The Guest Star™ been dead for damn near 500 days and I still see new Lexa fanart on my dash and still got a separate window up full of new Clexa fanfics open on multiple tabs.

Most loyal fandom, most dedicated fandom, vote Clexakru for Best Fandom! :)

So, this happened a week ago.

Fun fact: I literally told her my hands were too shaking to film her, so this precious angel was like “Do you want me to do it for you?”.

Queen of fangirl understanding. ❤️😭👌

  • Me: Stop thinking about Gotham.
  • Brain: But what was <i>Isabella</i> getting a bottle of wine for???

“One of the things that’s strange to me is that this doesn’t feel strange. When I first started playing in Paramore in 2007, if you had told me at a certain point it would be Zac and Hayley and I, to try and get there in my head, there’s just no way. Over the last ten years, a lot of things have changed, but it feels like we’ve been in this form of our band for a long time, and it feels so comfortable. We’re still just as broken, but it’s just bizarre how good it feels right now. In the past when things felt good, we would hold onto them so tightly, and we wanted everyone to see and we forced them to see it, but this time, like Hayley and Zac have been saying, it’s cool to not feel like we have to be presentable when we’re broken, just to be ourselves and let people draw whatever conclusion they want.” - Taylor York