A follow-up to this piece because I got a ton of messages asking for one. Hope you like the happier end, niklisson​ ;D 

Cole tries one more time to comfort Clara Hawke. 

Clara dangled her legs over the side of the battlements, swishing a half-emptied bottle of wine in her hand. 

"The words didn’t make you happy." 

The unexpected voice jolted her and she lurched forward. A hand snatched her wrist, holding her back from the steep drop below. 

"I’m sorry!" 

Clara grumbled as she settled back, shaking her hand to free it of the wine that had splashed across her skin. It was the stranger Varric had talked to. “I’m assuming that ‘Kid’ isn’t your actual name.” 

"I didn’t mean to hurt you before," he said, shuffling until he was beside her. His hat blocked off most of his face. "And… Cole is my name now." 

"Now? It wasn’t always Cole?" 


She scoffed and took another swig of the wine. It was sweeter than she liked, as though someone had poured honey inside. “I wish I could change my name like that. Whenever I introduce myself as Abbathie Knickersworth, they stare at me as though I’ve gone insane.” Clara relaxed against the battlements when he laughed. 

"I like that name." 

"Me too." She gave an exaggerated sigh. "But I suppose Clara Hawke will have to do. It’s not nearly as much fun to say though." 

Cole peeked out from beneath the flopping brim of his hat. “I only wanted to help.” 

"Look, Cole, that’s kind of you. Really, it is. But you don’t know me and I don’t need your help." 

His shoulders drooped and she grumbled to herself as guilt nipped her stomach. 

"You’re right," he said at last. Reaching into his sleeve, he tugged out a set of crumpled letters. "I don’t know you but they do.” 

Clara blinked when he held out the stack to her. She picked up the first and her chest tightened as she recognized Aveline’s clipped handwriting. 

"Read it," Cole prompted. 

Clara set down the bottle of wine, her hands carrying the slightest tremor as she flipped open the letter. Aveline was as brusque as ever while she discussed her latest challenges in Kirkwall. At the end, the writing became almost sloppy, scratched out as though the words were a last minute addition: 

If you let that little Inquisition of yours drag Hawke into another dangerous mission, I am personally coming out there to kick your sorry arse. That’s if Fenris doesn’t kill you first. Maker knows she deserves a rest from all that. 

She smiled at the words; it was all too easy to imagine the warrior storming the gates of Skyhold with Donnic trailing behind her with a bag to collect all the teeth Aveline would punch out of the guards’ mouths. 

"And this one," Cole said. The next letter he pressed into her hands crunched from being sprayed with sea water. The man pointed to a specific line near the middle. 

When you see Hawke, tell her that she still owes me eight sovereigns and I expect to get it from her in person. No carriers this time. It has to be face to face. 

He switched it out for another letter. 

Clara bit her lip when she traced a finger over the messy, child-like scrawl. Fenris’ letters were large and wobbly so that his brief message took up the entire page. 

I am glad Hawke is with you. I have been practising my letters so that I might rite her a letter as well. I am trusting you, dwarf. Keep her safe while I cannot. Tell her that I am thicking thinking of her and shall return to her side soon.

Clara pressed the paper to her chest, turning away to hide the quiver in her chin. Fenris. The broody bastard. Had he been eating properly? Sleeping at all while he hunted down the slavers? She closed her eyes and briefly pictured him on the battlements next to her, her sash tied around his wrist as he smirked at the quaint setup of Skyhold. He would’ve liked the wine. 

"There are others too," Cole said as he set down the stack at her feet. "Not from him though. He was too flustered, too frustrated. He wants the words to come easier, to sound sweeter before giving them to you.” 

She nodded, only half-understanding what he said. She glanced down to the stack. Her friends. They may not have been at her side, but they were still with her despite all that had passed. “Varric let you have these?” 

"… no." He scratched his cheek where faint pink was blossoming on the skin. 

