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so when i first started watching crazy ex girlfriend, i headcanoned rebecca as having bpd and on last night’s episode she was diagnosed with it! i’m excited to see how they handle this - she reacted very similarly to how i did when i was first diagnosed with it. very interested to follow her journey with this and i trust the show to do this justice.

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I watched this movie with a friend and we both liked it at the end but we had some things that bothered us. Firstly superman's powers, like when we saw he was as fast as the flash we were pretty shocked (we didn't think it was even possible). Also I hated the way they treated Diana and the other Amazons in this movie, it was like Gal and them was only there for their bodies (the fact that their shield was changed really annoyed me) and it felt so wrong. You can feel this movie was made by a man.

Yes :) I’ve seen people try and defend this but honestly … there’s no way of defending it. If you defend it, you are being an apologist of this behavior. 

We counted about 6-7 shots of Diana’s ass - unnecessary and even a CGI one I believe - and the Amazons armor clothes (someone posted some bs about it being training clothing, it wasn’t) had armor on top and then uncovered belly. In battle. It’s ridiculous to be like “women can be with their belly uncovered etc” because you know if they were men, they would have full body armor (Aquaman, men who hid the motherbox, Atlantis guards, every man with armor in this movie). Diana’s civilian clothes were pretty revealing, all of them. There were lots of jokes inside the team that were basically derived from the fact that she is a woman. Like you said, you can just tell it’s all men working on this (Zack, Joss, costume department) because they just don’t have the sensibility on this to even sense something might have been wrong with it. 

Superman was a big issue in this movie. I’m happy Henry Cavill finally got to play the Superman bits he deserved (those were amazing) but, like in many DC stories, he is just so overpowered, it’s ridiculous in the narrative. It makes everyone else on the team look useless. Clark is actually as fast as Barry but this is a bigger DC issue than this movie. 

Oh and I want to point out, cross my heart and hope to die, Supergirl has been stated to be faster and stronger than Superman more than once. I bet you if she gets to the big screen, that is so not happening. But in that case, they will make Diana be capable of defeating her. You get the point.

problematicdragons: The way he talked to Diana is the way Batman talks to people. It has nothing to do with sexual tension and everything to do with him being a jerk

Yes, yes! I think DCEU Batman is fantastic. Not a lot of people will be into this Batman, but I think he’s comic book accurate beyond the ‘trying to please the audience’ thing they generally do to the characters. He’s problematic, he needs to be, that’s what he is.

(I had read a lot of people talk about sexual tension … I think that’s just because he and Gal have good chemistry - they did test screen together. It’s cute that he has a crush on her, some people had made it look like their were gonna shove the ship down our throat, it was actually a good dynamic)

honestly the Biggest Mood of stranger things season two is when joyce asks will to stop saying sorry and then immediately after he says sorry for saying sorry too much

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The Nazi story-line makes me so angry and uncomfortable. Like I'm looking forward to some of the crossover for sure, but having your heroes be Nazis, as you said, is so disgusting. Also, having a Jewish woman and a black woman kidnapped by Nazis, while Earth-X Flash who is also a Nazi doctor threatens them, is incredibly triggering and horrible. While I'm glad that it's been teased Felicity and Iris will kick ass, that doesn't make the story-line any less disgusting.

I’m really looking forward to the characters interaction in the crossover. To be honest though, just the still of the nazi soldier holding Felicity at gun point (and I think there’s one with Iris too) made me sick to my stomach.

I don’t understand how everyone on the internet was ready to drag Arrow for putting Jewish Felicity in a gas chamber but is okay with heroes being made into nazis on another Earth just because they want to “protect” the crossover. Weird priorities.