Before the Deckers - Chapter 14

It’s been two weeks since her mother died, she’s finally recovered a bit and shaken everything off. She feels better about it, now, knowing that her mother is gone.

They’ve been meeting with Trina’s newly hired lawyer, John Hyatt, about the chunk of money and the estate that she will be receiving from her mother. It’s about five-hundred thousand dollars, give or take, plus the large mansion they used to live in. She was absolutely shocked when she learned that everything was left to Trina. She guessed that something would be left to an assistant or something stupid, another slap in the face to her. But, for once, her mother did something nice for her.

“You want a beer?” She asks softly standing by the refrigerator in only her underwear and a tank top, socks to go along with them.

He looks up from his paperwork he was doing from work, “No thanks.” He says, furrowing his brows a little when he looks back down. “Trina?” He asks, and the tone his voice made Trina worry a bit.

“Yes?” She asks, walking in and popping the top on a bottleneck, sitting down with one leg under her, her other leg bent and her foot resting on the chair, sipping at the beer in her hand.

He sighs and shakes his head, “Why are you drinking?”

She gives him a look, shaking her head, “What do you mean, Tom? It’s 7:30 at night, I can drink-”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” He says, getting mildly frustrated at her.

She studies his face, unsure of where he was going with this. “What are you talking about, Tom? Since when am I not allowed to drink?”

“You’re really not going to tell me, are you?” He snips, looking at her angrily. “I thought after a year of us being together that you could at least have the decency to tell me such big news like this, Trina.” He says, whipping the beer from her hand annoyed.

She’s furious, grabbing the beer back from him, “Don’t take things from my hands.” She snaps, holding it closer and tighter. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“You’re pregnant! And I know it, too. But you’re just…you’re not even telling me and then you are so naive, Trina, that you don’t know you’re not supposed to drink.”

Her heart falls into her stomach, and she looks down at the beer. “I’m not pregnant.” She whispers, swallowing thickly and running her hand along the lip of the beer.

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10 fandoms, 10 characters

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Rules: Name your 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 people and repost.

no special order

Once Upon A Time - Regina Mills

Bones - Temperance Brennan

Castle - Richard Castle

Swingtown - Trina Decker

Outlander - Claire Fraser

Scrubs - JD

Desperate Housewives - Gabrielle Solis

Fringe - Olivia Dunham

Grey’s Anatomy - Miranda Bailey

How I Met Your Mother - Robin Scherbatsky

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ahhh awesome awesome!! thanks hun :D

ship: octavia blake

bestfriend: indra!!

enemy: pike

status: alive | injured | dead

family: griffin | blake | reyes | green | jordan | murphy | kane

kru: delinquent | grounder | ice nation | mountain men

weapon of choice: sword | gun | knife | brain | fists

favourite trigedasleng word: strat - plan


List ten favourite characters (one per series/fandom) and tag ten people for the challenge.

I was tagged by @reginamillssass

I actually forgot I was tagged in this, but found it in my likes today.  So here we go… 

  1. Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)
  2. Lynette Scavo (Desperate Housewives)
  3. Pam Swynford de Beaufort (True Blood)
  4. Maura Isles (Rizzoli & Isles)
  5. Alexandra Cabot (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)
  6. Trina Decker (Swingtown)
  7. Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)
  8. Eva Zambrano (Miami Medical)
  9. Cassandra Cillian (The Librarians)
  10. Lauren Lewis (Lost Girl)

That was really hard.  It was difficult to decide which shows to choose.  I watch too many shows. And picking favorites isn’t something I enjoy doing.

I tag anyone who wants to do it.


I was tagged by @evilqueenregals thank you darling :)

  • Regina Mills (OUAT)
  • Helena (Orphan Black) - just want to say, this was by far the hardest decision
  • Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
  • Red Reznikov (OitNB)
  • Emily Thorne - as in the actual Amanda Clarke (Revenge)
  • Gabrielle Solis (Desperate Housewives)
  • Samantha Jones (Sex & the City)
  • Eva Zambrano (Miami Medical) 
  • Trina Decker (Swingtown) - ok at this point I think I might be cheating in Lana’s favor bc I’m not even that obsessed with this show.
  • Teresa Ortiz (Boomtown) - yeah, probably cheating.

Tagging: I’m feeling lazy af today, so ANYONE who comes across this and wants to do it, consider yourself tagged !!