“You just don’t get it!” Patricia yelled. She threw up her hands in disbelief as she stormed out the room. Honestly she was right, Sean didn’t get it. “Just buy a non-slutty costume. Like it’s that fucking easy.” She was still busy mocking his suggestion.

When Sean went to buy his Halloween costume he didn’t even realize what he picked up. He just wanted a police costume for the party. But when they got home Patricia noticed that he’d bought a sexy police man’s costume, only to be more annoyed that it looked exactly like the non-sexy policeman uniform.

“Guys are so fucking lucky. They don’t have to worry about things like this. They can go however they want and no one says shit,” she was still storming around the room. Sean had realized long ago just to let it slide. It was so much better watching her throw her stuff at the walls than at him.

But as he kept his mouth shut he couldn’t help but remember the person selling him the costume saying something weird. Something about it being a magic costume shop or whatever. It was pretty close to Halloween so why wouldn’t the owner try to add a little fantasy to his day. When Sean bought the costume the owner told him to enjoy being what he’d chosen. All Sean could do was smile at the older man. Something that older man was really getting him into the spirit of Halloween.

He felt really good until he actually tried the costume on. It was at least a size too large on him. Even after working out for the last year he knew that it wouldn’t fit him right. Despite it’s large size, he didn’t seem to mind too much. There was a part of him that had to admit he felt a little sexy in it. Sean wasn’t sure where that thought would have come from. Normally he never thought of himself as a very sexy person but this costume seemed to really be doing it for him. He looked down at his lightly muscled arms but they looked a little different, fuller.

He stepped back to get a better view of his body. The costume seemed to be fitting him differently. His body was starting to fill it up. Sean grunted, for a second he felt a strange wave come over his body. He jerked forward feeling a surge of energy fill him up. “Fuck,” he swore gripping the sink in front of him. The wave of energy hit him again forcing him to hump the air. “Shit!” he cursed again. But with each thrust he could feel his body getting bigger. He was stronger. It was so weird watching the muscles form in front of his eyes.

His shoulders broadened while his chest pushed its way forward. His upper body filled the uniform out. He could feel his skin pushing against the fabric threatening to tear it at any moment. The blond shaggy hair he let cover his ears turned dark and styled itself on his head. He watched as ink filled his bare arms filling the solid color with an array of designs.

“Wow…” he let out a solid breath that turned into a chuckle. He really did look like a sexy policeman. His firm muscles were eye catching. He was built like a rock and could easily tackle someone if need be. His glare caught him off guard though. The stern serious stare that looked like it looked into people’s souls. He had to take a picture.

Patricia however walked in and let out a groan. “Fucking really? Everything makes guys look sexy!” She left the room still complaining. However as Sean reexamined his body, he couldn’t help but feel that he’s what made the costume look sexy.

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rosee-tico  asked:

talking about soc again: I literally applauded when Kuwei kissed Wylan. It was both horrifying and hilarious, and I have mad respect for the little asshole.

fuckin preach. having the bravery to kiss ur crush is honestly smth we all aspire to do so @ soc fandom check urself

talk to me abt soc!

collaredcockslut  asked:

Since you'd top or bottom for Colton Haynes, what about a TF where his cock and ass suddenly grow humiliatingly large??

Ask and you shall receive.

You thought that playing a prank on Colton would be pretty funny. You thought that you both had pretty good senses of humor. So, after some searching along, you found some ‘body enhancing’ body wash. It was guaranteed to give you ‘lasting results for your most important parts’. It didn’t take that long for you to put two and two together on what exactly this body wash supposed to do. You ordered it, it got delivered to yours and Colton’s apartment, and the prank was ready and waiting to be set up. You switched his regular stuff for the new stuff and all that was left to do was wait it out. 

“What the fuck?!” 

You could hear him through the walls and knew the trap was tripped. You were a bit skeptical as to whether or not you bought a trick product but, apparently, you bought the real deal. You got up and went to the bathroom to see just what the aftermath was. You didn’t know the exact specifics of what was going to happen but you knew it was definitely gonna be a sight. When you opened the door, you weren’t ready for what you saw.

“What the hell, man? Pranking me in the shower? Seriously?”

Obviously, the jig was up and you were caught. Colton was feeling the effects. However, neither of you were ready for what actually was happening. Colton’s ‘private areas’ were growing but they weren’t exactly seeming like they were stopping any time soon. You never paid much attention to what the guy was carrying but you couldn’t help but pay attention now. Not only was his cock growing but his ass was growing at the same time. You were pretty much mesmerized and, while you were standing there in shock, Haynes was getting more and more annoyed by the second. You knew that he was able to take a joke but this? This wasn’t exactly a joke.

“Oh, you wanna play around, huh?” 

Seeing him start to walk towards you was not a good thing. He could be intimidating when he wanted to be. The fact that he was enlarged so much? That wasn’t the best sign. It’d be best for you to get out and lock yourself behind something.

much as I love the tfs that do not have actual eyes and mouths behind their visors and faceplates I also have a deep respect for those who do have eyes and mouths and choose to wear visors and faceplates for the entirety of their lives, I assume it would be like me wearing sunglasses and a bandana over my mouth whether I wake or sleep for the remainder of my days and that is admirable