~semi hiatus~


I’m tired. I’m burned out. I try, and I try, but, at least for a little while, I’m done. No more memes or AUs, they haven’t been helping. The only RP I’ll be doing on Tumblr for the time being is going to be strictly story-related (so likely either with @jenessa-the-darkmoon or @javed-mercier - if you want to do a ‘canon’ RP with me, contact me about it).

If we have an RP going, or if you still want to RP with Verit, then I’m willing to do things through IM or Discord. It moves a little faster, I can reply to it on mobile, tends to be a little shorter, etc. Always preferred RPing that way. If you absolutely want to RP with me on Tumblr  through posts, it may take me a while. 

Consider this a semi-hiatus - you’ll still see me post things here and there, I’ll be lurking and liking art and whatnot, maybe sending the occasional anon, but…

Sorry, guys. It’s been fun.

OOC: Semi-Hiatus

(( I took a look at the upcoming next two months of my life, and ack. I’ve got a lot to bang out on my cosplay before AX, and June’s actually really full already.

I’ll be around and lurking, but I’m about to spend a bunch of time on sewing, much as I want to be here a lot more. I should be around a lot more after AX. ))

semi-hiatus notice

okay, here’s a formal post saying that i’m taking a semi-hiatus for the time being.  my depression has been all over the place and lately i haven’t had the same motivation or muse to write, and if i’m being honest, sometimes coming onto tumblr to do replies started feeling like a chore and i’m not about that life.  

hence the semi-hiatus.

i’ll be on mobile still, if anyone needs to reach me feel free to IM me ( to chat or to plot future things because that’s always on the table ) and i’ll answer when i see it.  if anyone needs my skype ( bc i’m more likely to see that ) mutuals are welcome to ask for it!!

i’ll post replies when i can, if i get a spark of motivation/muse/inspiration for replies, but please don’t expect any crazy activity until i’m officially off my hiatus.

i don’t know when this semi-hiatus will end, but i’m hoping it will be soon because i absolutely love being here and i love writing my smol princess of sunshine.

i’m sorry guys but my mental health comes first and i hope you understand <3

Semi-Hiatus Warning

( Due to a few cons I have coming up soon, I’m going to be going on a semi-hiatus from Tumblr. I’ll still be pretty active on my Discord, where any of my mutual followers on here can add me at any time [sumfuk #6151]. This will last until probably early July. In the meantime my responses on here and all of my blogs are going to be sparse and probably short. I’ll be happy to continue rps through Discord ofc! Just let me know. Thanks. <3 )

i’m on semi-hiatus

hi friends, i already put it on my blog, but here’s the post about it: it’s true, i’m on semi-hiatus.

But Balth, what does that mean?

means that my life is pretty busy these days and I won’t be as active on her as I usually am. some days, I’ll just reblog stuff without replying to messages, some days, I’ll just reply to some messages but won’t reblog anything, some days, I won’t be here at all.

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Courage, dear heart. - C.S Lewis

(taken from my studygram! and yes, i’ve gotten into bullet journaling (⌒▽⌒)☆)