160929 (160828) SBS Inkigayo - EXO ‘Lotto’ Win Encore Stage

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Lmao the SB are tweeting the writers saying it's so unbecoming of Barry to not find C@it and he only cares about getting laid. I'm screaming like did they miss the part where he left her with zoom and took Iris to the graveyard. Like he couldn't care less about her if he tried.

These same people who were so happy that Barry “kidnapped” this woman who has no idea who he is? If Barry only cared about dating Katrina they’d be ecstatic. Why would Barry look for her? Outside of his Flash duties he has no use for her, and even inside of his Flash duties, she can be replaced. Easily.

No matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t do justice to the sequined beauty that is Squidward’s tux in the Spongebob musical. Do yourself a favor and watch it when it comes out on Broadway. As someone who goes to the theater once every quarter and is a diehard SBSP fan, I had SO many misgivings about the production but they proved me wrong, and now it’s in my top 5 Broadway shows ever. I never thought the phrase “Hey Squidward” would make me emotional and yet here we are.