Clara laughed and draped her arm around Cole’s shoulders. He smiled. “You know, Kid, you’re all right.” 

oh man i still can’t get over how frickin sweet frank is like as soon as it was my turn to meet him he just looked straight at me and his voice was literally so soft and gentle, and he just kept signing everything i asked him to without a problem. i felt bad asking him to draw boozey for me because i thought he’d say no, but he just nodded and took his time drawing him and it was just so?? and then when i asked him to write my quote, I was even more nervous by then so my voice was kind of quiet but he didn’t snap at me to repeat myself or get frustrated, he just really nicely asked if i could repeat what i’d said while cupping his ear and it was so frickin???? also when i handed him my things, he didn’t snatch or jerk them out of my hands, it was like his movements were as gentle as his smile and voice and i just have so much love and respect for him

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Is Gotham that good? I wanna start it but not if its shit

gotham is SO good its honestly one of the best shows i’ve ever watched in my life tbh… i was prepared for it to be mediocre but the show took advantage of that and snatched me bald

tragic symphony || gallavich
  • Ian:scrambled out of the bed. They had left Mandy safe and at home back at the Milkovich home with Svetlana and her mistress and Yevy. Ian wanted to see Yevgeny but Svetlana had taken him to the park. They were still hanging around Mickey's friends house. Today he was going to see his brothers and sisters. Mickey wasn't going to be home for a while, so Ian wasn't sure what he was going to do today. He didn't have to be at the club until later tonight. As Ian walked into the kitchen, he opened the cabinet to make himself something to eat when he stopped and saw his pill bottles. There were four bottles for him. Mickey was trying to sell the other pills. He froze. The black lettering that printed his name haunted him. It reminded him that he was sick. Ian snatched all of the bottles and briskly walked into the bathroom with them. Ian quickly opened all of the bottles (some flew all over the floor) and dumped them into the toilet. He smiled as he pushed the lever and watched them flush down.

'What MJ is working on'

Shit everything is facing left again.


Watersprayed everywhere as Thorin broke the surface of the river with a gasp, his wet shirt clinging to him like a second skin. It wasn’t a very deep river – it wouldn’t have been over his head by more than a few feet in the deepest places – but it had a strong current and it had tried to sweep him downstream to the Brandywine more than once while he worked.

“A rock or a log wedged itself under the wheel,” he called to the shore where two hobbits waited. A pack of their children was running wild along the slopes of the river, splashing each other and snatching frogs out of the shallows.  “That’s why it isn’t turning.” 

- Flowers in the summer (fires in the fall) Chapter 3

what if Hiro and Tadashi weren’t able to get away after the bot fight?

what if Tadashi’s landing with the scooter wasn’t good and they ended up skidding across the ground?

imagine Yama and his goons quickly snatching the brothers up and dragging them further back into the alleyway

imagine Yama being especially interested in using Tadashi to get back at Hiro for his humiliating defeat

imagine Hiro screaming and fighting against the goons who are holding him back as Yama ‘deals’ with Tadashi

imagine the bad guys going too far with things, leaving the brothers bruised and scathed and leaving Tadashi broken and scarred

Time for a story (part 5) - A vow each year

So after I’ve already published four fanfics that belong together I decided to finally put a name to the whole project.
Most of those fics will be made up about three parts - a introduction that leads to the story telling, the main part that will tell the story and a little ending that might give a hint on the next fanfiction if I have decided what it will be about already. Some fics - like this - will not be about someone telling a story to the little Queen Baby, but will none the less fit into the project. 

My fics so far:
Wedding vows
Sleepless nights
Pregnance test party
Snatching the baby, killing the mother, gaining the father’s love?
A vow each year

"A vow each year" will be about Oliver’s and Felicity’s first wedding anniversary and their first night without their four weeks old daughter. I tried a little smut, but I’m still new in the whole writing thing so no too high expectations.

He didn’t even make it through the door before his vision was blocked by a bulk of blond hair in his face. Not even a second later he felt her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Dropping his briefcase, he put his hands on her thighs that were only covered by a thin robe and held her close to him to make sure he wouldn’t drop her. Not that dropping her had ever been an option.

Oliver had had a stressful day at QC. He had spent too much hours in boring meetings and over complicated reports, trying not to think too much about the fact that when he’d come home, the first time in four weeks his daughter wouldn’t be there. He had barely been able to picture the time before Emmeline had been born and the only thing that had gotten him through the day was the promise of some sexy time with his beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent and really hot wife.

Now that he was holding Felicity in his arms, he almost felt the need to laugh about his lack of memory earlier the day. This - Felicity jumping in his arms before he made it through the door - was what evenings had been like before Emmeline was born and before Felicity’s belly had been to big for her to jump like this.

