i wonder how many times I’m gonna have to watch The Moment™ before i fully come to terms with it. till its so engrained into my being that i can astrally project it to my loved ones like “Hey grandma, you want me to show you The Moment™ again? Grandma don’t walk into the rode, look at how much Percival De Rolo and Lady Vex’ahlia love each other grandma please”


Vance Von Flugle

Your ever so typical superhero who loves his job with helping people but tends to overwork himself and not enjoy life much. He is kind but also extremely oblivious in most cases. He sees in black and white but has some interesting relationships with the villains he supposedly ‘detests’.

His superhero name is St. Silver.

Vance Von Flugle © Merrimonster


We’ve actually had a lot of requests to recreate some of our most popular scenes from “TF2 Analysis” with our real life selves…


Hey there everyone! This is the VOD of last night’s stream, if you’re interested in watching.

Unfortunately the quality wasn’t great and I couldn’t record the chat for this one, but next stream will be much better I promise.