Guess what - Mod is FREE

{{ My exams are over and I’m finally free for summer! UwU

My plans for these vacations are drawing (personal, commissions, contests etc), gaming (MH, other stuff maybe?) and RPing. All in all, a Dream life ~

I might be more active here, which means the end of the Crimson Odyssey sometime soon, and right afterwards the official return of Teo… Finally!

See you soon my friends, be prepared because Teo Mod is coming. >w> }}

The Tennis Court Oath (Jacques-Louis David)

The Tennis Court Oath, June 20, 1789, by which deputies of the new National Assembly vowed to write a Constitution. This celebrated depiction by Jacques- Louis David well illustrates the spirit of ’89 and the extraordinary fervor with which patriots supported the Revolutionary changes. The president Bailly stands on a table to administer the oath. One can distinguish the abbé Sieyès, sitting just beneath Bailly; Mirabeau (right foreground, in a dark coat, striding forward); Barnave ( just behind Mirabeau); Robespierre (right of center, baring his breast with his two hands); Pétion in front of Robespierre with his back turned; Barère (sitting at left, writing his newspaper); and the trio of the Protestant Rabaut Saint-Etienne, the priest Grégoire, and the monk Dom Gerle (center foreground). 

The Coming of the Terror (Timothy Tackett)