"Hey, baby" he whispered in her ears while Felicity was already peppering his neck with small kisses. He stept into the house, closing the door with a kick of his foot behind him. "Looks like you were waiting for me."

Felicity pulled back slightly so she could look at Oliver, but at the same time tightened her arms and legs around his.

"I was waiting" she answered then with a smile and let the fingers of her right hand slide along his stubbled jaw. "I came back from Thea half an hour ago, prepared everything for our night and since then have been impatiently waiting for you to come here so we could start."

"How did Emmeline take it?" he asked worried, rubbing his hand up and down Felicity’s thights. "Being apart from both of us? And the whole being fed with a bottle for the first time?"

"Well, thanks to the bottle you bought she took the thing pretty good" Felicity answered, smiling when she thought about the fact that her husband had done five full hours of research to find out which bottle was the best to use when the baby was still being breast-fed. He finally had found a bottle which needed the same technique of sucking like the breast - something like that. "And I called Thea two minutes ago because I couldn’t stand not knowing how Emmy was any longer and it turned out our daughter doesn’t even seem to miss us."

Oliver frowened, moving through the room and up the stairs.

"I will have a serious talk to Emmy as soon as she is back and reveal to her that it is her obligation to miss us."

"Yes, tell her that. I mean, we both know how relieved I was when she finally started sleeping in her crib, but that didn’t mean that I wanted her to not miss us. It hurts. That she doesn’t miss us as much as we miss her."

"Will it help if I tell you that I missed you?" Oliver asked, pressing his lips to her forehead, her right cheek, her left cheek and finally her nose. "A lot?"

"Maybe." She answered, running her hands through his short hair. "Let’s see if we can lighten the pain of our daughter’s abscence. I prepared something in the bathroom."

"That sounds promising" Oliver said and carried her to the bathroom where Felicity let go of him only to show him everything she set up in the bathroom.

She had prepared a bubble bath, electrical candles all over the room. On a small table right beside the bathtub she had put some grapes, two wine glasses and a bottle of grapejuice.

"I thought" she then said, cutting the knot of her rope and letting the thin fabric falling down to the floor "we should start with some relaxation."

Before Oliver got to take in the full sight of her naked body, the soft curves of her body and the play of light on her perfect skin, she had sunken down in the water, her body disappearing under the thick foam. She looked up at him with a requesting look in her face while she put her hair up in a messy bun.

"Will you be standing there all night or have you any intentions on joining me because…" she didn’t finish her sentence, instead just pulled up one leg slightly so her knee was over the surface, letting her fingers dance on the exposed skin.

It took Oliver several seconds because he could bring himself to move, but once he started he almost ripped off all his clothes, climbing in the hot water behind her soon after and pulling her back to his chest so her head rested on his shoulder and the lower part of her body was trapped between his legs.

Both of them sighted quietly. Since Emmeline was born they had barely had time to spent just to themselves. Of course being with their daughter was nice and they loved the family time they got to spent with each other, but they were still young human beings who happened to be madly in love with each other. Even a year of marriage didn’t change that.

"This is nice" Oliver sighted after a while, letting the fingers of his right hand run from her hip over the outside of her thigh down to her knee and back up, slightly stroking the inside of her thigh till he reached her hip and repeated the same motion over and over again.

"It will become even nicer" Felicity promised while playing with his left hand or rather with his wedding ring. She kept spunning it around his finger then took it off and run it over every finger of his left hand before sliding it back to his ring finger where she spun it again. When she made a move to take it off again Oliver closed his hand to a fist and leaned down his head so his lips were touching her ear.

"I don’t like to have my ring taken off" he whispered. "It feels wrong."

He let his left arm slide around her chest while his right hand kept moving over her thigh. Felicity put her hands on his forearm and pressed her forehead to his neck, enjoying the feeling of Oliver being so close.

"It was a great first year, wasn’t it?" she asked and closed her eyes. "I mean nobody close to us died or even got seriously injured. We got through with our first year of marriage without any major fights and we got Emmeline."

"Emmeline was my personal highlight this year."

"Yeah, mine, too."

They spent a few moments in silence. Oliver pressed some soft kisses to her temple that made Felicity sight.

