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Silly F!Azurrin rambling

Wolf Children AU. Azura rides the dragon, and then later Corrin dies in a tragic accident and poor Azura is left to raise her two sons Shigure and Kana; both have the power to transform into dragons but Kana uses it more while Shigure tries to suppress it, because he doesn’t particularly like the whole dragon schtick. He feels much more comfortable among people and tries to live life as a normal human being.

Stuff happens, and in the end Shigure gives up his draconic heritage to live among the humans (and stay with Azura) while Kana fully embraces dragonhood and departs to live as a free spirit in nature, sometimes visiting his mother and brother for short periods of time before leaving again.

This was originally conceived back in August but I recently got Shigure and Kana’s ending cards and tell me they don’t sound somewhat superficially similar to the final fates of Yuki and Ame like seriously

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Klaus perceiving Caroline’s sublimated feelings

Cup of tea ( Short Fluffy OTaYuri)

Yuri had never truly enjoyed anyone’s company other than his grandfather and new… friend. When the dark haired male had taken him up to the balcony back in Barcelona and asked him if he wanted to be his friend, Yuri had been confused.

He thought that Otabek was playing a trick on him as he was the youngest skater that season and he snapped.

“Huh? What kind of joke are you playing?”

He was confused because his harsh personality usually scared off most people, excluding his fans who found his personality adorable.

Otabek didn’t look away from the view before him and only looked at Yuri through the corner of his eye.  He had guessed the younger male would get defensive and hostile if he thought someone was willing to be his friend.

“I’m not playing a joke on you, Yuri.”

“Of course you are, what else could ‘I want to be your friend’ mean?”

Otabek sighed and turned away from the incredible view and faced the blonde. “It’s as it sounds Yuri. I’ve always admired you since the first time I saw you in that training camp back then and wanted to be someone close to you.”

Yuri refused to believe Otabek words. The numerous amounts of people who admired him and wanted to know him all got disappointed by his true personality and rude speech. Who was to say that Otabek would different?

Yuri scoffed and said, “That’s a lie.”

Otabek sighed once more, he had guessed that the blonde would refuse any offer of friendship unless he proved himself to be different from the other people that he was sure had tried to be his friend only for them to leave the blonde due to his harsh personality.

“You have a horrible personality. You’re rude, insensitive, mean and very angry for a fifteen year old.” As he said that, he moved from where he was standing and closer and closer to the younger male.

Otabek saw Yuri open his mouth about to say something and continued before the blonde could say anything. “But that’s what makes you unbelievably special and unique. You have incredible potential and your skating is always flawless and graceful and combined with your personality it makes you the most unique skater in this season.”

Yuri closed his mouth and stared at Otabek, trying his hardest to push down the blush that had started over his cheeks all the way to his ears. In his fifteen years of life, no one-not even his precious grandfather- had ever said that his personality made him unique, they all said it clashed with his skating in a non-beautiful way.

“And back to my original question, will you be my friend?” Otabek asked his lips pulled up slightly in a smile at seeing the blush spread over Yuri’s face.

Yuri hesitated for a moment before answering the older man’s question with a nod of his head, the blush covering majority of his face increasing in color.

Otabek turned back to the view he as originally admiring and asked the blonde, “There is a great tea store I know of that’s not far away from here, would you like to join me?”

Yuri nodded his head and began walking back to the bike parked close by. Otabek caught up to the blonde and they walked the short distance to the bike in silence. He handed the second helmet to the blonde before putting on his own helmet and climbing onto his black bike. Yuri climbed on as well and wrapped his arms around Otabek’s waist and held on tight when the bike roared to life and Otabek began driving, weaving through the few cars in the road with careful ease.

Otabek stopped the bike and waited for Yuri to release him and climb off the bike before parking it and remove his helmet and place Yuri’s helmet beside his. He walked to the front door of the store and opened the door, standing aside for Yuri to walk in first before walking in after him and letting the door shut on its own.

They picked a table close to the door and the large window that gave them a great view of the outside world. Ordering a milk tea for the both of them, Otabek sat in silence and watched the blonde. A few minutes later, two cups of steaming hot tea were placed in front of the two by a waitress who after bowing her head slightly at them left and went to serve another table.

Yuri was getting flustered by Otabek’s unabashed staring. He was asking himself why he agreed to the older man’s offer of friendship as a part of him expected him to give up with his true personality and leave but Yuri-for some reason unknown to him-wanted to try being friends with Otabek and opened his mouth to start a conversation.

Otabek sipped his tea before answering Yuri and listening intently to Yuri talk about his grandfather’s piroshky and his favorite foods from Japan and other places around the world. Otabek learned of Yuri’s obsession with flashy shirts with strange patterns or drawings on them. He learned of Yuri’s loss to Katsuki Yuuri back in Japan which he had watched online but he didn’t tell the blonde that.

