• Jungkook: Joon hyung
  • Namjoon: Yeah?
  • Jungkook: Me and Jimin hyung are dating
  • Namjoon, without looking up: Cool
  • Jungkook, surprised: That's it? No reaction? You knew? How?
  • Namjoon, looks at Jungkook: I mean besides the fact that you can not stand being a half meter away from Jimin and all the cute moments you have
  • Jungkook:
  • Namjoon: And then you doing those gay ass photoshoots and calling each other petnames
  • Jungkook, about to speak:
  • Namjoon: Then going on a vacation together which friends can also do but then you make a vlog with 99% Jimin and 1% food in it plus with a gay ass song as background music
  • Jungkook:
  • Namjoon:
  • Namjoon: Other than that-
  • Namjoon, gasps in fake surprise: Oh my gosh I didn't know at all what a shocker!!!
  • Jungkook:
BTS reaction: Their child running on stage when they are preforming

Jin: For the fans it was a cute when a curly hair girl ran up to jin on stage during a performance, it was a cute when his kissed the girl on the cheek and held her in his arms, it was confusing then a black woman came from the crowds to retrieve the girl and it was a fucking shocker when jin announced after the song “That was my Wife and Daughter Everyone, And I Love Them!! MMMWWWAAHHH” 

Yoongi: When yoongi’s daughter came out from the backstage, the staff was all chasing the girl to get her back. Even when they did catch her, she never stopped giggling and sending hearts to her dad until she got backstage. To which yoongi happily sent back those hearts until he couldn’t see her anymore. 

Namjoon: After having to record their performance twice because your son kept coming out onto the stage to hug his daddy you had to wait in the cafe of the venue. Once recording was done, Namjoon made sure to come see you and his little boy before you left “DAADDDYYYY” you son say while running to his daddy “ AYYYEEE SOOON” Namjoon screams right back absolutely happy to see his son. 

Hoseok: Hoseok’s son was trying to get to his daddy throughout the whole event but you kept a strong hold on the little boy. Fighting through all his whining and crying to just see his daddy. It wasn’t until you had to use the bathroom and ask the coordinators to watch your son that he finally got his chance to get on stage. The last song, the very last song of the day featuring Jhopes cute little son. Hoseok spent the entire time dancing with his son in his arms. After the concert you were still in the back on a wild hunt for your son while hoseok talk with him right on stage “where is your mommy little man?” he asked “she went to the potty and I escaped hahaha” 

Jimin: One second he was dancing to some choreo, the next he sees his daughter trying her damn hardest to dance with the group while ON STAGE. Front and center his little girl actually ran out on the stage in the middle of the performance to dance with her daddy and because the music never stop the whole group just went along with it.  But, jimin never stopped laughing and giggling at his little girl hopping and wiggling around trying to imitate their choreo. Best moment in his life if he do say so himself. 

Taehyung: It was a pretty small, intimate concert this go round and you thought that taking your child to see her daddy perform was a great idea. Taehyung saw you and his child in the crowd beforehand and gives your section of the crowd a lot of love, everything was running smoothly. That is until your daughter went MIA and you practically had the biggest heart attack of your life. Your little girl and her sneaky self  got herself upon the stage where she saw her daddy performing and went to walk run to Taehyung until the security caught the little girl and sought out her mother. It was the cutest thing Tae had ever witnessed his girl do, but as much as he wanted to run up to his child and show her off, the public didn’t know about his biracial daughter or her black mother soooo maybe next time. 

Jungkook: Lucky this was just a rehearsal on the stage and not an actual performance when his 3 year old son came bolting out from back stage and grabbed his daddy by the leg “daddy daddy! juice!” he yelled and not 30 seconds later were you there to scoop him up. “hah sorry, sorry” you say and run out just as fast as you did coming in “oh ba- uh.. she got him” 

The Wheelers Politics and It’s Potential Ramifications

So I was doing the whole rewatch today and this really jumped out at me.

Now we all know that the Wheelers support Reagan for the election. He was a Republican, and though not as batshit crazy as conservatives seem to be now, he wasn’t exactly a progressive. The fact him and his administration did nothing for the AIDS crisis for eons speaks volumes.

