Pangur’s developing an obsession with my grandfather’s model ship

Am I the only one that would be super interested in seeing a tf continuation that had humans be in space with the cybertronians rather than stuck on earth? I just feel like the interactions could be super interesting if done right
And by done right I mean none of that cappy “woe is me I’m a human in space make the whole story line revolve around me” and more “I’M STUCK IN SPACE WITH THESE GIANT IDIOTS AND I NEED TO TAKE THE BIGGEST DUMP EVER BUT THEY DON’T HAVE ANY FUCKING TOILETS SO I HAVE TO ASK THEIR FUCKING MEDIC TO HELP ME F U C K” and there’s culture shock on both sides and maybe go into why a lot of cybertronians were(are?) anti-organic
Plus for once it would be the humans adjusting rather than the autobots. I could see some of the bots are super confused on how the humans are able to adapt so quickly until they’re pointed out to the fact that cybertronians have had a very slow inclination for evolution because of their life spans while humans perish rather fast so they evolved and adapted in a couple million years to where they are now
There’s a capability for some really cool and potentially hilarious interactions and I just!!!! Want to see this explored!!!!

I’m just all about that human/robot interaction when it’s done in an interesting manner

For @seungchuchuweek’s Day 5 Prompt: Mythology/Folklore!

Featuring an au I’ve been working on for a while, set vaguely in a Tang dynasty-like China. Seung Gil is a Kumiho* and Phichit is a furry

*nine-tailed fox

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Hi so I've been having a pretty bad night and I was wondering if I could get tfp Optimus comforting a reader about the future (or just comfort in general) op helps me feel better sometimes so I would really appreciate it thank you

Of course! I hope you’re feeling okay! <3

TFP Optimus

  • It’s not really a surprise, but Optimus is actually great at being reassuring and comforting someone
  • He’ll hold you gently (or not, if you don’t want him to), and talk through with you how you feel and what you’re worried about
  • He’s honestly such a great listener, you could rant on for hours about your worries and he’d still be as patient and calm as ever
  • He does his best to reassure you that the future is a long way off and that things can and will change, so there’s no need to worry about things that might never happen

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Bayverse Autobots hound and drifts reaction to seeing bumblebee act like a fool in front of his s/o for attention.

Transformers Bayverse

Hound thinks it’s hilarious, especially when Bee messes something up or gets really embarrassed. He likes to make bets with some of the others as to how well they think he’ll do. 

Drift gets a lot of second-hand embarrassment from Bee, but won’t do anything to help the younger bot out. Unless, of course, he really thinks he needs it, then he might step in and give some advice.

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omg for starters there is no such thing as "latin race". latino is a word that only people that arent from south america use to describe us. we're not all the same, we dont always speak the same language, there are hundreds of native dialets, and guess what? you can be from peru and be white, from colombia and be black. your nationality doesn't define your ethnicity. floriana doritos stain can be 10% italian 50% spanish and 40% mayo and she still will be 100% cream cracker white


*finishes 9 hour shift*
*finds a random teenager sleeping on my sofa*
*suddenly sees giant fckin spider guarding the stairs*
*tries to wake random teen for help but only gets a snore in response*

Only solution: BURN THE HOUSE DOWN.


So I thought I’d try my hand at one of those fake screenshot things because I was bored and had better things to do that I chose not to do. Also, I was kinda sorta considering making this a commission-able if I could do it and it came out a success, but probably not. Anyway, behold, properly G1-ified Technis. I took reference mostly from Perceptor for the helm and the seekers plus Ironhide for some reason for the body. With and without the scar because I forgot it until after already posting.

I think I got pretty close for my first time in over a year trying one, though I’m not wholly satisfied with the monitor in the foreground. Thank you to all the millions of fake anime screenshots tutorials, Photoshop gradients and Lazy Nezumi for making this possible,