Linguistics infodump!

In addition to prefixes and suffixes, some languages have circumfixes and infixes! Altogether these would be called affixes. A circumfix would be something added to the beginning and the end of the word at the same time, but it would change the meaning of that word as one unit, and infixes are when the affix is put in the middle of the word.

The English language doesn’t typically use circumfixes or infixes, but! We do have an infix. You just won’t see it being used very much in formal situations because, along with being pretty new, it is abso-f*cking-lutely not used in ‘polite company’. (That’s the infix right there; I just censored it.)

English also uses prepositions (I’m inside the house), but you could also have postpositions (I’m the house inside) or circumpositions (I’m in-the house-side). You could probably have inpositions, and there are probably languages that use that, but I haven’t really found any on that yet. ^_^

Theory, Re:Xmas Special

So from the panel we got info that Adrien will learn to bake cookies, presumably with the Dupain-Chengs, and that there will be a ‘bad santa’, probably alluding to the Christmas Special. Now, someone pointed out that ‘bad santa’ might actually be Tom Dupain based on this piece of concept art that resembles Santa.

Now if that’s the Christmas special, there’s going to be holiday stuff happening. Like baking cookies. Which Adrien will learn to do. So I think it’s possible that these happen in the same episode.

On an related note, back during the AnimeExpo panel, we got info that Mrs. Agreste is going to be featured and/or is going to have info on her revealed in the Christmas special.

Previously I made a speculation post about Mrs. Agreste’s role in the Christmas special. So if there are flashbacks, maybe we get to see Adrien on past Christmas’ with his mother. And let’s say his mother actually did disappear on Christmas Eve or around it, but if the subplot of the episode is Adrien regaining the Christmas spirit with the Dupain-Chengs?

And in the Christmas special the turtle miraculous’ powers get revealed.

So what is the plot? Any thoughts?