"You know, I’ve been thinking about something" Oliver said after a while. "When I chose the promises for your wedding vow I had some trouble to reduce them to just five because there were so many things I wanted you to promise me. So I figures maybe we could make this a tradition. Making the other promise something."

"Hm…" Felicity hummed. "So a vow each year?"

"Yes. A lot can happen each year, things we probably never thought could happen. So how about to every wedding anniversary we add a promise. You tell me what you what me to promise and I tell you what I want you to promise."

"Sounds great. I’ll start. I want you to promise to do the salmon ladder at least once a week until you are seventy. I will go with sixty if you happen to lose an arm or something. Is it possible to do the salmon ladder with just one arm? Because if it is then you have to do it even with just one arm. Not that you should lose an arm, but-"

Oliver stopped her rambling, kissing a spot on her neck, he knew was very sensitive. He bit down lightly before kissing it again.

"I promise that I will do the salmon ladder at least once a week no matter how many arms I will have."

"Until you’re seventy?"

"I raise the stakes and say it until I’m eighty."

"Oh, I know why I married you, Mr. Queen."

"Well, you might regret it when you here what I want you to promise me."

"Then what is it?"

"I want you to promise me to not send me away when out next baby is on the way. I want to sit at your side while you are in labor the whole time and not run around in the city, worrying that something might go wrong and I’m not there to protect you."

For a long time nobody said anything, the only thing that’s being heard is the sound of the water that’s lightly sloshing.

"Who says that there will be another baby?" Felicity then asked.

Oliver grinned. He knew Felicity good enought to notice the undertone of her question. She didn’t really want to start a serious conversation, confessing to him that she wanted Emmeline to grow up as an only child.

"Well, I say so" Oliver therefore said, letting his right hand again travel up the inside of her thigh, but instead of moving it over her hip he let his fingers slide right between her thighs, slightly touching her clit before stroking her folds.

Felicity’s reaction was all he had hoped for. She moaned, arched her back and pressed her head to his shoulder. Her eyes were still closed and she bit down on her bottom lip like he loved it so much. When he started moving his fingers back and for between her folds she turned her head towards him, gripping his hair with one hand and pulled his lips closer so she could kiss him.

Their lips met softly in a light kiss, but Felicity soon felt Oliver’s tongue sliding over the line between her lips, begging for entrence she gladly gave him. As soon as her lips opened, his tongue slid in, his teeth nibbling at her bottom lip.

They stayed like that for a while before Oliver slightly pulled back and let his forehead rest against hers. His fingers kept stroking her sex. 

"Tell me you want another baby."

"No" she whispered, but couldn’t help the smile that spread over her face. She had missed the whole teasing thing they used to do and they often did while or right before having sex.

Oliver let his fingers travels higher until they reached her clit where they started to drew little circles. Felicity moaned again, tightening the grip she had in his forarm that was still pressed on her stomach.

"Oliver" she breathed. Her hips started moving to increase the pressure of his fingers and to give her even more pleasure.

He loved the way she said his name when she was like this, when the pleasure was beginning to build deep inside of her. But he knew he needed to give her even more to make her so lost in it that she would basically promise him anything. So he moved his fingers to her entrance and kissed first the side of her neck, then her cheek. He bit down on her ear lobe, pulling it between his lips and letting his tongue play with the soft skin before moving his fingers slightly and asking: “May I?”

"Please", she answered and not even two seconds after the last sound had escaped her lips two of his fingers slid into her, making her back arch even more and letting her moand become louder.

Oliver moved his fingers gently, slowy pulling them in and out, stroking the wet inside while nibbling on her neck. He knew Felicity had been a little scared about the first sex after the birth, probably still was. She had somewhere heard that it might hurt and had been scared of it. Oliver hadn’t admit it, but he had been scared, too. He didn’t want to hurt her, especially not with having sex. The longer she was squirming in his arms the safer he felt that what he was doing was okay.

When she was starting to tighten around his fingers he pressed his thumb down on her clit. It was all that she needed to be pushed over the edge. She stoped breathing, opening her mouth in a silent cry when the pleasure washed all over her body that started to tremble fiercely.

He kept stroking her until she came down from her high. Shen then turned her head towards him again and nibbled along his stubbled jaw.

"I missed this" she whispered, opening her eyes and looked up at him.

