but seriously jesy went from a super shy girl with 0 confidence that went through something horrible which made her never want to wear dresses or skirts or shorts because she was afraid people would be mean to this super gorgeous, stunning and confident woman who is out there wearing leotards and heels and not giving 2 fucks about what people think because she knows she’s beautiful and she got a supportive and loving fiancé and 3 incredible best friends who always got her back honestly jesy went through so much and seeing her so happy with herself makes me so proud and glad because she deserves it SO much!!!!


Day 24, I wasn’t sure to put this in three parts so I posted them all at once, enjoy the DJD

Always kinda wished there was a deus-ex-machina-final-move that came from the Matrix, kind of like the Avatar State.

Like I’d love to see OP go HAM one day, getting so upset that his optics glow white and he starts to float or whatever. With a wave of his hand he fells entire divisions of the Decepticons, thousands of them. He eventually makes his way to Megatron who is watching him carefully, and in a defensive pose. He’s probably shaking slightly, but don’t let him hear you say that.

Glowing OP floats ominously before him for a moment, and then gracefully raises a hand, his intentions unknown. Megs flinches and tightens his stance, gritting his denta. OP hasn’t spoken once since he went all supernatural, but suddenly, he does.

“…No. There has to be another way.” His voice is not entirely his own.

His optics start to go back to blue as he quickly drops to the ground and punches Meg’s lights out.

Then, when Megs wakes up in med bay, he has to consider what he’s going to say during the day’s strategy meeting, since he’s positive Starscream saw what went down and will NOT shut up about it.

How is he supposed to move forward against an enemy that has THAT kind of power, just boiling under the surface, but has been, up until now, RESTRAINING themselves? There’s not even a guarantee that Optimus can even control it, and he certainly doesn’t have a solid idea of what triggered it outside of “he was angry”; this power could be unleashed again at any time! So, the only answer is…

… to make himself STRONGER than this power. (Or at least just as strong ;P)


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