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Hi! One of your recent answered questions came up when I searched the term 'PayPal'. I'm looking into making a PayPal for sugaring, but I'm not sure if it requires any credit info or your address-- how risky is it to use a fake name? I don't want anything mailed to me w/ the fake name on it, because I live with other people

There’s actually a very specific way to safely use paypal for sugaring. You can first make a personal account with your real name attached to your bank account. Then, make a second account with your sugar name, not linked to an account. Your SD sends money to the sugar account, and you transfer it from there to your real one and on to your bank. That keeps your information safe, and allows you to get money.

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So I got invited to Nashville, TN to join two other girls in sugaring. She's sending me pics of the house, their full body pics (nudes/bra and underwear) and what they got at their last shopping. They say this guy had legit SD connection, the house is free to live in because the bills are covered, etc. I just have to live with them for the summer (work out, shop, spa, food buddy, etc.)and get 4-5k a week. They're also getting me a plane ticket (dallas to Nashville). It just seems too good? Help

That sounds really shady. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Lots of scammers use a woman to make contact, because it makes the offer sound safer. Honestly you just need to get a lot more info and proof before you make any decisions.