So the Wheelers are Republicans, or at least support Reagan for reelection. Not a big shocker there. But surely that doesn’t mean that they would be conservative in every matter, does it? 

Then I saw this.

Mrs.. Wheeler is talking on the phone to someone and says “I know Kath, maybe if it was Margaret Thatcher that would be another story.”

OK so I am DYING to know the context of this conversation. Why? Because if you don’t know who Margaret Thatcher was, whooboy. She was the Prime Minister in England in the 1980′s, was super conservative, and her stance on the LGBT community was pretty damn bad, putting it lightly. Google it for a more in depth look at how horrible she was.

Sadly, as Prime Minister, she would squander much of that credit lending her support to one of the nastiest anti-gay measures of modern times: the infamous Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which forbade schools from teaching “the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”. This was despite the open secret (among Westminster insiders, at least) that several prominent members of her government were themselves gay, albeit in reinforced-steel closets. It remains one of the darkest spots on her legacy

–The Daily Beast

The way Mrs. Wheeler says this, with that knowing smirk, combined with the Wheeler’s apparent conservatism, makes me sit up a bit straighter. If Will is gay, how would they react? Badly? What if Mike wasn’t straight either? How could this family environment have shaped himself? It seems like such a throw away line but woooo it is telling. Is this possible foreshadowing of some sort? I do find it very interesting.

Karen Wheeler I am side eyeing your ass so hard rn

I noticed some people have misunderstood some of the things that have happened in Camp Camp o.o

In the Spooky Island episode, Nikki says “Lets go hunt some Spooks!” and Max says “Don’t say that!” the reason is because “Spook” is a racist term for African Americans.

The Camp Salute is “The Shocker” which is a sex move where you put two fingers into the vagina and your pinky into the ass.

Characters also used Queer as in the LGBT+ term but also as its original term of being weird/strange, so Max has assumed Neil was using Queer for the LGBT+ term when being a nerd he was using it to say that the egg was weird/strange to see suddenly. While Nurf tried to correct his mother from implying that everything was “what is up with this gay shit” sort of thing when she said “queer shit”.

When Max went to the bar and asked the type of drunk David is, the bartender said he hit his Shirley Temple pretty hard, it is a non-alchoholic drink

Campbell has drugs and IRS books inside his safe that he took money from, he is committing tax fraud and many different crimes as we know.

Neil asking Max if he was offended by the Native American(Indian) stuff and Max talking about his parents leaving their home country kind of leads into Max being Indian from India, which might explain why he willingly dressed in the alternate clothes that everyone styled rather than what he considered racist with the clothes David wanted them to wear.

Theres probably a couple other things I wanted to talk about, but at the moment I can’t really think what they are.

A few of the sims actually have pets already!  For instance, Wheeljack has Grimlock, a big, dumb, goofy German Shepard.

Shockwave has a giant fluffy main coon named Predaking (who also tends to be kind of an asshole to anyone besides Shockwave.)

And then there’s Soundwave who has a habit of adopting too many strays.  He currently has a rescued street kitty that he named Ravage and an African grey parrot named Lazerbeak that he’s had since college.

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this may come as a shocker to tumblr users who think people with developmental disabilities have to settle for mediocrity bc apparently we can't read and write or something... but beyond furthering my understanding of topics u post about, reading what u write has had a positive influence on my academic writing in terms of clarity, depth and also just.. i have a higher standard for my writing now? so thank u i love ur blog

❗❗❗ thank YOU angel!!!

