Rookie Mistake || CLOSED


He was here for work. For work. He shouldn’t have to keep reminding himself that, but it was hard. Especially when the place was just so.. Picturesque. He got here early, so wandering around the town to explore a little before nightfall wasn’t going to kill him. And if he missed the vampire today, he could always try tomorrow– Or the next day. He certainly didn’t mind staying here an extra night or two.

Jamie’s eyes moved over each building as he walked by, his fingers tracing the condensation on the outside of his empty iced coffee. It’d been such a long while since a place invoked such a feeling of comfort and curiosity out of him. He physically had to stop himself from ducking into every small business and store he passed just to look around. – But there was time for this later. If he didn’t do his job now, he could lose the trail. Losing the trail meant no kill and no kill meant no money. He could goof around after he got his cash. 

Dropping his cup in the closest trashcan, James shoved his hands in his jacket pocket and pressed his lips together. He turned himself back around to head back to the motel and grab his things, but before he could take another step, a shoppe sign caught his eye. Hand painted and worn in a way that only made it more charming– Vintage Books. Okay. One store and then he’d go back to the motel.

Jamie rubbed the back of his head as he tottered inside, taking comfort in the sensory feeling the clipped hair offered. He flashed a friendly smile to the woman seated behind the front desk before immediately making his way to explore the isles of books. He was enthralled almost instantly, gently pulling, peeking, and flipping carefully through each book that caught his eye. James was so much into his own little world that he didn’t even notice the other people that weaved around and beside him– And he certainly didn’t notice the hand reaching for the same book that he was.

Knuckles brushed against others and James’ little bubble was instantly popped. The young man flushed and pulled his hand back to rub through his hair again.

“Sorry, I–” His eyes moved from the hand, trailing the arm until it reached the person it was attached to. Oh. He was– Oh. James smiled, “Go ahead.. You can take it..”