will have you shook

20. My Love From Another Star

Rating: 8.5/10

THIS FRICKIN DRAMA! It was really good and I loved the chemistry (which I know I say a lot) but really man! Chong Seong Hee is like an onion -  she has layers and there is also an alien but really man this drama killed it! I had very low expectations from it and it seriously proved me wrong. There is this one scene with the lead’s camera…just…get tissues. I teared but did not cry bc im a strong woman with no emotions

21. Pinocchio

Rating: N/A

I couldn’t get past the 7th episode. It bored me and I just found myself rolling my eyes at it a lot. I will try and rewatch this one day but just not any time in the near future.

22. Fight For My Way

Rating: 9.5/10

I COULD NOT STOP WATCHING! This drama was amazing! 4 best friends who just live life and the character development and the romance and friendship is literally goals! It was lighthearted but also got serious when it needed to be! It’s amazing and I would totally watch it again and again! I love Ae Ra’s aegyo she’s adorable <3

23. Suspicious Partner

Rating: 8/10

The start was a little rocky but after that it really grew on me. I would watch it in between classes and what not the cliffhangers just had me biting on my nails and the romance didn’t seemed forced or anything it was overall pretty alright and as a law student i loved the law part of it hehe

24. Hospital Ship

Rating: N/A

I will definitely be coming back to this but I had to stop midway for a bit. I loved the slow burn romance and also how that wasn’t the main plot of the story. I also loved the character interactions and how you can literally see the growth of each character after every episode.

25. Cheese in The Trap 

Rating: 1.5/10 

This drama is just super creepy with the stalker and his ‘dark tendencies’. It had me cringing and hating the fact that I had to keep watching. The only saving grace was Baek In Ho with his witty banter and constant support. The SLS is really strong in this drama. Baek In Ha was just cringy and annoying overall 


The fact that Sara Lance, Captain of the Waverider, is treated like a side character pisses me off. Especially in the crossover. Earth-X Quentin straight up says to her face that he killed Earth-X Sara because she’s bi and not getting a scene with her and Oliver at least acknowledging that is just stupid. Then we have Dinah Drake who is the new Black Canary and Sara Lance, who is the sister of Laurel Lance, the Balck Canary THAT DIED, not even talk to each other…. whyy???? AND THEN THE FACT THAT THEY WANT TO PAIR UP AVA AND SARA CONFUSES ME EVEN MORE???? These two hate each other and there is like no chemistry or whatever between them. So it just baffles me that people think this is a good pairing???? This isn’t a “i hate you because i secretly love you” type relationshp. THEY SERIOUSLY DESPISE EACH OTHER. If you want to put Sara in a relationship, then find someone who would first of all have a better connection than Ava. Even if they do use Ava, it wont work. The team doesn’t like her which means you’re gonna have to backtrack on all the negative feelings already established towards her.

Winter Formal - Garrett Imagine

You groaned in front of your locker after witnessing another winter formal grand proposal in the hallway that involved balloons, streamers, and glitter. After seeing an organized flash mob that involved the football team in the quad for the head cheerleader during lunch, you were ready to snap if you saw one more grand gesture. You wanted to scream so badly but that would set off certain people. Of course, it would catch everyone’s attention but only a handful would find it as a warning, a trouble of some sort, or a death warning. 

The problem wasn’t the general idea of winter formal. You wanted to go. You wanted to be asked in a special way and get dressed up in a dress you’d only wear one night. You wanted to keep the corsage in a box of memories in the back of your closet, create memories with your friends, and capture them in photos you’d keep forever. You wanted to dance the night the away under the stars with the boy you loved. That was the problem. The one person you wanted to ask you to winter formal and go with is the one guy you’re not allowed to go near, Garrett. 

“Guess who just got asked to Winter Formal?!” Kira cheerfully asked with a handful of pink and white balloons in her hand, and a picture perfect smile on her pretty face. That’s it! You thought to yourself. Inside your locker you grabbed a pencil from your magnetic pencil holder, and stabbed a balloon, making a loud pop noise.

“Bite me!” You said angrily to Kira and walked away.