Before they realized, the tea store was closing and it had become pitch black outside, the only light from the few stores that were still open and the street lights. Paying the bill, Otabek and Yuri exited the store and continued talking as they walked to where Otabek had parked the bike. They climbed on and Otabek drove Yuri back to his hotel. Stopping the bike in front of the hotel, Yuri climbed off and handed the dark haired male back his helmet. He was about to say goodbye and go into the hotel when Otabek reached into his pocket and removed his phone and handed it to him saying, “Put your number in.”

Yuri blinked before taking the phone and inserting his digits and saving it. He bid the older man goodbye and walked into the hotel and up to his room to shower and sleep, the day tiring activities making him sleep the instant his head touched the pillow.


Ever since I was in the middle school, I have never taken any ineterests in male body. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW IS IT FOR A FIFTH-GRADER TO THINK THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER?? TO THINK THAT YOU’RE BROKEN?? I was always sitting by the side, listening to my frends talk how they think some celebrities are ‘hot’ and 'sexy’, and never really fit in because you just couldn’t feel what they were feeling? For some time, I even thought I was lesbian. Guys didn’t attract me, I was repulsed by the thought of dating one. But I didn’t like girls either. I was constantly excluded from conversations, my frends were whispering and snickering in front of me, and if I asked what were they talking about, they would just look and me and say “haha this isn’t for your innocent ears”. I was always 'too young to understand’ even though I was older than some of them. When I first heard of a term 'asexual’, I can’t describe how happy and relived I felt. There was finally an explanation for my lack of sexual and romantic feelings. Now I know I’m aro and ace but I don’t want any other kid feeling left out like I felt. In school they talk about heterosexuality, on TV they talk about homosexuality. There is no way that a middle school kid like me could ever known about anything beyond that. I know there are a lot of kids who are feeling out fo place. They could be ace, pan or bi bUT THEY CAN’T KNOW THAT BECAUSE THEY DON’T REALISE THAT THOSE TERMS EXIST. THERE IS A LABEL FOR WHAT YOU FEEL AND I THINK SCHOOLS SHOULD BE TEACHING THAT AND ACTUALLY START HELPING CHILDREN DROP THAT AH-BUT-EVERYBODY-IS-STRAIGHT-AND-SO-ARE-YOU ATTITUDE.


NAME: Dean Allen Thomas
AGE: Eighteen
HOUSE: Gryffindor
YEAR: Eight Year
TITLE: Order of Merlin; First Class

WAND: Cherry
BOGGART: A severed hand walking on its own
AMORTENTIA: Hot coffee, a Dogwood tree, salt water, cologne, granite pencils, rain on cobblestones, pastels, hoppy beer


Dean was ecstatic to return to Hogwarts for his eighth year (but really his seventh). After spending his seventh year on the run because he was not welcomed back at Hogwarts due to his blood status, Dean welcomes the chance to relive his final year like never before. He missed Quidditch and the Gryffindor Common Room and his friends. However, it feels odd to be back, when so much death and destruction has happened–both to Hogwarts and to his friends. They are still hurting, as is he, but it must be worse for them. Dean has always been a bit overprotective for those he cares about, but all he can do now is empathize with them. He wants things to go back to the way they were—innocently pulling pranks, staying up until the sun rose exchanging stories and laughs…but some things can never be the same.

Dean is determined to make the most of this final year. Since he and his friends were robbed of an adolescence, he has taken it upon himself to try and make sure they see the fun in life, and he refuses to miss an opportunity. The hardest thing for him to grasp his head around is why he still needs to study and attend class; he is in The Order of bloody Merlin, after all (it’s got a nice ring to it).

He will still occasionally wake up in a cold sweat, shaking, constantly on edge from the thought of being caught by Snatchers. His time on the run was not kind to him. Sleeping, something he once considered to be one of his talents, has since become a hassle rather than an enjoyment or necessity. He has made some of his best drawings during the late hours of the night when the castle is asleep, but he is wide awake.


Dean during school was always amicable. He prides himself in being as friendly as possible. He loves small talk with anyone—anything to get a conversation going. Anything to mask silence, for he hates silence. Maybe that’s why he chose to hang around such loud personalities. Even when people did him wrong, he would forgive (much to Seamus’ dismay). He always tries to see the other side of the issue; he owes this behavior to his half-sisters, who are sweet and silly and unabashedly forgiving.

But Dean isn’t a pushover. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and outwardly vocal about issues he cares about. If you were to bring up football, Dean will gladly talk your ear off about players, matches, scores, even their uniform color. He can get obsessive over certain things and goes through phases. This used to drive his dorm mates insane, mostly during his rice pudding phase, and especially during his moth phase.

However, there was always something he was hiding from people who didn’t know him well. And only those who knew what it was, knew what it was. It wasn’t a secret or anything, more of less a hurt, an anxiety. And the only person who ever saw this was Seamus. Maybe Neville sometimes, too. It was always in his drawings. For when he felt words failed him, he would turn to art. Painting and drawing were his favorites, as they reminded him of home, when he would finger paint with his younger sisters when they were toddlers. There was something calming and therapeutic about always having something to do with his hands. If he didn’t, he would just pick at his nails anyway.

Dean loves a little too strongly and hurts a little too much, but he always, always means well.



