So I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about Seduce Me 2: The Human Heart...

And have come to the conclusion that I am personally at a standstill and can fall either way.

On one hand, I have many things in mind for the human heart and would love to see the human routes expand beyond SM1 just like the incubi/Diana did in SM2. I know a lot of people as well want the human routes expanded as well, so I would be meeting a demand.

This would help me pay off my debt, depending on how I proceed. If I break my “Never crowdfund again” promise and crowdfund it, I can get all 4 routes completed in a game and lower the costs of it to meet SM2:TDW ($10). If I self-fund the game, I’d have to divide the routes out into individual VNS and increase the price ($5 per VN) to make ends meet.

However, I feel like I’m digging myself further into the Seduce Me hole. My intention is to eventually expand in my career as a storyteller and tell countless stories, and while Seduce Me is forever my golden child, I need to step away eventually and tell other stories.

Even more so, I have many SM related things to do in the first place (Rewards, episodes, etc) and I don’t want to burn myself out of it and end up despising the series (which I DESPERATELY DON’T WANT)

So, I want to hear from you.


What do you think I should do? I personally feel like if I drag myself to make a choice on my own, then this game will be dropped and will not happen. However, I feel personally invested in making sure everyone of my characters receives their proper endings and I don’t know how to proceed.

Please answer the poll if you have the chance to do so. I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you.


I completed Camp NaNo earlier today!

I officially hit my goal of 20 short stories for the month. The 20 shorts together clock in at about 51,000 words. I really, really shouldn’t have put my goal as 20,000. I severely underestimated my short story abilities. 

That’s not what I’m most excited about, though.

What I’m most excited about is… I CAN FINALLY BUY MY REWARD. SEDUCE ME 2, HERE I COME. Can’t wait to romance incubae Damien. Followed by Matthew because oh man did his preview leave me intrigued.

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Hi, Ethan! I am a HUGE fan of your work. I've spent hours playing SM and SM2 and I am going to buy Orion soon too (I heard you helped on it) Today is my birthday (July 27th) and Matthew is my fave character so it would mean SO MUCH to me if Matthew wished me a happy birthday. ❤️ I love you Ethan and I'll continue to support all your projects. I wish you the best!

Thank you so much! I so glad to hear you enjoyed my work in Seduce Me!

I was actually the PROGRAMMER for Orion, meaning you won’t hear me at all, but I assembled all the parts (art, writing, music, animation, etc). But if you’re into Sci-fi or political intrigue, you should totally get it!

Thank you for all your support, I really truly appreciate it. If you’d like to hear more romance type voice stuff (also from the same creator as Seduce Me!) you can check out Our Honeymoon.

If you want to send me a way to private message you, I may have a surprise for you!


In no particular order, have some more Seduce Me 2 doodles!! I love these brothers so much that I wrote out their demon names to help me remember;;; I tried drawing their hair to match their SM2 styles and mAN it was time consuming 8′)

(The doodle of Sam is the same as my previous one but without clutter in the background and a little bit of photo editing to make them less grey).

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I'm having a little trouble decoding Damien, like how does he feel about MC, his brothers, and the human world, his likes and dislikes. I want to write a fanfic and I need more info. Sorry if it seems like a lot, feel free to make it brief. Thanks.

Imagine a child who has to grow up very quickly. In SM1, he’s curious, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and craving to learn and desire.

In SM2, he grows up but still holds a part of that youth.

He will forever despise the Demon World.

He loves the human wold.

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OK I'm curious Sam's a police officer, James the CEO of the Anderson toys company, Matthew works for James, and Erik own some suit thin... whats Damiens job?

Play SM2 and you’ll find out <3

meisboredok  asked:

Ok I have an idea IK this stuff costs a lot of money and stuff but hear me out ok? I was thinking you can make a whole "tv" (it doesn't have to be particularly aired on tv), about the SM characters and how they become attached to Mika then about the second story SM2 and you can start with Sam then continue on with the other characters it's basically animating both games. IK this will take time and effort but idk I want too hear what you have to say about this idea! This doesn't make sense ik

I want to one day make an anime movie/series of SM, but that alone will cost a LOT of money to produce.

Eventually… after my debts are paid…

xxkailanixx  asked:

Why was the first SM game free but the second required payment? Was it to get people to want to buy it more or was it more because of financial reasons?

SM1 was my official start of being a VN developer.

SM2 was the start of my career.

I can’t make visual novels if I can’t live off of the creation/production.

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Hey Michaela, in SM2 mika says she doesn't know the gender of fae. Is it a girl or a boy? (I'll love fae either way) and what the heck happened to Eris (the devil)

Fae is a They, darling <3 They have no specific gender (and they can have both a penis and a vagina if they so desire)

And Eris is a backer character that I don’t own.

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I absolutely adored every minute of playing SM2 and have a shameless amount of hours going for me. I was wondering if it would be okay to use the boys to rp with using human face claims? I would of course take no credit and make it well known they are based on your creation with a disclaimer and link to the game on the rules page. I would just have hours of fun playing the boys and seeing what mischief could come from interactions in the rp world. If not, I totally understand.

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Hi! So in SM2 I have every achievement besides 'A Peaceful Council' I've tried everything but I'm really confused on how to get it.. Can you give hints please?

The Peaceful Council can only occur if Diana dies in battle during James, Erik, Matthew, or Damien’s routes.

That’s it.

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You play Toontown Rewritten? Oh my gosh, that's awesome! If possible, you should hold a meetup for some of your fans who play Toontown Rewritten. I would most definitely attend ^.^ Plus, it would be really cool to talk to you. (Absolutely adore Seduce Me, by the way. My friend introduced me to it a while back. Matthew is my bae.)

I used to play with SM fans (The Fairy Mafia mainly) but then we all kinda got busy (SM2 and alll…..)

If I do do a ToonTown Meetup I’ll post about it =3

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On the info about the episodes it says it depended on the backers of SM2. Is the order they're listed in the order they will likely be made? Do the episodes get a separate kickstarter where we can donate, or is it through your patreon? I'm really excited for more and want to donate!

They are listed in random order and all of them are on Priority “They get done when they get done” because I really can’t work with deadlines right now.

The ones on the episode itch.io page are the episodes that have been funded.


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Hey Michaela I was wondering if MC and Damien were to have a baby, would it be a human, a demon, or in between? Since Damien turned into a human at the true ending of SM2, but was born a demon. Thank you!

If he turned human then it would be human.

If he remained a demon it would be a cambion.