Garrett was a touchy topic with the pack. No one knew how you felt about him. You two were chemistry lab partners. The kind of lab partners teachers regret putting together after realizing how loud the pair was, as they always laughed, joked, smiled, and flirted between the eyes. Except nothing more happened, or rather nothing more could happen between the two of you. Garrett was an assassin, who kills supernatural creatures, and sooner or later he’ll go after Scott’s pack, a pack you were a part of. 

After lashing out on Kira, you decided to skip your last class, chemistry. You were tired of all the winter formal talk and the last thing you wanted was the constant reminder of not getting to share at least one dance with the boy sitting next to you.

You walked right by the chemistry classroom door, down the hallway, and bumped into someone before reaching the double doors that led to the parking lot. The clash knocked down your school bag and papers flew everywhere. You sighed in frustration and kneeled down to pick up your school stuff without looking at the klutz that walked into you.

“Whoa! I didn’t see you, Y/N. Where are you off in such a hurry?” You recognized the voice, making your heart skip a beat. You looked up to see your favorite pair of blue eyes. “Chemistry is that way,” he gestured with his index finger.

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Dear Mr Gansa,

Firstly, thank you for having created and sustained Homeland as a truly exceptional, sometimes brilliant show. I feel privileged to be among the show’s huge fandom. I have only recently connected with the social media presence and Homeland community and am thrilled to find many highly intelligent, devoted people with whom I can share my passion for the show. This letter writing initiative is welcome to me as offering a chance to express my deep appreciation for Homeland, but also, sadly, my even deeper disenchantment.

My Homeland journey is in many ways not unusual. I fell in love with seasons 1 and 2, stunned by their boldness and magnificent acting. There were always lulls (in such an intense, gutsy show there have to be) but the writing was so sharp and the characterisation so stunning that I became hooked. Carrie Mathison engaged me as a flawed, multi-dimensional figure far from the mould of stereotypical heroine, beautifully embodied by Claire Danes. New avenues of subtlety and exploration opened up with the arrival of Quinn, thanks to the astonishing chemistry between the two actors, so that seasons 3-4 were fascinating. I was gripped by season 5 but found the plot rather melodramatic and something of the coherence faltered for me; as the torture increased, I found it harder to watch, and couldn’t bring myself to watch the final hour or so. The killing of Quinn seemed gratuitous and cheap.

This proved to be an ominous prelude to season 6 and its relentless, pointless sadism. The show seemed to lose its vision spectacularly, with ever duller backdrop and ever more tedious padding. The plot became incomprehensible and dull beyond endurance. Spasmodic secondary characters clogged up the episodes. Established characters felt extraneous. Only the heartbreaking, fearless performance from Rupert Friend kept me at all interested. He embodied Quinn’s agony and fierce resilience with extraordinary commitment. Carrie simply shrivelled up as a character, with no dynamicism, no spark of genius, nothing of her former self in fact. But above all, I was revolted by the final episode’s pointless despatch of Quinn, and shocking treatment of his character as utterly inconsequential. After so many years of investment and development, a whole arc was casually shut down. Gratuitous and cheap all over again, but this time, much worse, in that real issues of profound seriousness had been raised concerning PTSD, child sexual exploitation, and psychological abuse, only to be curtly dismissed. The potential for something extraordinary to light up the show was simply squandered. Quinn dying believing himself to be devoid of feeling, unlovable, a ‘monkey’, sent out a brutal message about the disposability of those perceived as ‘less than’. The handling of his death was crass in the extreme (e.g. Carrie stuffing his meagre belongings into a rubbish bag in a scene of horrific callousness). There was nothing satisfying about the plot with its dead ends and general lack of direction. All that was left was a sick taste in the mouth.

Suddenly it seems as if Homeland is set on self-destruct.

I am still shocked and dismayed at what happened: how this beloved show has gone totally off the rails. What has also distressed me is the apparent lack of respect for the fans so far exhibited by yourself and the rest of the crew, with a combination of total disregard, or disparaging remarks. Sincere questions have been asked but stonewalled or belittled. I admire hugely the campaign to raise funds in honour of Quinn and urge you to make a public demonstration of your own honourable conduct by matching, as asked, the funds raised (over $5000 so far, I believe). This would seem to be the least you can do.

