My buddy @rxm86 showing of his tactical IG skillz
@Regrann from @rxm86 - Every IGer with a modified glock. 😂 #imsocool
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anonymous asked:

by '12' in ur bio, does that mean u are twelve years old? goly gosh holy lord if u are really i am so ??? like u have an amazing talent at such a young age (those editing skillz?!?!), or maybe i am underestimating people younger than myself >.> either way, i freaking love ur blog its so aesthetic and ur recolours are amaze, anyway keep bein u and sorry 4 the long message bye

Yeah XD I know so many popular simmers that are around my age that no one actually knows and it puts a smile on my face when people think I have talent. My blog really isn’t “aesthetic” it’s more like “this is how I feel right now so you will see it 10x more in this photo”. And ty again, my recolors are so simple and they take me, like, 20-30 mins. to finish since my palette is only 16 colors

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.


Former Knight-Commander Cullen

  • Completely new textures throughout
  • Simple changes to armour that match Cullen’s personality and add a bit of realism to it
  • Stupid looking knee plating removed
  • Fabric pattern retained with minor changes to better match the other Templar armour seen throughout the game
  • Inquisition heraldry on sword belt to match Inquisition sword Cullen carries
  • Templar heraldry on vambraces
  • Absolutely no needless embellishments!
  • Mesh edit to remove the ridiculous and useless hooks from the cuirass (Ultra mesh settings required)