Oliver responded with a smile and let his lips sink to hers for a moment before answering: “Yeah, me too.”

Felicity sat up fast, turned around and let herself be pulled into Olivers lap. She slid both arms around his neck and kissed ihm passionately, while slipping one hand down his chest and over his defined abs till her finger tips reached his alread hard cock.

He moand when she started to pump him. His head fell back, letting her free access to suck along the side of his neck while simultanously scratching over his stuble with her free hand.

"Felicity" he breathed, moving one hand up her spine and pulling her tie out of her hair. The blond curls fell down to her shoulders. "Please."

She got up on her knees, guiding his erection to her entrance and looked him deeply into the eyes, getting almost lost by the lust and desire she saw there. Felicity smiled, causing Oliver to put his hands to her hips.

"Gentle" she warned hastily.

Even if her first orgasm had come easily and without any pain she still feared that him inside of her could bring some pain.

Oliver nodded, pulling his face to him so he could kiss her slowly. The kiss was full of love and gentleness like he was trying to convince her that he was also going to make love to her in that slow, soft way.

Felicity sank down slowly. Oliver didn’t move, letting her adjust to the feeling of having him inside of her again for the first time in so long.

As soon as she started to move her hips slightly he started to, meeting her hips in light, soft movements that made both of them moan.

"Oliver" she whispered and laid her forehead against his, sliding her arms around his neck while barley moving her hip, making his hard erection move inside of her ever so slightly.

Still it was enough to make her pleasure increase. She had guessed that she wouldn’t last long. It had been too long ago that he had been inside of her the last time. When she felt the heat boil insider her stomach building and a prickle starting in her toes she let her fingers slide down Oliver’s back, scratching the skin to let him know that she was close.

"Felicity" he then breathed, letting her know that he was close, too.

He then tightened this grip on her hips, stilling her movements while pushing up just a little harder. The first stroke made her moan, the second earned him a high-pitched scream.

"Tell me you want another baby" he said again, stoping his movements and looking at her.

"I want another baby."

Satisfied he pushed up one more time, the third stroke finally let her gasp breathlessly before she held her breath and her mouth opened, giving him the perfect opportunity to let his tongue glide between her lips. Her body trembled all over him, her limbs losing any tension.

It wasn’t until she started breathing again that he let go and let his own pleasure wash over him.

"God, Felicity" he moaned, his eyes screwing shut and spilling his seed inside of her hot core. "I love you."

Felicity smiled against his neck. She had rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of his arms around her with this fingers running up and down his spine and more importantly him still inside of her.

They stayed like that for several minutes before Olivers cleared his throat, making her lift her head from his shoulder to look at him.

"I don’t want to ruin this really perfect moment, but could we please call Thea at make sure Emmeline is okay?"

"Thank god you’re asking" Felicity smiled, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. "I thought I was crazy for wanting to call her right away."

They both laughed, staying in the bathtub for several moments before climbing out of it and calling Thea. For the first time this evening.
It turned out to not be the last.

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Hi friend! Just wanted to say that you're like the best writer on tumblr and I love all your stuff and please never stop writing because you're literally like the best fanfiction writer of all time

King Thorin snatches the note from my hands while I am blushing.

“What is this?” he demands. “You’re supposed to be transcribing notes.”

“It’s post - for me, your majesty.”

He scans the note and wrinkles his brow. “What is fan fiction? What does this have to do with your duties as a scribe?”

Uh-oh. How can I explain this? How can explain how I jump between worlds on a whim?

“And who is awonderfulmusicalprison?” he asks.

“Someone wonderful, an absolute treasure, your majesty.”

The King hands the note back to me and I hold it to my heart, smiling, my eyes twinkling.

“Then by all means,” Thorin says, his voice softening a bit, “please invite this friend over for dinner. 6 p.m., sharp. I must know who’s made you so happy.”



I did my 15.1 on Friday night at the gym. I wish I could say my toes to bars were up for going RX; however, that’s not the case. Ha!

I did knees to elbows, the 55 lbs deadlifts, and the 55 lbs snatches. 55 lbs is not a lot of weight for me to deadlift and snatch, but scaled is scaled so I went with it.

