• me: *shaking, making weird malfunctioning noises, screaching, blacking out continuously, about to vomit*
  • random person: whoa dude what's wro-
  • friend: she's obsessed with a cartoon show and she states that is has taken over her soul and everything she does is for that show then recently a new episode named "just friends" just aired and that's what has lead her to this.

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can you write au were as a new baby tom was thrown out of hell by his father and stent to earth and found by the the diaz's and raised with marco in a loving home.

Awwww! Of course I can! I hope you don’t mind, but I made Tom four in this. I didn’t know how to write it as him as a baby, because I felt like how would a baby find his way to earth? I’m a bad writer lol, I can’t do much haha. I hope it’s still okay though! Enjoy!

“Angie, come look at these.” Raphael smiled and showed his wife the other stand with handmade knick-knacks. Angie smiled and the two looked at the table. “They don’t have so many shops in Echo Creek.” Raphael tolds her. Angie laughed.

“Well New York is a big city, I still can’t believe you’ve lived in America for this long and haven’t traveled to these places.” She mused. Her husband laughed.

“Angie, not everyone travels the whole nation.” He told her.

“I know that, I just find it odd. When I first moved here you seemed like you knew everything. So I guess I still find it odd when I remember you’re just as clueless as we all are.” She teased, hitting him with a hat that said ‘The Big Apple’. She smiled and peeked over, as she was doing every few seconds, to check on her son who was only a few feet away. “Marco is very interested in those snow globes.” She smiled. Raphael did as well.

“It’s his first time so far from home, should we get him one?” He asked, gushing at his cute four-year-old son. Angie rolled her eyes.

“He has enough tourist junk, we’ll get him a real keepsake by the end of the week.” She assured, laughing at his excitement. The coupled kept looking at the tourist type objects set on the table and Angie looked up, she gasped when Marco was gone. “Raphael! Where did Marco go?!” She cried. He husband jumped.

“He was two feet away a minute ago!” He cried. The couple looked around and called Marco’s name frantically. They both sighed in relief when the little boy poked his head out of the alleyway that was so close all this time.

“Mommy, daddy!” He called, with a big smile. The couple went over and Angie picked up her son.

“Marco, I told you not to wander like that.” Angie scolded. Marco frowned.

“I’m sorry mommy.” He said.

“What were you looking for?” She asked. Marco didn’t answer, she then saw that Marco had something in his hands. It was a raggedy and soiled stuffed rabbit. It looked like it may have been pink at one time, but it was filthy. “Marco! Put that down.” Angie cried, tossing the gross stuffed animal aside. She assumed her son found it discarded in the alleyway. “I told you not to pick up trash.” She reminded.

“It’s not trash mommy, he gave it to me to hold.” Marco explained. Raphael took his son from Angie.

“Who gave it to you Marco?” He asked, placing the boy on his shoulders. Hi tone was a teasing one, like he assumed his son had made an imaginary friend.

“The three-eyed purple boy!” Marco giggled. Angie smiled.

“Did you make friends with the three-eyed purple boy?” She asked, teasiung her son and patting his head. Marco nodded brilliantly.

“Yeah! He’s my new best friend!” Marco giggled. “Can he come over for dinner tonight?” Marco asked. Angie and Raphael laughed, and he placed the toddler down.

“Of course, son. Go invite you friend.” He gave permission. Marco beamed and ran into the alleyway. The married couple laughed at the little boy and watched him talk to a trash can. Marco smiled at them and left the alleyway.

The couple looked up at their son and gasped in shock. Exiting the alleyway, Marco was followed by a three-eyed purple child. He was real. Standing there, a real living thing. Holding the tarnished pink rabbit. Angie stood there with her mouth hanging wide open while Raphael tried to stutter out a coherent sentence.

“His name is Tom!” Marco exclaimed. Tom waved and whispered something to Marco. “He doesn’t like talking.” Marco explained. “He says he doesn’t like adults.” Marco finished. He looked over at the raggedy boy and smiled. “Don’t worry, my mom and dad are nice.” He assured. He took the creature’s hand and brought him forward.

The married couple still were both at a loss for words. They couldn’t comprehend the demonic looking child in front of them. And how could they? They stood there for a long time until Tom began to feel nervous under their gaze and his eyes watered up. Angie gasped and ducked next to the little boy.

“Dear are you okay?” She asked. Tom mumbled something and nodded. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” She assured. He seemed very scared, and very lost. Angie looked up at her husband. “Raphael, we’re bringing this child home.” She told him.

“Are you crazy?” He asked. “I don’t even know if he’s a child. He’s most certainly not human! What sparked this?” He asked.

“He’s a little boy and he’s scared.” Angie said, pushing her disbelief and shock aside. “He’s clearly homeless and clearly going to die if he stays out here alone in the rain and snow.” She declared. “And as a mother, I’m not going to let that happen to a child.” She continued. Raphael thought for a moment and then knelt down next to the child.

“Do you have a mom and dad?” He asked. Tom played with the ears on the stuffed rabbit.

“He lives here.” Marco explained. “He said so.”

Raphael sighed and looked at his wife, nodding. “We aren’t leaving him here, bring him along.” He told his wife. “I have Marco.” He picked his son up and Angie smiled. She took her coat off and put it over the little demon child like a cloak, so humans wouldn’t see him and freak out. She scooped the boy up and the Diaz’s made their way to the hotel they were vacationing in.

Ok but consider this, do we really believe that Bellarke would leave their youngest child off the list without a good reason? Like maybe “we have another place for you to be” or “you are on the list and Jasper just didn’t see you because he was only looking at it for 2 seconds before he gave it to you”


(170222) 6th gaon music chart awards

  • Roan: *gets banished bc of his mother's mistakes*
  • Roan: *makes a fair deal with lexa* *gets stabbed and deal breaks off bc of his mother again*
  • Roan: *gets arrested for his mother's actions*
  • Roan: *helps clarke escape when it has no benefit for him* *comes back later and saves her life* *gets shot in the arm*
  • Roan: *not but like five hours later* *gets shot in the chest*
  • Roan: *almost died bc of skaikru but still agrees to an alliance* *gets lied to and betrayed by both blake siblings*
  • Roan: Okay the alliance is off
  • Everyone and their dog: Whaaat?!?! Why is this happening!!!!1