The Refrigerator Monologues by Catherynne Valente, illustrated by Annie Wu

From the New York Times bestselling author Catherynne Valente comes a series of linked stories from the points of view of the wives and girlfriends of superheroes, female heroes, and anyone who’s ever been “refrigerated”: comic book women who are killed, raped, brainwashed, driven mad, disabled, or had their powers taken so that a male superhero’s storyline will progress.

In an entirely new and original superhero universe, Valente subversively explores these ideas and themes in the superhero genre, treating them with the same love, gravity, and humor as her fairy tales. After all, superheroes are our new fairy tales and these six women have their own stories to share.

It comes out June 6, 2017 and I’ve already pre-ordered mine. I love Catherynne M. Valente with the burning fire of a thousand suns and I can’t wait to see her take on this trope. It will be brutal and awesome.

nyancat-rainbow  asked:

Ok but male victims of abuse? Men's reproductive rights? What about that?

What about male victims of abuse? Of course they’re important. But it seems like in this context, you’re using them as a red herring as opposed to actually caring about them.

Feminism focuses on abuse victims, period. And remember that it’s because of patriarchal constructs that male abuse victims are often not taken seriously.

As for male reproductive rights, I’m not sure to what you’re referring. Unless you’re discussing men who have uteruses, male reproductive rights are not an issue. And there’s definitely no war on reproductive care for people with penises. Again, it seems that you don’t actually care about these things and are just trying to throw them in to discredit feminism.

August Hastings is an 8-year-old patient in the Medical Ward. He is diagnosed with Epilepsy and Partial Hearing Loss and he looks a lot like Elias Harger.

Maybe they’re hiding

August knew loss before he was able to say the word loss itself. His older, twin brother had died during birth and his mother had died in a car accident before he was one. He was so young when it all happened that he didn’t know these people even existed, and though August was too young to remember; his father had lived through it all. August wasn’t aware of it, but his very existence was the only thing that kept his father going. August was very much alive and he had no one but his father, well, his father and his grandparents- who had been so supportive through the tragedies. He grew close to them and would stay with them often, allowing his father the time and space he needed to continue his pursuit into medicine.

We hope their playing a game

To his father’s dismay, the break of luck didn’t prevent misfortune from crossing the Hastings way one more time. While August was about 5, he contracted bacterial meningitis. Terrified of another loss, the family immediately sought medical attention and allowed the doctors to do whatever it took to prevent the spreading of it. Scott knew the chances of his son living were slim and August didn’t know this- all he knew and understood was that he felt funny. Despite all attempts, the infection had taken over part of the child’s nervous system. But, by some miracle, August survived…but with one, small flaw; August had suffered a discernible partial sensorineural hearing loss. Alas, a slight loss of hearing was better than the loss of another family member. August had never been happier, and he had developed a strong love for living…but then the seizure came. Believing it was due to isolated events, the seizure was brushed aside…until more occurred. The pieces were then put together and August was diagnosed with epilepsy, predicted to be caused by the very same infection that almost took his life years prior.

But this is really happening

It became obvious to the Hasting family that it was hard for them to carry a normal life. August needed special care, and as a single father working as doctor for long hours things for Scott had become unbearable. August was old enough to understand something was wrong with him. He was old enough to understand he was in pain and he wasn’t like other kids. He was terrified of his seizures and of dying- he felt like he was living in a nightmare. August hardly saw his dad and his seizures were happening more and more frequently. Their luck, however, began to turn around when Scott landed a position at Serenity House. To make things brighter, the hospital looked at August’s case and agreed to take him in as a patient- that way August would have an easier time settling in, knowing Daddy was just down the hall. 

Connections: Son of Scott Hastings.

Fortunately, August is TAKEN!


“The air is silk, shadows form a grin. If I lose control, I feed the beast within.”


West Midlands (Wolverhampton), England


+ Brilliant, Cunning, Meticulous

-  Sadistic, Unhinged, Volatile

BIOGRAPHY: TW: suicidal thoughts, death, murder


Lucian Day was an omen from birth, but far from a good one. Born to Daniel and Clarissa Day, Lucian stole his mother’s life upon his birth. Clarissa’s death resulted in a rage-filled Daniel whom despised his son from first breath. Raised by nannies for the majority of his youth and neglected by his father, it was rather easy to form an estranged relation between father and son. Daniel was constantly partaking in business and sending Lucian to their numerous seasonal homes; usually sending him to a different one whenever Daniel wished to stay at the place Lucian was occupying. Alone in these historic mansions, Lucian came to respect his caretakers who happened to be of lower class standard. Rather than growing up spoiled and pompous, he was surrounded by humble people for the most important years of adolescence. His father would send the most appraised scholars to educate his son. Despite the hatred between them Lucian did not take these various lessons for granted.

They cultivated him. In fact, the lessons began the discovery of a cunning brilliance. Daniel’s mistreatment became the downfall of his own doing. As Lucian aged, he began to ease his way into his father’s secrecy. He gained access to funds and uncovered details that proved Daniel Day had committed treason against his country. With the majority of the family fortune being transported to Germany’s front, Lucian had remained in the Day’s shadows for far too long. Only twenty-three, his capabilities took on twisted action. He had poisoned his father for his crimes— also for his own vengeance— and attended the funeral with no remorse. His passing brought Lucian a sense of peace. He did not let his father be buried on Day soil; Daniel was cremated and disposed of indelicately.