Some of my favorite dramas of 2015

My top 5 dramas from 2015 ^_^ (in order of when it aired)

1.  Pinocchio- Most of the episodes for this drama aired in 2014 but it ended in 2015 so I ended up putting it on this list instead of last years. I love the leads and everything about this drama. I feel like this was the better version of Heirs in the sense it was made up of great cast and crew with a lot of potential and unlike Heirs Pinocchio was a success. 

2. Kill Me Heal Me- This was one of the first dramas to air in 2015 and let me just say dramaland had a great start in 2015 with this master piece. Not only did I love the Oh siblings but Ji Sung did a phenomenal  job of playing 7 different parts. Hands down one of the best dramas with some of the best I’ve ever seen. This drama aired same time as Hyun Bin’s drama with a similar plot line and I first started watching Hyde Jekyll Me because of Hyun Bin but I soon lost interest and tried Kill Me Heal Me. Let me just say I fell in love after the first couple of episodes. 

3. High Society- This was a nice surprise. It was like Marriage not Dating from last year, I don’t think either of the dramas had a big following but I loved watching them both. I wasn’t a big fan of Sung Joo first drama in 2015 (Hyde Jekyll Me) but High Society made up for it ^_^

4.Sassy Go Go- I actually binged watched this drama after it aired. I’ve seen most of EunJi’s dramas and I just love seeing her playing a student. Her character in Sassy Go Go reminded me of Reply 1997, both a must watch. 

5. She was Pretty-  I started the year with Jung-Eum and Seo-Joon and also ended they year with these two. I have to admit the chemistry between these two actors is amazing and its very rare. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in another drama ^_^ Loved the leads as well as the supporting leads. Si-Won also did a great job in his role right before enlisting into the army. 

What made it to your list? ^_^ 

Check out  my list for 2014 


“Though I’m not sure how the parents would feel if they knew how many people I’ve killed.”

I always forget about everything when I see these two in the same scene. They’re so flipping talented and professionally prepared actors. Michael is like a Master and Amy is like his gifted pupil (please forgive me this grandiloquence). I believe, they are one of the best TV tandem I’ve ever seen. There is some kind of chemistry in relationship between their characters, indeed.

Sometimes I’m musing about why Harold trusts Root or even likes her. Maybe because of her affection for his “child” – the Machine. Although Root is absolutely unpredictable, sociopathic and dangerous, it seems she is on the Harold’s side. At least for now.

Person Of Interest – 4x07 “Honor Among Thieves” 

Never 'Ship Alone... The Importance of Tumblr

I shipped Mulder and Scully from X-Files so hard in my youth. Lol. I would be so frustrated not seeing more than a peck or those glances that they shared. I shipped in silence because 1.) I’m black, lol and 2.) Not many black people I knew watched The X-Files. So every week I would squee in silence waiting for the magical moments Chris Carter would give me. Only Hardcore fans would experience the season 9 kiss, which felt entirely too late(although they’ve kissed before, 6x3 Triangle, this was the first romantic kiss I got to enjoy over and over again). So imagine when I fell in love with The Walking Dead and season 3 roles around. I started reading the comics and knew Michonne and Rick were best friends(they have great chemistry in the comics as well). On the show however, they are magical. So I hit another wall. Do I want to ship them? Do I want to invest the time in this alone? Yep. Again, I shipped in silence because, 1.) At the time not many people watched TWD that I knew of, 2.) Selling people on their chemistry was difficult.

So I kept it to myself. Everytime Rick would look Michonne up and down, or kick everyone out the prison except her, I knew it was more. I just knew. Lori had just died and he was still grieving so I wasn’t expecting much, but damn it….he liked Michonne. If Rick stared at me like he stares at her, I’m dropping my panties- No. Questions. Asked. 😂😂😂😎. When Norman Reedus said on TTD that he saw them flirt in the season 3 finale, I died. Died I tell you. I finally was like, yes someone sees it. It’s not just me being a hopeless romantic for my fave two characters of the series.

The show got more popular and everyone talked about the killing and crazy stories(myself included), but no one would talk about these intimate moments. My only saving grace had been Yvette Nicole Brown…my shipping captain. That episode of TTD when Chris Hardwick said he saw chemistry between Jessick, YNB and myself wanted to throw up. In a way, I never worried about The Jessick angle. I knew her and her clan died in the comics, and when I saw them in 6x8 walking hand and hand and Carl was near Jessie, I kept telling my mom(who I got hooked on the show), that she was gonna die in the next episode. I knew Rick would chop her arm off to save Carl. So I just dealt with that story line. (I was very proud I called that one…lol).

