It’s been ages since I’ve drawn all 12 of them at once… actually it’s a miracle I saw this to completion

Anyway yes I’m always still here and I never stop thinking about these trolls despite the relative silence on this blog! And thank you to all the followers who have stuck with me all this time! Love ya

(( mORE gothitelles aka cesare’s other gothitelle cousins (also note: cesare is the youngest of the five gothitelles :v) // left to right:

Serafina, second oldest. she’s deadpan af. 

Fabrizio, the oldest cousin, including the non-gothitelles. he’s the nicest to cesare of the other four, but doesn’t pay attention to him much still.

Rosario, whose age is in the middle of the five (Ivano is the second youngest), they’re shiny, and they like messing with people oops

i can’t design gothitelles cries … ))


no matter what you ate today, yesterday, this weekend - you still need to eat tomorrow and rest of the week. your body needs food and you deserve it no matter what :)

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Unpopular Opinion: I'm not really a fan of dinof content lately I love Dan on his live shows and stuff like d+p games but lately it seems forced and like he doesn't care as much about what he puts on his channel :/

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it’s apparent that his content has been pretty lackluster lately, but i understand since him and phil have been so busy w/ everything they’ve been doing (vidcon, sitc, their book & tour, dan’s documentary, all whilst trying to maintain 3 different channels and live shows every week) i’m sure he still cares about his channel greatly

send me unpopular opinions!

So I’ve got an appointment at Planned Parenthood tomorrow, I called and asked them about insurance billing because I’m still on my parents insurance, and they told me I can sign up for a program called Take Charge that is basically like personal insurance, and that it covers birth control and my parents won’t get a notice about the insurance being used, also when she asked for a phone number and I gave it to her she asked if it was okay if they were to call back for any reason to identify themselves as planned parenthood, I am honestly so relived

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Can you do sodapop after a rumble canons like you did with Johnny? Thank you xxxxx

• trying to keep him still bc he still has adrenaline from the fight

• him trying to grin but cant because his lip is split and it hurts

• “dont clean that cut up. it looks tough"

• him trying to kiss you but you refuse bc bloody lip

• running your fingertips over his bare ribs to make sure nothing is broken

• him asking if he can buy you a little nurse outfit

• you getting blood & mud on you bc he keeps hugging you so you can get dirty

• “this would faster if you kiss it better"

• ending up making out in the bathroom

When you ant look at anything gyro related because you’re still not over his death and seeing him males you really upset!!!

Ziggy finally figured out how to sit on the eggs. They’re plastic, and he doesn’t understand that Betsy is a girl bird, and we will never mate them, so it literally means nothing. But it’s still pretty cute that he is trying to be a daddy bird.