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lets catch us a white dude in a mask

scooby doo, where are you??

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How would the TFP medics react to their s/o wanting and/or giving them a car wash? Have a good day, thanks for all the good work you do for the tf fandom! (I'm sorry if you got this multiple times - I wasn't sure if tumblr sent it or not)

This is the only time I got this, so it’s a good thing you sent it in more than once! Thank you so much though! <3

Transformers Prime

Ratchet is almost against the idea to begin with; on the one hand, your offer is super tempting, but on the other, his pride won’t let him. He gives in after some pestering, and lets you do it. Secretly, he really enjoys it, and might ask you to do it again.

Knockout is all for it, so long as you do what he tells you. You have to use the soap that he tells you to use, and be gentle (in case you ruin his finish), but otherwise he’ll let you wash him. He’ll probably flirt with you while you’re doing it. You also have to wax and polish him afterwards.

Breakdown lets you. He doesn’t mind if you’re particularly gentle or not (so long as you’re not too rough), and he doesn’t care what shampoo you use. He enjoys the feeling, and that he gets time to relax. 

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Honestly Im such a slut for cybertronian culture, do you have any more cybertronian culture headcanons to share?

Cybertronian Culture Headcanons

  • I have so many bonding garment headcanons just give me a sec.
  • Okay, so some of the major ones are the Kaon Trail and the Iaconian Spark Veil. The Kaon Trail is like this huge flowing mass of different fabrics, colors, ruffles, ribbons, ect. all lovingly stitched together. Traditionally it represents the combination of events in the life of the mech/femme that brought them to be bonded. The Iaconian Spark Veil is this delicate lightly colored lace that covers the chassis of the to-be-bonded. It usually has a very bright solid fabric with more organic patterns just over the spark and will sometimes have bead ropes. It mostly represents the devotion and loyalty one has to their to-be-bonded.
  • There’s a small subsect of Cybertronians called Star Dancers. They believe that sparks are the literal incarnation of stars and that Solus Prime, not Prima, was the first Cybertronian with a true spark. They always portray stars to have eight rays to represent The Original Eight Enlightened who were given Truth by Solus Prime and spread it, forming the Star Dancers. The death of a nearby star is an occasion of mass grief, as an unborn brother has died, and the birth of a new one is something to be celebrated with days of Sky Dancing.
  • Sky Dancers are a group of Star Dancers/former Star Dancers who professionally preform traditional and/or original takes on Sky Dancing for the entertainment of large crowds. The staple of this style is the prevalent use of transformation midair, subsequent freefall, and last minute upward flight. They usually have very bright paint jobs/biolights to make themselves stand out from the dark sky and to make themselves look more akin to the bright glowing stars.