His targets transformed into business partners of his father. They squandered their money on needless atrocities, and Lucian defined the plan of his new era. Comprising a fraud, Lucian created a company fund that directed money straight to allied forces. Once he had access to the upperclass kings of Wolverhampton, Lucian Day drained their accounts with no personal gain. Before Lucian abandoned his blue blood, he passed the Day estates to families seeking refuge from the war’s destruction. His land continues to be a safe haven for those affected, and is the only business he now takes part in back home.


When Lucian entered the war, he chose an occupation that sported the highest mortality rate. The career surrounding an EOD was not a particularly popular one, and the war called for bomb disposal. Unconcerned with his life, being a rather depressed individual, he held no qualms when it came to accepting the job. What he did not expect was to unearth a family. His regiment had earned a Commando title themselves, and for two years, Lucian Day was an integral part of their survival. Not having expected to outlast the life within a bomb squad for more than a week at best, he wondered if death truly favored him at all.

Lucian did not consider a place within interrogation despite his taste for it. For a time, he was afraid that being an Interrogator would have him released from the war; as most within the occupation failed their psych evaluations and were removed. An enemy became the defining line of divine intervention. On a scouting mission with his own, they stumbled upon an opposing German force. The end result became the capture of few survivors, and Lucian took it upon himself to remove the needed information from their prisoners. With the Interrogation force elsewhere, Lucian Day spilled more than blood. Espionage, explosive device locations, sabotage, and the uncovering of an ambush on an allied Commando unit. When the Interrogation unit returned, Lucian Day was removed from bomb disposal, and thrust into an insidious line of work.

He, in the darkest sense, flourished. A year into his newfound line of work, and he had learned how to feign psychological competence through manipulating each evaluation. He, and numerous other Interrogators, remained by using these methods. They were the sole purpose their allies survived, but were often loathed by both partied for their razor-like methods. Lucian was unconcerned; his company was comprised of torturous tools and the enemies they fell upon.

It was a grenade that nearly tore it from him. His regiment had been deployed; shoved into the very heart of a war zone. For two days, he and his men rolled between bullet-grazed trenches and returned suppressive fire. He had not forgotten the truth behind joining the war— the task that consisted of his own demise. But even if he had craved life, Lucian Day would still have tossed himself upon a grenade aimed for the incineration of his unit. And he did, nearly. His closest comrade shoved him from its destination, and taking the full brunt of its fatal consequence, Lucian only received half its detonation. A ditch hoarding corpses was what he would have accepted for his grave, but his collapsing lung had become an altered course, unwanted by his awakening. With a medic from the Shadowed Commandos his savior, the Commander harbored his talent, and demanded his allegiance upon his recovery.


  • Marco Valenti - Saved by

FACECLAIM: Dane Dehaan


Thomas John Fenwick

Birthday: 13th August 1962.
Parentage: Muggleborn.
Heritage: British.


  • Jacob Tremblay.
  • Liam Aiken.
  • Michael Fjordbak.
  • Sebastian Stan.


  • Henry Fenwick (Father).
  • Edwina Fenwick (Mother).
  • Benjy Fenwick (Cousin).
  • Elizabeth Fenwick (Cousin).
  • Cameron Fenwick (Uncle).
  • Olivia Fenwick (Aunt).

Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Ships: Thomas/Chem.
Anti-ships: Thomas/Forced, Thomas/Male


Thomas was born into a simple family who were very proud when they learned of his invitation to Hogwarts. His parents didn’t have much to do with the wizarding world and didn’t understand a lot of it so they presumed their son was doing well. Thomas was a little overwhelmed by the idea of magic, he’d noticed odd things during his childhood but brushed it off. A school full of witches and wizards was exciting but terrifying with his inexperience at the same time.

Before Hogwarts he was an intelligent young boy who loved to read and was advanced compared to the other muggle children around him. His parents saw promise in him and pushed him to pursue a career in the Ministry. Thomas wasn’t completely sure what he wanted as he enjoyed writing and would much rather follow that career path. Although he didn’t dare say it in front of his parents, they expected great things of him and he didn’t think a writer would be suitable.

In his first year at Hogwarts Thomas kept to himself. He was quite a shy boy which gave off the wrong impression that he was pompous to other students. The sorting hat had placed him in Slytherin and muggleborns weren’t well liked in that house. For this he was bullied a lot of the time and didn’t form any friendships, so Thomas began to prefer his own company.

It was in his second year when he saw older students in the Slytherin common room up to no good, in particular Barty Crouch Jr. He was impressed by the others confidence, something he didn’t have himself and was envious of. Barty became a sort of role model in his eyes and that only furthered when the older boy took him under his wing. He began to think of Barty as a good friend and spent most of his time with the older Slytherin students.