I got 6+5 for the 15.1 and 135 for the clean and jerk. My judge informed me that I was muscle snatching instead of power snatching, but the weight was so light, it was hard not to. The clean and jerk kind of disappointed me. I was hoping to get 140, but the 135 will do. :)

@mattiasklumofficial for @natgeo in the Kalahari. Two juvenile meerkats play-fighting, learning all the tricks in the book…Meerkats (also called suricates) work together in numbers. A few will typically serve as lookouts, watching the skies for birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles, that can snatch them from the ground. A sharp, shrill call is the signal for all to take cover. While a few individuals guard the group, the rest forage for the foods that make up their varied diet. Meerkats will eat insects, lizards, birds, and fruit. When hunting small game, they work together and communicate with purring sounds. Meerkats are efficient hunters. Go to @mattiasklumofficial to check out a meerkat baby with poor “table manners”… Females give birth to two to four young each year in one of the group’s burrows. Fathers and siblings help to raise the meerkat babies, teaching them to play and forage and alerting them to the ever present danger from above. Young meerkats are so fearful of predatory birds that even airplanes will send them diving for cover. My first meerkat assignment was back in 2002. Since then I have enjoyed many moments with these incredibly entertaining creatures! #meerkats #kalahari #baby #instagood #conservation #fun @natgeo @thephotosociety by natgeo

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Since Hermann isn't injured by Yarila in the Runaway Prince AU, does he injure his leg in some other way?

The sun is slowly setting, but Karla and her soldiers show no sign of slowing to set up camp, their horses walking to the slowly, graceless pace of wearied beasts; each heavy step jars his swollen, groaning leg, the wound is starting to smell sick through the sodden bandages, and Hermann has long since stopped trying to wave the flies away;

He is starting to drift, exhaustion and pain wavering him somewhere between sleep and waking; behind him, he sense more than feels Karla shift wearily in her saddle, the horse starting to wander as her grip on the reins slackens-

A roar sounds in the distance;

The horse is pulled up so suddenly it almost rears; Karla snatches up her spear and turns the horse, Hermann shakes his head groggily, trying to clear it;

"Keep close," Karla hisses, the whisper loud in the quiet of the track; the trees are tall around them, and Hermann cannot see anything- is not sure even where the sound had come from;

They pick up pace, the tired horses’ gait flat and jarring; Hermann shudders at the fierce jolts of pain each time the hooves hit packed earth; Karla is tense and still behind him, turning her head ceaselessly to search for danger;

Hermann looks up at the crimson-streaked sky; tries, for about the third time that day to dredge up the equations for fire, his trembling mind skipping off the details and losing itself in pain; he closes his eyes, trying to marshal his thoughts-

The roar comes again, far closer; and now Hermann can hear them- the heavy, dull beats of wings;

"Form up," Karla hisses, turning her horse, Hermann grabs the saddle to steady himself, "Load crossbows,"

Yarila, Hermann thinks thickly, it has to be- there isn’t anyone else who would come after him- and she is flying straight into an armed guard, bristling with crossbows and spears-

He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes;

They’re armed!" He shouts as loud as he can, in shrieks and roars "They’re waiting for you-“

Karla turns and slaps him, heavy and jarring with her mailed hand; his head snaps back and blood explodes in his mouth, “Shut your filthy traitor mouth, I’ll kill you-“

Another roar, a flash of dark wing overhead, the bolts fly- but the dragon is already gone, the dying sunlight glimmering off the silver tips as they fall uselessly back to earth;

"Don’t reload-" Karla shouts, "Ready spears-"

The dragons- the dragons- land heavily down the path, hissing and bristling with spines and smoke; Hermann swallows because- Gods, that’s Kamili from the shepherds, Jaikin from the tavern, Little Mili with her human-sister clinging grimly to her back- half the village is here-

And Yarila, Yarila roaring with rage and billowing her wings out and for a moment Hermann’s fevered mind is back in that cave, months gone now, facing a terrifying and terrified creature, knowing only they have to kill each other-

Then, a massive dragon hits the ground; it’s wings trail on the ground- it has no forepaws- it’s heavy clawed tail lashes the earth, huge horned head open and glowing with blue fire;

On his back is a- a creature- a creature shapes like a human, but with the features of a dragon;

Hermann blinks,and- no it’s just a man, a man in dragon armour;

He blinks again, and the features flow and confuse senselessly; the creature sits up, “Give him over; General Karla;”

