I get to spend the end of the year with the incubi! I am so excited! What will happen?

Hey guys! This is the official announcement for a very special episode I’ve wanted to create for Seduce Me the Otome; the Holiday Episode. The holidays are meant to give and receive love and joy and what better way to for me to give that love than with a series people adore?

That being said, I’d like to extend one last special gift for those who would like to make their holiday with the incubi extra special.


If you donate $25+ to my PayPal to both help fund this episode and show your kindness, I will happily add your name to the game in the credits as a ‘Special Thank You’ producer, let the incubus of your choice say your name aloud, and have them give you a special gift in the game during your experience. (Just mention the incubus of your choice and the name you plan to use in game when you donate!)

I will be accepting donations to the project until December 5th.

Keep an eye out for the episode! Release Date: Sometime between Christmas and New Years Eve!

anonymous asked:

will you ship the zine world wide?

We highly recommend purchasing during pre-order sales time because that is when you get free gifts, surprises and first look into some of our never-seen-before phanarts!

BUT if shipping is too expensive and if you can wait till next year, there are other options listed down here :D
(these suggestions are after pre-orders)

- If you live in London/UK, come for the meet up on 20th Dec
- If you live in Canada, you can purchase it from @incaseyouart during some art events that she may attend in the near future
- If you live in Malaysia, I might attend CAF/AMG next year and sell it there.
- You may also wait till next year may for a cheaper shipping price