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I have no idea of this has been answered already or not but. In the Mafia AU, what exactly did Otabek go to prison for??

Okay, this is something I was cagey about and sat on for a long time but I think I’m just going to say it now, aaaaaaa!!

Otabek has never been rich, and even now compared to Yuri who he looks after all day, he pales in comparison. Yuri has diamond chokers and fur blankets on his bed, Otabek has one good suit and a single shattered mirror in his bathroom. It doesn’t concern him now, but when he was younger it did, although not for the usual reasons. His father had fallen ill and was unable to support the family, or get the treatment needed. Every day after his underpaid teenage gig, Otabek would walk home past the houses of people with far more than they could ever need and back to his family trying to make any end meet at all. It pissed him off, to see his own family suffering while those bougie scum threw out their excess. 
When things took a turn for the worse for his family, Otabek made a plan - take what he needed from these families and sell it off to help his own. They’d probably never even notice things missing.

But the best laid plans always fall apart. He and his friends didn’t account for the family they picked to be home – Otabek had been sure they were going on vacation. They didn’t account for the dog. They didn’t account for the police arriving so quick. And Otabek certainly didn’t account for his friends to turn tail on him the second things went sour, leaving him alone standing there, jewelry in hand under the flashlight of the police, bleeding from his eyebrow where the mother had smashed him across the face with a vase after finding him.

After that, his family fell apart further - with Otabek sent to prison, his father became too sick and eventually died. His mother estranged herself from Otabek, angry at his foolish choice, blaming him for both his fathers eventual death because of his greed and the fracture in their family. Only his sister stuck by him after that, visiting him from time to time, his only connection to the outside world and family.

So… to answer your question tldr, robbery and home invasion.

i have a very important concern about the shape of water

observation 1: Doug Jones said there will be full frontal and also a sex scene

observation 2: in the trailer we see him standing in the rain and he looks like a ken doll

from this, i have drawn two possible conclusions:

possible conclusion 1: this was edited for the trailer, and in the actual movie he has a dick which is just freely swinging around in all the scenes

possible conclusion 2: his dick is hiding in some kind of secret pocket from which it will emerge so he can fuck the main character

and honestly i don’t know which is more disturbing to me

so the beautiful user @girlsay​ has asked me to share this wonderful project for onew that will be held tomorrow at 9:30 pm brasilia time! 

i think that this is a wonderful opportunity to show onew how much we still hold him close to our hearts and will continue to wait patiently for him 💖 if you could please spread this so others will see it that would be highly appreciated!!  

i can’t wait to be apart of this and i hope lots of you will be able to join as well

I may be fat, but

•my jaw line’s still sharper than your mind

•my collarbone is more visible than your chances of getting laid

•my stomach is still smaller than your ego

•my thighs will never be as thick as your skull you nitwit

•I’m a thousand light years out of your league

Oh and by the way

My weight doesn’t equal my worth♡


So to celebrate my accent FINALLY going through after 10 tries or possibly more and the better part of the year, I went out and bought an egg.

I got the cutest little apple cider looking guardian all ready for fall. Her eyes don’t match but she’s super cute anyway and I wanted to get an arcane egg since it’s starfall. Maybe she can be an arcane bartender.

So me and @twentyonecornflakesatthedisco have some interesting conversations and I kind of just needed to share this with the world especiALLY AS SHE PHOTOSHOPPED IT, which I must say amused me immensely.

Holy fuck and I just realised that this is a giant pun and I didn’t even realise, like the peach emoji symbolises a butt! And a peach as the moon! When mooning someone meaning showing them your butt. LIKE WOW MIND BLOWN ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

I have said Dragon Age II is my favorite of the trilogy

And I stand by that.

I openly acknowledge that it’s technically the worst of the three, the level design is severely limited and lacking.


Those characters and that story are everything I love about Dragon Age. They’re engaging. These companions are developed and they are INDIVIDUALS. They’re not all along for the ride, they’re not just people united for a common goal like in Origins or Inquisition. They have lives outside of Hawke’s journey (okay maybe not Merrill, she kinda just sits around and doesn’t interact with people). They’re just a bit more interesting to me than some of the companions from the other two games.

Another reason could just be the concept of propinquity (or familiarity). I played Dragon Age II first and (obviously) was my first experience with the franchise. It was the what some people consider to be the franchise’s lowest point… but that low point was still good enough for me to fall in love. In short: I guess I could just have a personal attachment to it because it was my first and I have fond memories playing it.

But I think the biggest reason is this: IT FREAKING MADE CRY. 



Then again I also sobbed the first time I saw Toy Story 3. BUT SAME PRINCIPLE! I CRIED BECAUSE I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS.

And that’s more or less why I love Dragon Age II.