When the Christmas gifts start rolling in! #saveyourallowanceandaskforgifts

Tip: Get in the habit of only spending when your men are around that way you get the nice things and your allowance goes into your savings or spent on more important things. #personal

I was trying not to take it there but my fingers are typing on their own accord. I just wanna point out ☝️ Caitlyn got 2.5 episodes while Iris Queen West is getting half of a season. I dunno, but if I were a Snowberry fan I would be HELLA salty. I’d be so salty that whenever I walk into a room everyone’s expression is sour. I dunno man. Like I’d be so salty that when I cry my tears would turn into crystallized grains of salt. I’d be salty AF. I would develop a fear of going in the sun because if I go outside my saltiness would turn me into pillar of salt. Damn my level of salty would be indescribable TBH.

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Hi I just finished your Jaspidot fanfics and omg they're so good! ❤️ you truly have a gift for writing

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adkjfasdfjk thank you darling. I hate to admit it, but the writing thing is just a hobby I do in my free time. I’m so glad you like it though and I hope you look forward to what I’ll be putting out next! And thank you again for such a lovely compliment. It really brightened my week~