Over those years he grew in confidence and started to assert his authority towards the first years. Only when a run in with a prefect who put him in his place did he realise how his attitudes had changed and that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with who he was becoming.

When the older Slytherin students were preparing to leave the year before him with the glorified talk of serving Lord Voldemort and taking the dark mark. It was under Barty’s influence that he decided to drop out of Hogwarts and became a Deatheater too. Being easily persuaded and gullible he was accepted and mainly used for tracking and code breaking.

Thomas accompanied other Deatheaters on missions and briefings although he never participated in any of the torturing of killings. It was on his first solo mission in 1981 when he was ordered to raid a muggle family and cast the dark mark over the city. While stood over the cowering family he couldn’t find it in himself to utter the words for the unforgiving curse. Abandoning the house he left the muggle family untouched but having disobeyed orders he was labelled a traitor and sentenced to death.

Upon realising that it was Barty who had been sent to deliver the sentence he fled realising their friendship didn’t matter and he’d be killed by what he thought was his best friend. It was then he quickly learnt the mistake he’d made in trusting the older boy.

Thomas went into hiding from the Deatheaters and then learnt his name had been handed in to the Ministry and he was now wanted. He realised the real danger his mistakes had put him in. Because of this he tried to make up for them by tracking down Deatheaters and ambushing, stunning and leaving them for officials to find and capture. He carried this out over a couple of years

In 1983 he was tracking down more Deatheaters when he was spotted and captured by Alecto, who brought him to Barty Crouch Jr.  He was tortured by both of them before his final execution.  


  • Thomas has a particular interest in astronomy and planets from a young age. At home he has a telescope and a small spyglass. While at Hogwarts he’d often spend most of his time in the Astronomy Tower solving puzzles and riddles to pass the time.
  • He’s never been able to produce any three of the killing curses which contributes to his downfall within the Deatheaters. For the rest of the life he avoids using them having seen the damage the spells are capable of first hand.
  • He doesn’t like being called Tom or Tommy by strangers. He will constantly correct other students if they don’t refer to him as Thomas unless given permission otherwise.
  • Thomas’ family don’t interact with many of their relatives. Hogwarts is the first official time he meets his cousin Benjy. He takes the nickname ‘TJ’ with a pinch of salt because he’s family. Anyone else and he wouldn’t have let it stand.
  • In his first year he often met Benjy once a week to study, have dinner together, play games or explore the castle. He enjoyed these moments with his older cousin.
  • There were a few occasions where Barty suggested he did something that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with like put a hex on a fellow student. However, wanting to impress the older student and not lose his respect he followed through on the request even though he knew it was wrong or wouldn’t have proceeded without the others’ encouragement.

Job: Unemployed
Alliance: Deatheater for two years before betraying them.
Wand: 8” Hawthorn, Phoenix feather
Patronus: Weasel
Boggart: Mother

  • Hogwarts (from September 1973 until June 1979; didn’t finish last year as he became a Deatheater)

House: Slytherin

  • Chess.
  • Potions.
  • Duelling.


  • Mother and father both owned a shop in London (Fen&Wicks) selling trinkets and knick-knacks to travellers and tourists visiting Britain.
  • He has a difficult relationship with his mother. He doesn’t like the pressure she puts on him and is afraid of disappointing her.
  • He left home when he joined the Deatheaters and lost touch with his parents. They didn’t hear of his death until two years later and a body was never found.
  • Thomas’ parents never learnt about his recruitment or the threat their son was placed in. Had they had known they would have convinced him to abandon the Deatheaters and left the country with him to ensure their sons safety.
  • He was small and thin in stature. He stood up for himself when approached but never had the strength to cause any damage when he fought back. Due to the bullying he shut himself away and despised his other housemates in first year.
  • It was when meeting Barty that he felt powerful and untouchable. He viewed Barty as a big brother figure. He always wanted to impress him and never disappoint even if it went against his own moral beliefs. (Similar to Colin and Harry’s relationship).

Open | Taken

Can you do one where Matty and (Y/N) meet at a cute coffee shop in London and then go to his flat and fuck?

“Is this seat taken?” A male voice says. I stop looking at my laptop and look to the man… a very atractive man I have to say.

“Humm… nope.” I said trying to sound friendly. He chucked at my confused look.

“Is it alright if I sit next to you? If not, then… no problem, I could just sit in another table.” He says with a smile on his face.

“No no no no. I didn’t mean to sound like that. I’m sorry.” awkward, yes, but why the fuck would he sit next to me when this shitty coffee shop is totally empty?

“I wanted to sit here because I thought you’re cute as fuck.” He says like he’s reading my mind. I blushed.

“Well, thank you…” I say trying to not sound as nervous as I feel.

“Matthew. But you can call me Matty.” He says still with a smile on his face. Damn, he never stop smiling? His smile is cute though. “Hello, are you there?”

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry, I was kind of daydreaming?” I said, I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. He chuckled, and then asked me what was I thinking. “I was thinking that your smile is really cute.” WTF, really?!? Why was I being so sincere? He laughed.

“Can I know your name, love?” He asks… oh right, how silly of me. I forgot to say my name.

