TITLE: Honeythief


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine the Avengers’ surprise to find out Loki has a family when his teenaged daughter breaks into the tower to see him. Imagine the team’s (except for Thor) shock when she calls him ‘mum’.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: The title of this is a song by Halou that I simply adore; there are some references to it at the end that’ll make more sense once you’ve heard it.


    Loki didn’t like being in Avengers Tower. Even those who didn’t know the full extent of who he was and what he’d done to be there under what amounted to glorified house arrest were well aware of the fact, as he wasn’t exactly making his displeasure a secret. Of course, that’s about all he did. The Avengers weren’t sure whether to be relieved or extremely suspicious about the lack of chaos from the god, though most were leaning more towards the latter save for Thor, who figured his brother was just wisely avoiding worse trouble by more or less behaving.

    The reality could not be further from the truth in either case, not that the Trickster would ever say so.

    He couldn’t have known he wouldn’t have to.

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Inktober day 27; creepy & cook/baker witch

When she decided to use her Nana’s old oven, she never thought that the sludge spirit who lived, mostly dormant, at the bottom of the oven would say hello.  Turns out, its been lonely since Nana, a devoted kitchen witch, passed away.

Word Count: 934

Triggers: Death, torture, description of a violent death

A/N aaaaaand here’s part two. I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly didn’t lol

(Mikel says “they mean something to you” in hebrew. i don’t speak the language and i sure as hell don’t pretend to, this is from google translate, so i apologize in advance if a. anything is wrong, and b. if i offended anyone, I certainly didn’t mean to)

Requested by Anonymous

Two hours later, the men had stopped. Torture wasn’t fun if the victim didn’t scream. You felt like your insides were burning. You didn’t know how much more you could take.

“הם אומרים לך משהו” Mikel said. Eliot nodded. The team, plus Mikel and Quinn were sitting in Lucille observing the warehouses. Nate had dolled out whom would go into what warehouse. Eliot was itching to get inside, but they had to wait another minute for the guards to change.

Once they had, Eliot led Nate into the warehouse. Mikel would take Sophie and Quinn would take Parker. Hardison stayed in Lucille and took out any of the electronic obsticles they happened upon.

Eliot handled most of the goons before he and Nate found themselves trapped in a room surrounded. Eliot had taken out several of the armed men, but they were now outnumbered.

“Gotta plan?” Eliot growled, frustrated that they had been caught unaware.

“This is really more your area,” Nate said apprehensively. Eliot took a deep breath and quickly rummaged through the pockets of the unconscious men. He found at least six guns and thirteen clips to replenish the spent bullets. He reloaded the guns and went to work.

On any normal circumstance, Eliot would avoid using guns. But this was no normal circumstance. You were involved. You were in trouble. You were probably being tortured. He wasn’t going to worry about killing anyone who stood in his way. Nate was still hiding behind one stack of boxes when the guns finally stopped. Eliot walked back and dropped the guns at Nate’s feet.

“Let’s go.”

Mikel and Quinn were having similar difficulties, but they weren’t as adverse about using guns as Eliot was. Hell, Mikel came with her own guns. But neither Quinn nor Mikel was Eliot Spencer, and they were having a harder time getting through the guards.

Finally, Parker tased the last of the goons and her and Quinn began searching every inch of the top floor of the warehouse. You weren’t anywhere in sight.

“They’re not here,” Parker said, a little out of breath, over coms. She slammed the last door shut and her and Quinn raced to help Mikel and Sophie.

The women were holding their own and finished the guards off at about the same time Quinn and Parker had. They, too came up empty.

“She’s not here, Hardison,” Sophie said, truly distraught, both by the sheer violence Mikel had ensued on the guards, but also the lack of a victory in finding you. You had to be in Eliot’s building. Both hitters led Sophie and Parker to Eliot’s building and they picked their way over the bodies, trying to find either you, or their other teammates.

It was the last floor. You had to be here. Eliot kicked open the door and found Damian Moreau and two of his goons waiting for them.

“So nice of you to join us, Eliot. Nate, you know it’s always a pleasure to see you burn.” His face had a pleasant demeanor but his voice was like ice. Eliot made quick work of the two goons, but Moreau had retreated to a back room. Eliot wasn’t playing games anymore. You had to be in the room Moreau had entered. Without missing a beat or seeing if Nate had followed him, Eliot picked up one of the guns the goon was carrying and kicked the door open. Moreau had you on your knees. He had the barrel of a gun pressed against your forehead. As Eliot stepped into the room, Moreau pulled the trigger.

You heard the muffled sounds of a fight just outside the door. You smiled, knowing Eliot had come to save you after all. You rested your head against the cold wall and counted down to when you would get out of this hellhole. The door opened, but instead of seeing Eliot, you saw Moreau. He strode in and forced you to your knees before pressing the barrel of a gun to your forehead.

“He took what was most important to me, I take the same from him.” He whispered to you. You shivered. The door opened once again and you saw Eliot. Your face lit up. Then everything went black.

Elliot snapped. He shot Moreau in both shoulders, knocked him to the floor and pressed the barrel of his own gun to Moreau’s head. Moreau only smiled back. Eliot moved the gun lower and shot him in the throat before dropping the gun and searching Moreau’s body for the keys to the chains keeping you in the room. He found them and picked up you body and took it out of the room. You had gone limp, but not cold, not yet. He set you down and felt himself break down. He sobbed. Eliot Spencer hated showing this much emotion in front of anyone, but he couldn’t hold it in.

Nate was leaning against the wall. He slid down, his hand over his mouth. He had witnessed the whole thing. The door was still open and if he wasn’t so focused on your body, he would have heard Moreau gurgling, drowning in his own blood.

Mikel, Quinn, Sophie, and Parker arrived minutes later. Quinn and Mikel stayed outside the room, understanding how personal it was for this team. The nastiest crew on any side of the Mississippi. The crew who was more like family than colleagues. They both understood that they needed time. Though they both knew from personal experience, this was a wound that time would never be able to heal.


ShieldShock Image set from @shieldshockfanfic
inspired by

ShieldShock Fanfiction- Well that was awkward (wanna do it again?)
written by synopsis at Ao3 / @ladysynopsis

Summary:  “Right,” Steve drew himself up as if he was about to charge into battle. 

Darcy felt as if she should be intimidated and started laughing. “What?”“I feel like I should be preparing for invasion or something.”

Sometimes sex is awkward and less than ethereal… but worth trying again.  A fun look at at what happens when Steve & Darcy WANT to go on a coffee date, but get interrupted again and again while desire sizzles to a boil.


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