I just fucking realized that whenever the rangers fight over something whether it’s legit or innocuous that they most definitely tell each other, loudly and with no regard for whether they’re in public or not, “to meet me in the [fucking] Pit!!” And people just think they’re being extra as opposed to have actual fucking battles in some random ass underwater cave

Well, I haven’t made any progress on Kirara’s SPR but Merrily did get the last Gothic Victoria R card I needed to complete the set and get the muse badge.

(Randomly of course. Even though I have been also trying to grade-up a cool-type top for weeks.)


ironicly i was gonna post a prediction today that the pr that was revealed for romancekiss before s2 of the anime came out, would be the neptune RK spr for mahiru. due to both that the wings looked like theyd match it and the fact we saw the mars wings reveal being for spicechord and then a pr for rola that really matched them thus most presumed (and were right) that the sc pr was the mars spr for spice chord.

yankee_hill_machine  Like your style 👍😉🇺🇸 @willstricklinphotography - One of my oldest but most accurate rifles in the safe. The Magpul UBR stock is super comfy, the Lantac Dragon keeps me dead on target and the YHM barrel is just baller. I opted out of the FA on the Vltor upper, would rather rerack a round. A trusty Harris bi-pod and I am set.
What is your go to SPR?

so this is my prediction for the Space Premium Rare coords. i’ll bold the ones that have been confirmed canon in this list, italics are my predictions for what brand/whom is getting the spr for that planet. (imma include sun & moon cause a lot of the time one or both get included with planet themes)

Mercury: Fuwafuwa Dream / Kirara
Mars: Spice Chord / Rola
Venus: Perfect Queen / Elsa
Earth: Berry Parfait / Yume
Jupiter: Shiney Smile / Yuzu
Saturn: My Little Heart / Hime
Uranus: ??? / Rei
Neptune: Romance Kiss / Mahiru
Pluto: Gothic Victoria / Lillie

Sun (?): ??? / Ako
Moon: ??? / Koharu