• Cassian: Alright guys I'll see you later! Bi!
  • Azriel: See you!
  • Cassian: ....
  • Cassian: Bi!
  • Rhys: Yeah we'll catch you later.
  • Cassian: ............
  • Cassian: I said BI!
  • Mor: Cassian what's wrong with you?
  • Cassian: Bi. BI. I'M TELLING YOU I'M BI.
  • Rhys: ...
  • Azriel: ...
  • Mor: ...
  • Rhys: Cassian you've literally slept with everyone at this table. We know.
  • Cassian: ... Well bi to you too. *walks out*
  • Amren: *walks in* Cassian's gone? Aces.

It’s 8:34am in Oslo and Even just leaned down to tuck an unruly curl behind Isak’s ear and give his sleeping boyfriend one more kiss on the cheek. He bounds down the 4 flights of stairs and out the front door for an early shift at Kaffebrenneriet. He hates to leave Isak alone all day but he agreed to work a double shift hoping his tips will cover some of the cost of the plane tickets to Marrakech they booked on Sunday. It’s actually happening. He’s going to Marrakech with Isak. As he strides down the street he can’t help but feel a warm glow radiate through him. Like today is the start of something new. Another chapter begun where the possibilities are infinite. A concept that used to scare him but today he knows that as long as he has Isak beside him he doesn’t have to be scared of anything. 


mmo boys interactions for anon ✩

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