Karla spits, readies her lance; “He is my brother, Dragonking, this is no concern of yours;”


"You are still in my lands, you attack one of my subjects, and you kidnap another; you’re already starting a war; give up and we’ll ransom you back;" Hermann isn’t sure if he is speaking through a helmet, or that great muzzle is moving;

"Like I’d give myself over to your mercy-"

The Dragonking shrugs, “Now,”

Dragon and men burst out of the thick trees on either side of the path, streaked black with soot and roaring deafeningly;

The horses rear, throwing their riders or forcing them to drop their weapons and hang on desperately; Karla manages to hang on, on hand in Hermann’s hair- hauling him up; “Go-” he snarls, and slaps her horse’s rump;

The animal bolts frantically, the exhausted gait gone in a headlong gallop; Hermann cries out at the searing, scraping pain in his leg; Karla cuts the straps holding him to the saddle, then cuffs him and forces him down, flattening him to the horse’s back as they bolt down the path;

The Dragonking, bends down to say something to his massive dragon, but before he can go aloft- someone else tears past;

Yarila roars with rage, racing furiously at twice the horse’s speed; the horse screams in terror, and tries to turn into the trees;

It’s hooves slip on the earth, and the animal falls; Karla shouts and throws herself off; trying to haul Hermann off-

Her hands slips, Hermann hits the ground and the world goes white, then grey, wavering to black until he forces himself grimly back to consciousness;

The horse is screaming, one leg broken and unable to rise; Karla scrabbles on hands and feet, trying to get up, trying to run-

And Yarila;

Yarila closes on her, jaws open, heavy claws bared, fire blazing in her throat; Karla turns and staggers back, hand coming up uselessly- weapons gone, helpless in front of her;

Hermann gets up, he gets up and he doesn’t even feel the pain, running and for a moment everything slows and flows like honey, and he cannot get there in time, he can’t make it, he’s too tired and too hurt and-

If he doesn’t, he will have to watch his dragon-sister murder his human-sister;

Yarila bellows, jaws opening to bite-

And Hermann catches her, arms coming around those great jaws, staggering between her and Karla;

Yarila’s eyes burn, and for a moment she doesn’t even seem to see him, then she blinks, those great green eyes focus on him, and he feels her relax in his arms,

An arm comes up to cradle him, “Little brother,” She murmurs, “Hermann,”

Hermann manages a smile, trembling, “Dragon-sister,”

Yarila turns, glowers at Karla, who is still backing away, “No-" Hermann holds her, "No please, she’s my sister- my blood sister, you can’t-“

Yarila looks at him, then down at his leg, her eyes go wide, “She hurt you,” she lowers her head to blow hot air on his shaking leg;

And just that, it’s too much, the pain he had forgotten comes back like a flood, he falls to the ground and the world speckles grey around the edges;

Yarila takes a step after Karla, then stops; she holds still for a moment, then groans and settles beside him, nuzzling him, coiling her blessedly warm body around him;

Hermann look beyond the comforting wall of her body, and sees the Dragonking’s dragon- without the Dragonking, swoop down and knock Karla down, pinning her;

"Hermann-" a shockingly familiar voice reaches him, Hermann manages a smile, Newt’s here too-

And the Dragonking’s heavy, horned helmet juts up in his field of vision, eyes- green, dragon eyes, wide with concern under the metal, “Hermann- are you okay-“

Hermann faints.


Went to 90% for each lift this morning. No misses all the way up. Snatch: 116kg/255lbs Clean & Jerk: 139kg/305lbs. #TeamDO

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Hello! Could you do GOM + Hanamiy and Imayoshi embarrassing themselfs in front of their crushes? Thank you and keep up the good work ^_^

I can’t seriously imagine Akashi,Hanamiya and Imayoshi embarrassing themself.And thank you soo much hun!!

Kuroko: As Kuroko tried to walk out of Maji burgers, he slipped slightly and spilled his whole cup of milkshake on the person in front of him.That being his crush.Kuroko’s face would turn a slight shade of red as he quietly apologized a million times.

Kise: He could see his crush in the bleachers as the basketball team had practice.Kise had a great idea of trying and impress his crush, and as he shot the ball, it hit the rim of the basket going straight to their crushes head.And he just stood there red face and trying to wake them up.

