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All of these people are amazing (and apparently my taste is mostly mm?) and their sims are beautiful! There are definitely people on this list I’d like to get to know more but I’m a boring person and a massive twat so you can decide if you message me :’) But I’m also lucky that there are people on here I know and we’re close! It’s awesome!

I wish we had a true tropical world like Sunlit Tides or Isla Paradiso from TS3. Sigh. But since we don’t…Oasis Springs will just have to be the Sunlit Tides of Secrets Revealed. In my story, Sunlit Tides is an island very far away from San Myshuno, kinda like the distance between NYC and Honolulu.  Both Allie and Lala were born in Sunlit Tides… isn’t that a coincidence? ;)



RULES: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery, then take a before and after shot and tag some people.

This challenge was created by @soft-almond, brilliant idea. :) 

I was tagged by: @simemi, @theartofqueenie, @wild-pixel & @purrsephonesims so thank you for that! ♥

This is Ella, she’s my oldest sim and was created on The Sims 4 release day, how crazy is that, she wasn’t hard to makeover, she really just needed some better brows and makeup and a slight chin reduction, it was so fun to visit an old sim and update her, I may actually put her into my world again, she’s beautiful.

I’ll tag my boo, @alwaysimming. ♥