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“Cesanna!  Cesanna!  Stop!”  Taiviel comes charging from the back of the central hall, shifting fluidly from his human-form into that of a gargantuan Imperial.  Wings flex as he moves to position himself between the Bastion and their weaponry, calling for them to stop casting their spells and swinging their blades.  "What the hell are you doing, it’s Cesanna!  Don’t kill her!“

Daneb’s voice cuts the confusion harshly, "She’s attacking our men, Taiviel!  Her mind been taken by the Shade, she is the enemy!”

“Daneb, just help me subdue her!”  Half of the Bastion present shift into dragon form and move to surround the Shade-touched Cesanna, Taiviel squaring off with her directly.  Even the assault she endured has done little to tire her out, and Taiviel braces himself as she rears up, bringing her claws down upon him.  He manages to catch her arm and push back against her chest as Daneb goes for her legs and then quickly realizes her mistake as Cesanna’s tail lashes across her hide.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to my first ritual next week with vip tickets. I'm excited and scared. I don't want my favorite band to see me crying over them 😖

Aw yay! Which show? Don’t feel bad about crying, I’m sure they see it all the time, it happens.
It’s a completely different situation but like 5 years ago a7x started playing a slideshow of the Rev during the breakdown of So Far Away…me and my friend were in our spot front row in front of Zee…as soon as the slideshow started we started balling. Like, ugly cry, gasping for air, had to hold eachother because the barricade wasn’t enough to keep us from hitting the floor. Then she pointed out that Syn was openly crying during his solo and i was crying so hard i thought i was going to vomit. After the song Shads and Z both asked if we were going to be okay and all we could do was give a thumbs up. It was so hard, then they played Critical Acclaim and as soon as we heard his voice we started again. It was a rough show but…yeah emotions will over take you for sure when you really care and the band will appreciate it. Don’t worry.