“My name is (Y/N).”

“Beautiful name… and, what are you doing here all alone?”

“I’m trying to get a work done for college. I was doing it at my house but I started to feel claustrophobic in there.” He laughs. What’s so funny about that? “University sucks. Don’t you ever go there.” I said and he laughs again.

“I’m taking your advice. I have a band though, I hope I don’t need to study or get a shitty job.” He said sincere. Well, this guy was interesing.

He told me a few things about his band and I’m  going to google them later, definetly. Also we chatted about us, both wanting to know more of each others. And also shit with nonsence… Matty was an expert in that.

“Why are you laughing so much? It wasn’t that funny!” I exclaim.

“One of my friends gave me weed, a very good one I have to say.”

“I see… you should share, you know?” He looked amazed by my words.

“Do you smoke?” He asks and I nod.

“I still have some… in my flat. Would you like to go?” He asked and I agreed. How smart of me going to the apartment of a stranger.

We walked a few minutes and suddenly, we were in his flat.

“You live really close to the coffee shop.” He nodded.

“Yeah, I go there when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to cook… almost everyday.” He confesed, I laughed. “Wait… I’m going to get the bong. Make yourself at home.” I nodded.

I started looking at his music colection… he had a lot of albums, and I love many of them.

“Don’t you mind if I put some music on?” I yelled and he told me it was ok.

So I grabbed a Michael Jackson album and it started playing. Seconds later Matty apeared dancing with the bong in his hands.

We smoking and chatted for… I don’t really know. All I know is that I’m having a good time with this dude.

“You have got an amazing taste in music, (Y/N) I feel like I want to marry you right here, right now.” We both laughed and when we stop, I looked into his eyes as he did the same with mine. I couldn’t help but kiss him.

As the Michael Jackson’s album kept playing, we were getting naked in his couch.

Matty went down on me and ate me out, giving me the best oral I ever had.

Jackson Ahern is a 20 year old patient in the Rescue Ward. He has been diagnosed with Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction and Bipolar Disorder and looks a lot like Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Maybe they’re hiding

Jackson was born in Aberdeen, Scotland to two newly married and loving parents. He was a bright child, who excelled in school and seemed to have a very promising future ahead of him. They were a relatively normal family, cheerful and hard working but nothing out of the ordinary. His father, Samuel, was a brilliant Doctor. Despite his work taking up most of his time, Jackson always aimed to follow in his footsteps. His mother, Abigail, on the other hand, was a secretary at a small law firm in the city centre so had plenty of time to spend taking care of her son and give him a good childhood. When Jackson was 16, he noticed that his father had started to drink. It started off as a slow increase in amount but soon sped up until he was drinking every day after work. It didn’t take long for things to escalate and after work was no longer enough so Samuel began to drink during his shifts. It did not take long for him to be found out by his co-workers and was promptly stuck off of the register, banned from ever practicing medicine again and ruining not only his reputation, but his family’s too. He quickly became bitter and turned on his wife and child, lashing out at them, both verbally and physically.

We hope they are playing a game

As soon as Jackson had finished his final year of college, Abigail said enough was enough, filed for divorce and packed the two of them up, moving in with Abigail’s cousin in Washington State to escape from Jackson’s alcoholic father. He began applying to schools and was eventually accepted to Idaho State University as a Biology Major. He was worried about leaving his mother but was equally determined to succeed so he left a few months later, confident that she would be fine with her cousin. He wasn’t going to let his plan to pursue medicine to be wavered by his father’s failure. During his first year everything seemed fine. Jackson was a popular student with a thick Scottish accent to draw people in and a bright personality to convince them to stick around. But underneath the surface things had started to go wrong for Nathan. It started with the heavy drinking. It all seemed normal because he was at University, he was surrounded by people who were drinking at partying so of course it was to be expected. Everyone else didn’t have an alcoholic father, though. The decisions Jackson was making were becoming increasingly more eccentric and dangerous. Inside, he felt like he was invincible and could take on anything and everything from attending classes, joining the soccer team, drinking excessively with friends, doing his assignments to passing exams on just a few hours of sleep. He began acting out and wouldn’t listen to anyone who tried to tell him that anything he was doing could possibly be a bad idea. Everything that made perfect sense to him was simply incomprehensible to his friends. Stubborn and defiant, he began to push people away, his thoughts becoming less sharp and clear and more muddled and confused.

But this is is really happening

He barely made it to the end of the year as his mood took a massive turn. The once overly happy and excitable individual was slipping into a state of severe depression. This was when Jackson turned to cocaine, desperate to cling into the state of euphoria he had felt just weeks before. For a few hours cocaine and scotch whiskey could give him back a bit of the feelings he had lost but of course this was only temporary. His depression only worsened, as did his addiction. Abigail decided to visit a few weeks before her sons 20th birthday and knew instantly that something was incredibly wrong. It was 12pm and he had alcohol on his breath and she instantly pictured her ex-husband. This couldn’t be her son, her boy didn’t act this way. Instantly she tore his room apart, searching for any proof to confront him with and found his stash of cocaine. The only thing she could think of was to try and get him some professional help. He was only young, she believed he could be helped. Despite his protests, she eventually got him to see a therapist. The doctor discovered that his addiction to drugs and to alcohol were mere symptoms of the underlying problem and was able to diagnose Jackson with Bipolar Disorder. After explaining the condition he recommended that due to his unstable state, unpredictability and addictions that Jackson be sent to Serenity House immediately for his own safety. His mother agreed and he became an inpatient almost straight away.