Then 6x10 happened and I literally died. I’m still dead. It was a big deal for me. Then I noticed the hate my OTP were getting on Facebook and decided to keep my joy to myself. My boss was like, I dont understand how they just put them together. I had to give a dissertation to my boss y'all…lol. Gave her episodes she needed to re-watch…ha!

If people stopped complaining about the pacing, actually listened to the characters during slower episodes, and not concentrate on the deaths (which are awesome), well you would have seen it imo.

I discovered Tumblr about a month ago(this was in October, 2016) and have gone to shipping heaven. I never realized how many people live for my OTP. The Richonne community is so awesome and sticks up for our pairing and I’m so grateful. I get to die with y'all and take this shipping journey together out in the open. Loud and proud.

Thanks Tumblr, because of you I no longer ship in silence. Cheers shippers!

edit: Happy Anniversary Richonner’s

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darkprinceofjustice  asked:

I can only personally ship/see Aranea with Noctis and Ignis. I think Noct and Aranea's enjoyment of freedom and fighting would definitely click something. It seems more logical to me for him to end up with her then Luna and the other gals. Probably because of an Anime I've watched that will make yo think about Noctis and Aranea like da ja voo. The maturity factor between Ignis and Aranea would click something as well. I'd say why I don't for the other two, but don't wanna upset no one. DX

{You’re good fam. No hard feelings here. I actually ship both of those as well.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – had SQUARE NOT KILLED OFF LUNA I WOULD HAVE SHIPPED NOCTIS AND LUNA SO GOD DAMN HARD – but since there were multiple endings and in both, she remained dead..it makes me wonder who would be best for Noctis.

On one hand, I can totally see the chemistry between Ignis and Aranea. They play off one another and I have no doubt in my mind that their sparring matches would have been super intense. She teaches him how to be more of an expert with a lance and fighting in the dark and Ignis shows her the meaning of luxury not only with his cooking but his manors. It always surprises Aranea when he treats her like a lady and an ally.


With Noctis surviving in that one ending, the line of Lucis is going to need an heir. He can’t be with Iris – for obvious reasons. ( ie a sibling of the shield and king would be considered a taboo couple and highly frowned upon) Cindy wouldn’t be good since she is technically a commoner and that is just a big no in the royal court. HOWEVER; Aranea is not only a former Commodore from an enemy force but a woman of power. She commands a military of her own with her boys Biggs and Wedge.

Not to mention she lowkey cares about his ass. She has too much pride to admit out loud though. I can imagine that the two of them would have a list of nicknames for each other and so much teasing would happen between them. Annnd considering the fact that the crest for the Lucis family is Bhahumat, having a dragoon queen isn’t exactly a bad idea. Lady A and her ‘King Charmless’ would make a lovely pair. Ahhhh— I could go all day talking about this pair. Jfc. Don’t mind me and my rambling. xD 

I think I’m losing my interest in shipping Kylo Ren and Rey together (I’m not using the pairing name, because I don’t want it to appear in the pairing tag on mobile). It’s hard to admit it, because I made friends with the common interest, but after my TLJ hype calmed down I realized that this ship doesn’t work for me anymore. I doubt it will be canon, despite everyone being so enthusiastic about it, I also don’t really care if they kiss or about a good ending here. All I need is an exciting movie with interesting plot.

After TFA I was very interested in these two, because there was chemistry between them, yes… but in TLJ it pretty much got killed by the end of the movie. There is romantic tension and infatuation between Kylo Ren and Rey, but it isn’t enough to move it to more serious levels. Relationships like theirs require compromises and neither of them want to change for the other. Rey is just a 19-year-old girl, who views the world in black and white only, so Kylo is a bad person to her and she really tries hard to change it, only because his family told her they want him back. But does Kylo Ren really need it in his life? I don’t think he wants to change. Yes, he’s torn apart, but everyone keeps telling him that all he’s doing is wrong, he is torn between who he wants to be and who other people want him to be. In TLJ he pretty much gave up on trying to be like his grandfather and he decided to look for his own path in life. Rey stubbornly tried to bring him back to the light, she never tried to understand him. As a result, he only hoped that she would join him and cure his loneliness, but it didn’t happen. Rey’s choice isn’t surprising after he killed Han and hurt Finn in the battle, but her reckless approach only pushed Ren deeper into the darkness.

