Sometimes I still can’t believe the writers of Always Sunny, who’ve said the show holds a dark mirror up to society to satirize it in the form of truly terrible individuals, and the show, whose primary model is to culture characters who never learn or grow, or experience any success or happiness because they are awful people, let Mac come out of the closet and accept his sexuality. And they did it specifically because they felt they had a social obligation to do so. 

I want to see Mac embracing his sexuality next season. The man spent forty damn years in the closet. I want to see him flirt and hook up with dudes, maybe try the boyfriend thing, and just be happy, with or without Dennis. He deserves it.

  • Britain: Where's America, Australia?
  • Australia: We just stepped out of the shower. He'll be down in a minute.
  • Britain: Alright listen, you guys can't go... Did you just say we?
  • Australia: What?
  • Britain: Did you just say "We just stepped out of the shower"?
  • Australia: ...I said "he".

not listening when you say… goodbye

Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones by Jim Marshall, Monterey, CA, 1967