Connections: None

Unfortunately, Jackson is TAKEN!

  • NAME. Lucas Hanson
  • AGE. Thirty-Nine
  • FACE CLAIM. Tom Hardy
  • TRIGGERS. Drugs, Violence


Originally born in London – Lucas Hanson didn’t grow up with a perfect home life. His father was a mean drunk and his mother generally put up with his antics and rarely tried to shield Lucas from his father’s wrath which mostly consisted of verbal abuse aimed at the young child. Neither of his parents were exactly the adult of the house and it seemed as if Lucas’ mother had an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with her young son. Instead of shielding him from the drama that he was too young to understand, Lucas’ mother instead brought him into the fold. When Lucas should have been looking to his mother to lean on, it was his mother that wanted to lean on Lucas instead.

The apple didn’t seem to fall far from the tree when it came to Lucas and his father. It probably wasn’t a surprise to anyone to find that Lucas had the habit of getting into trouble during his teenage years and even turned to drinking in order to shield himself from feeling his own emotions when it came to the situation he was forced in. His cry for help wasn’t heard though. Instead of his father taking a good hard look in the mirror to realize that he had in a hand in how Lucas turned out, he put the blame on their son for everything that was going wrong in their relationship and his mother actually fell for it.  Lucas’ mother didn’t attempt to get help nor did she attempt to ever leave her father. Instead, she decided it was best for Lucas to stay elsewhere. By the time that Lucas was seventeen, he was sent to the states to live with relatives in a small town known as Shining Light.

It was there that Lucas learned how to be manipulative and how to blend in with the crowd. He learned rather quick that people rooted for the underdog and what was a better story than some kid turning his life around after the cards he had been dealt? To his family and the general public – Lucas did just that. He became the star resident that managed to turn his life around and actually did something good with it. Lucas graduated high school, went off the police academy, and eventually became a cop that was employed with the local police station. In reality though, Lucas just used his status as a police officer to cover up his own wrongdoings. Whether it was letting a crook get away or using the information he had on where to find drug dealers – Lucas was able to do whatever he wanted because who would think that he, out of all people, would do anything wrong?


x. BRENDON FOSTER. Lucas, unfortunately, had the luxury of working with Brendon Foster before the other man’s partner was killed and Brendon was kicked off the force. In reality, Lucas was never a big fan of Brendon. He was too much of a good guy and Lucas always thought if anyone was going to see through his facade that it would be Brendon.
x. GRAHAM MONTGOMERY. Graham Montgomery happens to be Lucas’ partner. Lucas has Graham’s back and Graham has his. While Graham may come off like the perfect cop, Lucas knows better. While Graham’s heart might be in the right place, Lucas knows that Graham would break a few laws to get the job done. In Lucas’ eyes, Graham might be someone that could be corruptible.


“For me, it is better to die saving lives than to live with ending them.”


Florence, Italy


+ Reliable, Compassionate, Loyal

-  Naive, Passive, Idealistic



Born to Emilia and Marcus Valenti in the summer of 1919, Marco’s birth was one of the many occurring in the joys of the end of the Great War and joined three elder sisters who were excited to usher their new baby brother into the world. Though he was, in a way, born of a war, there was very little in the bright, quiet child that suggested as much. Even from his youth it was evident that Marco held a passiveness that was not seen in most of the other boys his age who were busying themselves playing as soldiers while he wrote poems in the sunshine or played less violent games with one of his three older sisters. His parents never worried about this like some others might have, in fact they encouraged Marco’s love of the arts and of words. Particularly his father, a self proclaimed socialist-pacifist who earned his living as artist. Evidently the apple didn’t fall far from the tree for young Marco who sought to emulate him as much as he could.

The harsh ideals of fascist Italy under which Marco grew up did not sit as well with him as it did for others. His peers thought him odd, and to many of them, and his schoolmasters, he represented everything that the fascist regime disliked in a young man. Defiantly passive, with mannerisms and tastes bordering on feminine, Marco struggled as the odd one out for most of his time at school, often taunted by the other children or made an example out of by his teachers. Home was the only haven he had, and for much of his life the influence of his sisters was all he had – his sisters, and his art. He became prolific in his poetry, writing pages upon pages of work as if he was born to do it. His painting too, was becoming exceptional under the guidance and mentorship of his father. He knew that this was the path he wanted his life to take, and though it was not conventional, nor widely socially accepted, Marco was determined.

