so there is a Super8 Motel about 10 minutes away from my house. it burned down a few months ago and they’re now in the rebuilding process

and the sign in the front has been so precious

first it said “there was a spider, it’s all okay now”

now it says “spider insurance: we recommend it”

and I just… meme culture has enriched our lives. so much. like yes.


I drove across the country with one of my best friends. She was practically my only friend up until the 2nd grade, and here we are driving from Los Angeles to New York to move her into her new apartment. What a dream. Days were spent hanging our heads out the window, eating too many fries, being the only outsiders in restaurants, and taking too many bathroom pit stops.

Please fire me. I work at a hotel and after staying in his room for a day, a guest complained that his room hadn’t been cleaned. I clearly told him his reservation package didn’t qualify for daily housekeeping upon his check-in to which he asked, “You mean I gotta make up my own bed?” Another time a guest with the same deal flat out told us he didn’t even know how to make up his bed. 

Petty revenge 40 years in the making.

Back in grade school, I popped the lock on the bathroom door and took about 5 seconds of Super8 film of my little sister sitting on the toilet. I thought it was hilariously funny and it was to teach her a lesson about invasion of privacy (she’d embarrassed me by snooping through my drawers and sharing personal letters).

My parents, of course, weren’t amused. I was grounded and, even worse, never allowed to use the video camera again. My sister, out of earshot of our parents, gloated over me being the only one to get into trouble. And the punishment seem horribly unfair at the time because no one ever saw the footage. Keep in mind this was back in the mid-70s when there was no instant playback; you had to mail the film off and wait a few weeks for it to return. My parents asked the film developers to remove the last 5 seconds of the film when it was processed.
Or so they said…

Fast forward 40 years. My parents recently gave me all the old 8mm family films, so I thought I’d surprise them by having all the reels converted to DVD for Christmas. And guess what I found at the tail end of one of those reels? Yep. The infamous deleted toilet scene.

Here’s my petty revenge: I got in trouble for something no one ever saw before so now, decades later, here’s a tastefully edited screen shot that literally DOZENS of people might see.


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Some GIFs from Pádraig Fagan’s Annie Award nominated The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky. Funded by the Irish Film Board’s Frameworks film funding scheme and produced by Barley Films​ in 2007-2008, The Rooster was created using cardboard, crepe paper, tinfoil and dreamy Super 8 footage of a glittery blue velvet Night Sky.
You can view some WIP shots from the film here