The story of Kylo Ren becoming more evil is more interesting for me than the infamous “redemption arc” and I’ve never wanted him to become Ben Solo again. I doubt it will happen, because he clearly stated he doesn’t want to be a Jedi, neither a Sith. There is no more place for Rey in his life, either, after she rejected him twice. Perhaps their bond is supposed a balance between evil and good, nothing to do with romance. For good to exist there needs to be the darker half, so in my opinion these two will most likely stay on the opposide sides of the conflict. Rey doesn’t need Kylo Ren in her life and Kylo Ren doesn’t need Rey in his life.

Right now I like to think about Kylo as heartbroken, rejected by a girl whom he had a crush on… I hope he will learn and stop trying to get close to her, he just has to play his villain part in the movie and fight the Resistance, fight the expectations of others towards him and look for his true self. Rey is not alone and she will never be, because she made friends on the other side. When she closed the door of Millennium Falcon she sent a very clear message - that he isn’t going to change sides and won’t compromise.

Right now I just do like to think about their dynamics as an one-sided crush, nothing else.

  • Me at the beginning of Daredevil: *unimpressed by the Punisher* Nothing I haven't seen before.
  • When the Punisher kills the guy selling child porn: *grunts* At least his motivation's in the right place.
  • When he sacrifices himself to save the dog: My heart--I-I mean. *clears throat* Gotta use something as leverage.
  • When he talks about his family with Karen and thanks her for helping him remember: *sweats nervously*
  • The diner scene: Mass murderer, gotta remember he's a mass murderer. Don't think about the chemistry between these two.
  • When he plays the tape: *grabs a cup of tea and slips into the dumpster* There is a strength in surrender. This is my prison now.
the 100 #WBSDCC Panel- comic con (spoiler season 3)-part 1

Lindsey: “I love that I have the opportunity to portray someone with a disability on the show.”

Marie: “The Grounders made Octavia a warrior. It will be difficult to go back. She will be resentful of arkers.”

Marie: “Octavia hasn’t really fit in anywhere, growing up under the floor. Through Lincoln she really found her place in the world.”

Eliza: “she’s gone bat shot crazy … it’s very unClarkelike”

Ricky: ”I think we’re all molded by  our experiences. The good thing about Lincoln is that his moral compass has never changed.”

Jason: “I knew that I was going to push them over the line. At what point does the good guy become the bad guy. That was the theme.”

Eliza: "Bellamy will come out on top.”

Isaiah: “Everyone has blood on their hands thinking they’re doing something for the greater good.”

Marie: “playing a kick-ass warrior woman was so much fun to play.”

Lindsey: "Raven’s gonna come out on top." she’s still dealing with Finn’s death and now has Wick by her side.

Lindsey: “Season 3 is going to be awesome for Raven because you’re going to see the ramifications from the previous seasons”

Lindsey: “You’re going to see a new Raven because she’s changed by everything she went through. She’s trying to rebuild herself.”

Ricky: "There are no good or bad people, there’s only perspective.”

Jason: We’ll see if Clarke runs into Jaha and Murphy on her walkabout.

Jason: “Lexa will be back on The100!

Eliza: “She really messed up the relationship with Lexa.”

Jason: “We’re going to dive deeply into the Grounder world, and clans, and how commanders are created.”

Bob: “Bellamy and Clarke good but not romantically. Doesn’t see them in that way. “Don’t kill me.”

Eliza: “I think they make a good team. There’s going to be some issues.”

Jason: “We’re going to dive deeply into the Grounder world, and clans, and how commanders are created.”

Bob:  “Bellamy doesn’t trust himself to [be a leader] without Clarke, and he needs her in that way.”

Eliza: “I read the first book, but the book and the show are two different animals.”

Jason: “Doing an opening credits is courageous because it cuts 30 seconds of time from the episode.”

Jason: “There’s lots of chemistry between Clarke and Bellamy.”

Eliza: “The emotional toll of shooting the finale was hectic.”