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Agreed. I just wish that whoever is in charge of tour dates and announcements gets their shit together and releases ALL the dates. I’ll feel SO bad for the Europeans if they buy tickets for a UK show thinking it’s their only chance to see Taylor and then there’s a show announced closer and/or cheaper to them. Because for most of the internationals we have to make holidays out of concerts. Where the concert tickets will likely be the cheapest thing out of everything they have to buy. 

shocker, its UO night again, you know the drill by now

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seeing as Asriel (boss fight) had a ton of Touhou references (he resembles the final boss, Sariel, of the first game, along with using a bunch of attacks of another Touhou character called Marisa Kirasame like Shocker Breaker = Shoot the Moon, Chaos Buster = Final Master Spark, Star Blazing = Asteroid Belt. the whole rainbow stars theme even is kept!) mightn't you put some references in yourself? even if it's just simple like putting Flowey in a witch hat at one point

It’s hard to reference something I’m personally not familiar with, and I also want my references to feel sincere and not forced. When I have little references in IF, it’s with stuff that has personally inspired me or was a big part of my childhood. Like how Fort Aquarius’ guards don JRPG inspired costumes, as I have a fondness to JRPG games, and the Sonic inspired music in Hotland is due to how big an influence Sonic had on me when I was younger.

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UO: New Years Day is boring. Everyone overhyped it.

I do agree that it was a tad overhyped, I remember when the secret sessions were happening and everyone was like “you’re gonna CRY when you hear the song” and I didn’t have that reaction? it’s still a cute song though I don’t hate it at all 

shocker, its UO night again, you know the drill by now

It’s something he was planning on saying all night but had been trying to hold in simultaneously. Now he says it, like breeze.

“Stay here tonight.”

Castiel turns around and looks at him. Dean thought he’d never see him again, but he’s back. Alive and real and Cas. Dean feels like he’s been constantly out of breath ever since Cas returned that morning, suddenly on the doorstep of Dean’s motel room.

Dean can’t quite seem to settle, unable to keep his eyes from Castiel. One moment, and he could fade.

“Why?” Castiel asks, curious more so than confused.

“Because,” Dean manages, “…because you’ve been gone, alright? You were dead, and we…. I thought we would never see you again. And I-” Dean’s voice falters. He walks over to Castiel and stands in front of him, his eyes gliding over his face. Every inch of him is real, solid, not like the dreams he’d been having. 

Sam and Dean had been getting separate rooms ever since Dean was awake for hours every night and just paced around the room aimlessly. When Dean slept, he’d been having dreams of Castiel being alive and he’d wake up and realize it wasn’t real. He’d rather not sleep than go through that every single night. But this, he wasn’t going to let this be a dream as well.

“Take off your coat, come on.” When Cas just frowns again, Dean does it himself. He slides the beige coat from Castiel’s shoulders and drapes it over the back of a chair.

“Dean, I’m fine with sleeping in the other motel room.”

“I’m not.” Dean rasps. “Please, Cas, don’t go.” Having Castiel around is worth sharing his emotions for. “Not again.”

Cas looks down. He looks different without his trench coat, more human. Maybe he is, in fact, a little more human. Castiel said he isn’t sure, and it’s how he’s been acting all day. Insecure. Dean can feel it whenever he looks at him, and that’s also what scares him.

“I’m sorry.” Castiel looks up to him. “I tried so hard, Dean, I tried so hard to live. For you, for Sam. I tried to stay with you and I failed.  I didn’t come back with a win for you.”

“Cas-” Dean grabs his shoulder, solid and real and warm. He looks in Castiel’s blue eyes and realizes how much he’d actually missed him. “Listen.” He begins unsteadily. “You coming back is a win for us, you hear me? You being here is enough.” Dean’s hand slides from Cas’ shoulder. “It’s all I wanted. And that’s why I want you to stay here tonight.”

“I don’t think I’m following.”

“Come on, Cas! What if you leave tonight and I come into your room tomorrow and you’re gone? What if something happens and you- you are gone for good? What if you die? What if- what if I can’t…” Dean curls his fingers into a fist. “What if I can’t let you go again?”

There’s something in Castiel’s eyes that change. It’s surprise, mostly, surprise and confusion and something Dean only recognizes from very few people in his life.

“The last thing I want is to leave another time,” Cas says. “And I- I understand now.”

Dean nods, suddenly empty where words should be, and swallows.

“Then stay. Come on, bed’s big enough.”

As Dean undresses in the darkness, with Castiel on the other side of the bed, Castiel suddenly speaks.


Dean turns around, with his shirt almost off but still hanging on his neck and arm. He can’t see Cas’ face, but he can hear his breathing.   


“I love you, too.”