I think it was beautiful. It was probably my favorite episode. It was so nice to see them together, touching each other, in a world where no one else could touch them.
—  Eliza Taylor, describing Lexa’s death as the most physically and emotionally challenging scene to shoot in Season 3. Seeing her in the City of Light was both closure and a reopening of the wound she’d left behind. (x)
Clexa kru, unite

We’ve had our time to rest with no new trends, and now we have something even better. A direct line of communication with the Bosses of TheCw, WB themselves. In THIS survey, where they ask questions like:


and my personal favorite: 

It’s crystal clear we have made ourselves heard, and this is the one poll/survey we can’t afford to skip.  Go HERE.   Tell them the Season 3 was a gift from someone else so they know you did not buy it, and answer every question. If it gets tedious remember that these are the big guys, this is who we wanted to listen to use, and they did!

They’ve given us that question, so let’s answer it.


Eliza is so amazing, she understands exactly what the issue is for us: it’s not that we don’t want Clarke to ever love again, she sees that our biggest concern is that, with the show’s quick follow-up of events and Clarke always having to save everyone’s ass and never getting a moment for herself,, a new love interest would diminish the importance of Lexa for Clarke. She didn’t have time at all to grieve and honestly, Eliza was the one who continuously established how much Clarke loved Lexa, otherwise, from 3B, it would have been less obvious.