Aomine: He didn’t get embarrassed that much. But as he looked for his bag, he found his crush reading one of his magazines. A girly one.He blushed as he quickly snatched it from their hand, stuffing them in his bag and fast walking out of the class room.

Midorima: His crush would stare in surprise as the wanted to ask Midorima something, but quickly shutting their mouth as they spotted a pad in his hands.They would snicker the whole day, while Midorima tried to hide from them the whole day.

Murasakibara: In the middle of class, Murasakibara’s stomach would start hurting.Little by little he was starting to feel nauseous.As he was about to puke, he grabbed the nearest thing and vomited. He would hide in the nurses office the whole day when he found out it has his crushes bag.

Akashi: It was music class when the teachers ask Akashi to play a song on the violin.He wasn’t trying to impress anyone not even his crush, but he wanted to kill every single person in the class when a string broke and hit him square in the face, making a small dent on his forehead.

Kagami: He would stare at his crush with a blushing face as he stood in the middle of the gym in his underwear.His gym shorts stuck on the gym’s door handle.He wasn’t able to show his face in front of their crush for a week.Not to mentio there were cupcakes on his underwear.

Hanamiya: At practice, he would invite his crush to come and watch the team.He was not so happy when a basketball flew across to gym to hit him right in the nuts.Falling to the floor holding his crotch, he would get irritated when he heard his crush giggle a little.

Imayoshi: As he saw his crush sitting at one of the tables in the cafeteria, he would casually approach them.As they got to their table, their crush would suddenly get up with her tray of food. At that moment, her tray met Imayoshi’s chest, all of the food spilling on Imayoshi.

Yoga Poses

I FOUND THAT YOGA STORY!! Hiding in the depths of my e-mail (seriously, I wrote this almost a year ago and it never saw the light of day) I found it. It’s mostly about Josh doing yoga to get weed but there is a hint of Joshifer at the end because I’m me. Anyway, enjoy everyone!

Yoga Poses

"No. No way I’m doing that." Josh stands with his arms crossed, eyeing Woody skeptically.

Woody smiles and steps forward, a small baggie dangling from his fingers. He gives it a shake and holds it out towards Josh. “You want the goods?”

Josh nods and reaches out to take the baggie, but before his fingers close around the bag, Woody snatches it away and stashes it in the pocket of his shorts, “then you’ll get your ass on that yoga mat and do what I say.”

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that one soulmates au with paige


The first time Stiles meets Derek, he’s standing in line at Starbucks and his heart is burning with the sudden, brilliant confidence that this gorgeous man was made just for him. 

The first time that Stiles meets out to grab his soulmate’s hand, Derek stares at him as if seeing something impossible (as if seeing a ghost) and abruptly jerks away. “Don’t touch me,” he snaps, angry, and snatches his coffee before bolting. 

Stiles is left staring after him in stunned disbelief, and the only reason he even knows the man’s name is because the girl behind the counter apologizes to him “on Derek’s behalf”. 

Stiles leaves after that, unable to handle the troubled and sympathetic look that the girl - Laura - is giving him. 

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Okay, So I had literally just bought my merch and I was shaking because I was so nervous, I like look up to him so much. So yeah so as soon as I approached him he immediately held his hand out for me to shake it, I was too scared to look him in the eye and he gave me a nice hello and that he remembered me from the crowd. (his hands are soft but like rough too uNF) I began to ramble about how I went to go see him at riot fest and how I missed his set and saw the last 2 minutes. He told me that he was sorry and that the stage was a pain in the ass to get to. I then gave him my drawing that I did and he took it like he didn’t snatch it or have a look of annoyance on him at all. He was so gentle with taking stuff. He halfway unfolded it and he kept on flipping around to figure out what it was. He told me thank you so much this is so cool. I then asked him to sign my tickets and I handed them to him and he signed them with a smile on his face. I told him how I looked up to him so much and he looked up and smiled at me, and continued to tell him how he saved my life he handed my ticket back and said no, you saved mine. We then took a picture and he said thank you so much and like gently patted my back before I walked away.

He is literally the nicest human being he looked so exhausted but was so nice, i was basically speed talking to him but he was so patient and kind to me and listened he was also so grateful when I gave him something he was so happy. Frank is such a nice person