After he had completed his schooling, Marco fell in with a group of wealthy Florentines who purveyed the arts despite the fascist ideals running rampant in Italian society at the time that deemed it less important. They provided patronage in return for Marcos work and became rather proud of him as their young prodigy. More than once his name was removed from the ballot by their influence and wealth. By late 1940, Marco’s reputation was beginning to catch up with him in ways that were becoming dangerous. Hitler was targeting homosexuals, and Mussolini had been more than clear about fascist views on the life he had grown accustomed to living – Marco knew he was on borrowed time in the set he had found and reluctantly moved back in to look after his ageing parents before the whispers caught up with him.


At 21, the war first reached Marco without his knowing it as the sickening sight of a conscription letter with his name on it launched him into the war. He had stayed out of the war this long as a conscientious objector, staunch in his opposition of the war, particularly the side which Italy had chosen to fight for. He had never been particularly courageous and though every fibre of his being rejected even the idea of killing another person he was not brave enough to disobey outright – at least not yet. After three days of assessment he was deemed fit for service and it was as if he could see his world crumbling down around him. The mere sight of himself in the uniform made his stomach drop, and he had every intention of going AWOL. Every intention and nothing to lose, but not enough courage to dig himself such a definite grave.

Very quickly he figured out that if he was asked to kill another human being he would cave, and find himself shouldering the consequences of such an action, regarded as weakness by those who were now his superiors. The other men in his training squad were no different in their views, and Marco found that within days they had started to treat him as the runt of their litter. He did nothing to stop them. He had grown up at the butt of the same jokes ever since his first days of school and it was nothing new, however his tried and tested method of ignoring them did not work as well as it had done then. The other soldiers were clearly frustrated by his lack of reaction, an their slurs and taunts only worsened until one night Marco tried to defend himself by retaliating, and thus giving them what they wanted. An excuse. By the next morning he was unconscious in the infirmary with a fractured rib, and bruises to boot.

During his prolonged stay in the infirmary as his body recovered, Marco realised that there was a way of  avoiding fighting in the war without shirking the duty that he was told he had to his country. There were men taking lives, of course, this was war, but there were also those saving them. He had always been quiet, and observant, and he found that as he watched the medics tend to their charges he began to pick up on their processes. They were more than happy to explain things to him when their workload wasn’t busy and by some miracle their work actually made sense to him. The head medic recognised his interest and just as Marco had wanted, recommended him to be switched to medical training.

After a terrifyingly hasty training period, Marco was sent out into the field armed with only a red cross and his rosary beads in his pocket for good luck. It was mere months in his new role as field medic that Marco realised that not only was he good at it, he found that it wasn’t enough; the issue he had with his role in war no longer had anything to do with his job, but the side which he did it for. To save soldiers who were rumoured to be those who were slaughtering innocents felt wrong, and by the he caught wind of an attack on a nearby Allied camp that would almost certainly catch them off guard and end them all, Marco had had more than enough.

In the middle of the night, and with his heart in his mouth, the bravery that had escaped Marco when he had obeyed his conscription caught back up with him and he found himself stealing closer into occupied Allied territory. He let himself be caught by their scouts, and by what he attests to a miracle of God, managed to speak what he knew of the oncoming attack before being shot in the head. Fully intentionally, Marco had jumped out from under and monster’s thumb but into the jaws of the wolves. Perhaps stubbornly, he was willing to do anything to put himself on the right side of the war, and when, understandably, the Allies were not willing to take his word as was, was willing to follow through. The things he experienced on his first days in Commando company are not things he speaks of easily, but there was resilience in him he had not known, and of course, truth in him that the Commandos had found.

It took their leader a long time to allow him the trust he wanted, but once he had been gifted such an honour, Marco made sure to never make him question it. Eventually, though not without a collection of fresh scars to show for it, he was given a place amongst Deadshot’s Commandos and added to Doc’s team of medics. Finally, Marco had found his place to fight in the way he believed in, for what he believed in, and has thrived in such a position despite the horrors he has seen.


  • Levi Durant - Looks up to
  • Lucian Day - Intimidated and fascinated by; saved his life
  • Costin Vasile – Respects immensely

FACECLAIM: Niels Schneider



Birthday: Unknown.
Parentage: None existent
Heritage: British


  • Peter Dinklage


  • Albus Dumbledore (Respected)
  • The Bloody Baron (Respected)
  • Dislikes everyone else with the exception of trouble makers

Sexuality: Unspecified.
Ships/Anti-ships: x


Peeves came with the castle. He’s been around as long as the Founders has and through all of his years, he has been nothing but a menace for every caretaker to walk the castle.

Once, there was a trap to try and evict Peeves from the castle however, this went terribly wrong leadings Peeves to run a three day terror on the castle, armed with muskets and swords.

Finally, he signed a contract giving him access to a weekly swim in the boys toilets, stale bread for throwing purposes and a permanent residence within the castle.


  • Peeves favours trouble makers. He is a lot less aggressive towards them and often leads them into more trouble. He has a keen eye for spotting good pranksters.
  • His favourite people to torment are Hufflepuffs’
  • He only respects the current Headmaster of the school and the Bloody Baron, however McGonagall has often given him a run for him money.

Job: Local Menace.
Alliance: Hogwarts.