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Hi! So...I know like all SBs preach against not using condoms but I’ve been with this one SD now for five months and we’ve been intimate the whole time. I trust him and feel like he’s actually a nice guy. He asked could we do it bareback and I told him I would CONSIDER it if we were both tested and came back 100% clean and he paid for me to have a nexplanon implant, and he agreed. If he’s clean do you think I should do it? Or is the risk too great? Thank you babe!

Just because he’s clean when the test is taken that doesn’t mean he won’t get an STD after it’s taken and give it to you. He could also use an old test as proof and lie about when he took it. It’s just too dangerous in my opinion.


[171121] Dongwan - SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW’ and after:

Fan account from a non-fan:
and we were inside with shinhwa changjo and monbebes and we all cheered for each other!!! it was so nice to see how sc and black roses cheered for monsta x and then sc and mbb cheered for the rose and black roses and mbb cheered for kim dongwan!!!

It’s on Naver TV, so if you can’t see the video, please use a VPN. There is one video on YT but it’s not from the channel.

For thanking the fans, Dongwan prepared a coffee truck & held a little fanmeeting after the show.

Twitter Moment with Fanpics | Don’t Edit Anything from fanpics please
Fancams Playlist | Don’t re-upload fancams please

Couple hours later he also did a VLive: